The Passions of Dr. Darcy

You never know where a life of purpose may lead…

Explore a fascinating and unique aspect of the Regency period, when the British Empire offered the young noblemen of the day promising adventures all over the world.

While Fitzwilliam Darcy is enjoying an idyllic childhood at Pemberley, his vibrant and beloved uncle, Dr. George Darcy, becomes one of the most renowned young physicians of the day. Determined to do something more with his life than cater to a spoiled aristocracy, George accepts a post with the British East India Company and travels in search of a life of meaning and purpose.

When George Darcy returns to Pemberley after many years abroad, the drama and heartbreak of his travels offer a fascinating glimpse into a gentleman’s journey of self-discovery and romance.


George Darcy is the second son of a wealthy landowner in Georgian Era England. At 22 he is one of the youngest medical doctorate graduates of Cambridge University and admitted licentiate from the London Royal College of Physicians, and thus considered a brilliant, rising star in England’s field of medicine. Yet Dr. Darcy refuses the easy, comfortable pathway and enlists as a physician with the British East India Company, embarking on a personal quest to broaden his education and practice his craft without the restraints imposed by British society.

The Passions of Dr. Darcy spans thirty-four years in the life of this incredible, eccentric man. Using vivid descriptions of the culture and atmosphere, the story traces his early steps as a new doctor in a strange land on to his eventual return to England and his childhood home decades later. This is a story of India and the people as well as of the diseases and medical care available. Primarily, however, this is the story of one man who strived to change the face of medicine while yearning to fill the void left within his soul upon the death of his identical twin when they were 12. His search for family, enduring love, and lost companionship is a quest not wholly realized until returning to England and Pemberley. There a new generation of family and friends will heal the physician, and to his greatest surprise, the true love of his life awaits.

With a groan, George fell into the padded Pidha chair under the shaded porch. One hand reached for the waiting glass of chilled mango juice while the other snapped open the folded fan. Fanning his moist face and drinking large gulps of the refreshing beverage occupied all his attention for a good minute. Finally, he glanced to the woman sitting in the matching chair and gasped, “Your sons are exhausting me! How is it possible for a group of youngsters to have so much energy?”

“Is that truly the problem, dear George? Or have they beaten you at the game again?”

“It isn’t fair, Jharna,” George whined, pitching his voice like a sulky child. “I taught them how to play so should prevail each time!”

Jharna lifted one corner of her mouth but did not look up from her painting. “Is this game named after a chirping insect vitally important to your pride and manliness?”

“Cricket”—he used the English name then returned to Hindi—“is the greatest sport on Earth, an English sport,” he declared with mocking indignation. “No Indian, especially a child, should play better than an Englishman.”

“Then perhaps you should stop the purposeful mistakes that allow them to win. I would hate to see your pride suffer an irreversible blow.”

“I seriously doubt that would ever happen,” he harrumphed, referring to the second charge and not denying the first.

George was staring toward the grassy makeshift cricket field where a dozen boys and girls of varying ages were laughing and shrieking as they played the unusual game. Three months ago, shortly after arriving in Saliom, a suburb of Mysore City, the tall, lanky English stranger had boldly walked out onto the open area with a ball, six wickets, and four blade-like wooden bats tucked under his arms. While the timidly wary children observed, he gouged lines in the soft turf and pounded the wickets into groups of three at either end of a designated zone, whistling as he prepped the rectangular pitch to his specification with the assistance of the Ullas boys, Nimesh and Sasi. Once done, he turned his attention to the group of youngsters who were by then more curious than afraid and, flashing his patented Darcy grin, asked them in Hindi if they wanted to learn how to play a game more fun than any other. That was all it took. From that day forward, Dr. Darcy was sought by every child in the village nearly as often as the adults sought his medical services.

“No, Komali!” He leapt to his feet. “Stand in front of the wickets… the post things, yes… that’s a girl. Now get ready… no, don’t look at me! Watch the bowler… Yes!” He whooped when she hit the ball, clapping and shouting encouragement to run. “Ah, that girl is going to be the best player of them all, mark my words. She already has beaten Nimesh in sprinting speed, to his annoyance.”

“That must be why he was dashing up and down the hall yesterday. Raveena banished him to his room for making such a clatter. Humility will serve him well, especially after taunting Sahib Dutta’s daughters for not being able to read as well as he.”

“Underestimating the worth of a woman will not be a fault of his for long.” George resumed his place on the chair and stretched his bare legs across to a terra-cotta planter, casually crossing his ankles on the wide edge. “He sees you trounce me at chess often enough to know women have keen intellects.”

“Winning a game of chess with you is not all that difficult.”

“Oh ho ho! Methinks I detect an insult and challenge in those words, Mrs. Ullas! I believe a rematch is in order!”

“Are you sure your pride can take such a hit twice in one day, Dr. Darcy?”

“Probably not, so it is fortunate for my bruised ego that I will not be able to test myself until tomorrow. I am due to meet your husband in an hour,” he explained when she looked up from the plate she was painting, teasing eyes asking a silent question. “We are performing the surgery on Bai Dalmiya. That will take all afternoon and part of the evening, but tomorrow I should have time to redeem myself and prove my superiority. Be warned.”

“Noted. So that is why you feigned exhaustion and quit the cricket field?”

“Partly feigned. They do possess a stamina I wish I could bottle in some way.” Pausing for another deep drink of the sweet juice, George smilingly observed the playing youths for several minutes. “I have decided that my favorite sound in all the world is that of children laughing. Remember when we were discussing that and you suggested I discover it?”

“I do.” Jharna sat the paintbrush aside and turned her attention to her companion. “It was nearly three years ago. You said you had to think about it, which is wise. One’s favorite sound above all others is not to be hastily decided, although it may change as one grows older. Why children’s laughter?”

George shrugged. “Oh, I could name a hundred reasons, but the simple fact is that no other sound gives me such joy.” He met her thoughtful stare. “Now I have told you. What is your favorite sound in all the world, Jharna?”

Smiling smugly and cocking her head, she replied, “That is my secret.”

“Hey! Not fair! I told you!”

“I never asked you to tell me. I recommended the exercise as part of your life journey. Whether you share the revelation or not is your prerogative. I choose not to.”

“You are a damned infuriating woman, Jharna Ullas. Do you know that?”

“I am a woman,” she stated simply, smug smile intact.

The majority of the room’s staff were gathered around the bed of a woman suffering a seizure. Three men were holding on to her jerking limbs, preventing her from rolling off the narrow cot. A sadhu, with his face painted brilliant orange and red and his hair tied into coiled knots, stood at the foot of the bed, his chants in Hindi a rhythmic undercurrent to the woman’s strangled cries and the commanding orders that came from the man kneeling by the woman’s head.

Darcy and McIntyre watched in fascination as the kneeling man rubbed a strange, mud-colored ointment over the thrashing woman’s forehead and bared chest. Then he pressed his fingertips deeply into her wrists and upper lip, his soothing voice almost a singsong chant similar to the holy man, but as the Englishmen drew closer, they realized he was talking to the woman at the same time as instructing his assistants where to apply pressure to her feet and inner knees. Seconds later the woman’s seizure stopped and her eyes fluttered open, briefly connecting with the kneeling man before closing as she fell into a relieved sleep. For several minutes more the kneeling man continued to give hushed instructions and administer a series of prods with his thumb into places on her body. After a last check of her pulse, he rose, stepped away from the bed, and turned toward Darcy and McIntyre.

George sucked in his breath. Never had he beheld a man who oozed utter exhaustion while also piercing him with eyes one hundred percent alert and hard. Short, moderately fleshy, plain of face, and with thinning hair, Dr. Kshitij Ullas was unremarkable in every way—except for his eyes. Though a common brown, the depth of intelligence, compassion, and awareness discernible within was powerful. Later, George would wonder if what he felt in those moments was a true epiphany or merely hindsight making more of an initial meeting than there truly was, but he vividly recalled that his instant reaction was one of awe and that this was a man, a doctor, he would walk over hot coals to spend time with.

“Who are you two?” Dr. Ullas growled in English, brushing by them and walking to the next bed where he leaned to peel back one eyelid of the sleeping man lying there. “Why are you in my hospital and doing nothing?”

