In the Arms of Mr Darcy

If only everyone could be as happy as they are . . .

Darcy and Elizabeth are as much in love as ever—even more so as their relationship matures. Their passion inspires everyone around them, and as winter turns to spring, romance finds nearly everyone. 

Confirmed bachelor Richard Fitzwilliam sets his sights on a seemingly unattainable, beautiful widow, Georgiana Darcy learns to flirt outrageously, the flighty Kitty Bennet develops her first crush, and Caroline Bingley meets her match. 

But the path of true love never does run smooth, and Elizabeth and Darcy are kept busy navigating their friends and loved ones through the inevitable separations, misunderstandings, misgivings and lovers’ quarrels.


The first installment to the Darcy Saga begins on the wedding night of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. The novel proceeds leisurely through the first five months of marriage.

There are a number of flashback moments to events during their engagement, but mostly these first months are covered in great detail as the two lovers grow in their love and cement their bond. This is the honeymoon phase to be sure, and the tone of the book is very romantic and blatantly mushy as I would hope most newly married couples would be!

Along the way Lizzy learns of Pemberley estate management and meets many of the citizens of Derbyshire. Christmas is celebrated with a houseful of guests, winter months are passed with a host of fun times including a Twelfth Night Masquerade Ball, and as spring thaws come the Darcys are faced with their first serious trauma and the possibility of a new life on the way.

This novel ends with a romantic interlude on Pemberley grounds that includes the revelation of the hours immediately following Darcy’s successful second proposal as the new couple take their initial steps in discovering the deep passion and frank communication that hallmark their relationship.

Traversing the remaining rock hollows accessible meant crossing the running rivulet numerous times, but the water was shallow. The deeper caves descended gradually as they bored into the earth and were smaller. They were filled with stalactites in all sizes, some enormous and reaching completely to the ground to form natural pillars. Most were intact but many were broken or dislocated from their original placement on the ceiling. There were other oddities such as a huge pile of sand carried in and deposited by the river, the marine exuviae embedded into the strata of the limestone walls, and the three arches so perfectly carved into one rock wall that they appeared hand hewn.

But the crescendo was the spontaneous chorus that broke out. Disembodied voices burst forth from the unseen upper heights of the chasm, lifted in a song that reverberated against the walls. It was beautiful and creepy, pleasurable and astonishing. The mystery was quickly solved once the voices faded, a group of singers descending down a makeshift stairway to stand visible on a sort of chancel where they accepted applause and praise.

Returning to the surface was a relief, even though the enterprise had been thrilling. Both Lizzy and Darcy blinked in the sun that seemed far brighter than it had an hour previously and sucked in huge lungfuls of air.

Lizzy’s mien was the common one of impish enthusiasm that Darcy knew meant she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. He had as well, his expression controlled but the wide smile and shimmering eyes revealed his delight in the escapade. Still, Lizzy’s first words upon crossing the arched portal echoed his sentiments, “I do not believe I have ever been so happy to see the sun.”

They paused on the threshold, gazing back into the abyss. Mrs. Hanford saw them and rose with a still sleeping Alexander in her arms, walking to join them.

Darcy nodded. “I know what you mean. I love adventure, but cave exploration is definitely not on my list of possible hobbies. That takes a special breed of man. But now I have a greater appreciation for the rapidly increasing number of men who are embracing the activity.”

“Think how amazing it must be to happen upon a subterranean wonder, knowing that you are the first human eyes to ever behold it. That would be quite exhilarating.”

Darcy laughed softly, nudging her hand with his. “You are too busy as a wife and mother to dash off and discover caves, my dear.”

She laughed, turning to take Alexander into her arms. “Have no fear. I am abundantly content to care for my husband and son. That is plenty of adventure for me.” She kissed the infant’s forehead, curly locks tickling her nose, and looked up at her husband with a teasing grin. She opened her mouth to speak, most likely planning a humorous jibe, but the words were never uttered.

A loud cracking sound pierced the air, echoing through the ravine.

Everyone froze, reflexively gazing upward to where the noise originated. A chunk of rock protruding from the face of limestone near the edge of the towering cliff was suddenly and inexplicably breaking away. The clap of severing stone mixed with the high-pitched scrape of rock upon rock and the crunch of crumbling gravel. Time seemed to stop as they stared transfixed at the five-foot boulder directly above their heads that, with a final reverberating boom, disengaged. It started sliding down the flat face, the motion painfully slow in the paralyzed time, but gained speed quickly. The rock’s weight and rain of dirt, plants, and gravel caused it to twist in the air, toppling over as the jagged projectile plummeted down the three hundred foot escarpment.

Voices lifted in shouts and screams. People scattered in all directions. Lizzy stood open-mouthed, immobile in stupefied terror, staring at the calamity heading straight for her. Darcy, thankfully, reacted with brisk efficiency. At the second plangent crack, he pivoted, grabbing his wife and child in a crushing embrace, lifting bodily until Lizzy’s feet were off the ground, and lunged up the trail away from where the avalanche was destined to land. He whipped his head toward Mrs. Hanford, who also stood rooted to the spot, yelling in a snapping command, “Mrs. Hanford! Move!”

She jolted, but his penetrating order did the trick, she too twirling about. Watson grasped onto her upper arm, hauling hard as they all dashed to safety. Yet, everything was happening so fast. The debris of tiny rocks and dirt showered their shoulders seconds before the rock crashed into the hard-packed ground, sundering down the middle with shards splintering from the edges and flying through the air.

Darcy’s wide strides carried them ten feet from the place of impact, almost precisely where they had been standing moments before.

When she returned Darcy had doffed his jackets and cravat and was bent over the desk they shared in their smaller Darcy House bedchamber. He was rereading Anne’s letter when she approached and slipped her arms around his waist from behind, leaning onto his back and squeezing. He straightened and turned, drawing her gently into his embrace. She draped her arms over his shoulders, twining her fingers into his hair and pulling his head down to meet her upturned lips.

“What were you saying about needing a few kisses to restore your harmony?” She whispered against his lips.

“Hmmm. I believe I said they would suffice if we had no time for more.”

Her chuckle was stifled by a passionately seeking mouth. The kisses, or rather one continuous kiss, began tenderly but rapidly smoldered and flamed. Darcy held her firmly against his chest, one hand between her shoulder blades and the other flattened upon her derriere and pressing hard into his pelvis. Heat flared between them, readily felt through the thin layers of clothing.

Yet, despite the ever-present desire to make love to his wife and the instantaneous emergence of his physical response to her passionate touch, Darcy restrained himself. His teasing references to engaging in rushed lovemaking were not untrue or unwelcome, but he comprehended that preparing for a social event took time. He appreciated how carefully Elizabeth fussed over her appearance for these engagements and knew without a doubt that she would stun him with her beauty and perfection. Therefore, he stifled the groan lodged in his throat and pulled away from her lips to commence a languid exploration of her neck with gentle kisses. He moved his hand to the small of her back and slackened the pressure holding her body tightly against his.

“I was thinking,” Lizzy whispered huskily, biting his earlobe sharply, “I bathed this morning so do not really need to do so again, and I am sure Marguerite has my garments prepared, and you can remove my day dress as well as she, so… Oh!”

Darcy had uttered not a word. Instead he precipitously lifted her into his arms, moving quickly to the bed. Just that quickly, his solicitude disappeared!

Lizzy laughed breathlessly. “You had to carry me the ten steps to the bed? We couldn’t walk?”

“Far speedier this way. Time is of the essence, Mrs. Darcy.” He grinned, but was quite serious. He straddled her thighs, hastily discarding his shirt and tossing it onto the floor, and then bent over her supine body with a hand next to each shoulder and arms straight, his body not touching hers. He drew close, his mouth inches from hers. “What is your pleasure, my lover? Shall I kiss and lick your flesh, your writhing and pleading driving me insane with desire until I cannot resist and bury myself deeply here as you lay? Or do you wish to be in control, sending me to places unimaginable with your skillful touch?” As he spoke in a soft whisper he moved his lips along her jaw and face, warm breath stroking her sensitive skin with each word interspersed with feathery kisses.

She was already running her hands over his torso, squeezing and pressing as she arched her back in an effort to contact his body. “I have no preference, Fitzwilliam. Just hurry!”

“That is the amazing thing, Georgie. Or at least one of the many amazing things.” She gazed up at him in question, Richard halting and reaching to lightly stroke her cheek. “I know you offered yourself freely to comfort me with no expectation or hesitation. You are truly a remarkable woman, Georgiana Darcy, a wonderful friend, and very dear to me.”

She smiled and laughed, tone teasing. “So you finally admit it? That I am no longer your little mouse?”

