Loving Mr. Darcy

Beyond Pride and Prejudice . . . Beyond ‘I Do’ . . .

Darcy and Lizzy venture away from Pemberley to journey through England, finding friends, relatives, fun, love, and an even deeper and more sacred bond along the way.

Having embarked on the greatest adventure of all, marriage and the start of a new life together, now the Darcys take the reader on a journey through a time of prosperity, enjoyment, and security. They experience all the adventures of travel, with friends and relatives providing both companionship and complications, and with fun as their focus.

The sights and sounds, tastes and flavors of Regency England come alive. Through it all, Darcy and Lizzy continue to build a marriage filled with romance, sensuality, and the beauty of a deep, abiding love.


This second installment to the tale is increasingly intense and detailed with the saga expanding in-depth.

We begin at Pemberley as Darcy, Lizzy, and Georgiana embark on a trip to Hertfordshire and then on to London. The first half of the novel covers the Season in Town where Lizzy is formally introduced as Mrs. Darcy. In between the opera, balls, reminiscences, and birthday celebrations, the Darcys are joined by many of the characters from the book including Lady Catherine de Bourgh, as well as a few new cast members. My personal favorite, Dr. George Darcy, arrives on the scene adding eccentricity and flamboyance.

Summer is spent at Pemberley with a festival extravaganza before the Darcys journey through southern Derbyshire on an extended historical tour and shopping spree. It ends with a bit of a bang, but as always the lovers persevere and grow even closer.

Through it all is the advancing of Lizzy’s pregnancy with their mutual joy and preparations for the Darcy firstborn.

A loud shout sounded from above and a gunshot crack rang out. The carriage stopped precipitously with a lurch as several voices erupted with yells. Lizzy released a startled squeal as Darcy’s hand flashed under the seat. She gasped and eyes widened at the sight of the pistol he retrieved and hastily tucked into the waistband of his breeches at the small of his back. Eyes yet riveted to the window, he reached behind to squeeze her leg, jerking backward in reflex when a grizzled face abruptly appeared at the window.

Lizzy clutched frantically onto Darcy’s arm, heart pounding crazily. The man outside brandished a pistol, gesturing for Darcy to exit the carriage.

“Elizabeth,” Darcy’s deceptively calm and icy voice commanded, “stay inside if you are allowed; otherwise, keep close and to my left side. Do not argue or resist and keep your eyes on me.”

She nodded, not that he could see her as his focus was on the angry man outside, who was now banging on the locked door. Darcy unlocked and opened the carriage door, holding his hands up so the man could see he was unarmed.

“Get out! Now!”

Darcy complied with a quick glance at his wife. Lizzy could see the towering fury in the steeliness of his eyes and clenched jaw, but she also saw the intense fear that she knew was all for her. She kept her seat in hopes that it would be over quickly, the bandits surely wanting money which Darcy could provide, and then they could be on their way. Terror paralyzed her, rising further as the burly man grabbed her husband’s arm as he descended and yanked hard, Darcy stumbling on the steps. He righted himself, straightening to his full and impressive height, broad shoulders blocking the doorway.

“I have money,” Darcy offered in a tone of cold authority and command, “take it and be on your way.”

“Not so fast, guv’ner,” a voice answered. “We are in charge here. I reckon a smart lookin’ fella like you has got more than just a money belt.”

“Check inside, Clyde,” another voice spoke. “He ain’t alone. And you, up there, throw us the luggage and get down.”

“There is no luggage,” Lizzy heard Mr. Anders reply.

Darcy interrupted, “My wife and I are on a pleasure ride. We have nothing but the clothing on our backs. Allow me to give you…”

“Enough!” shouted the first voice. “You two, down! Clyde, move rich boy out of the way and get the wife! She probably weighs a ton with jewels.”

Darcy pivoted quickly, leaning in for Lizzy before Clyde could obey his boss. “Elizabeth, come. Stay close.”

“Out of the way!” Clyde yelled, grabbing Darcy’s arm. “I am in charge here!”

Darcy’s face was livid, Lizzy panic stricken as he turned to the highwayman with a gleam of pure murder evident. “My wife is with child. I will assist her from the carriage…”

Suddenly the pistol was pointed square at Darcy’s forehead, a mere inch away. “You will step away, hero, and do as I say.” The moment seemed to stretch, although in truth it was only a fraction of a second, as Darcy glared into the eyes of the thief.

Lizzy leapt forward. “William, it is alright. I can exit myself. Please step back as he said!” Darcy looked at her, absolute terror warring with supreme fury. He nodded brusquely and stepped away, but only a foot, his eyes never leaving Lizzy. She carefully disembarked, Clyde near with pistol waving between her and Darcy. Darcy instantly and painfully gripped her right elbow, pulling her to his left and predominantly behind his body

When the slightly tipsy and high-spirited Darcy and Bingley returned to Netherfield, barely in time to change before needing to leave for Longbourn, they discovered Jane, Georgiana, and Mary dressed and reposing in the parlor. Darcy naturally swept the room for his wife, turning his questioning gaze to Jane.

“Is Elizabeth yet upstairs?” he asked. It was an innocent question met with an odd response. Georgiana was guiltily evading his eyes, fingers fidgeting in her lap, as his did when nervous or distressed, and flushing mildly. Jane was composed, as always, yet stammered vaguely in answer.

“She is preparing for dinner, I believe. She rested earlier when we returned.”

Darcy frowned. It was nothing he could quite put his finger on, but a shiver of unease ran up his spine nonetheless. “Jane, is she well?” His tone was brisk and without waiting for her reply, he turned to his sister. “Georgiana?”

She started and flushed deeper. “She is fine, William. The fainting is natural, they say, and Mrs. Bennet told us…” But he was gone, long strides echoing down the hall.