“I am Dr. McIntyre and this is Dr. Darcy. We arrived just now but are here to assist as per yer summons.”

“I can use the help.” The hint of relief in his voice was genuine, but the look cast over George was dubious. “Aren’t you too young to be a doctor? Last thing I need now is a novice who doesn’t know the difference between a pustule and a vesicle. Where are you from? Who sent you?”

“Bombay. Commander Doyle—”

“Bombay?” Dr. Ullas interrupted, staring at them angrily. “I told that imbecile not to send a dispatch to Bombay. I suppose White picked you, yes?”

“Yes, but—”This time McIntyre was halted by the string of Hindi bursting from Dr. Ullas’s lips. After a heartbeat of shocked silence, George began to chuckle. McIntyre looked at him as if he were insane, but Dr. Ullas ended his tirade, his eyes narrowing as he looked at George.

“You understand Hindi?”

“Enough to know we share a similar opinion of Dr. White. Trust me, Dr. Ullas, we are nothing like that hack. He chose us for this mission of mercy to get us out from under his feet and in hopes we would succumb to this illness and spare him the job of strangling us.”

Dr. Ullas grunted, his expression not placated despite George’s assurances. “Further proof how stupid the man is. If he had read the missive I sent—specifying it not go to Bombay so I would not be burdened with one of his incompetents or on the off chance he came himself—he would have noticed I said the disease is not contagious. It is undoubtedly a contaminant that is affecting so many, but none are acquiring it from contact with each other. Not that I can ascertain, that is.”

“If you threw those big words at him, I am sure he skimmed over them.”

“Perhaps.” He speared Darcy and then McIntyre with his intense gaze before responding with another grunt. “Well, you are here now, and if you are doctors, as you claim to be, you will know your way around a hospital. Go to it.” He waved his hand in a dismissive gesture and moved to the next patient without another word.

James was far worse than George’s wildest imaginings had envisioned. Aside from his appearance—and it truly was ghastly—he was disconnected from reality. George’s abrupt presence after nearly six years away hadn’t startled James one iota. Instead, he was staring at the gravestone as if George were not there. Words were not penetrating the self-installed barrier but maybe action would.

“Remember at the Summer Festival when Anne was seventeen and Millie Hent tried to kiss you? Lord, I have never seen a woman so furious! There she was, a diminutive sprite spitting fire, and she charged right up to Millie and punched her in the nose. Remember that? Millie fell flat on her hind end. It was hysterical. But we sure learned not to anger Lady Anne Fitzwilliam after that. She always had a temper, that one, especially about you. If she could see you now, it would be you with a bleeding nose and dirt on your ass. Then she would stand over you for an hour, delivering a good tongue lashing.”

James had turned and was staring at George with the same vague expression. George stared right back, this time with visible disgust and irritation. “Not sure if Anne can see you from Heaven, and while normally I hope for that sort of possibility, this time I pray she can’t. Still, on the off chance she can, and since she can’t deliver the slap you deserve, I’ll do it for her.” And without any preamble, George balled his fist and punched James square in the nose. He controlled the blow so that James wasn’t hurt too much—no blood or crunched bones—but enough of an impact that it stung and knocked him off the bench onto the hard-packed gravel.

“What the bloody hell!” James roared.

“About damned time you showed some emotion, Brother,” George roared back. He stood up and loomed over the supine James. “Now get up off your sorry ass so I can do it again. Or is once enough to wake you up from your pathetic bout of self-pity?”

“You hit me! I can’t believe you hit me! That’s just… Wait. What are you doing here? When did you get here?”

“We have been sitting here for the past half hour, James. Where the blazes were you?”

“I…” The shock and anger on James’s face was replaced by confusion, and then after a glance toward the gravestone now inches from his eyes, the glazed mask of sadness began creeping in.

“Oh no you don’t!” George reached down and grabbed James’s soiled, loosely tied cravat, yanked him to his feet, and raised his other hand in the air.

“Wait! Don’t hit me again, George. I take your point.”

“Do you? Because if I hear you sniveling and sinking into your grief like that again, James, I will beat you until you’re bloody.”

“Why all the hostility? And where is the compassion, damn it all! Did you come all this way to harass or commiserate?”

“I have a suspicion you have gotten far too much commiseration.” He let go of James’s cravat and stepped back with a sigh. “Listen, James, I have oodles of compassion for your loss. Believe me. I feel it too. I loved Anne and can’t believe she is gone. I also knew your wife well and am sure she would not want you to curl up and die of mourning her. That isn’t the Anne Darcy I knew. She was a fighter who was full of life. She loved Pemberley. She loved her friends and family. And she loved you too much to want you to suffer so.”

“I don’t know how to make the pain stop,” James choked.

“It may never stop. You have to come to grips with that. But it will become tolerable. It will lessen in time. If, that is, you quit ignoring life to come here and stare at a cold grave. Anne isn’t here, James. She is alive inside you and inside your two children. Don’t let her die completely.”

“I’ll try, how’s that for now?”

“I’ll accept it, mainly because I am starving and tired of lecturing you. Come on. Show your guest some hospitality.” George slung his arm over James’s shoulder and steered away from Anne’s plot, his grip firm enough that James could not look back and had no choice but to walk with him. “I came directly here from the house. Didn’t even grab a drink. I’m parched and it is all your fault.”

“Did we really sit together for a half hour?”

“Yes. We talked too. You told me I looked especially handsome and debonair and in the prime of my life.”

“I did?”

“Well, you said I looked good. I knew what you meant though.”

James laughter was music to George’s ears. “You also thought I was William for a second there. I suppose that means he is as dashing as I am?”

“Not sure how I can mistake you for him with that get up.” James waved at the blue sherwani with braided gold and red trim George wore over yellow shalwar trousers. “He does look like you though. It is uncanny at times. Wait until you see him, George. Or did you?”

“No. I came straight here to rescue you from digging a hole and climbing into it.”

“I am glad to see you, Brother. I might even forgive you for hitting me. Eventually. And you do look good. What is your secret?”

“I’ll tell you later. First, tell me more of my nephew and niece.”

George knelt by the boy’s side, Dr. Ullas naturally assuming the role of assistant. This was not only due to his ability to translate but because they both knew that when it came to ailments of the heart and lungs, Dr. Darcy was the expert.

“He is burning with fever.” George laid the back of his hand over the boy’s forehead then peeled one eyelid. “Stuporous from diminished oxygen. Ashen and diaphoretic. Severe cyanosis.” He rattled off the symptoms so that Dr. Ullas could translate to the medical men observing. The blankets were flipped aside and shirt lifted, baring a broad, well-built chest destined to be that of a muscled warrior. Fine breeding and strength was definitely an asset in this case. George bent to press one ear against the defined chest that was laboriously straining to continue the fundamental act of breathing. Closing his eyes and sticking his index finger into the free ear canal so as to concentrate and block extraneous input, George listened. First to the upper left, then to the upper right, down to the axilla, then the peripheral base, and so on, until the entire chest area had been covered. He was nothing if not thorough, although within seconds he had known the diagnosis and treatment necessary if the prince was to survive.

“They say he has been ill for nearly a week.” Dr. Ullas had been busy while George auscultated. Their medical cases were open at the foot of the bed and he was retrieving instruments and medications, servants and healers tending to his orders for boiling water and clean cloths. “Properly diagnosed as lung fever and treated appropriately from what I can gather. The Sultan employs well-trained healers. Three are Ayurvedic vaidyas and two Persian Yunani from Nepal. There is also a French doctor about. It was he who heard of you and your skills. This is Abdul-Qahaar.” Kshitij nodded toward a tall man in blue robes standing on the far side of the bed, the man bowing respectfully when George glanced up. “He is Yunani and in charge of the patient. Any guesses on what will happen to him if the shahzada dies?”

George met Kshitij’s expressionless face and bobbed his head once. No need to verbalize further. Two lives were at stake, perhaps more, adding to the pressure of the situation. Luckily, Dr. George Darcy had never been one to crumble under pressure.