“Yes, it is a fact of extreme clarity to me.” His voice was muted and a bit shaky. Their eyes locked, both unable to draw away although the reality of what they knew was coming loomed largely between. Surges of emotion raced over their eyes and countenances, too rapid to interpret fully. Richard inhaled deeply, “Georgiana…”

“Richard, I do not think…”

“Please, dear, let me say it. I know it is all too soon, too fast, too real. But I cannot leave without telling you how I feel. I came here broken, despairing, and certain that my life was over as far as love is concerned. I was not looking for anything except escape. Discovering a birth of new emotions for you was most assuredly not on my agenda, but I cannot contradict their blossoming. I have fought it, analyzed it, dissected it, denied it, but the result is the same. I am falling in love with you, Georgiana, as a man does a woman who is astounding and beautiful and kind and generous and, and… so many perfect traits that it would take me hours if not a lifetime to list them all!”

“Richard, please stop!” She pulled away, taking several steps before halting with her back to him.

Silence fell again, Richard gathering his thoughts before resuming. “I have overwhelmed you, haven’t I? Forgive me, Georgiana, for being too… enthusiastic. I am not asking for any promises, not that I would not welcome such. But I know the circumstances are… strange, to put it mildly. Just… please, tell me there is hope that your feelings for me may someday be reciprocated, even if it is a faint one.”

She turned to him then, face flushed but composed, eyes shining and smile soft. “Richard Fitzwilliam, I have loved you all of my life, you know this. These past weeks have been revealing and surprising. My heart stirs in ways that I do not understand, nor do I think I am quite prepared for.”

“Does that mean you are beginning to have feelings of romantic love for me?”

“I do not know! You arrived sad and forlorn, but nonetheless were still just Cousin Richard. My fun-loving guardian whom I have no memory of ever living without. Then, somewhere in the midst, you were a man. Looking at me as a man does. It is all so confusing!”

“You said your heart stirs. Does it stir in the ways of a woman toward a man she loves?”

She stared at him silently for a long while, face pale and eyes slightly wild. Her voice, when she spoke, was hushed to nearly inaudible levels. “Yes. Perhaps. I think so… Oh, Richard! How can this be, between us?”

“It is not so unusual, Georgiana. We have always been close, with a strong bond. This foundation supports a richer emotion. It has taken some time, but I finally grew up in the area of women and love, and am desirous of a committed relationship. And you, my beautiful, dear Georgiana, have matured and flourished right before my eyes.”

She sighed. “As much as I appreciate your recognition of my maturity, and as much as I pridefully want to avow it, the truth is that I am yet young and somewhat sheltered despite the eye-opening events of the past two years.” She laughed and nodded toward the Master of Pemberley’s bedchamber. “Or perhaps it is because of all that has been thrust upon me so radically that I hesitate now. Romance runs amok hereabouts, and it is difficult not to be influenced by it. But, more importantly, I worry for you, my dear friend.”

“I know my heart, Georgiana,” he stated firmly.

“Are you so sure of that, Richard? Completely? You have been wounded so profoundly by Lady Fotherby. How can your heart honestly be ready to move on so swiftly?”

“I am resilient.”

She blinked. “I beg your pardon?”

“Just something Darcy said,” he shrugged, smiling weakly.

“Resilient you may be, but you are not fickle. I see the haunting in your eyes at unguarded times. I note how your jaw clenches when the London newspapers are delivered. I know your reluctance to leave Pemberley is partly due to the memories that will assault you in Town and the fear you have of meeting her. I know your heart is not free of her.”

“I will not deny any of this, Georgie. My sentiments toward Lady Fotherby were real, and I am not completely past it. But do you not see?” He suddenly crossed the gap between them, taking her hands in his strong ones. “I am not an inconstant man! Love ambushed me to be sure, but I plunged in full force, no faltering. I am not afraid to admit the truth when it is thrust in front of me. I am a man of action, a soldier undaunted by any challenge or situation. And I see it through to the end with total commitment. But in the case of Lady Fotherby, it was not meant to be apparently. Now, it is as if history has repeated itself with you! I am equally startled by the unexpected evolution of my love for you, but I am not afraid or unsure!”

“But I am,” she whispered.

A softly smiling, prideful father competently bent with seeking hands to lift his son, Richard grabbing at his wrist. “Darcy, wait! Do not wake him!”

“He just finished eating and I know how to lift him without disturbing. Sit in the chair and you can hold him.”

Richard blanched, arms instinctively clasping behind his back as he shook his head emphatically. “I do not think that a wise plan at all! If I drop him, I am quite certain you will be perturbed!”

“Heavens, Richard. The mighty man of His Majesty’s Armed Forces who handles sword and musket in battle is afraid of a tiny baby?”

“Precisely. If I fail with any of those things, it is my own health and life that is forfeit.”

“Sit and quit complaining. Besides, you have held Annabella’s children, so stop pretending. Alexander is sturdy and I trust you completely.”

Colonel Fitzwilliam sat as bid, his face yet pale. “Very well, but if something happens, I will tell Elizabeth it was your fault.”

Darcy had lifted Alexander adeptly, the slumbering babe merely stretching slightly before nestling into the familiar warm shape of his father’s embrace. As always, Darcy’s heart swelled with a love indescribable and unique. Instantly, he was mesmerized by the breathing reality of his child, the living presence clutched close to his body, overwhelming his senses; his soul elevated by the tiny personality created with the woman he loved so profoundly.

Colonel Fitzwilliam observed his cousin, freshly amazed—even after the transitions of the past year—by how altered the serious, perpetually melancholic mien was that he had assumed was an integral trait in Darcy. Now it was entirely erased; Darcy, even in his intensity, displayed a tenderness and joy that was transparent. Richard privately challenged anyone who knew Darcy well to not be moved by the positive mutation of his character.

“Here he is, Richard. My son. Alexander William George Bennet Darcy. Did I not speak the truth in that he is amazing and adorable? Beautiful like his mother.” Darcy secured him into Richard’s arms, sitting on the chair beside and caressing one fingertip over the baby’s cheek.

“Yes, he is a highly attractive lad. He definitely has Elizabeth’s hair and nose, but he looks like you, Darcy. What about his eyes?”

“Blue, but shaped as his mother’s. He actually seems to be a fair mixture of us both, although I am sure his features will evolve as he matures.”

“Do not tell my sister I said this or I shall torture you, but he is far lovelier than any of her four children. Sadly, they inherited their father’s physical characteristics.”

Darcy smothered a laugh. “Shame, Richard. Lord Montgomery is a distinguished gentleman.”

“Ha! He is grouchy, old, and sports an enormous nose! Makes yours look positively petite.”

“Thanks,” Darcy interrupted dryly.

“You are welcome, and thank you for not countering with an acerbic remark about my own nasal assets, as you surely could have. By the way, Annabella and the children accompanied us from London and are at Rivallain. Lord Montgomery may show up if his preferred pursuits bore him, but we are not holding our breath.”

“Poor Annabella.”

Richard shrugged faintly. “In truth, I believed she was relieved. Ah, you know my sister, Darcy. Money and place in society were always more important to her than affection. She has that as Lady Montgomery and is content.”

“I suppose. It will be delightful to see her again, and I think I can now find it in me to endure her children.”

Richard chuckled, glancing to his cousin with a sly smile. “Oh, I would not count on that! They are spoiled rotten and unruly. Your best bet is to hint they stay at Rivallain with their governess.”

Darcy snorted. “Were we different as youths, Cousin? How many governesses labeled you incorrigible and me mischievous? I still have lash marks on my backside, I am sure.”

“Let it be a lesson for you, father Darcy. ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child,’ as the Good Book says, or ‘train a child in the way he should go and he will not depart from it.’”

Darcy shuddered, stroking his precious, innocent son’s cheek. “Perhaps, although I cannot imagine taking a switch or belt to Alexander. I guess Elizabeth and I will need to be prepared. I know I shall not tolerate a disobedient child.”

Sharing here a sampling of positive feedback received for In the Arms of Mr. Darcy over the years since it was published in 2010.

These words of praise are from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:
4 & 5 Star reviews posted to online marketplaces (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Powells, BAM, etc.),
letters and emails sent directly to me, and comments left on my blog or other blogs where I was a guest.

I think Sharon’s books are amazing!!! 5-Stars! It is how I always see their love after the wedding. I always wished that a movie or something came around to tell us what happened next. I think Sharon did that perfectly. I recommend these books! (Susan)

A great saga definitely pulls you in. 5-Stars!  This is a great novel. I am hoping for more as I love taking this journey back in time with Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, their family and friends. I did recommend this series to my friends as a wonderful continuation of the Jane Austen novels. Now waiting and hoping for the next one. Thanks for an enjoyable time in Regency Era England. Love it! (phantom phan a)

One of my favorite Pride and Prejudice authors. 5-Stars! I really enjoy Sharon Lathan’s writing. This is the 4th in this series and I’m anxiously waiting for #5. I love this series and really enjoy the story. Each one feels like it could seriously be a continuation and I can get lost in them easily, which is what I want out of a book. (Austen Coffee & Music)

It is getting better and better. 5-Stars! Lizzy and Darcy are now married for one year and their first child, Alexander, is born. Naturally Alexander’s birth, first Christmas and Christening are important parts of this book.