Elizabeth was bent over the bed, fully dressed for dinner, carefully wrapping a package when her husband lunged through the door bellowing her name. She jolted in surprise, one hand moving to her heart. “William, you frightened me half to death! What in God’s name—”

“Are you well?” he blurted, crossing hastily and clasping her hands as he stared fiercely into her eyes, brows tight and furrowed.

She frowned, honestly having forgotten the minor mishap of earlier. “I am fine.”

“They said you fainted! Why did you not call for me?”

“Oh bother! It happens to pregnant women, dearest. What were you going to do? Rush away from your game and carry me all the way back to Netherfield?”

“Perhaps!” he answered stubbornly. “You promised to not tax yourself, Elizabeth. Do I need to follow you everywhere?”

“I hardly think, Mr. Darcy, that walking through the short streets of Meryton qualifies as overly arduous. It could have happened just as easily in the halls of the house. Are you going to next lock me in my room?!”

“If I must, yes!” He glared and she glared back, hands on her hips.

“Try it and I will simply crawl out the window. Ask my father and he will tell you how capable I am at climbing!”

He stared for a moment, then threw up his hands with a growl and paced to the window.

A few moments later: “Here,” Elizabeth said as the package was thrust under his nose, “this is for you. A gift I purchased while exhausting myself shopping! Also, there is something adorable on the bed. I, too, think constantly of our child. I will meet you downstairs, hopefully in an improved humor!” And with a toss of her head she walked out of the room.

Darcy sighed, running a hand over his face, torn between frustration and shame. He walked to the bed. Lying there was the tiniest garment he had ever beheld: a gown in pale yellow with minuscule white pearl buttons down the front and a thin ribbon ruffle along the collar. Beside it sat a matching bonnet not much bigger than his palm and a pair of teensy satin booties edged in yellow. He picked up the shoes and plopped onto the edge of the bed, a huge grin spreading over his face while his hands trembled.

Darcy was not a complete idiot. Rationally, he understood that newborn babies were small, yet having rarely actually seen one, or even an older baby for that matter, it unexpectedly dawned on him how miraculous it all was. His focus had been so wrapped up with Lizzy’s health that he had spared rarely a moment’s thought to the future reality. Elizabeth, as a woman, would have thought of nothing else, her symptoms mere inconveniences to endure for the greater joy.

He slipped one large finger into one of the booties, nearly filling it, and picked up the wrapped package she had given him. Inside were petits four pastries filled with lemon custard and topped with meringue. He smiled. Darcy did not generally crave sweets. Except for hot cocoa his only true dessert proclivity was anything lemon flavored. Elizabeth, amazing Elizabeth! Proving once again that she was not only continually conscious of their child but additionally of her love for him.

When he reentered the parlor he crossed the room immediately to where Elizabeth stood talking to Jane. She started at the sensation of his hand on the small of her back, turning her head as he bent to kiss her cheek. Their eyes met and all was forgiven.

“Uncle George, may I disturb your peace for a spell?”

Dr. Darcy looked up from the enormous leather chair where he was sprawled with one leg draped over an arm into the earnest face of his nephew. George was reading in the library, escaping the picnic and festival clamoring that had invaded the hallways, reclining on Darcy’s favorite chair primarily due to the fact that it was the one most accommodating for tall frames. Darcy was holding a rather large book clasped to his chest, the title hidden although whether on purpose or accidentally George could not be sure.

“Of course, William. You are always welcome. How can I help you?”

Darcy dragged a chair close to his uncle, sitting and placing the book onto his lap, giving Dr. Darcy an opportunity to read the title. With a raised brow and crooked smile, he answered his own inquiry, “Ah, I see. Honestly, William, you are the married one not I, although I do have some limited experience and will happily assist if you need. Or is it pregnancy related concerns you have?” His grin widened at Darcy’s expression of amused disgust.

The book Darcy held was the medical text, boldly emblazoned with the title: The Compleat Cyclopaedia of Midwifery and Reproduction. “The latter, Uncle, thank you,” Darcy replied sarcastically. “Elizabeth and I were talking after the whole skin stretching scare,” he paused for a brief shudder before continuing, “and we realized that this book, which has been our primary resource for pregnancy information, may be lacking. We do not want to be unprepared for any eventuality, especially those details which are apparently so common as to not warrant entry into the text. You are our best asset.”

Dr. Darcy nodded seriously, all traces of humor receding. “This is wise. You know you can always count on me, son.” He smiled. “You know, William, I must applaud your enthusiasm and interest. It is the rare man who deigns to partake in matters generally deemed totally a female issue. It warms my heart.”

Darcy waved his hand dismissively and flushed slightly, but he met his uncle’s direct gaze with equal intensity. “Thank you, sir, but it is not a tribute to my character but rather to the rare woman I have been gifted. Someone as special as Elizabeth deserves a husband who will support her in all ways.”

“I will not argue your wife’s stellar attributes as I wholeheartedly agree with you, but do not sell yourself short.” He undraped his legs from the chair and sat up straight, leaning toward Darcy. “William, I have not been so fortunate as to find love to the degree as you have and James before you, but I do have a vast amount of experience with families and their interpersonal relationships. When one primarily encounters a family at their worst, suffering from disease or loss, one quickly notices what sets the successful, adjusted, and therefore capable of surviving trauma families apart from those who will fall to pieces. Always it is a deep devotion among the members, whether it parents or siblings or spouses. This devotion translates into the realm of childbirth as well. Those women who have strong support will manage far more capably then those who are alone or unloved. Elizabeth is blessed to have you there for her.”

“That is why it essential for me to know all I can about this process. I have seen hundreds of animal births and have a fairly firm knowledge base of human anatomy, but the books all seem vague regarding the details.”