“Explain that the prince is suffering from acute hemopneumothorax secondary to the pneumonia. The collection of blood and fluid in the pleural space has increased the thoracic pressure and it is now under tension, displacing the lungs and heart to the right. I must remove the fluid immediately or he will die. Does he understand?”

Dr. Ullas repeated Dr. Darcy’s words in broken Persian, as it had been more than a decade since he’d used the language in his travels north. It was adequate to get the point across, Abdul-Qahaar nodding. Another Yunani healer standing nearby translated in Arabic, other bilingual speakers picking it up and translating for the Hindu speakers until there was a steady stream of languages spoken in soft tones around the room.

Gestures went a long way too, the “come here and help me turn the prince onto his side” pantomime comprehended easily. Three men leaned onto the bed to assist, holding the shaking prince as still as possible while George ripped the shirt away and wiped the sweat-drenched skin with a cloth soaked in an herbal antiseptic solution. The latter was handed to him by Dr. Ullas, George not even looking up but simply holding out his hand in trusting anticipation.


“Only a drop or maybe two,” George answered. “He is close to unconscious as it is, and I don’t want to suppress his respiratory drive any further. Keep it handy though. The tharra is in the far right bottle. Use it to clean the scalpel and reed, please. That stuff kills healthy stomach tissue so should effectively eradicate any invisible organisms.” He gestured for one assistant to remove the pillows so that the prince was flat and to hold his left arm over his head. Hastily, George wiped the wet cloth over the young man’s left torso all the way to the breastbone while assessing his pinched, blue face and shallowly rising chest.

Lips pursed and jaw clenched, George palpated down the midaxillary line of the ribcage, counting until reaching the recessed space between the fourth and fifth ribs. Sliding his left index finger along the ridge posteriorly to the precise point sought for, George marked the spot with his fingertip and reached his right hand to grasp the handle of the scalpel Dr. Ullas held out for him. After a swift scan to make sure everyone was alert and prepared, George sliced cleanly through the prince’s skin and muscle underneath. A jerk and low moan was the only indication of awareness of what was being done to him.

“Hold him tight,” he commanded in Hindi, the message clear even to those not sure of the words.The hollow reed Dr. Ullas handed George was blunt on one end but shaved to a sharp point on the other. It was the pointed end that George pressed into the bleeding incision, easing through the tissue until resistance was felt. He paused for a second, his broad left hand spanning the ribcage and bracing, and then with a controlled thrust the hardened reed pierced through the tough membrane protecting the lungs. Another jerk was the prince’s response, but the helpers had listened well and kept a firm grip on him.

Immediately, cloudy, blood-tinged fluid began to flow from the blunt end of the reed, Dr. Ullas collecting it into a cup for later examination.

“Not too thick and translucent. Odor not foul and minimal blood. All good signs, but I will need to leave the drainage tube in for a while to make sure.” George flicked his discerning gaze back and forth from the fast-filling cup, the patient’s chest, and then his face. The first cup was replaced with a new one before improvement was detected. Initially, there was a faint increase in the lift to his chest as each inhale grew deeper, the alarming blue tint receding incrementally. Then as the second cup hit the halfway point, the young man gasped and shuddered, his nostrils flaring and mouth opening wide as he drew in a ragged breath followed by another and another. Healthy color suffused his face, not completely but a vast improvement over the deathly cyanosis of minutes prior, and the chest rose higher with each harsh inspiration.

“I have seen this I don’t know how many times now and it still amazes me. Well done, Dr. Darcy.”

George said nothing. He was too busy wrapping a clean cloth around the puncture site, holding tight to the reed while gently rolling the youth back to rest on a pillow wedged against his back.

“Well, look who is waking up!” George smiled into the fluttering eyes of the rallying prince. “A drop or two of opium,” he said to Dr. Ullas while keeping his gazed fixed on the bewildered eyes staring up at him. “Do you understand me, Your Highness? Excellent. I am Dr. Darcy and this is Dr. Ullas. We are vaidyas from Mysore City…”

In simple language and cadenced tones, George explained what had been done to him, hands simultaneously checking his pulse and applying pressure to precise points until the prince fell into a deep, untroubled sleep, opium, exhaustion, and Ayurvedic application combining in a sedative effect. Only once assured the critical situation was under control did George leave the bed. Taking the wet cloth from Kshitij and wiping his bloodstained hands, George grinned at his colleague, mentor, and friend.

“See? I told you it would be exciting.”

Sharing here a sampling of positive feedback received for The Passions of Dr. Darcy over the years since it was published in 2013.

These words of praise are from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:
4 & 5 Star reviews posted to online marketplaces (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Powells, BAM, etc.),
letters and emails sent directly to me, and comments left on my blog or other blogs where I was a guest.

Sharon Lathan has given us a true gift with giving Dr. Darcy his own book!! Dr. Darcy was first introduced to us in her prior books and we met him just after Darcy and Elizabeth were married and I personally fell in love with his character at once and wanted more. In The Passions of Dr. Darcy, Sharon begins with Darcy and Elizabeth finding a trunk full of journals and the story begins from there. We learn about a boy who in the moment his twin dies his life is changed forever. His thirst for knowledge, his passions to learn all he can about healing, medicine takes him to India.

Sharon does her research very well on British India – traditions, the people, and medicine during that time. However the book does not just focus on that, it is so much more. Dr. Darcy is a very funny character. Dr. Darcy yearns for adventure, love and family. He is very loyal. The reader gets a very sexy Dr. Darcy, which I did not expect, but it works perfectly in the story. I also enjoyed the conversations he had with his brother James and those with his father. We also get to experience Fitzwilliam Darcy when he was younger and understand the character that Sharon portraits in her other books. Absolutely brilliant!

At the end, Darcy searches for his soul mate and finds her in a very unexpected way. I believe the reader will love this book. It took me days to read it because I did not want it to end. Have tissue handy! Congratulations Sharon on such a wonderful book and bringing Dr. Darcy back to us. I would recommended that the reader read her other books to enjoy this one so much more, but you can read it by itself. Enjoy!

This book was everything I wanted it to be and more! 5-Stars!   Since I heard about it from Sharon Lathan’s Facebook page a while back I couldn’t wait to read it! I fell in love with Dr. Darcy’s character and couldn’t wait to learn more about him. Ms. Lathan takes you to a whole new world, where you laugh, cry, fall in love and explore the wonders of India with Dr. Darcy. As a nursing student I loved reading all the medical references and was amazing at the amount of research that must have went into creating this book. I also loved seeing some of our favorite characters back in the mix. William, and Elizabeth and baby Alexander make cameos along the way! (B&N reader)

A Must Read for fans of the Pemberley family. 5-Stars!   This book tied everything together with the previous books by Ms. Lathan. I enjoyed it very much and admired the emotional depth of all the characters. In reading the first books, Dr. Darcy impressed me as a caring physician and uncle but in this book, his real personality and humanity is displayed. I love his sense of humor and never tire of reading about the Darcy family and enjoy all the adaptations. I certainly recommend anyone who has read Ms. Lathan’s works to read this one – I’m glad she wrote it and glad I read it! (PKMAZ)

So glad Sharon Lathan fully developed the Dr. George Darcy character. 5-Stars!  The Dr. Darcy character was so colorful and enchanting in the books in this series from Sharon that I fell in love with him. I was thrilled when I found that she had developed the illustrious doctor into a full book. It will not disappoint you if you desire to see what made Unc Goj the man he was in the previous books. I am sure Sharon spent a lot of time researching the history of the EIC in India during this era. One felt like you were living it with Dr. George Darcy. The loves found and lost by this unique man made it hard to put the book down. I loved the ending. (Arkansas Austen Fan)

I was really looking forward to spending time with Dr. Darcy. 5-Stars!   I enjoyed Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga and fell quite in love with Dr. George. With this book, I adore him. Sharon has outdone herself. This book encompasses a huge time span and your emotions will be completely engaged. I cried with George and celebrated as well. It was lovely to see reflections of the previous novels in places, but this truly was Dr. George’s book. I cried in the first 3 pages and I celebrated on the last page. Absolutely fabulous. (RunningShoeGirl)

LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. George Darcy! 5-Stars!   I love all of the Darcy Saga and this book as the others have did not leave me disappointed well I take that back when they end I am lost! I loved learning more of George’s life and what made him such the colorful character he is! Thank you for another great book I could not put down! (S Watts)

Uncle Goj has his own book at last!!! 5-Stars!    This is a follow on book from the other Sharon Lathan books. It delves deeper into the character of Dr George Darcy (Uncle Goj). For those who have not read all the previous books (which I highly recommend that you do!) – he is the brother of Mr Darcy’s father – hence his uncle. It is all about the journey of a second son from society finding his way as a doctor and finding his heart and his true persona. Set in both regency England and in India it is a superb novel with glorious descriptions that make you feel as though you have visited India too. Brilliant! (Melz)

Superb!!! Loved it!!! 5-Stars!   Sharon Lathan is a superb author. I read Pride and Prejudice as a youth and loved it and was sad at the end, because I felt there was so much more to be told. She is true to the characters and has continued the story/saga beyond my wildest dreams. I sincerely hope she continues the saga, because I am already hungering for the next book!!! BRAVO!!! (Twinmomma)

Loved it! 5-Stars!   I have been a fan of Sharon’s saga for years now and always anticipate her next book! I admit it took me a few days to start reading The Passions of Dr. Darcy, as I knew this particular book would not be about our beloved Lizzy and Darcy. Though I loved the character of Dr. Darcy I wasn’t sure I wanted to read an entire novel devoted to him. Once I started reading however, I couldn’t put Dr. Darcy away! He is brought to life through Sharon’s avid and wonderful descriptions and paints a most colorful life of Dr. Darcy that only enhances the Darcy Saga. The ending works out just perfectly and we do get a wee glimpse into the life of Lizzy and Darcy (as well as a few other characters!). I was equally amazed at the amount of research Sharon put into the history of medicine and the travels through India Dr. Darcy made, it is quite extensive and all detailed wonderfully. Thank you for another wonderful book, can’t wait to see what comes next! (Hava Meronk)

Wonderful!   I enjoyed the lovely storytelling style of this book. Beginning the story in the voice of Uncle George was quite entertaining. Sharon Lathan is quickly becoming my favorite author of this genre.

Wow – What an epic read! 5-Stars!   What an amazing and epic journey through Dr. George Darcy’s life. George is the uncle of Fitzwilliam Darcy and an amazing doctor, husband, family member and father. The book is superbly written and emotionally riveting. It is powerfully written and engaging. The story is very moving and carries you on the journey through his years in India, his trips to England and how he approaches life with conviction and enthusiasm. Even if you have not read the other books in the Darcy Saga by Sharon Lathan, you are able to follow enough of the family history to read this book any time. (California Reader)

BRAVO to Sharon Lathan!   I have read all of Sharon Lathan’s books. I love them all. Some of my favorite books ever. Was so ready to read another. This is about the beloved Dr. Darcy. It was so entertaining to read more about him.

Passionate about Dr Darcy! 5-Stars!   Dr Darcy is a unique character entirely created by Sharon. He features heavily in Sharon’s delightful Darcy Saga which comprises of many beautifully written novels. I love him to bits. He is lovable, intriguing, funny, intelligent, eccentric and the Darcy household would not be the same without him!

From the very beginning this novel captivates me. Sharon cleverly introduces Dr Darcy’s Journal through Darcy & Lizzy’s reminiscences of their beloved Uncle , thus giving us the connection we need to tie him to the already well established Darcy family.

I love the way Sharon can transport me to the very scene she is writing about. This is something very special about her writing, it is so vivid that I can feel all the emotions being portrayed and I always feel like I am amongst the characters engaging in everything they do.

Sharon has such wonderful back stories for all her characters. She introduces us to George Darcy from an early age. He has interactions with his brother and father (aka Darcy’s father and grandfather). I love having “known’ Darcy’s father through Sharon’s writing. The story is all so incredibly well thought out. Never anything lacking in how the story all fits together.

Sharon knows how to create passion in her stories and Dr Darcy certainly has his fair share of passionate interludes, which are sizzling hot! But Sharon equally delivers a wonderful amount of humour, drama and even sadness throughout the story. This novel has a wonderful combination of all of these attributes.

The amount of research Sharon has done to provide a believable, very informative and historically accurate novel is stellar! Another reason she is my favourite author. The exotic locale is heavenly and beautifully entwined and described in Dr Darcy’s amazing journey.

Dr Darcy’s travels are amazing. The journey itself, the life altering moments, and the wonderful characters he meets along the way make for an absolutely wonderful entertaining novel. I found it hard to put the book down until the end. It is all so beautifully written.

Even if you haven’t read any of Sharon’s other books you will love this one. They just keep getting better with each release. I highly recommend this book, especially being a long time lover of all things related to Pride and Prejudice. Once you have read this amazing book check out all of Sharon’s other brilliant novels as they are all magnificent! (Vee)

So glad Sharon Lathan fully developed Dr. George Darcy.   The Dr. Darcy character was so colorful and enchanting in the books in this series from Sharon that I fell in love with him. I was thrilled when I found that she had developed the illustrious doctor into a full book. It will not disappoint you if you desire to see what made Unc Goj the man he was in the previous books. I am sure Sharon spent a lot of time researching the history of the EIC in India during this era. One felt like you were living it with Dr. George Darcy. The loves found and lost by this unique man made it hard to put the book down. I loved the ending.

Great character formation! 5-Stars!   I’d already fallen in love with Dr. George Darcy (William’s far-away Uncle who lives in India). These wonderful moments of his early years with the British East India Company as a young doctor in the ‘wilds’ of India; and the kinship that develops with his mentor and family. If you’ve read the series by Sharon Lathan, you know “Unc Goj” (as the eldest Darcy child, Alexander, calls his Great Uncle). For Pride and Prejudice fans (even if you haven’t read Ms. Lathan’s sequels) you will delight in this Darcy family member! (Cyn Hatmaker)

Excellent Read. 5-Stars!   I read this while I was off work for surgery. It was an excellent read! Taking me away from the bed and the pain to the lovely world of the Darcys. Reading this book was a pleasure. I would recommend it to anyone who has read and loved the book Pride and Prejudice. George Darcy is the man I want to meet. Wonderful story!! (Cynthia)

Great book I loved this novel. 5-Stars!   I have read the Darcy’s Saga novels and loved Dr George Darcy. I like his character because he enjoyed living. All he wants to do is to save lives by using the most effective methods, whether it is new or ancient. He also wants to come to grip with his twin death. I liked this idea of the journal, because it gives you an insight to the man, his loves and desires. I wish and hope that Ms Lathan will continue with George Darcy’s life. (Nancy Dworak)

Looking for George. 5-Stars!    Sharon has written an excellent portrayal of the time and the culture. Dr. Darcy is a wonderful personality, as are all of the characters. You care about them, and you would love to meet them. Truthfully I was reluctant to buy the book and expected to be disappointed–I was captured and didn’t want the story to end. (Shirley G)

Fabulous story! 5-Stars!   I WANT A GEORGE DARCY! He has all of the characteristics of the perfect man. I was so pleased with the outcome of the book and hope that Ms. Lathan will write another one which tells the rest of his story. I also enjoyed reading, at the beginning of the book, how she decided to tell his story and the type of man she wanted him to be. Very well done, Ms. Lathan! (SMC)

Amazing. 5-Stars!    A great story that I could not put down. It did not lag at all. Dr. George Darcy is an amazing man. Ms. Lathan has done a wonderful job. Her grasp of India and Indian religions and customs only adds to the joy of this book. (Carolyn)

Ms. Lathan does it again! 5-Stars!   I stumbled into the Pride and Prejudice fan fiction world last year and have been a huge fan of Sharon Lathan ever since. This book did not disappoint! I loved finding out more about George and the previous generation of the Darcys. I went through a whole spectrum of emotions-laughing out loud to grasping for tissues-while glued to this book. I loved the attention paid to India’s cultures and ever changing political and physical landscapes. I rented this book from the library initially but this is a book that I’ll read over and over again so I’m adding it to my personal library. (L. King)

Wonderful!   Sharon Lathan’s vision of the Darcy family is compelling and engrossing. Dr. Darcy is a wonderful character. Thank you, Sharon, for bringing him to life!