The New Year, 1818, brings lots of exciting and entertaining events. Among these are the introduction of Elizabeth and Georgiana to the Prince Regent at the Court of St. James. Here you can read a lot of fascinating historic details. Sharon Lathan is a real genius when it comes to the mixture of history and an entertaining novel. One chapter, “A Ball at Grosvenor Square”, is very special, too. And one wish of Darcy is coming true; he can show the Peak District to his beloved Lizzy.

I really love the way Sharon Lathan is writing about the Family Darcy, about the deep love between William and Elizabeth and of course about their baby. And in this book you can read about Kitty, Mary and Colonel Fitzwilliam, too. Some surprises come along the way, some hints towards the future are placed carefully here and there. I can’t get enough of the Darcy Saga; these books are now a part of my life and I am really thankful that I’ve discovered the incredible Sharon Lathan. Her books are giving hope, joy and bliss to the reader. (Susanne Pichler)

Highly Recommend. 5-Stars! This is how love should be. Life is not perfect and we endure hard times, but this book shows that true love overcomes. I love that Darcy is a believer and heads his home as such. Elizabeth has a strong sense of independence, but yet molds so perfectly under his guidance. Love story set on Godly principles that will leave you addicted to this series. (Jen)

An amazing love story! 5-Stars! I am a huge Jane Austen fan, but have often felt disappointed that I could not continue to follow the lives of her characters. Sharon Lathan’s novels have enchanted me again with the lives of Darcy and Elizabeth, and allowed me to follow their marriage and the joy of their first child. I have read each of her stories more than once and am eagerly anticipating the next. (Kathryn)

Another Unforgettable Story from Sharon Lathan!!!  Sharon Lathan has a way of writing with such detail, history and love that Darcy and Elizabeth shine throughout her saga. She does it again in Book 4, In the Arms of Mr. Darcy. Darcy and Elizabeth are still deeply in love and Sharon shows the reader the depths of emotions of love Darcy and Elizabeth have for each other. We are introduced and you will fall love with Alexander, their first born! It brought me back so many memories.

Sharon has a way of writing that you believe that you are there! Readers will be happy to see the bond that Elizabeth has with Darcy’s sister and the preparations for her first ball! You will also read about Kitty, Dr. Darcy and Jane and Charles birth of their first child. Caroline Bingley has an attraction to someone – will she find love in this book? and will Fitzwilliam also find love with an old friend? The book is romantic, sexy and splendid! So fall in love again and if you don’t have her other books in the Saga – go find them. You will find yourself going back and re-reading them over and over again. Sit back and enjoy the Darcys in Sharon Lathan’s vision and see what is in her heart.

Great addition to series. 5-Stars! This latest book in the Darcy saga continues after the birth of the heir of Pemberley. It enchantingly continues the Darcy’s perpetually loving relationship and introduces some wonderful subplots. Richard at last finds the love of his life and his courtship is well detailed and as amusing as the rest of the series has been. A glimpse at Caroline Bingley’s life reveals an absolutely enchanting rogue that captured my attention immediately. The character, who is not supposed to be a good guy, sweeps Caroline (and yes, me too) of her feet. He is crass, a rake, and positively enchanting. I would love for Lathan to write more about him for those of us who find the rogues as appealing as the honorable and passionate Darcys. (Boop)

Highly Recommended. 5-Stars! This book is amazing. This whole series is a real treat. It has the prefect amount of action and romance. Couldn’t put it down, I loved it so much and now I buy every book she has put out in this series. (Infinite Moon)

I read again and again. 5-Stars! One of my favorite things about Jane Austen is that she let her characters have a happy ending. However, many wannabe writers butcher this and have Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage fall apart, miscarriages, and deaths left and right. Ms. Lathan manages to incorporate real life challenges, while still providing the happy ever after aspect that made me fall in love with Lizzy and Darcy. (Gryffengirl)

Must read for Austen fans! 4-Stars! Devotees of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will be interested to see what author Sharon Lathan has done with these characters in her sequel book, In The Arms Of Mr. Darcy.  In this edition, the reader visits the Darcy’s the winter after their son and the heir to Pemberley has been born. Both parents dote on their newborn, as do all their relatives and friends. Although it is considered a bit strange that Elizabeth chooses to nurse her son rather than employ a wet nurse, no one dares to voice any surprise that the fond parents want to see to their son’s care themselves.

In addition to the relationship between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, there are others who are entering the courts of love. Darcy’s sister Georgiana is entering her debutant days, as is Kitty Bennet, Elizabeth’s sister. We see them at a splendid ball, and get a sense of the manners and norms of courting. Darcy’s good friend, Richard, home from the military, has fallen in love with a widow and asks Darcy’s advice. There are other relationships that develop, some surprising in their intensity and some remaining safely contained in the shoals of society’s strictures.

The reader is transported to the start of the Industrial Revolution in England. It is a land of titled nobles and servants and a group of professionals, but most of the power, money and influence is concentrated in a few noble hands. The daily life in large manor houses is amazing for modern readers to contemplate, and Lathan does an excellent job of outlining what such a daily routine consisted of. This book is recommended for readers who loved Austen’s work and are interested to see the story continue. (sandiek)

Can’t get enough! 5-Stars! This book was so great. Sharon Lathan really stayed true to Jane Austen’s characters! The book was romantic and entertaining. Read the whole Saga, it’s so worth it. Can’t wait for more from this author!!!! (Stefani)

These are great books I love this author. 5-Stars!  She has created the characters just like you have imagined them all these years – only better! The entire series is well worth the read! The only complaint I had was I couldn’t put them down, and when I did, the story was always my top thought. (rgio)

Love at first sentence… 5-Stars! I LOVED the Pride and Prejudice movie adaptation with Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen that this series of books is inspired by. I am not one of these readers that ties the original book (by Ms. Austen), the movie from 2005, and Sharon’s works together and expects them to be similar. I like to keep movies and books separated in my mind as I read so I can give each work a fair chance to thrive on it’s own. Sharon’s books do that for me. They are so descriptive and thorough in their detail character development that I feel almost like I watched a sequel to the movie. I am a fan of romance novels so the intimate scenes did not in any way put me off from the series. Did I at times think it may have been a bit much? I guess. But does it keep me from reading the series over and over? NO! In fact, If I have unlimited funds and some sort of connection in the industry I’d try and get the books put on the silver screen! A big thank you to Mrs. Lathan for writing them! And a pat on the back for walking your own path. (S.T. Pretl)

Incredible! Most sequels, prequels and rehashes of Pride and Prejudice seem to be compilations of quote from the original with little added to extend our relationship with the Darcys, so imagine my surprise at this peek behind the curtain! Large portions of this entertaining read center around the most intimate and passionate aspects of the couple and around Darcy’s easily-displayed affection for his new son. Yes, this is the Darcy you’ve been hoping existed ever since Colin Firth emerged from the pond.  At the same time, there’s strong character development, especially of Colonel Fitzwilliam and Georgiana, a look at Darcy as a principled business man. This is a quick read and a great addition to your summer reading list.

A great addition to the Darcy saga. 5-Stars!  I loved this installment of the Darcy saga. I fell in love with the movies and read all of the books that were originally produced, then reread the new releases in the series as they became available. Mrs. Lathan has a wonderful way of expressing all the complications of love shared between these two complex characters and their families. I strongly encourage others to read this series. (Cindy F)

A Sincere Fan of Lathan’s Darcys. 5-Stars! I absolutely adore Sharon Lathan’s interpretation of Pride and Prejudice. Her story, stands alone, as continuation & interpretation of one of my favorite couples. I adore the Darcys, but I must admit, I LOVE reading of their family & friends as well. Lovers, Friends & broken hearts all set in a beautiful portrait of the era (Lathan has done her homework – she is spot on with her history!) The way the stories are worked together is proof of Lathan’s writing skill. Very excited for her next installment! (Ashley)

On to the next!!! 5-Stars! I’ll have to say of all the “sequels” to Pride and Prejudice out there I’ve tried reading, this series is my favorite. At first when looking into the series I was disappointed the last two books would be about Dr. Darcy and Georgiana, but can’t wait to read them now because Sharon Lathan has made each and everyone of these characters come to life in my mind and I wish them all happy endings. And seriously Dr. Darcy is my favorite character. It’s amazing and I love all the books so far. They keep getting better. On to the next!!! (Dzama)

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy. 5-Stars! When I first heard of The Darcy Saga books, I was not interested. I am one of those people who hates to hear cover bands as they will never do as good as the original singers. That exactly how I felt when I heard about these books. My sister in law had the first two and encouraged me to as least read a few chapters of the first book. After slowly getting through 3 chapters, I was beginning to be intrigued and couldn’t wait to see what happens next. Let me just say, I am NOT a fan of reading. I have devoured each book quickly, they just keep getting better!