Dr. Darcy nodded. “Yes, most would, although I daresay I could acquire a newer text than the one you hold and more comprehensive. Unfortunately, birth, as I said, is considered a female issue relegated to midwives and therefore deemed unworthy of a physician’s attention, hence the lack of textual information. Personally, I believe the tide is turning on all matters sexual and a revolution of enlightenment is approaching, but that is for another discussion. As for me, I do have superior knowledge in the field, having delivered hundreds of babies. Indian women prefer their dais, their term for midwife, but often one is not about or trouble arises and a doctor is called for. Also, the English women will not allow an Indian dai to attend their birth, usually, so if I am around, I get summoned!”

“Is birth truly as horrible as one hears? Horses, for the most part, birth so easily with rare complications. Humans seem to suffer profoundly and frequently…” He looked at his uncle with undisguised fear. “If anything happened to Elizabeth, I…”

“She is young and healthy, William, so I am sure all will be well.” He patted his nephew’s trembling knee comfortingly. “Women in childbirth seem to fall into three basic categories. There are those who pass through the entire process with ease. This seems to be a combination of an innate control and an effortless, relatively pain free labor. They are the lucky ones. The worst are the women who fight the process, scream and thrash uncontrollably no matter what we do or say. Often the labors are not actually that horrible but their lack of control and serenity create an atmosphere of intense stress, frequently leading to a negative outcome. Most fall into the middle category. Labor is so named because it is arduous and painful. There is no escaping the fact, but there are ways to control it and smooth the procedure.”

Darcy leaned forward, listening avidly. “What ways?”

“Breathing techniques, focus, meditation, positions, and the like. However, the one essential is loving support. I cannot stress enough how vital it is for the mother to be surrounded by calming, strong, devoted presences.”

Darcy sat back with a heavy sigh, mumbling sadly, “I wish I could be there with her.”

“Why can you not? You are the one she loves the greatest. You have the premiere relationship with her so should be there if she needs you.”

Darcy was staring at his uncle with stunned amazement. “You cannot be serious? Men are not allowed in birth rooms, Uncle!”

Dr. Darcy laughed, reaching into his coat pocket for a cigar. “I know you tend to be a stickler for the rules, William, but it is not a law from the Crown after all. You are the Master of the house and if your wife needs you, I judge you will rise to the occasion.” He lit the cigar, inhaling leisurely while watching Darcy’s contemplative mien. “In the meantime, let us open that book and see what wisdom is imparted. Just promise me you will not blush every time the word vagina or penis or breast appears, alright?” He grinned and Darcy blushed.

Her necessary interview with Mrs. Smyth did not begin well, as she took thirty minutes to respond to Lizzy’s summons. That alone would have angered Darcy beyond reason and Lizzy was peeved as well, but she kept her emotions in check not wishing to start the conversation with a negative bent. She was further challenged to maintain her calm, as when Mrs. Smyth did appear, she knocked perfunctorily on the door as she opened it. Six months ago this may not have even registered, but after living with the extreme propriety and discipline of the Pemberley staff, Lizzy was fully cognizant of the purposeful slight.

“You asked for me, Mrs. Darcy?”

“Yes. Please have a seat, Mrs. Smyth.” Lizzy had chosen to sit on the sofa rather than at Darcy’s desk, wishing to present an informal pose. She indicated the opposite sofa for the housekeeper.

Mrs. Smyth, however, remained standing. “If it is all the same, Madame, I prefer to stand.”

Anger flared, but Lizzy spoke quietly, “It is not what I prefer, Mrs. Smyth. Please sit.” She did so reluctantly, folding her hands and gazing vaguely over Lizzy’s right shoulder. “Mrs. Smyth, I must first apologize for having not arranged the time in my schedule to introduce myself to you in a proper and private manner. Between my illness and appointments, this has been my first unencumbered morning. Therefore, I wished for us to become better acquainted and for me to discuss several issues of concern with you.”

Mrs. Smyth met her eyes with the faint disapproving hint Lizzy had noted frequently. “It is not necessary, Mrs. Darcy. I am an employee of Mr. Darcy’s and do not deem it appropriate for us to be friends.”

“Nor do I, Mrs. Smyth. I am not referring to friendship, per se, but mutual respect and communication. Also, I must remind you that as Mistress of Darcy House, you are my employee as well.” Lizzy had not meant to be curt, but the woman was seriously beginning to annoy her

.Mrs. Smyth reddened slightly, but her lips primly pressed together and eyes flared momentarily. “Of course. Forgive me, Mrs. Darcy.”

Lizzy ignored her weakly offered contrition and continued, “Now, I understand you have been housekeeper here for approximately five years? I must praise you for managing so well. The house staff appears to operate suitably and the environment is properly maintained. Nonetheless, there are some areas I wish to address. Obviously, now that Mr. Darcy is no longer a bachelor, the household demands and procedures will alter.” She paused, noting the housekeeper’s frown. “The first and most essential modification is that I will be handling the household affairs, staffing issues, budget, and the like rather than he.”

“But,” she blurted in surprise, “Mr. Darcy has always trusted me with these decisions!”

“This has absolutely nothing to do with trust, Mrs. Smyth. Please believe me. Surely you are cognizant from your previous employments that it is the Mistress of the manor who manages the household?”

“Of course!” she declared angrily. “Yet what do you know of managing a household? We have no pigs or cows running about here!”

“Mrs. Smyth!” Lizzy was truly angry now. “You forget yourself most profoundly. If Mr. Darcy were present to hear your insult, I can assure you with absolute certainty you would this instant be unemployed. I, however, am slightly more forgiving. Only slightly, though, and you would be wise to remember that your tenuous position is under my jurisdiction.”

Mrs. Smyth was very pale and, for the first time since Lizzy had entered the house a week ago, was looking at her with some respect. “Please forgive me, Mrs. Darcy. My outburst was uncalled for.”

Lizzy inhaled deeply, finally resuming, “Mrs. Smyth, as rude and hideously misplaced as your slur against my character was, I will concur that I do not have years of experience in totally managing all aspects of a household. Be that as it may, I have learned speedily and comprehensively from both Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Reynolds. As at Pemberley, I judge the task as a partnership of sorts. Ultimately, Mr. Darcy and I are in control, but we both trust your expertise as evidenced by five years of stellar execution. I had intended to approach my discussion with you in this vein and attempted to do so, if you recall.”