Her best book!!! 5-Stars!   I have read all of Ms. Lathan’s Pemberley books and enjoyed all but one. This book is by far the best! The story of Dr. Darcy fills in all the blanks of his life that were missing in the other books, and adds a fascinating dimension to the Pemberley saga. If you haven’t read any of her other books, read this one, it can stand alone. (Snakelover)

Love the development of other characters! 5-Stars!   I have purchased all Lathan’s Pride and Prejudice variations and not one has been disappointing. To be honest I didn’t even fully realize when I pre-ordered this one that it was based on Dr Darcy until I started reading it. That’s how much I love her writing. I find it interesting that she has branched out to the other characters and gave them a spot light of their own. She has nailed George’s personality and made him a dazzling person to read about. Through all his ups and downs you never know what turn his life was going to take. She has a flawless way of still linking to past books which I believe really enriches the ones that come after. I will be curious to see who she decides to focus on in the next book. I highly recommend you read them all in order! (Ash Adams)

Brilliant! 5-Stars!  Full of wonderful characters and plot twists and turns. A delight to Pride and Prejudice fans. Romantic. Exciting. Humorous. Fun. (Linda Weber)

Cheers for Dr. Darcy! 5-Stars!   I’ve enjoyed all of Sharon’s books, but this might be her best one yet. Dr. Darcy is completely Sharon’s creation, and she creates an engaging tale with an engaging hero set in an exotic land. I loved it. (M. E. Bertolini)

TRUE GEM – DR DARCY’S A KEEPER!! 5-Stars!    Wow, Wonderful, Amazing I could go on with the descriptive words about this book! I absolutely loved Dr George Darcy. He is truly an amazing character and I Knew I loved him in the Darcy Saga but I’m in love with him now.

The book starts out with Darcy & Lizzy opening up Dr Darcy’s trunk and they see all of Dr George Darcy’s journals. The story is told through some of George’s journals and through George’s experiences. We feel his pain at the tragedy and loss of his twin Alex. We see how it gives George the passion to be who he is and become an amazing Doctor. Passion is something Dr Darcy has in abundance and wanting to heal and learn he heads for India. There he meets Dr Ullas who is mentioned previously in the Darcy Saga and we get to see and know this Ullas who has mentored and become really Dr Darcy’s family. We also get to see more of who George is. We see him fall in love several times and feel heartbreak. I cried for him in those moments. But we see his passion for life come through and it made me want to know him more. We also get to see how his relationship with Jharna blossomed and how they seemed to be soul mates. Jharna is also in the Darcy Saga but only through limited thoughts written in George’s journal speaking to her. I was impressed with her and loved her as much as George. But we know she’s only there for a short time and George has to move on. And as the title says “Passions of Dr Darcy” this story is in no short supply. George’s passions finally take him back to England and there is definitely more passion to come.

If you haven’t realized that this book is full of Dr Darcy’s passions I’ll say it again. George has passion in all things especially life, love, family, and healing and it comes through every page in the book. That passion George has makes him Veerry sexy and there is many steamy scenes in this book as well! Just if anyone was wondering.

Ms Lathan did a spectacular job researching and writing this book. This story is a true Gem and not to be missed. I highly recommend this book to everyone especially fans of Sharon Lathan!  (Charlene)

Sharon Lathan Triumph! 5-Stars!   I have been eagerly waiting for the next in Sharon Lathan’s series in the continuation of Pride and Prejudice. Sharon exceeds my expectations in this wonderful story. Dr. Darcy has been a wonderful character in her previous books, though small portions have been devoted to the good doctor. However, this book fills in the blanks of the stories and combines them beautifully. Sharon Lathan writes so eloquently of Dr. Darcy’s life, losses and loves and brought me to tears multiple times, as many times as I laughed. I wonder if she based this on anyone in particular because he truly is a wonderful character and someone I would have loved to meet in person. Thank you, Sharon, for a wonderful story!  I loved this book!! Absolutely loved it, and it will be reread often, as I’ll keep it on my shelf with all of Sharon’s books. I recommend all of them, actually – they are very uplifting and every time I read them my soul is brightened once again. How often can you say that you felt so happy after reading a book? I do every time I read one of Sharon’s! (Moxie)

Loved to see Dr. Darcy. 5-Stars!   I have really enjoyed the most recent books written by Ms. Lathan. The first 3 of the series were good, but really covered very little time of Elizabeth’s and William’s lives. Dr. Darcy has always been an interesting character, and given the author’s medical/nursing background, I am happy that he got his own story. I like how the narrative ties in to the other books, even with some of the small time changes that are addressed by the author. I really wish the book was longer! (Austen Lover)

I LOVE Dr. Darcy! 5-Stars!   My favorite in the saga so far! Dr. George Darcy is the uncle of Fitzwilliam Darcy, brother to Fitzwilliam’s father James. As a huge fan of Sharon’s Darcy Saga, I have loved the character of Dr. George Darcy for years. George being the dynamic, effervescent, lively character that he is, tells his own story in this novel. I eagerly anticipated this novel and it did not disappoint!

The Passions of Dr. Darcy follows Dr. George Darcy’s life. It begins just before he leaves for India in 1789, and follows his travels over the next thirty years. As a handsome, intelligent and highly skilled physician, George is well respected in India. As a nurse, I enjoyed reading about the historical medical practices. Fascinating but not overly graphic if you’re not one that has the stomach for intense medical descriptions, but told within bounds of the story, not simply for expounding on the history of medicine.

The Passions of Dr. Darcy not only shows George’s passion for healing and medicine, but for India, its people, and its culture. George travels widely across India, throughout the years. The descriptions of India are wonderful; I could readily picture each scene in my mind. There’s a glossary and map at the back of the book to help better follow along with George’s travels as well as definitions for the Indian words encountered in the story.

The story also follows George’s passion for life, his family and women. George’s devotion to his family and friends is evident throughout the story. George visits England rarely due the nature of being a busy physician and travel at the time was long and arduous, but he maintains correspondence with his family in England as much as possible. He does make a few visits home to England, two being very memorable visits, both showing George’s love and devotion to his family despite residing so far away. George’s love life isn’t without trials and tribulations. Despite being a kind, caring and handsome man, he has his share of heartaches along the way.

Excellent writing, beautiful descriptions, fascinating characters – many of which are real historical figures that George meets along the way. The story is funny at times, serious at others, both heart-warming and heart wrenching. The emotions Ms. Lathan induces in the book had me laughing and crying along with George, cheering at his triumphs and sorrowing with his losses. While the entire Darcy Saga is fantastic, I can honestly say this one is my favorite. Even if you haven’t read the other works in the Darcy Saga, Dr. Darcy’s story is remarkable. A must read in my opinion! (Miss Meg)

Most intriguing and a wonderful story! 5-Stars!   If you enjoy reading Austen sequels then Sharon Lathan’s are a must read. Of all her books thus, far this one was so wonderful I could not put it down. Her vivid explanations make one feel as though you are taken back in time, you feel as though you could actually speak to Dr. Darcy yourself. Her descriptions of medicine and traditions are amazing. One would enjoy this book even if you haven’t read her previous books in this series. However, if you read this one first you will be going back to get all of the rest of them. (Christa Vail)

5-Stars for Dr. George!   I love that Sharon Lathan opened the story of Dr George Darcy with his passing. Darcy and Lizzy are going through his trunk (with reverence), in that trunk are a lifetime of journals, keepsakes and memories. How better to get the true measure of a man? And thus begins the story…

I have read all of Sharon’s Pride and Prejudice fanfic and have enjoyed Dr. George’s character. I was so pleased to win an advance copy in a contest, now I could find out what George Darcy’s story was! I found him to be a soulful, sometimes sad, kind, brilliant and passionate man. Sharon starts his story as he is a very young man leaving for India. He is trying to leave hurtful memories of death behind. George however finds in time that he can run but he cannot hide. He takes us on his medical and spiritual adventures through the years in India. We learn of his loves found and lost, and finally his journey home to be reunited with family and a new love he never imagined.