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy, you continue to see the softer side of Darcy we all knew he possessed. His playful daddy side comes out more and more in the chapters of this book. They young Miss Darcy matures as lovely as she ever could be and we get to see glimpses of her slight mischievous side, I truly enjoyed it. Aside from Mr Darcy, Richard Fitzwilliam is a favorite and I loved that we got to see more into his life, love and emotions. (D. Grissom)

Romantic and Uplifting. 5-Stars!  Sharon Lathan is a much loved author and my personal favourite! Sharon’s work began with her beautifully romantic MR & MRS FITZWILLIAM DARCY, the book I longed for following the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice. Sharon has given my all time favourite literary characters life. With this wonderful 4th volume, it continues to take my breath away and make me long for more. Sharon has a masterful beautifully free flowing style of writing that draws me in from the very first chapter. With so many other novels I have to read part way in to be hooked, but not with this novel! I am entranced from the very start!

All of my favourite characters from the original are included and given such a depth in storyline, that it is so hard to believe they do not exist somewhere in this world! Georgiana, Col Fitzwilliam and even new characters like Dr Darcy give me so much reading pleasure. I cannot pick one line or chapter as favourite because there are too many!

I am sure that if you enjoy the Romance of the era and the history of bygone days you will love the way Sharon ties it all together with our favourites Lizzy & Darcy. Enjoy!! I certainly did and look forward to reading the next volume with great anticipation! (Vee)

A Love Story that lets you Dream! 5-Stars! From the moment I purchased and read Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy this story and journey has been everything I imagined it would be when I imagined how the rest of Elizabeth and Darcy’s story went. It is the romantic story every woman wants in their own life, but most of us settle for on paper. The story of Pride and Prejudice is THE ultimate romantic story that anyone who reads falls in love with, which is what everyone does when they read Sharon Lathan’s series of the love and journey that is literature’s most romantic couple. Kudos to Sharon for expressing what every woman and possibly every man imagines is the story of Elizabeth and Darcy’s Love. (J Zacher)

Darcy Saga grows & grows… 5-Stars!  Whole heartedly, I am devoted & bound to this saga! Sharon’s writing style & her visions for Darcy & Lizzy have captured my heart!  In The Arms of Mr. Darcy appeals to me most, for the reason of discovering all the characters, not just William & Lizzy, growing & developing in to such interesting story lines. How wonderfully all their lives intertwine and move forward very excitingly! I long to continue reading and continue on in all of their lives….. If you’ve never read any of the books or have read one or more & just not sure if you should continue, if you’re a hopeless romantic & love Lizzy’s & Darcy’s story, continue on & I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! Happy reading… (C Martinez)

A++++ 5-Stars! In The Arms of Mr. Darcy is the fourth book in the Darcy Series by Sharon Lathan. I bought this book and couldn’t wait for it to arrive! It’s just as beautifully written as the three previous books. This book takes you through the first year of Alexander’s life as well as Darcy and Elizabeth’s first year as parents. This book also deviates a bit from just being solely about Darcy and Elizabeth. Ms. Lathan puts a lot of detail into all of the other characters and develops them quite nicely. It’s nice to read about George, Georgiana, Kitty, Mary etc. all the while not missing a beat of what Darcy and Elizabeth are up to. I look forward to the 5th book of Ms. Lathan’s. She is an example of how dreams really do come true. I love her story of how she became an author and a talented one at that. (Ingrid Anderson)

My favorite of the series so far! Love the Darcy Saga by Sharon Lathan and this is probably my favorite of the series. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is the fourth in the series and follows the Darcys in the months after the birth of their first child. Family visits and the love lives of several family members, especially Anne de Bourgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam provide interesting dynamics as Darcy and Lizzy offer advice and assistance along the way. Col. Fitzwilliam’s romance is definitely one to rival Darcy and Lizzy’s. The story still focuses on Darcy and Lizzy and I find their love for one another and their family inspiring. I heartily enjoyed this story and am eagerly anticipating the continuance of the Darcy saga when The Trouble with Mr. Darcy comes out next month.

Sharon does it again! 5-Stars! I’m sure I will repeat several things I have said before, but its only because Sharon continues to take me on this amazing adventure with my beloved Mr. Darcy, Lizzy, and their family! I LOVE all the new plots with other members of the family, and not once did I ever say “I wish she would have gone down a different path”. Sharon gets it right every time!! I have soooo enjoyed the new love stories of Kitty & Georgiana and cant wait for the next book!! If you have not picked up one of Sharon’s books, you must! I will say it over and over, Sharon is very careful and respectful of these two, and I love that!

I think Sharon books are amazing!!! It is how I always see their love after the wedding. I always wished that a movie or something came around to tell us what happened next. I think Sharon did that perfectly. I would recommend these books.

Sharon has the title of “Queen” of the Pride and Prejudice sequels IMHO! 5-Stars! Sharon Lathan has spoiled me for all other “Austen-esque” writers! I’ll admit; I do read others. But, I don’t get that sense of “continuity” as I do with Sharon… it seems as if everything in her “JA Universe” has fallen into place the moment she began her first book. Whatever Mrs. Lathan writes in the future, I will order, and read and of course treasure. I can almost see Ms. Austen smiling at the body of works, that have been presented so far. If you love a good honest love story, a ‘happily, ever-after’. Then I HIGHLY recommend these books for you! (Cindy Hatmaker)

Wonderful! The Darcy saga continues!! 5-Stars! I became a huge Sharon Lathan fan as soon as I was lucky enough to find her first novel. Nothing has changed. I feel that Sharon is true to the relationship that Lizzy and Darcy have formed. These are the sequels that Jane Austen would write if she were alive today. The strong bond between all of the characters is never in question. In The Arms of Mr. Darcy picks up where the last book left off and does not disappoint. It is wonderful to see Lizzy and Darcy as parents. I love Jane Austen fan fiction and I would say that Sharon Lathan is among the best of the best!!! If you love Lizzy and Darcy… do not miss this series!!! (Maggie)

The Ultimate & The Best Pride Prejudice Sequel! I have read over one hundred sequels to Pride and Prejudice, which had given me a good critical eye as to which are the best ones, not so good, okay, and the worst! Of all the sequels, Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga Series outshine the rest. Sharon has a profound respect for the period, Jane Austen, and correctness. In addition, her style is sublimely beautiful. Jane Austen would be very pleased after reading Lathan’s books, if she were alive today. If you want to get into sequels of Jane Austen stories, you should begin with these series. You go, Sharon Lathan!

It left me wanting more!!! I just finished reading In the Arms of Mr. Darcy and absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! It was all I hoped for and more. Sharon if you read this… I am dying to read more about Caroline Bingley and her adventures in LOVE. As her brother and the Darcy’s have made such an impact on her.

Delightful. 4-Stars!  That word runs through my mind every time I pick up a book in this series by Sharon Lathan. In this 4th outing, it felt a lot like just spending some time with the Darcy family and their friends/relatives. Not a lot of high stakes drama — just some pleasant time with them for the most part. I loved the way Ms. Lathan treated the blossoming of Georgiana and Kitty. I’ve always wanted to learn more about Colonel Fitzwilliam and hoped for a good match for him. I actually would have liked some more time on his story. I see the 5th book in the series will up the excitement factor and feature the return of Wickham! Bring it on. (Krista)

I loved this series!!! 5-Stars! Lathan put so may intimate details into her Darcy couple… Let me count the ways I love this series!!! The Darcys really do have the perfect life; a little more angst would’ve been good but I was just as happy to go along with them on this journey into being rich, beautiful and newly married!!! (Claudine DiMuzio)

Another enjoyable Darcy book! I always enjoy reading about the love and devotion between Darcy and Elizabeth, and also enjoyed the new romantic relationships of those around them in this book. I really like this series, the writing is just like Jane Austen had she have lived during this century.

My guilty pleasure book!!  Ahhh, I love a good romance novel. Can’t get enough of Mr. Darcy!!!!