Mrs. Smyth’s head was bowed and she seemed truly distressed. Lizzy, however, did not relent. “You have placed a quandary before me. When I reveal what has transpired here with Mr. Darcy, he will be seriously vexed. Your opinion of me and my qualifications may be nominal, but I can assure you his are not. I cannot promise what his reaction will be, as he is already irritated by your manner this past week and only my pleading has prevented his action. How you behave through the remainder of this audience coupled with your ready acceptance and execution of my wishes will greatly affect your future here at Darcy House. Do you understand and accept this? If not, then speak now and save us both wasting our time.”

Mrs. Smyth struggled to form words, finally expressing penitence. Lizzy tended to believe her sincere, but there remained an edge that she could not quite identify. For now, though, she decided to let it pass.

The conference continued for over an hour. Marguerite was to have free access to all areas of the house and granted instantaneously anything she requested for her Mistress. One of the maids, Helen, was to be brought immediately before Mrs. Darcy, as she specifically had been rude and obstructive to Marguerite, even vilifying her personally with anti-French aspersions. Mrs. Smyth was commanded to uphold any decree rendered by Mrs. Darcy regarding Helen or anything else for that matter. All menu decisions were to be made by Lizzy, starting with the detailed list for today’s picnic luncheon Lizzy planned with her sisters and friends, and for that evening’s party with the Bingleys and Lathrops. The housekeeper demurred over some of the mandated edibles, Lizzy simply stating that she had hours to ensure their inclusion.The library was determined to be far too dusty, only routinely cleaned once a month. Lizzy ordered it to hereafter be thoroughly scoured each week. Mrs. Smyth balked at this, declaring they did not have the manpower. This led to Lizzy’s next demand: to review all the staff duties and records. If additional staff was needed, then they would be provided. Mrs. Smyth was definitely not pleased with this nor was she pleased when Lizzy requested to see the past six months worth of household ledgers. Yet, she did not argue; displeasure was only evident in her eyes and sternly pressed lips.

As she rose to leave, Lizzy spoke, “One more point, Mrs. Smyth. When I summon you, I will expect you to respond in a timely manner and to await my permission before entering.”

To suggest that Darcy was vexed would be a monumental understatement! As Lizzy related what had transpired between she and Mrs. Smyth, Darcy’s eyes darkened to blue-black and jaw clenched so tightly his lips nearly disappeared. Lizzy had witnessed her husband in an extreme temper on a handful of occasions, and it was a chilling sight to behold. She honestly believed he could freeze boiling water with a glance.

He listened to her without interrupting, rising silently when she finished to pull the servant’s bell. A footman responded instantly, and Darcy calmly requested the immediate presence of Mr. Travers and Mrs. Smyth. The footman bowed, but the brief flash in his eyes as he turned left no doubt that even he had sensed the repressed rage in his Master’s icy voice.“

William, perhaps we should talk some more—” Lizzy began but ceased at the sharp gesture from her spouse. Lizzy had learned that Darcy was without a doubt one of the kindest, gentlest, and most gracious and loving men on the planet. She had equally ascertained that he could be ruthless, uncompromising, dictatorial, and domineering. One was a total fool to cross the Master of Pemberley. Lizzy was not a fool. In addition, she recognized clearly and with complete trust that this was a situation he was more than capable of handling and that it was his duty to do so.

When Mr. Travers and Mrs. Smyth entered the room mere seconds later, it was obvious that the former was confused at the abrupt summons whereas the latter was abundantly aware. Darcy was sitting behind his desk with Lizzy standing to his right.

In a deceptively mild tone, Darcy asked, “Do either of you have any doubts or reservations as to my supreme authority in this house?”

Mr. Travers was shocked. “Of course not, Mr. Darcy!”

Mrs. Smyth was pale as a ghost and trembling. “No, Mr. Darcy.”

“Very good. I shall be as intelligible and succinct as I possibly can be. Mrs. Darcy is of near equal stature and authority to me in every single aspect. Her dictates are law, to be respected and executed as you would for me. She is the Mistress of Pemberley and Darcy House, and is to be honored as this station decrees. Any deviation from this reality, even in the minutest degree, will be grounds for instantaneous dismissal. Is any of this ambiguous?”

His penetrating and fierce gaze bore into Mrs. Smyth throughout the entire speech. Mr. Travers may be ignorant of the specific instigation of his Master’s statement, but he was no idiot. That Mrs. Smyth had in some manner foolishly acted on or vocalized her disdain for Mr. Darcy’s choice of wife was obvious. Mr. Travers did not concur with the housekeeper’s opinion and had grown weary of cautioning her. He hesitated nary a second, loudly and precisely confirming his comprehension and loyalty. Mrs. Smyth readily agreed as well, voice tremulous.

“I shall leave it to each of you to inform the members of your staff as to what has been proclaimed here. Mr. Travers, you may be excused.” He bowed and departed. Darcy rose to his feet, eyes never faltering. “Mrs. Smyth, there are two reasons you are not at this second packing your belongings and exiting this house. One is your years of faithful and competent service to Darcy House, of which I am thankful. However, this reason would hold little weight in light of today’s events if Mrs. Darcy had not already granted you mercy. She has deemed to bestow her clemency and I will bow to this. Be warned, this mercy will be withdrawn at the merest hint of you disobeying my orders. Is this understood?”

He slowed, rising over her with arms extended. His face was flushed, skin gleaming with sweat, and eyes vivid with reverential love and fervent hunger. Lizzy caressed his solid chest, their gazes shifting from the other’s face to their bodies. Darcy spoke, voice muted and grating, “You tease, best beloved, at being a hopeless wanton, and I am overjoyed that you are! Yet, it is I who am truly wanton. Insatiable, ravenous for you, awestruck by how you move me.” He gulped, inhaling vigorously for control, arching his neck and closing his eyes in ecstasy.