Sharon must have put ton’s of research into this story. It is chock full of geographic, medical practice’s and customs of India. It was extremely interesting and very informative. I feel she hit a good balance between story and passion. I enjoyed this book immensely, I hope others do as well. (Cherri)

Lubs you Sharon!  Throughout The Passions of Dr. Darcy we witness the untold life’s story of George Darcy, William Darcy’s uncle, as he embarks on a journey of self discovery and romance. As a young doctor he accepts a post in India where George forges new opinions of the lower class and the lack of advanced medical care.

This book provides a slow build up of romance wherein George first comes to terms with his own self identity, then falling for the lovely Lizzy. His character is one of beautiful generosity and unselfishness. This novel is a scrumptious bundle of deliciousness: one that tricks you into believing you are finding your special someone and solidifying relationships with those closest to you.

Great novel!!!   When the book starts, Fitzwilliam Darcy is opening a trunk given to him that was his Uncle George’s, a physician who practiced in India in the late 1700’s. Upon opening it, he discovers it is filled with stacks and stacks of old journals his Uncle had written throughout his lifetime. He starts reading them and we start the story of Dr. George Darcy’s life. He writes these entries as a letter to his twin, Alex, who died at a young age which had prompted him to become a doctor. Dr. George Darcy is young, rich, good-looking, and arrogant but he is also a brilliant doctor who lives this fascinating life traveling all over India practicing medicine. He comes to love the country immensely.

I absolutely loved this book. I had not read the other books in the series but it did not stop me from really enjoying it. The author obviously spent a lot of time and research to be able to tell of the things happening at this time in history. It is fun, engaging, and full of history. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It is an amazing book. I had not read the others in the series but now will be going back and reading them.

Don’t underestimate this gem of a book.   Although I loved Uncle Goj as a character in the Darcy books I was skeptical that this book would match up to the others but …. I laughed and cried my way through his life story it was FANTASTIC!!!!!

Fantastic continuation of the saga. 5-Stars!  The story of the Doctor’s uncle of Fitzwilliam Darcy is exciting, well researched and plays mainly in India. The bridge to the existing history has been excellently built, and Sharon Lathan also explains the few deviations she had to make to reconcile the different periods of time at the beginning of the book. As usual for this series, the book is peppered with a lot of eroticism. I’m a fan of this series. (Kibby Hunt)

A Darcy Adventure Overseas…. 5-Stars!    If you enjoy Sharon Lathan’s characters related to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, then the early adventures with Fitzwilliam’s Uncle, Doctor Darcy who is off to India as a young doctor into an experienced physician is a fun read. I enjoyed this adventure as much as the one about Miss Georgiana Darcy. It is just what I needed in reading fun while escaping into the familiar world of the Darcys. (S H Adams)

Absolutely amazing! 5-Stars!  I have been a die hard fan of Sharon Lathan since her second book discovery, but this exceeds all my expectations. George Darcy was a favorite of mine from the first, and this is a brilliant stand alone story. The British/Indian history was vaguely known by me before, but now I’m seriously thinking about looking into more of it. The medical aspect was amazing too.

Awesome. 5-Stars!  I recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for Pride and Prejudice. although it it about a character from Sharon Lathan’s mind and not Jane Austen it is something that seems very likely to have come from Jane herself. Remarkable. (sweety ank)

OMG! 5-Stars!  I love Sharon Lathan. As a fellow Austen junkie, I found her books by accident. She does the research, grows the relationship and just makes it seem like Jane Austen is in the 21st century. (Megan)

Excellent! 5-Stars!  Lathan is one of my favorite Pride and Prejudice variation writers. Even though this novel is not officially part of Lathan’s Darcy Saga, it tied the loose ends up very nicely and answered questions that I did not even know that I had. I laughed, cried, and fell in love with Dr. Darcy. (Vercha)

I enjoyed it immensely. 5-Stars!  Since I have read all of Sharon Lathan’s books stemming from Pride and Prejudice, including the one that introduced Dr. George Darcy, I enjoyed it immensely. I have to say this author has taken up and over for Jane Austen very well indeed. (Victoria Dillman)

He learns from the best to become a true well rounded doctor. 5-Stars!  Uncle George, a true Darcy in every sense of the word. After the death of his identical twin at the age of 12, his life changes forever. He takes his own path. Away from England, away from the cravat and the woolen suit, and goes to India. He learns from the best to become a true well rounded doctor. He goes to poor villages in the deep jungle of India, with very little for comfort. The writer really has done her work to make it real. Dr George Darcy returns with Raja in tow to Pemberley to look for a home. Well written and full of love and joy. (Thera Van De Wetering)

Tracing Dr. Darcy’s Life and Service to and from India. 5-Stars!  I enjoyed the back story for Dr George Darcy as part of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Series. Her attention to historical detail of India added to the entertainment. (Susan)

AN EXCELLENT READ! 5-Stars!  My head is spinning! I couldn’t wait to read each page and now am distraught that the story is at an end. I loved the characters in the book; I felt like I knew each of them. (MomUpLate)

Wonderful! 5-Stars!  Couldn’t put it down… now sad it has come to the end. The good news is you can read it again. Well done.

5-Stars!  5-Stars!  5-Stars!

Great book. Loved it! (K Y Beard)

Wonderful read. (Anjie Ulman)

Loved it and enjoyed seeing Dr Darcy find love and happiness. It was a great addition to the Darcy saga. (Lala N. Hill)

Great story! (Vanessa S)

Such a great read and addition to the Darcy Saga! (Megan)

Liked it and an easy read. Enjoyed the glimpses into the other characters lives too. Nice story with good ending. (Glenda Siis)

Sharon has done it again with this superior book. She gives great insight on life in India. Another winner for Sharon. (Prevatt)

This is an interesting story of Dr. Darcy in the late-1700s and early-1800s. We was a very smart physician who over came quite a few things. The story flows very interestingly. (John V. Van Deusen)

I loved hearing more about Dr. Darcy’s life. He was a really interesting character. My daughter and I love this series, and I would recommend this to others. (Cheryl)

I just finished it and was glad that I read it. Dr. Darcy was a very interesting doctor and man and friend. (Claire Hamson)

I really enjoyed this novel, a lot. It was extremely well written. I really liked that it was written from a male’s point of view. It read very easily. I will have to buy the rest of Sharon Lathan’s novels. I’m not always a fan of historical novels but this read very differently. I felt that I was actually there with Dr Darcy traveling with him to the exotic locales in India.

Dr Darcy is well liked by most people. As a character Dr Darcy is a very confident man and secure with himself. The novel spans his whole life and all of the trials he deals with in medicine as well as his love life. You get to hear about his life through his narrative as well as through his journal entries written to his dead twin brother. You get to see how he grows and matures as a man and as a Doctor. I found it very fascinating. If you are a fan of Philippa Gregory you would enjoy this novel.

Dr Darcy was well loved by his family. His journals were a way to still have him close even after he passed away. The parts of his journals were pretty neat to read because they were written in the vernacular of the time and felt really authentic. When I was reading the novel I really felt like I was there. You could really tell that the author took the time to research India and medicine to make the story accurate as she could. The plot was seamless and the story was read with comfort and ease.

As someone who practices eastern medicine often I really like how it was incorporated into the story. Dr Darcy was much different as Doctor than I imagined him to be. He was more open to alternative healing therapies. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Toni V. Sweeney. Edited here due to plot spoilers. Full review HERE.

“. . . a splendid tale of one man’s determination . . . to be the best in his chosen profession . . . and to find love.”

Many readers are aware of the romance of Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Now Sharon Lathan tells the story of another Darcy in this latest entry in The Darcy Saga.

After seeing his twin brother Alex die at the hands of an incompetent physician, 12-year-old George Darcy, second son in the Darcy family, vows to become a doctor. He succeeds and at 22 is on his way to India in the employ of the East India Trading Company. The spectacle of India’s struggle with its colonizers and the historical ramifications present a brilliant backdrop to the young physician’s sojourn in a country he will soon call home. Handsome, personable with irreverent wit and an infectious joi de vivre, George is a more than competent diagnostician.