This book was so fabulous that I am quite sad that I have finished it! 5-Stars! In the Arms of Mr Darcy is the fourth installment of Lathan’s Pride and Prejudice continuation and is just as good as its predecessors. A must read for anyone who has already read her first three books! (Samantha McNulty)

Wonderful Ride! 5-Stars! I throughly enjoy this series. Sharon Lathan is an incredible writer and each one feels like it could go along with Pride and Prejudice as a legit continuation. I’m on my 3 read through the series and each time I am reminded what a wonderful ride it is. Well done! (RunningShoeGirl)

Excellent! 5-Stars! This book was a wonderful addition to the Darcy Saga by Lathan. I was extremely pleased with it and can’t wait for the novella it promises will come. Definitely for people who are hopeless romantics… (like me!) In short, amazing! Love Mr. Darcy!! (Metal Heart)

I love all of Sharon Lathan books. 5-Stars! I have read this book over and over again. I think in this book the good parts are with Darcy and Elizabeth with their child, and also when Richard falls in love. I also like it when Georgiana and Elizabeth meet the king. And I also love Darcy’s Uncle George. (Ms. S Keenliside)

Very Enjoyable. 5-Stars! I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Although I note that a few readers were not so keen but as I have mentioned before I love the Sharon Lathan series and I find her writing easy to read, interesting and do not become bored with any of the chapters. Would highly recommend the whole series. (Michelle Hall)

Loved everything about this book! 5-Stars! I just loved this book! I bought it specifically for the Colonel Fitzwilliam element and I was not disappointed! The banter between Darcy and The Colonel was a bit OOC but very enjoyable nonetheless. The books has an interesting history between Miss Bingley and Mr Darcy which make’s the book all the more enthralling. I really enjoyed this book and will read it again. Worth every penny! (Lives In Dreamland)

Beautiful as always. 5-Stars! I love Sharon Lathan’s books! When I first watched the 2005 movie, I was enchanted and wanted to read more of Darcy and Elizabeth. There are so many different adaptations out there, some are brilliant, others make me shudder with horror and disgust. This one is truly beautiful, as are all volumes of the Darcy Saga.

The BEST Pride and Prejudice sequel you will EVER find! 5-Stars! I cannot say enough about these books! I have been reading Pride and Prejudice variations and sequels for years and the characters and storylines in Sharon’s books are by far the best! The passion between Darcy and Lizzy is wonderful and the details of their daily lives make me feel as if I am part of their family. The time between each of Sharon’s books is excruciating long but the read of each novel is well worth the torture of waiting! Keep them coming, Sharon!!!

This was my favorite in the series so far. 5-Stars! Lots more action with twists and turns. All Sharon Lathan’s books are well written and I intend on reading more. (Chrystine Arvanitis)

Greatest books. 5-Stars! I love this version of the Darcys. The others do not reflect the same as what Jane Austen did in Pride and Prejudice. And if you like it you might want to try the others that she wrote too. It feels just like Jane Austen continued her own book. (fly ross)

Great! 5-Stars! Sharon Lathan did a great job… again. This book was wonderful and captivating. I could not put it down… seriously. Dr Darcy is a remarkable character and it is really great idea that she came up with this book and showed us how she developed him. (sweety ank)

Very touching book. 5-Stars! I fell in love with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and fell further in love with the 2004 Hollywood Version of the book with Keira Knightly. Sharon Lathan continues with a beautifully written series which captures the purity of true love and how it grows through everyday challenges and joys.

I am really amazed. 5-Stars!  It’s an incredible book I dreamed to have always.Thanks a lot. Sharon Lathan is very amazing author. Looking for sequels from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen I am very intrigued by the books I reading from Sharon Lathan. This is one of the best of them. (Yuliya)

Another wonderful Pride and Prejudice “what if” by Lathan. 5-Stars! This one, and at least two others, includes the charmingly bizarre Dr. George Darcy. Lathan is very faithful to the characters created by Austen. The book is well written, an entertaining read. (tontine)

Enjoying the read. Mrs. Lathan has done a masterful job on a variation of Pride and Prejudice. This is definitely worth the time to enjoy. (Trisha M)

Thanks for having the book! It was an excellent read! (Donna Nuhn)

Spectacular, couldn’t put it down. Highly recommended to anyone who loves the Darcys and extended family. Can’t wait to read the next book. (Loucriesha McDonald)

A step into romantic history. Just what every woman want now and then, a Look at a slower, kinder time with some romance thrown in. (Dawn Gillen)

I loved it! (Missouri)

I love these books! I had to get my own set, so that I did not have to keep borrowing from mom. (Emily17)

I love all of her Books. They are fabulous!! (Amy Cairns)

Wonderful book. I love these follow ups to Pride and Prejudice. You will too. (Kat Grignot)

This book was so great. Sharon is a great writer. Everything is so real. I would surely recommend this book. I can’t wait for her next one to come out. (Jessica Virgen)

This one by far is my most favorite of the Darcy Saga books, it’s beautifully written, and I thank Miss Sharon for writing such an exquisite book. (Kara Holbrook)

LOVE all of the books! (Holly)

Awesome book hope she writes more. This book was great. I love Sharon Lathan and the whole Darcy Saga. You should also read her Christmas anthology if you love her books. (Shanna Meza)

If you enjoyed the other books in this series you will love it! Can’t wait for the next one! (nordyteacher)

I have enjoyed this book, it was well written and carries on the love story of Lizzie and Darcy in their days after their wedding. (K.M. Adams)

Very good book, once you start reading you do not want to put down. (Katy B)

Into the continuing saga as the story unfolds of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. Again well crafted and conveyed in their life’s story. A Pleasure to read. Thank you. (Yvonne M)

Love! I wish this would be a movie! (Debbie Payne)

A must read for Austen fans! This book is wonderful! I read it twice in 2 days! I love reading her work and look forward to the next book! (Jewels13)

I have read and re-read this whole series more times than I can count, sometimes starting at the beginning again when I reach the end. (Wendy DeWachter)

I have to say, as good as all of the books in this series have been, In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is my favorite. While we continue to follow Darcy and Lizzy through their life together, we also get some interesting side stories in this current edition.

One of my favorite parts of this series is now watching Darcy with his son, Alexander. His taciturn ways are a thing of the past, though he’s still definitely Master of Pemberley when needed. But to watch Darcy open up to affection and love has been fun and emotional. He’s carefree in his loving of Elizabeth and a doting father to Alexander, and he’s not afraid to show it.

The story in the beginning revolves around the christening of Alexander. Family and friends gather, as well those under Darcy’s care, to share in the joy of the occasion. This also brings forth memories for Darcy and he enjoys passing them forward to his son for the future.

There are also a couple of tragedies that mar life for the Darcys, one of which affects Fitzwilliam quite a bit. There is a fire at one of his factories in which men die, thus forcing a separation for the happy couple. They’ve not been apart of any length of time and this proves to be very difficult for them, as does the effects of the tragedy.

As much as Darcy has come out of his shell in this relationship, Lizzy has also found her place as more than mother and lover. When Darcy is frantic to be on his way to his responsibility in the aftermath of the factory fire, it is Lizzy who puts her foot down and becomes of the voice of reason, making Darcy face the fact his headlong rush into danger may affect his family as horribly as fire and death has affected those waiting for him. He may be Master, but Lizzy takes her role as wife seriously and lets him know it. The man he is eventually wins out as he recovers his senses at her words.

We also get an inside look at some of the secondary characters’ lives and the loves they find. I’m especially taken with Caroline Bingley’s new relationship with a man who knows what he wants, takes it, and makes Caroline’s blood race. This little tidbit totally fascinated me. I’m hoping I might put a bug in Ms. Lathan’s ear to think about a book based on this relationship. I think it would make for some terrific reading.

Richard Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s cousin, is also in love and his foray into this new emotion doesn’t go as you would believe or expect. I’m a little surprised at his interaction with Georgiana at the end of the book. This took a direction I never anticipated. While I enjoyed Richard’s part of the story and the eventual outcome, I feel there wasn’t quite enough emotion from Georgiana at that resolution. She’s young, just beginning to blossom, and her heart didn’t seem to feel all that involved emotionally quite enough for me.

Whereas, the opposite is true for Kitty, Lizzy’s sister, who receives a very emotional lesson due to the mores of society of the times. It’s a terrible lesson for any woman, especially when she’s shielded from the truth, but it had to be more so during that era. Kitty is a delightful character and I enjoyed getting to know her in this book. I hope to see more of her in the future.

Ms. Lathan’s writing is lyrical and perfect for this genre. I enjoy reading romance that has a hero and heroine working together to combat conflict instead of letting that conflict break them apart for any length of time. Darcy and Lizzy’s life/lives have turned out beautifully from the pen of Sharon Lathan. I said it once it before in my review of her books, but it bears repeating – Jane Austen would be proud to read how her characters have flourished, lived, and loved in this continuation of her beloved story.