Lizzy studied his perfection, teetering on the edge in her rapture yet spellbound by the vision of his masculinity coupled with his poignant words. Eventually, he opened his eyes and resumed, “In the wildest of my imaginings, both before meeting you and since, I have never remotely evoked the actuality of touching your essence while making love to you. The pleasure I derive from your body and soul melding with mine is indescribable. I cannot…have enough…of you, my wife!”

“Fitzwilliam, hold me!” Lizzy clutched his shoulders, pulling his body onto hers, Darcy succumbing with a prolonged moan. Shouts of love burst forth as they clung with limbs nearly strangling. Gasping and shivering, Darcy assaulted her mouth, plundering deeply with throaty rumbles. Broad hands secured her head, fingers laced into her hair as he rolled onto his back, Lizzy anchored against him. She withdrew from his lips with effort, needing air, but remained a scant hairbreadth away. “William,” she whispered, brushing his jaw then chin, “I love you.” Eyes met for a second, and then with a ragged breath, she dropped her head to his shoulder.

They embraced for a long while, Darcy expecting her to fall into a sated asleep as she usually did. He, too, experienced a vague guilt at waking her so early and did attempt to control his morning lust as often as possible. Fortunately, the worst of his remorse was allayed by the fact that she easily resumed her slumber. Lying in his arms, body flushed and as pliant as dough in her satiation, he patiently and blissfully awaited the rhythmic respirations indicative of sleep. Then he would kiss her gently, disentangling himself gingerly to attend to his morning routine, invigorated and abounding with love.

Today, however, they were both too excited to sleep or embark on any other activity but being together and preparing for the day’s planned excursion. Lizzy moved her head enough to see his profile, tracing one finger over his straight nose. Darcy turned toward her, avidly and adoringly looking upon her sunny visage as she commenced a delicate inspection of each perfect facial feature.

“Are you no longer sleepy, beloved?” He asked, kissing the finger resting on his lips.

“Too excited about our trip, I suppose. You know, I honestly will not be hurt if you wish to pursue some sort of manly occupation rather than trudging through fabric and ribbon stores with me. Phillips will ensure my safety and carry my burdens.”

Darcy frowned slightly. “Normally I would concur; however, I wish to be a part of all aspects of our child’s needs, Elizabeth.”

Lizzy laughed, interrupting him with a kiss to the shoulder. “William, you truly are too good for this earth! You already refinished the cradle and dresser, met with the decorator offering more opinions on the subject than I deem he wanted, and now you want to pick out endless yards of muslin, yarn, and lace? Are you next going to take up knitting needles to create little sweaters and blankets?” She tickled his ribs, Darcy chuckling as he grasped her hands.

“Very well. Point taken. Not that I would be unwilling to attempt knitting if necessary; however, I do not think you would desire to garb our son in anything constructed by me! You understand I only want to help?”

“Yes, and I love you even more for your enthusiasm.” She placed her palm flat onto one of his broad hands, long fingers extending more than an inch beyond hers, entire dainty hand engulfed. “I will utilize your larger hands to spin the yarn though. Also, you can read to me in your resonant voice while I sew, thrilling me, and keeping my mind stimulated.” She played with his fingers, caressing and lacing hers between as she spoke. “Will I shock you, husband, if I confess to not being overly fond of sewing?” Darcy chuckled and shook his head. “Knitting even less. Of course, these womanly tasks I previously have balked at are for our baby, so I am motivated as never before.” She drew his fingertips to her lips, kissing and nibbling each one. “So, you see, William, your help is necessary not in picking fabrics but in preventing my insanity and boredom!”

Sharing here a sampling of positive feedback received for Loving Mr. Darcy 
over the years since it was published in 2009.

These words of praise are from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:
4 & 5 Star reviews posted to online marketplaces (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Powells, BAM, etc.),
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Rereading it for the fourth time it is wonderful, just perfect. 5-Stars! Please keep writing. (Thera Van De Wetering)

Love. 5-Stars!  I love your writing and I cannot tell you how many times I have read this series. Truly wonderful. Please keep writing. (Colleen)

I waited FOREVER for this book and it almost killed me! Yes I read it in the self published version and when it was on Sharon’s website. It was amazing then and I counted the days until she would post the next chapter. But this is even better! There are a bunch of new scenes added to the already amazing scenes and chapters that were there before. I didn’t think it could be better but it is.

The Publisher’s Weekly reviewer is crazy. Lots of people, including me, DO want to read about the Darcys daily life! How dumb to say no one wants to read of their life and will be bored when the first book’s success clearly proves otherwise. And then to refer to something that happens ONCE in the entire book as if that is all that the book contains. Who writes this stuff? Publisher’s Weekly should fire that reviewer because she couldn’t have even read Loving Mr. Darcy after what was written there. So much for respectable review magazines.

There is so much in this book that I don’t know where to start. Billiard tournament, Anne’s healing, opera, Mary falling in love, the Bennets’ visit to Hertfordshire, a festival, extended touring through historic places, the most incredible birthdays EVER, Dr. Darcy!, Lady Catherine and Lizzy dealing with her, a ball, several dramatic encounters, Lizzy’s pregnancy, and history history history.