The passion of the title pertains to love, of course . . .  of that George Darcy has for women, but it also relates to his concern for his patients and his integrity in treating them. In this context, Dr. Darcy has three passions: women . . .  India . . .  and his love of medicine . . .  not necessarily in that order. Though there’s sex in the story, it’s couched in the vernacular of an Austen novel so it’s more emotionally than graphically descriptive. Nevertheless the narrative is evocative of great passion.

The spectacle of English colonization and war in India is presented, not in the minute detail one might expect from a historical narrative but only as it relates to George and his practice. He’s called to minister to the wounded when British soldiers are hurt during battle, otherwise he stays out of the fight and continues his rounds in the cities, tending the inhabitants.

A portion of the story is told through George’s journals, written to various deceased family members. His observations on the development of his nephew Fitzwilliam as an infant, a child, an adolescent, and later the adult man winning Elizabeth Bennett’s heart, bring new facets to that character as originally presented in Jane Austen’s novel. At last, George’s idyll in India comes to an end. Now a widower, he returns to England, to be welcomed back into his family, but not to settle into obscurity. George is too much of a forceful figure to simply idle away his elder years. George Darcy left England an idealistic twenty-two year old, setting out to find adventure. When he returns thirty years later, he discovers more passion and the greatest adventure of all awaiting him.

Anyone who has read Pride and Prejudice will enjoy this story though that isn’t a prerequisite. One doesn’t even have to read the other entries in this series since this could also be a stand-alone.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the books to date in Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga. A lot of that has to do with the journey of Ms. Lathan growing as an author, as evidenced with each book. With the latest addition to the series, she has written her very best. Her character of Dr. George Darcy has been fun since he was first introduced, and to now follow him through his exciting life is more than I ever expected.

I really like the inclusion of George’s journals as we go through the story. We begin with Fitzwilliam and Lizzy opening George’s traveling trunk that his father had given him before his journey to India decades ago. What they discover is all of the doctor’s journals he’d written over the years. As they start their reading, we start to live a full and fascinating life along with the most outgoing Darcy of them all.

When his twin, Alex, died at a young age due to medical incompetence, George’s life took a much different turn. He eventually enrolled in medical school and at age 22 begins a career that will help multitudes and be respected by just as many. Writing in his journal, as all Darcys have done for years, we see George from his own POV as he discusses daily living with first his deceased brother, and then at different times of his life addressing each departed loved one as the years go on. When he leaves England for India as an employee of the East India Company, he is a man looking forward, anxious to learn a way of life and medicine so different from his own. He embraces everything he comes across, and a close personal and professional relationship begins with Dr. Ullas and his family.

We go with George and Dr. Ullas to nearly every part of India, meet every kind of person imaginable, and watch the good doctor do his magic. Along the way he has brushes with love. Yes, just brushes. George seems to be unlucky in love, though he has a wonderful time getting there. His first love, Sarah, is typically English and relies on her father for everything, including the man she’ll marry. George refuses to leave India and Sarah’s father wants her home where she’ll be safe, so he gives her to another. At first I figured George has a huge case of like for Sarah instead of love, but wanting to live life to its fullest and helping those in need shouldn’t have to compete with love. Then there’s Ruby, who’s a lot like George, loving something more than the person who can make you happy. She’s not on the up-and-up with him, her strings pulled by someone else as she goes to his bed night after night. Then she disappears without a word… until so many years later. And those are terrific scenes when the time comes.

So after two failed love affairs, George once again focuses on his medicine. In between all of this, he does go back to England. The first trip is to see his ailing father. Seeing George in action when diagnosing, which is a rare talent, and then comforting patients are particularly fascinating scenes because of Ms. Lathan’s own medical background. Those in which his family are involved are even more engaging. George does go through a lot of personal loss. After his father, it’s Dr. Ullas who succumbs, ironically, to an illness he treats others for all over India. As life is wont to do, the doctor then finds love again in the unlikeliest of places, Jharna, his best friend’s widow. The relationship works quite well, meshing two cultures together even better than before.

George and Jharna enjoy a number of years together, and it’s during this time, for the first time in this series, I was brought to tears. Their ultimate loss is full of emotion and one of the best scenes in the book. Then when his talent once again tells him he’s too late, there’s nothing to be done, George finds himself alone one more time. Losing Jharna seems to siphon the love of India out of George at his point, and when he goes home, this time when he hears of the death of his brother James, George knows it’s time to pick up his life in England, where everything began.

He’s such a charismatic character, easily making friends, teaching medical students, and loving life to the fullest extent. He’s so exuberant, besides arrogant, and that makes him all the more likable. Love finds George one last time, this time with Amanda, companion to Georgianna Darcy. Each relationship he enjoys is unique and full of emotion. The man has the largest capacity to love. We also get to see Fitzwilliam from a point of view we’ve not seen before. From a small tyke to a married man with children, and everything in between, George gives us a special look at his nephew as he grows into the man everyone knows and loves.

Dr. George Darcy is larger than life. Too perfect? Maybe. But that’s the way I like my heroes. That’s why I read romance. All the history and medical practices come in second to characters like this one. Having confidence and an adventurous spirit, George lives an exceptional life. I like that as he grows older throughout the book, he continues to enjoy that life, no matter what has been thrown his way. A lot of research went into this story, no doubt about that. Weaving that research in and around characters such as these has brought Ms. Lathan to a whole new level as an author. As much as I’ve looked forward to her books before, my anticipation is now double to see what she has coming next. I’ve no doubt it may rival my George.

My only desire is to do this book justice with this review. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have been a fan of Pride and Prejudice since my high school days. A few years back I discovered Jane Austen Fan Fiction and had to get my hands on as many copies as I could. My favorite Pride and Prejudice continuation till this date has to be the Darcy Saga by Ms. Lathan. Not only did she build amazing stores for the characters that we all knew and love, but she created new characters that readers could not wait to find out more about. I remember after my 3rd or 4th read through of Loving Mr Darcy, I realized how much I had grown to love the character of Dr. Darcy and how pivotal he had became to the story. I had told Ms. Lathan this on Facebook, and that is when she commented that she was working on The Passions for Dr. Darcy.

Like many of Ms. Lathan’s followers I anticipated the release of her new book, and was pleasantly surprised to see it available for review on NetGalley. I dove right in as soon as It got my copy and fell in love with Dr. Darcy all over again. This book has so many things rolled up into one. You got to explore a new world, fall in love, build lasting friendships, and it would not be a story about Dr. Darcy if you did not laugh constantly.

As a nursing student I enjoyed all the medical references and appreciated all of the research that most have went into it. I loved to see how some of the characters we already met in the Darcy Sage come into play and yes, a little snippet of William and Elizabeth and the oh so precious baby Alexander sealed the deal.

5-Stars “Top Pick”

This book is in a series about the Darcy Family. When the book starts, Fitzwilliam Darcy is opening a trunk given to him that was his Uncle George’s, a physician who practiced in India in the late 1700’s. Upon opening it, he discovers it is filled with stacks and stacks of old journals his Uncle had written throughout his lifetime. He starts reading them and we start the story of Dr. George Darcy’s life. He writes these entries as a letter to his twin, Alex, who died at a young age which had prompted him to become a doctor. Dr. George Darcy is young, rich, good-looking, and arrogant but he is also a brilliant doctor who lives this fascinating life travelling all over India practicing medicine. He comes to love the country immensely.

I absolutely loved this book. I had not read the other books in the series but it did not stop me from really enjoying it. The author obviously spent a lot of time and research to be able to tell of the things happening at this time in history. It is fun, engaging, and full of history. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It is an amazing book. I had not read the others in the series but now will be going back and reading them. Great novel!!!

A true joy to read.

The Passions of Dr. Darcy, the latest of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga, sweeps us along on a voyage to the exotic India of 200 years ago as seen through the eyes of the flamboyant, arrogant, and compassionate physician, George Darcy, Mr. Darcy’s uncle. English, but embracing all things Indian, George bridges the gap between the European and Indian ways of life with his skill in medicine, his humanitarianism and his joy for life. For thirty years, he travels to every reach of the subcontinent, healing the sick and injured, while experiencing his own share of joy and tears along the way.