Having read many different takeoffs and mash-ups of Austen’s novels, I continue to hold Lathan’s at the top of the list.  There is something so fanciful and romantic about Sharon Lathan’s depiction of Darcy and Elizabeth that I can’t quite get enough!  I was happy to see that in this installment the couple have really settled into their roles as man and wife, and are letting go of previous insecurities they might have had previously.  While they have settled into their lives together, their passion and love for one another have only deepened. Yes, we are privy to their passionate relationship as it continues to unfold, but it is done in a beautifully mature sort of way.  Let’s be honest here, who wouldn’t want to continue to have a passionate relationship with the love of one’s life?  If one is willing to suspend a certain belief that this iconic couple have been cemented into the pages of Austen’s novel, then these books will allow the couple to live and breathe on into a beautiful, complicated and lovely future.

Although the story mainly centers on Darcy and Elizabeth, we learn much more about the people in their lives, such as their single sisters and friends.  Caroline Bingley makes an appearance in this installment and strikes out to find a match for herself.  Honestly, I wanted to hear more about her search for love, not enough to fill chapters at a time, but was genuinely interested in her struggles enough so that a few more mentions of her would have been well received.  I also was surprised at how much I wanted to read on about Darcy’s sister Georgiana and Elizabeth’s sister Kitty.  Usually I’m annoyed when a writer takes away from our main characters, but I didn’t feel this at all in this novel, partly because our time with them is so judiciously spent.  I will say though that considering the turmoil that poor Georgiana experiences at the end of this installment, I have a feeling that more is to come for this sweet character.

As with each of Lathan’s previous novels, the language and style of her writing has a melodic charm to it that carries you through each line and chapter.  The sweetness of the writing adds depth to the story and leaves you wanting to escape into it more.  There are still the characteristic meanderings, journeys, and felicitous lounging to please any lover of Regency style and romance.  This happy, romantic couple is at no loss of love or happiness in the novel to keep any reader sighing along with them.

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is the latest installment in Sharon Lathan’s joyous celebration of married love, Regency style.

A year has passed since Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s wedding. The story opens with a Christmas party at Pemberley where they introduce their brand-new son, Alexander. Compared to their tumultuous courtship, Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s lives are now mainly happy, with, of course, a little sturm und drang along the way.

Darcy must deal with the business and emotional fallout of a death that occurred when a cotton mill he owns burns down. A nervous Elizabeth and Georgiana suffer through the gyrations required for their presentation at court. The Darcys enjoy a trip to the Peak District, except when a falling boulder threatens Elizabeth and Alexander. Darcy, true hero that he is, whisks them to safety.

Although Elizabeth and Darcy revel in domestic bliss, other members of their family are not so lucky. Col. Fitzwilliam’s tentative romance with a lady who caught his eye years ago resurfaces. And Elizabeth’s sister, Kitty, enjoys and suffers through her first fluttering of love.

If most of these events sound ordinary, it’s because they are. Ms. Lathan’s genius is to spin the everyday occurrences of married life into a page-turner. In a world full of strife, this book full of happiness is a treat for all.

Picking up one of Sharon Lathan’s books is like running into an old friend and sitting down for coffee and a catch up. Her books never fail to captivate me, they are deeply romantic, very sexy and thoroughly addictive. To get in the mood to read this book I watched the movie version of Pride and Prejudice as I know that Sharon was inspired by the movie to write the books. It is so easy to visualise Darcy and Elizabeth’s continued lives in Sharon’s books and whilst the movie was the inspiration for the books they are true to character of the original book as well. I truly believe that Jane Austen would have loved these books!

This book picks up as the Darcy’s are about to celebrate Christmas with their families and their new baby son whom they are besotted with. Each chapter is filled with the daily routine of their lives and the people around them. It tells you of their fears, their joy and the passion they have for each other. Lizzy is presented to the Prince Regent and whilst she is full of nerves, Darcy is full of pride for Lizzy and Georgiana who was also presented. Of course everyone remembers Anne, Lady Catherine’s daughter, who finds happiness, joy and is happily married and the list goes on. As usual this book has another beautifully romantic and tender ending.

This is a book of heartfelt love, romance and passion and every time I read one of Sharon’s books I get swept away in all the moments that make you just sigh. But at the same time it also makes me appreciate the love and romance I have in my own life and for that I am grateful.

I started out as a sceptic of this series and was won over to be quite a fan. Her enthusiasm for all things Darcy and Regency completely won over this sceptic. The farther away from where Jane Austen left off that Lathan takes me, the more I appreciate her creativity.  This 4th book takes us through the Darcy’s 2nd year of marriage.

Language: B+   Denuded, meretricious, insensate… I greatly enjoyed the language.

Characterization: A    I think my favorite element of this book were the conversations between characters.  They are intimate, humorous, and revealing.  Darcy and Elizabeth have such great repartee.  And so much of the character’s personalities and relationships are exposed through these wonderful moments.  There is an element of reality and Romanticism in the conversations.  A perfect combination.

Plot: A   The lush visual of Pemberley at Christmas is like Regency England meets a Norman Rockwell Christmas.  The reader also gets to see Pemberley as a playground to visitors.  I will say, the Christmas celebration made me think of visiting the Biltmore and the lushness of a huge home at Christmas time. I remember emotionally sinking down into the story at that point.  And true to Lathan form, just when I think all is well…. well, it is not.

The story lines of Caroline Bingley and Kitty are two of my favorites in the book.  (Do not fret, the plot is still mostly about Darcy and Elizabeth.)  I adore Caroline in general.  But beyond Kitty’s ill-timed coughing, I never really gave her much thought. Lathan made me care about Kitty (and Mary, in her previous books).

The plot, again, moves quickly and is driven quite a bit by dialogue.  The Darcys continue to travel.  I found myself actually googling Devil’s Arse and Charles Cotton.  Mrs. Lathan did her homework in this area.  (I even looked back to make sure she really was from California and not England because of seemingly very accurate descriptions of places the Darcys visited.

Excellent use of flashbacks to events that we did not previously know about as readers.  These flashbacks were very  revealing to the character’s motivations and actions.

Wonderful Little Moments: A++    Mr. Bennet meeting Alexander, “Are you the boss of the road?,” the family tree, the backgammon games, Mrs. Smyth, Lady Warrow (who’s gregariousness reminded me of how my grandmother used to hold the attention of a room), learning Mrs. Gardener’s and Mrs. Bennet’s first names.

One of the first books to be reviewed on Books Like Breathing was Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan. I was a bit iffy about it and, therefore, I was a bit worried about this one. Would it just be composed only of Mr. Darcy chasing Lizzy around Pemberley extolling her beauty and general awesomeness with some plot thrown in here and there? Don’t get me wrong I liked the previous book but I was hoping for more substance with this one.

Well, I got my wish. In The Arms of Mr. Darcy was a great read. There was plenty of affection between Lizzy and Darcy but there was also plenty of plot. Lathan gave her versions of Lizzy and Darcy a chance to shine and develop. I loved seeing them as parents and Alexander was just adorable. Darcy as a parent was especially amazing. He was so affectionate and attentive to Alexander. I had to pause my reading and bask in the adorableness of father/son bonding quite often. Alexander comes in second only to Gregory from Marsha Altman’s series as my favorite Darcy child and he hasn’t even grown up yet.

The ancillary characters also got plenty of screentime. This was one of my favorite versions of Colonel Fitzwilliam. We very rarely get to see him as anything but Darcy’s close relative, so, it was nice to get more from him. I did not, however, like who he ended up with. He belongs with Georgiana. Georgiana is always one of my favorite character. I love it when authors give her something to do other than being Darcy’s meek younger sister. She was wise and willful in this one and I really appreciated that.