And all the while Lizzy and Mr. Darcy remain happy and in love. What a shocker that is! This saga of Sharon Lathan is so fantastic there should be another word for it. Now I am counting the days until My Dearest Mr. Darcy and it will kill me to wait until Sept for the fourth one. Thanks for such a great sequel to my favorite book, Ms. Lathan. (Amy B)

Perfect! 5-Stars!  Finally part 2 of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga is released and it is really a wonderful book! Enjoy how Lizzy and Darcy travel to London, meet family and friends and share their joy about Lizzy’s pregnancy. And you will get a very good look into the daily life of a Regency Upper Class family. Very entertaining to read, full of love and hope. This is the kind of book that should never end and just go on forever. (Susanne Pichler)

Sharon does it again! 5-Stars!  The first in this series introduced the new couple Mr. & Mrs. Darcy; now we follow them deeper into their life and their love. For those that love Pride and Prejudice and esp. those who love the movie version with Keira Knightly, they won’t be disappointed. Thanks Sharon; for letting the fans know “what comes next”! (Cindy Hatmaker)

Yes these books are incredibly over the top in the gushing department… but what’s wrong with that now and then in this cynical world we live in? I just love the easy romance between the two, it makes me want to work harder in my own relationship to keep that ol spark alive! I enjoy seeing Darcy’s softer side since he barely revealed it to us in the movie. Sex scenes do abound in every chapter, but it’s HOT and I for one love it. I read the first book three times, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the third. Long live romance! (S. Wilson in Washington)

Great book and part of a great series of three Austen Pride and Prejudice fan fiction novels. Truly captures the heart of the Darcy & Elizabeth characters as portrayed in the 2005 film! Very well written and totally hot! (J Spracklen in Maryland)

Loved it! 5-Stars!   I couldn’t put it down when I received it. Read the entire book in one day. The book arrived in excellent condition. Thank you. (Michelle Austin)

I can’t get enough of this story. My sister and I love these stories and since she bought this book first, I had to wait a full two days for her to finish it before I could begin. It was the longest two days of my life. Again Sharon Lathan has written a beautiful love story… well, really a continuation of the beautiful love story that she began in Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. I won’t get into plot and spoilers. All I will say is that I loved everything about Loving Mr. Darcy. (Amanda)

Great continuation of a love story! 5-Stars!   The story continues as a very sensual accounting of the relationship between Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. The story line includes insights to the family of Mr. Darcy, trying to set a backdrop for his reserved manner. Lathan has shown remarkable growth for her portrayal of Lizzy. She was strong willed in Austen’s books, and Lathan has continued her growth into a very strong and contented mate for her husband. Lathan’s knowledge of the period makes the reading very enjoyable and I would highly recommend this book.

Sharon Lathan has done it again with Loving Mr. Darcy. Others have given the details, so I will not bore you with repeating them. All I will say is that this is a beautiful sequel to the most treasure love story of all time. Beautifully written and beautifully told, I felt pulled into the romance of the times. (MK Baxley)

Ah, Mr. Darcy… 5-Stars!   This book did not change Jane Austen’s classic story, it continues it. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett are very happily married (6 months now), and expecting their first child. The book very closely follows them in their daily lives, what they do, who they meet, and especially in the bedroom. Yes they do have sex, and an enormous amount of it. They are both insatiable about the other…. William and Lizzy travel from Pemberley to London, and in the end Darcy shows Elizabeth his county Derbyshire, when he has some business in Derby and beyond, and Elizabeth wants to shop for things for the baby “at home”. Yes, I did enjoy this book, and I can recommend it to everyone who wants to know: ‘what happened after the wedding ceremony”.

Romantically Delightful. 5-Stars!   A second in the series. It brings more story and more historical information into the plot. It also showcases Lizzy’s stubborn streak to its fullest. I can see clearly that the author is using the characters from the movie to write this series and I, for one, love it. Thank you Sharon for continuing the love story of Darcy and Lizzy, and Keira and Matthew.

The second novel in the Darcy Saga series has definitely captured my heart. I enjoyed reading the day to day life of Darcy and Lizzy as they expect their first child. It is an innocent and refreshing story of true love that has a place on my permanent book shelf! (Karol)

Love Loving Mr. Darcy! 5-Stars!   Elizabeth and Darcy are on their way to visit family and eventually end up in London. They have just found out they are expecting their first child. This book has such a wonderful cast of characters and each plays a vital role in telling this beautiful story of love everlasting. This book has it all, love, romance, jealousy, intrigue, suspense and danger. I never tire of reading about the amazing life Elizabeth and Darcy share. Ms. Lathan has a gift for descriptive words that truly allow you to envision that which you are reading. I found the first book in her series at the library and after reading through it in record speed (I couldn’t put it down) I had to buy it. I bought this book too and also read in record speed. I had an extra skip in my step after reading this. (Ingrid Anderson)

Great book. 5-Stars!  This book was just as good as the first. I finished it in one weekend because I could not put it down. Sharon Lathan is wonderful and I can’t wait for her third book to come out. (Jessica Virgen)

I love the way Sharon has expanded on the main characters Darcy and Lizzy, bringing them to life. Their romantic and powerful love for each other is bewitching. Descriptions of scenery and events from the era in the novel are breathtaking. Darcy’s passion for love and life with Lizzy is brought to the forefront and captured beautifully on page by Sharon’s words. It is sensual and intoxicating. I love their new adventures together interspersed with lots of romance and the re-introduction of favourite characters from the novel and also the introduction of new characters which round off the story brilliantly. Overall it is a wonderful read and very uplifting. Keep up the great work Sharon, I look forward to reading more of your wonderful novels. (Vee in Australia)

Reading Loving Mr. Darcy, once again like book number one, has warmed my heart and brought me great joy. The ability of Lathan to carefully craft a powerful love within the framework of regency England is masterful. To do it with two of the most famous lovers in literature is a special plus. In this book I once again found a growing appreciation for the way the author simply puts words together. Effortless and subtle yet packed with enough heart and soul pounding love to hit you like a ton of bricks. I found myself literally transported to every scene and not bothered with anything but what was unfolding before me, a true sign of a gifted writer. I even begin to feel her vision of what true love really is at its deepest level and the how it works in the two main characters to merge these two into one. Simply put, I loved it. I found it refreshing to feel the passion and see what powered the transition, as the two young lovers were so willing to surrender themselves to the power of love. This is a very powerful, timely and moving regency romance written by a writer who I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more of. Bravo! Most excellent. (Books4me)