The Passions of Dr. Darcy is not your typical Regency tale, and Ms. Lathan’s George is not your typical Regency hero. While he is gorgeous, rich, and a gentleman, he is also a talented, skilled physician who worked hard to achieve his proficiency. And with all his advantages, not everything goes his way, especially in the matters of love. Ms. Lathan’s talent for evoking emotion makes us laugh and cry along with George as he experiences the heady joy of love found, and all too often, the blackest despair of love lost.

The larger-than-life George’s story could only take place against a canvas as spectacular as he is. India, the lush, vibrant land of fairy tales, is the perfect locale. Sumptuous descriptions and a wealth of historic detail set a stage as compelling as the hero. The Passions of Dr. Darcy is that rarity these days, the large novel. Right from the beginning, the story grabs you and never lets you go.

You do not have to read Sharon’s entire series to enjoy this novel; however, it fit seamlessly into her story series and was a great addition to the saga.

This novel follows Dr. George Darcy, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s uncle, from early adulthood throughout his life. He travels to India with the British East India Company working as a physician, traveling throughout India and impressively saving lives with his skill and charismatic personality.  As the title suggests, George experiences his share or romantic passion throughout the story and must deal with the loss of love and family.

The journaling theme throughout the novel advances the plot while being deeply touching as the name to whom he addresses changes throughout his life as more people close to him pass away. His relationships are romantic and heated, while each adding to the plot and the character of George Darcy. I loved the historical and geographic theme in this novel and felt like I was on a journey myself. The creation and introduction of new characters is what Lathan excels at, and all the new characters personalities are so vibrant and unique while at the same time being woven into Austen’s beloved world. The depth to both the plot and characters is so strong that her novel is a true adventure that you can get lost in for days. Her novels are always long and descriptive and full, not a rushed quick read but a true escape. I love her novels for this reason, Dr. Darcy especially.

I don’t know really how to sum this novel up coherently, so let me just say this; an amazing read full of romance and family.

The romance of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice is well known to readers across the world but in the latest installment of her beloved Darcy Saga, Sharon Lathan expands on this and tells the story of George Darcy, Fitzwilliam’s paternal uncle.

I’ve been a big fan of George since he arrived on the scene in one of Sharon’s earlier books and have been anticipating the telling on his story since Sharon announced it last year. Opening the first pages of this novel, I was instantly transported back to the late 1700’s and India, where George practices as a physician. As he tries desperately to forget his past, he makes new friends and becomes noted for his skill and passion.

I fell instantly in love with George’s story, devouring page after page. Following George’s travels around India was wonderful, my brain learning Indian history as we went along. On the romance lane, I also loved learning about Jharna, a person who’s been referenced to on numerous occasions, but who we never knew details about. Getting to know how Jharna and her priya fell in love touched my heart and I read through those scenes numerous times.

The events surrounding his return to Pemberley and the things that happened thereafter were also joyous to read. Little scenes made the whole transition from India to Pemberley once again easier to read and you got to really see into the thoughts of the adventurer he’d been.

Some series are just too good to let go, whether they be movies, TV, or books. Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga, inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, is one such series. I’ve had the pleasure of reading all six of the previous novels, and I was sure that book seven, The Passions of Dr. Darcy, would not disappoint me in the least. So, without further ado, I sat down and began to read about another member of the Darcy family: Uncle George.

While a young Master Fitzwilliam Darcy is enjoying his childhood at Pemberley, another member of the Darcy family is out making a name for himself in the world. Dr. George Darcy, Fitzwilliam’s bright and engaging uncle, has quickly become noted around the countryside as one of the greatest physicians in the area. He enjoys all the attention, but becomes restless and decides to make a drastic change that will take him away from all the rich and bland clientele he is used to. So, he sets off on an assignment with the British East India Company, which at the time had expanded far and wide into the Indian subcontinent. Excited to take on this new opportunity, Dr. Darcy then embarks on a journey that is full of wonder and experiences that will last forever. He then returns after many years and recounts his tales to the now older Fitzwilliam Darcy, his wife Elizabeth, and their family. We join in the experience as Dr. Darcy describes the adventures which have shaped him into the gentleman he is today.

Let me start by saying that I was definitely excited to read this book as I knew that it was an epic story. I’m a big fan of overarching story lines that span a lot of space and time, such as The Odyssey, Great Expectations, Les Miserables, and the Outlander series. This piece was a great addition, as we travel across every reach of the Indian subcontinent for over 30 years with George, exploring its vibrant and rich history and the intriguing characters that he meets along the way.

Lathan is an expert in character development, as I’ve alluded to in my reviews of her prior works, so I expected no different when I read the extraordinary highs and lows that George experiences in his time there. Particularly poignant were the joys and sorrows he feels when finding and losing love, and we laugh and grieve along with him. The best part about George’s journeys are that they take him from being a slightly arrogant and sure-footed doctor to a man who discovers that there is so much more to life than the small sliver that he has previously experienced in England. He lets these new journeys mold him into a wise and caring man who enriches the lives of those whom he meets through his gift of medicine. His travels soften his rough edges and make him into the kind of man that Fitzwilliam can hope to be in his own future.

Lathan has made a touching story of a man who finds himself in India. It was a journey which I was happy to take and I expected no different from a work penned by Lathan. I’m so glad that I got to read this installment of the Darcy saga and this is definitely a work to add to your own lists.

In previous novels by Sharon Lathan, we’ve been introduced to George Darcy, and yet we’ve known very little about his back story.  In this stand alone novel, we finally learn about the talented doctor and why he gave Fitzwilliam the advice he gave him in the other books–his life is an obvious collection of love and pain that he tidily tucks away and uses judicially.

As a young doctor, George set off for India to serve there and learn.  He is taken on by an amazing Indian doctor and taught local medical practices that go beyond any of his western medical training.  Over time, George grew in talent and respect as a doctor, yet love continued to be elusive in a traditional sense.  We find that over time, George has almost a series of experiences that we follow with him.  He experiences love and loss, along with professional success, and yet stays in India far from his English home until his story intercepts with Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s and he returns home with an ocean of experiences in his heart.  As readers, it now makes perfect sense why he is the person we have read about in previous installments of Lathan’s series.

In characteristic, romantic fashion, Lathan has crafted another beautiful tale.  In the beginning I was sad for what seemed like continual changes to George’s life, but I could see that over the course of the novel how the experiences George had, created the self-assured man that he was in the end.  The journey seemed long and painful at times for poor George, but I think that while fictional, he definitely became real to us as readers.  Once again, I enjoyed Lathan’s tale of the Darcy clan.  These are romances with romantic moments, but so worth it for readers.

Dr. George Darcy, uncle to the famous Fitzwilliam Darcy of Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, embarks on his career with the East India Company in Bombay in 1789. Young, arrogant, but a master diagnostician, he proves his worth to his superiors. He also falls in love with India, though his attempts at finding a steady woman are less successful. After two failures of the heart, he travels with Indian Dr. Ullas, learning Hindu medicine and teaching English medical techniques to the natives. When Ullas unexpectedly dies, Darcy is drawn to the man’s beautiful wife. Here, at last, George discovers true love, but more tragedy will haunt him and his family back home at Pemberley.

Hindu customs and clothing are deftly described, as well as 18th-century medical practices. Dr. Darcy is almost too perfect as a doctor – he’s acclaimed everywhere he travels. Many of the actions are told off-stage in his diary entries. The story is entertaining, especially for those who take pleasure, as I did, in details of 18th-century medicine and learning about the exotic India of this era.

Dr. George Darcy, the beloved uncle of Fitzwilliam Darcy, leaves journals containing entries for over thirty years of his life. Thus, begins the adventures of a very interesting man.

Since Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book, I enjoy reading its sequels and retellings. The Passions of Dr. Darcy is a well-researched book, which also has heart. I love to learn while being entertained and this book accomplishes this quite well. The book uses journal entries to communicate Dr. Darcy’s thoughts and feelings. Dr. Darcy is a remarkable character, who is intelligent, brilliant, and engaging, and this book shines a light on his “passions,” successes, and failures, and along the way his loves and heartbreaks.  All in all, The Passions of Dr. Darcy is an enjoyable read, that Pride and Prejudice fans should enjoy.