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Living in a Fantasy World

Living in a Fantasy World

I have long since accepted the twist of fate that brought me to the world of romance and Jane Austen, and learned to laugh at the irony that this life-long reader of fantasy and sci-fi is now writing sappy stories of happily-ever-after! Vague twinges of guilt remain when folks mention popular romance authors with an… Continue Reading

Busy Week!

I can’t believe my fabulous novel – The Passions of Dr. Darcy – has already been out into the world for a week! My, how time flies! Sadly part of my busyness this week was getting taxes done, which is never fun. Probably should have planned such an unpalatable task for before my big launch… Continue Reading

Got a new review to share….

Many thanks to author Linda Banche for this lovely review of The Passions of Dr. Darcy. Posted on her blog – Linda Banche and Her Historical Hilarity – Linda has nothing but wonderful praise for George Darcy and his tale of adventures. I’m posting the review in its entirety below, but feel free to visit… Continue Reading

Saga Reader Letters

  Let me tell you about my daughter and her love for the Pride & Prejudice. The movie and books bring her peace and joy.  Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, in addition to needlepoint, crocheting and playing guitar and singing.  She loves the time era and is a romantic, loving, kind, sensitive, compassionate,… Continue Reading