Sharon Lathan’s Loving Mr. Darcy is by far the most beautiful story you will read this year. From the moment I picked up the first book Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, I could feel its soul. This particular book absolutely captivated me. The words seemed to spill from the pages into my heart. I read it time and time again until it was tattered and torn (a sign of a much loved book), yet I hungered for more. When the new book hit the shelves it was like being hugged by a dear old friend. Loving Mr. Darcy is every bit as sweet and addicting as the first book. The story is enticing and relaxing at the same time. Lathan’s writing is both beautiful and brilliant. Loving Mr. Darcy will fill your heart with warmth and joy, no matter what your day has been. Do something for yourself, for your soul. Open the pages and lose yourself in a romantic tale of true love and compelling hope. Read a story you will never forget. (Emmarie)

An intimate portrait. 4-Stars!   I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as well as (if not more) than the first one. Elizabeth and Darcy are two of my most loved romantic characters, and this book gives a precious and intimate portrait of a couple in love. It includes all of the quiet and personal moments most books dismiss. I read a little bit before bed every night and couldn’t wait to snuggle in to their world at the end of the day. It made you feel as if you were reading their diary of sorts, as they travel the countryside of Derby and London, handle every day tasks, visits with friends, family, and neighbors, and… a bit of history and adventure thrown in. I really enjoyed it. (Wendy)

Romantic. 5-Stars!  I yearn for a relationship like theirs (Elizabeth & Darcy), they live and dwell In true love and in each other. (B.M.B.)

This book is for you if you LOVE Jane Austen novels. Sharon has taken Janes story and continued it the way it should have. It’s a great story, very touching and romantic. You are totally immersed in that time period which I love. I’ve been waiting for this book (book 2 in the saga) to come out and I have not been disappointed. Can’t say enough good things about this book. Read it and enjoy! (Molfetta)

Wonderful book. 5-Stars!   I absolutely love the writing of Sharon Lathan. She writes in the same vein of Ms. Austen. Ms. Lathan is a wonderful writer. Brings more depth to Ms. Austen’s characters, shows the love of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy. This is a definite must read for Jane Austen fan. (Trisha M)

A Continuation of a Love Story. 5-Stars! Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley is a wonderful book for us happily ever after readers. It continues the story of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett Darcy beyond their marriage. This book gives us a look into the personal lives of the Darcys as well as a description of how life was during their time. Sharon Lathan does an enormous amount of research for her books. Not only are we reading a wonderful love story but we are getting educated about the lives and times of that period. Seeing how Lizzy and Darcy discover each others’ interests and watching their love for each other grow is very heart warming. It is just the way I hoped their story would continue.  In this day and time we could all use a little more happy ever after. (Esther Hartsell)

Loving Mr. Darcy. 5-Stars!   All of Sharon Lathan’s series of books has been extremely well written. Each book contains a more complex set of characters to fall in love with. I bought this book in paperback originally and brought it to Israel while on vacation for a few weeks. I realized that one book was not enough and bought all the remainder of her series! (cpkpipap)

LOVE LOVE LOVE! 5-Stars!   Ok so the first book takes you on a whirlwind of romance, love and devotion. With the second it is continuing the love they have and the honeymoon, reading these books have been an amazing adventure and not only that I realize I have my own Mr. Darcy in my life who does the same as the fictional Darcy does. Bravo Sharon for adding all the love and passion into this second book and not leaving anything wanting. (DarcySagaFan)

Love spending more time with the Darcys! 5-Stars!  Loving Mr. Darcy picks up right where Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy left off. Darcy and Lizzy are heading to London for the season, where Lizzy of courses dazzles the ton. Some new characters are added in the irrepressible Dr. George Darcy (one of my favorites – I love Uncle George!) and Dr. Raul Penaflor. Some of our favorite characters make another appearance – Anne de Bourgh, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Lady Catherine, Georgiana and the rest of the Bennets and Bingleys. I love the character development of Lizzy and Darcy, but Lathan doesn’t forget the other members of the family including the staff at Pemberley.  After London, the novel follows the Darcys on further travels around Derbyshire and adds a unique dimension in describing traveling during this period and some of the wonderful sights and history of Derbyshire. The book doesn’t lack for excitement though with Lady Catherine providing some dramatics as well a dangers on the road. (Miss Meg)

Loving Mr Darcy. 5-Stars!  A lot of people try to write Pride and Prejudice adaptation’s but Sharon Lathan excels at it. Loving Mr Darcy is just as fabulous as the first book in the series. I highly recommend this book for the simple reason that it is a very worthy read. Can’t wait till the next installment. (Melissa Wright)

I really enjoyed reading this book as well as the first in the series (Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One). I have always been more of a fan of the 1995 mini series than the 2005 version but I enjoyed that movie as well. This book and the other two in the series are a definite continuation of the 2005 movie not the original novel or the mini series which everyone should know before purchasing and reading any books in this series. What I liked about this book was the fact that it WAS all about the happily ever after between Darcy and Lizzy not full of angst or conflict. This series is all about how the couple grow and change with each other which is unusual to see in a romance. Most books are about the beginnings of a relationship with maybe an epilogue thrown in to show what their lives were like later. This series of books IS the epilogue and beyond and I loved reading more about the lives of these characters as imagined by the author. This was a comfortable and cozy book that I will definitely reread when I want an easy happy story. I would much rather have too much mush than angst and fighting any day. (Jenn)

BEAUTIFUL LOVING ROMANCE = LOVING MR DARCY. 5-Stars!  The first months of the marriage of Darcy and Elizabeth are as should be. They are in love! Deeply, madly and passionately, and it shows! All they want is to be together and become ONE in every sense. It follows the development of two people into a marriage of true love. While Lizzy learns to be mistress of Pemberley and Darcy house, Darcy learns to give his soul freedom and enjoy life, that he can be who he is without the bounds of decorum while he still manages to be a gentleman. This intelligent couple does not stick to rules because society demands it!