Book four and the Darcy’s tale continues and the development of key characters is just to my liking! We begin with Elizabeth and Georgiana being presented at court and the author does a fine job of setting the scene. I actually felt I was in the carriage with the Darcys, pulling up in front of the court of St James. The fear and trepidation of such an event feeling almost real, to meet the prince in person without tripping and falling in the ridiculously massive courtesan style dress is no mean feat. Made privy for a moment to what the Prince Regent himself might be thinking was an added bonus. I think I would be bored and restless partaking in a time honoured old tradition, that would have me prisoner while I watch the rich and famous bow before me, I certainly spared him a thought

“The corridor was short, covered with a rich red carpet runner that stifled any footfalls, reaching Lord Chamberlain just in time to witness Georgiana completing her perfect backward retreat with a final curtsy before turning gracefully and exiting the room. She looked at Lizzy and actually winked! Lizzy nearly burst into laughter but managed to restrain herself at the last moment”- Sharon Lathan

We follow Georgiana into the beginnings of womanhood, navigating the balls at Almack’s and spending the summer with friends, with Kitty in tow. Unfortunately Kitty falls victim to the common tale of falling in love only to discover you’re not worthy. The reality of the importance of connections and social standing rearing its ugly head, it would seem only her sister Elizabeth will be the exception to the rule. Oh poor poor Kitty! Yet at the end of the book Kitty may not be unlucky in love after all, but I guess I will have to read the next installment of the Darcy saga before that can be confirmed. My beloved Colonel is finally going to find happiness and with someone he has liked for a very long time, it is sweet, is it not? Although you know this will not be a simple tale and there is much heartbreak before we see any happy faces. I loved Georgiana’s role in helping the Colonel through his heartache and was just as proud of her as if she were my own child. I really enjoyed seeing more of the lovely and playful Mr Darcy rather than the stoic, aloof persona that is put on for public display. As Darcy bantered with his cousin, I could envision Macfadyen’s smile as he twirled Georgiana around in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice. I particularly liked the insight given into the thoughts of the housekeeper at Darcy house, Mrs Smyth. Mrs Smyth does not like Elizabeth and it was funny to see how the class system is tiered within the servants and working classes, effecting how they view themselves in regards to their importance. As much as I did not like her, I felt a smidgen of compassion considering I never thought what it would be like to serve under such a handsome man as Darcy, I do not think I could do it, I always picture myself as Elizabeth LOL.

“Upon her first meeting of Miss Bennet, when Mr. Darcy brought his fiancée and her dowdy father to Darcy House during their engagement, Mrs. Smyth’s worst fears were realized. Miss Bennet was plain and drab, dressed in ugly gowns of no style and poor workmanship, with hair and body unadorned in any way. She smiled constantly, vulgarly showing all her teeth, was animated and noisy, and laughed incessantly. Grudgingly, Mrs. Smyth admitted that Miss Bennet carried herself with grace and that her manners were adequate, but those positives were overruled by her improper boldness and teasing informality with Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy was clearly besotted and subtly altered. He smiled too much and laughed aloud. His eyes followed her every move. And worst of all, he welcomed her impertinence and returned her banter! It was frightening to observe and Mrs. Smyth prayed daily that something or someone would intercede and break the spell.” – Sharon Lathan

Another delightful chapter in the Darcy saga. I happily look forward to the fifth!

This book is actually part of a series, and you know what, there are two books I have missed. I think I am loosing my series OCD. I have read the first one and it’s easy to just jump in, but I do want to know how Mary met her man. I must go back for that book.

In this one Lizzy had given birth to a highly beloved son. It’s Christmas and the whole family has come. Mary with her fiancé (how did that happen?), and all the rest. Colonel Fitzwilliam is aching for someone he always has cared for, Georgiana is introduced into society, Kitty falls in love and Caroline Bingley feels passion. Among a lot of other little things happening at Pemberley. Even Anne de Burgh has found someone so yes, need those two previous books to see how this happened. Lathan slowly makes people fall in love, get married, and live their lives. And I meet all my beloved Pride and Prejudice characters again.

Lizzy and Darcy are at it like rabbits, they are first passionate, and really loving and cute. Darcy is wonderful in this book, he adores his wife and the way he is with the baby makes my heart melt. The passion between them just makes it more loving.

Still a lot of things to come, not all people meet happy endings here so more to come, and I do want to know. Lathan has found her own way and introduces new characters that feels true to the Austen world. This book also shows that a Pride and Prejudice series is possible, there are always things that might happen, but what is constant is the love Darcy and Lizzy feels for each other, it is heartwarming.

I have stated before that at heart I am a Pride and Prejudice purist and yet I have immensely enjoyed and continue to enjoy Sharon Lathan’s take-offs or continuations of Pride and Prejudice. In her latest release, In the Arms of Mr. Darcy, Lathan continues to bring the Regency period to life, not only through her eloquent and descriptive writing, but also through her characters well-known to any Pride & Prejudice fan. Elizabeth and Darcy continue to shine and as spring turns a young man’s thoughts to fancy, it also holds true for women and in the novel, love is in the air. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy flew by all too quickly as I was swept up by the romance, the seasons, and the Regency period. Beloved Lizzy and stoic Darcy wind their way through society and all the glorious and not so glorious merriment, romantic notions, flirtations, and maybe just make it through the season intact. I heartily recommend In the Arms of Mr. Darcy to those who enjoyed Pride & Prejudice and have always wanted to know what may have happened next.

Sharon Lathan has written several books that continue one of the most romantic and beloved stories of all time, Pride and Prejudice. The first book, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, takes place shortly after the wedding.  Sharon takes us behind closed doors to give us a more personal look into the Darcy’s lives.

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is the fourth book in Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga. This book picks up right where the third book left off, Darcy and Elizabeth have their precious baby boy, Alexander. Sharon Lathan takes us on a journey through the lives of the characters we love so much. In this book we get to experience Elizabeth and Darcy’s first baby and all the trials that come with it. She keeps the romance between Darcy and Elizabeth sizzling hot while dealing with many realistic situations that new parents often face. My absolute favorite part of this book is the side stories with Georgina, Kitty, and  Col. Fitzwilliam. I loved learning more about their characters and the direction that Sharon Lathan takes them in. I hope Sharon writes more about them in the future. I also love Dr. Darcy. He is one of my favorite characters in this series. I wish I had an uncle like him. He is a great addition to the cast of characters.  Sharon Lathan has done a great job with this series. I’ve read all four books and I have not been disappointed.

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy marks author Sharon Lathan’s fourth Pride and Prejudice sequel. As we journey to Pemberley and revisit the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, we take a slightly different path than her first three novels: In Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One, Loving Mr. Darcy: Journey’s Beyond Pemberley and My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An Amazing Journey into Love Everlasting, which chronicled the first year of their marriage. We now experience Lizzie and Darcy’s life from a wider perspective. Still deeply in love, but more mature in their relationship, Lathan weaves in new conflicts/surprises/events into the story and expands the roles of familiar characters such as Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Darcy, and Jane and Charles Bingley.

Picking up where My Dearest Mr. Darcy left off, the novel begins with the Darcy’s second Christmas celebration and the birth of their first son and heir to Pemberley, Alexander.  We learn of Col. Fitzwilliam’s love for an old flame who has recently become a widow. Darcy is astounded that Col. Fitzwilliam believes he is ready to settle down and leave the military. The two share some wonderful moments together, truly showing what excellent friends they are, as well as cousins.

Georgiana has begun her transformation into a proper young lady, discarding the blushes of her youth, for the bloom of an engaging young woman. We are also treated to the baptism of young Alexander and are given a great chapter showcasing how proud Darcy is of his son, and what a wonderful father he will grow to be. We are also given glimpses into the engagement of Caroline Bingley, Kitty Bennet developing her first crush and broken heart, and the birth of Jane and Charles’ first child, as well as some more lovely moments between Lizzie and Darcy.

Engaging, fast paced and searingly romantic, I highly recommend reading In the Arms of Mr. Darcy if you’re a true Lizzie and Darcy fan. Lathan creates multiple story-arcs in her novels and weaves the Darcy’s underlying love story through it all. Even though we experience a much more mature relationship between the Darcys, they are still infatuated with each other.

I have to say I enjoyed In the Arms of Mr. Darcy best of all of Lathan’s novels in the series because of how the supporting characters take a much stronger role. As much as I enjoy following Elizabeth and Darcy’s new life together, I was glad to see more of Col. Fitzwilliam, Georgiana, and Jane and Charles Bingley included as it added depth to the story.

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan is a follow-on to Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Darcy have been married for a year. Elizabeth is settling into her role as mistress of Pemberley, and they now have a child, Alexander.

The Bennet family and other friends and relatives are gathering at Pemberley for the holiday season. Naturally, with the new child and a houseful of family and friends there is a lot of grist for the plot mill. Lathan manages to squeeze a story of married bliss, new romance, thwarted love, a mystery, a betrayal, and a couple of presentations at court into one book.

What is achieved is an interesting look into the life of the landed gentry at the time of Pride and Prejudice. Then there is the continuing romance between Darcy and Elizabeth. As a married couple, they do their best to see that all those they love become as happy as they are. Darcy is more than the standoffish aristocrat of the original story and is shown to have depth of feeling and good sense. The mystery subplot has potential, as did several of the other subplots, to be fleshed out and become a stand-alone novel. Instead these interesting sub-stories are set up, minimally touched on, and dropped or solved to get back to the main story of the married live of the Darcys.

It’s well written and continues to allow readers to see the Darcys after their marriage. They manage to have a full life that, as with all newlyweds, is rife with the compromises needed to live together in harmony, as well as the usual minor dramas involved in daily living on a large estate with the responsibility for many other depending on their ability to stay solvent as society changes about them. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy will leave you wondering what is going to happen to the people in the subplots that weave in and out of the main story. Will there be another book filling us in on those characters and incidents, particularly those that involve friends and family or business relations of the Darcys’? We can but hope.

A continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Sharon Lathan’s fourth book, In the Arms of Mr. Darcy, brings us into the daily lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy and his wife, Elizabeth, as they learn to cope with the trials and joys of parenthood.

Set in Derbyshire, in 1817, the Darcys scandalize their more conservative housekeeping staff by actually spending time with their firstborn child, rather than relegating him to the nanny.

Many adventures surround this new family, causing pangs of worry, and at times, deep angst when business delays ensue, keeping Darcy away from his family far longer than expected.

As the Darcy’s cope with their trials, the single siblings of immediate family and closest friends seem to awaken to their own passionate needs that have been long since buried.

Inspired by the continuing passion and love of the Darcy’s, as well as the obvious transformation of Darcy’s otherwise taciturn nature, cousin Richard Fitzwilliam is reminded of what he thought was a long-lost love; sister Georgiana Darcy blossoms into a young woman with untapped romantic talents; Kitty Bennett learns the highs and lows of her first crush; and Caroline Bingley surprises everyone, including herself, of the depths of her passionate nature!

A titillating, yet amorous look into the privileged lives of England’s gentry as they travel back and forth from countryside estates to the London “seasons” of society, with all the protocol, pomp and circumstance that comes with the responsibilities of their positions.

Devotees of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will be interested to see what author Sharon Lathan has done with these characters in her sequel book, In The Arms Of Mr. Darcy.  Lathan has written several books in this series; Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One; Loving Mr. Darcy: Journey Beyond Pemberley and My Dearest Mr. Darcy.

In this edition, the reader visits the Darcy’s the winter after their son and the heir to Pemberley has been born.  Both parents dote on their newborn, as do all their relatives and friends.  Although it is considered a bit strange that Elizabeth chooses to nurse her son rather than employ a wet-nurse, no one dares to voice any surprise that the fond parents want to see to their son’s care themselves.

In addition to the relationship between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, there are others who are entering the courts of love.  Darcy’s sister Georgina is entering her debutante days, as is Kitty Bennett, Elizabeth’s sister.  We see them at a splendid ball, and get a sense of the manners and norms of courting.  Darcy’s good friend, Richard, home from the military, has fallen in love with a widow and asks Darcy’s advice.  There are other relationships that develop, some surprising in their intensity and some remaining safely contained in the shoals of society’s strictures.

The reader is transported to the start of the Industrial Revolution in England.  It is a land of titled nobles and servants and a group of professionals, but most of the power, money and influence is concentrated in a few noble hands.  The daily life in large manor houses is amazing for modern readers to contemplate, and Lathan does an excellent job of outlining what such a daily routine consisted of.  This book is recommended for readers who loved Austen’s work and are interested to see the story continue.

This book is based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  Lizzy and Darcy are happily married and have a son.  This book continues their story but also focuses on some of the more secondary characters of Austen’s book–namely Darcy’s cousin Richard Fitzwilliam, his sister Georgiana and Lizzy’s sister Kitty.  These characters finally get a storyline of their own and become further developed and begin romantic relationships.  I always enjoy seeing how Lizzy and Darcy’s “happily ever after” looks to an author different than Austen.  This book stays true to Austen’s writing style and her vision of these characters.  It is interesting to see how many books in today’s market use Austen’s works as a basis of their plot.  Guess there is a reason that her books are still being read and used as a foundation today.

Sharon Lathan’s latest novel in her Darcy Saga far exceeds her previous novels. Lathan shifts her focus for the fourth book, and brings into the fold Caroline Bingley, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Georgiana Darcy, and Kitty and Mary Bennet. This was a smart move on Lathan’s part, as I can imagine it would be difficult to drive along the story of Lizzy and Darcy after three lengthy novels.

The novel opens around Christmas, and I had the fortune to read this book on a cold snowy December day, and found the beginning of Lathan’s book cozy and delicious. One of her strengths as a novelist is setting an ideal scene, one that the reader can’t help but want to be a part of. I will not divulge too much in regards to the plot of each character’s romances, but for those who felt like Kitty and Mary didn’t get their fair share of love will not be disappointed by Lathan’s story. Colonel Fitzwilliam, always an enjoyable character, also gets his share, and even the snarky Caroline Bingley falls into love with a mysterious, charming gentleman.

Lathan’s book is not one to miss, and will satisfy those who loved her previous portrayals of the Darcys. If you can, curl up with this novel on a cold, snowy evening as I did. You will not be disappointed. I give her four wax seals on her fourth effort.

Elizabeth and Darcy’s life is getting more interesting every day. With the arrival of their new son, Alexander, Darcy seems to be living in a dream world.  That is until Christmas arrives and with it an endless number of guests.  All of which seem to want to take time with this newest member of the house of Pemberley.  Darcy discovers he has a jealous side to him.  We were already aware of this trait, Mr. Darcy. The intrusions upon his life continue and with a business tragedy, the love life of his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam and the rapid maturity of his young sister, Georgiana at times it seems he doesn’t know what direction he is going.

He does have an anchor in the storm with his lovely wife Elizabeth.  But even the lives of women who live comfortably can not be easy and although expecting a leisurely existence of raising her new son and running Pemberley, Elizabeth is thrust into the reality of marrying a family of ‘The Ton’.

My favorite parts of the book were the interactions and budding love lives of Kitty Bennet (Elizabeth’s younger sister) and Caroline Bingley.  Caroline especially deserves to have her own book written someday.  I’d be first in line to purchase it. Lathan also spends a fair portion of her book fleshing out Colonel Fitzwilliam’s love affair, which I also found intriguing.  I like the direction she took with this, mainly because it is somewhat of an unconventional route.  The Colonel is and has been in love with a married woman for quite some time and now she is recently widowed.  What is he do to?  This is the fourth in her series and overall I would say the best so far.

Sharon Lathan shows us her knowledge of Darcy and Elizabeth in one of the most romantic novels about the eternal lovers. We get an in-depth look into their passionate lives and the deep and everlasting love they share for each other. Jane Austen would approve of this depiction of her characters; Austen fans will continue to love them, as well. As a collector of Austen sequels, I feel this is one of the best yet written and highly recommend it. Congratulations to the author!

Ever wonder how Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy live after the end of Pride and Prejudice? Author Sharon Lathan answers those burning questions in her novel.

A year has passed since Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s wedding. The story opens with a Christmas party at Pemberley where they introduce their brand-new son, Alexander. Compared to their tumultuous courtship, Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s lives are now mainly happy, but what family doesn’t have a bit of drama now and then?

Although Elizabeth and Darcy revel in domestic bliss, other members of their family are not so lucky. Elizabeth’s sister, Kitty, enjoys and suffers through her first fluttering of love. And Col. Fitzwilliam’s tentative romance with a lady who caught his eye years ago resurfaces. And Darcy has his fair share of problems to deal with, especially after one of his cotton mills catches fire during the holidays, and he is forced to leave the bosom of his family to attend to business.

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is the fourth novel in Sharon Lathan’s continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice story, and is just as delightful as the previous books. Lathan adeptly stays in the style of Austen’s writing and captures the characters so beautifully, the reader almost feels like it is an actual Austen novel. Reading the previous novels will help readers know the history of the characters to date, but enjoying it as a stand-alone book was a pleasure as well. Can’t wait to see what Lathan has in store for her Lizzie and Darcy next!

As I have probably mentioned several times, I love reading historical fiction and Pride and Prejudice and all of Jane Austen’s novels are among my favorites. Then I discovered the world of sequels and I was even more hooked! I enjoy reading about all the different possibilities for the characters created by Jane Austen. The drawback in that though is that after a while, you start getting the situations and characters mixed up. The big picture in my mind starts getting convoluted as to who married whom, who had an affair, who got killed, who complained about the funeral cost, who got bit by a vampire and who got turned into a zombie… yeah, it can get kind of weird. But in a good way! I kind of like it and it’s fun.

In the Arms of Mr. Darcy is the first novel by Ms. Lathan that I have read and I want to read more of her books. For one, the plot actually makes sense. The story line and characters do not deviate too far off from what is plausible of the original cast and setting. I like that in this book, Darcy and Elizabeth are portrayed to be more intimate. That is, they talk more to each other unlike in Pride and Prejudice where a lot of things between them were unsaid and caused a lot of confusion and misunderstandings. The story lines of the other characters, Richard Fitzwilliam, Georgina Darcy, Kitty Bennet, and Caroline Bingley to name a few, were more developed in this novel too. Even though at times it may seem like the story is deviating too far from Darcy and Elizabeth, the author always managed to draw it all together so they all become part of the tapestry. If all of Ms. Lathan’s books are like this one, I look forward to reading the others in this saga.