We meet friends and family. There is even a `new’ family member that stole my heart. I can’t wait to learn more from Dr. Darcy. Old traditions are restored and new ones developed. Sharon Lathan gives us ROMANCE and COMMITMENT. I am a strong believer in both. When the book arrived I start reading (re-reading book number one first, of course) until the end. I loved all of it and now I am waiting until next year when My Dearest Mr. Darcy will be there and I can start re-reading the entire saga. I will be amongst the first to buy that book too. (Kaguyahime in The Netherlands)

Enjoying the ride immensely! 5-Stars!   I do not claim to be an expert by any stretch, just a Pride and Prejudice lover. I have always wanted the story to continue and have read several “continuations” with varying impressions. However, Sharon Lathan’s books are fabulous. It feels like they could seriously be continuations. I have not been able to pace myself and have read each one as soon as possible. Yes, there are spots where one word seems a little too modern, but they are negligible on the whole and I find this whole series completely enjoyable!! Sharon Lathan has become one of my writers to look for. (Austen Coffee & Music)

The wisdom & instinct to look beyond. 5-Stars!  How happy & fortunate I was to come upon Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga in the book store! Dearest, potential, new readers… I do hope you see my review & take the time to read this series. The story continues on with a broadening horizon, ever-changing! I am very thankful I did not read some of the reviews prior to choosing Ms. Lathan’s wonderful saga. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, positive or negative. Realistically, this written rendering may not appeal to all. But dear reader, please find out for yourself. Let your own heart decide if it’s for you! Sharon Lathan is not trying to be Jane Austen, neither is any other author who has written through inspirations of her works! Each author’s creation is a vision, that is inspired from an original work of art & tweaked & molded to fit their visions, dreams & hopes for the wonderful characters Ms. Austen has created. Please, all who form an opinion, due it fairly & justly, allowing a potential, new reader, the choice to embark on a wonderful literary journey for themselves. I truly enjoy Sharon Lathan’s stories of how SHE envisions the Darcys lives to continue & have & will, continue to highly recommend to all hopeless romantics!!!! Happy reading… (C. Martinez)

A Romantic Continuation. 5-Stars!   This book touches and warms your heart in all the right places. As much as I enjoy reading about the bedroom action between Lizzy and Darcy, I particularly enjoyed that the couple ventured outside of the bedroom and of Pemberley. As a big history buff, I found it fascinating how Ms. Lathan enriched the book with the history of Derbyshire, Regency Era and even how medicine was practiced during that specific period. It was great to see Darcy portrayed as big sap! Someone who is overjoyed with Lizzy expecting their first child and is overprotectiveness of her every step. Yet I still found the relationship between Lizzy and Darcy growing even more passionate, and incredibly loving. Sometimes we forget that true love does exist, and the author truly lets the passion reflect in the way she writes. Ms. Lathan has outdone herself with this book and I look forward to the next continuation. I highly recommend this book. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I! (Naysa Woomer)

You will LOVE Loving Mr. Darcy. 5-Stars!  Sharon Lathan’s books give the reader a chance to explore Mr. and Mrs. Darcy like never before. They are just plain fun, fun, fun! It’s a must read for Pride and Prejudice enthusiasts! (Dayna Taylor)

I admit, I fell in love with Elizabeth and Darcy years ago when I first read Pride and Prejudice. I couldn’t wait for a “newer” big-screen adaptation to come out and when it did starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen… I was in love all over again. Sharon’s books are a continuation of ‘what happened next.’ If you’re like me and you want to really know what happened next–these volumes are an excellent way of finding out. I am a romance nut and there is plenty of it in her book. Each character is developed and Sharon’s books are a treat for those of us who all want to know…. what happened next! (Dawn in Texas)

Thank you for writing such a wonderful series. This series is so addictive and enthralling. My only complaint is that January is too long to wait for the next book!  Thank you for continuing where Jane Austen left off and answering so many unanswered questions. Thank you again! (Katy)

Wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed both your books and am so excited to know that you will be having a third book come out in January. Thank you, a great treat! (Judy K)

Love Loving Mr. Darcy! 5-Stars!   I do not usually listen to reviews or comments about much whether it be movies, books, or places to go or stay. I will experience the product for myself and come to my own conclusions. However, after being an avid reader and devoted fan of Sharon Lathan and perusing the site to purchase my new Loving Mr. Darcy book I noticed some of the readers comments. Of what I read, though the majority are friendly the ones that are not, are absolutely ridiculous. I became a fan of Sharon’s when her fabulous tales of the adventures of Lizzy and Darcy were posted on her website. I would constantly keep her website up so that I could read the next excerpt as soon as she posted it online! Imagine the happiness when the self-published books were ready to be purchased, I was one of the first. Ever since I have been a follower of hers, I have read and re-read her heart-warming novels and sincerely refer them to anyone who wishes to indulge themselves in not only a wonderful love story but a journey back in time to the Regency era.

I will admit I have read nearly every sequel to Pride and Prejudice I could get my hands on just because I, like so many others, crave the ‘rest of the story’ of Lizzy and Darcy, and let me tell you there are a very few fairly good stories out there but Sharon’s books are the only ones I continue to read over and over because the story captivates you and takes you through every detail of their story. You will not find a better continuation of our beloved characters. You will feel as if you are Lizzy blushing from a romantic comment made from Darcy or dancing the night away at the Masque, or learning to drive her new curricle, or learning all the ways to becoming the esteemed Mistress of Pemberley. It is all wonderful! Highly recommended. Cannot wait for more installments! Way to go Sharon! (Hava Meronk)

Even better than the first. 5-Stars!   I eagerly awaited the release of Sharon Lathan’s Loving Mr. Darcy. The historical details were richly described in this book, from the new gadgets of the day to the stunning countryside to medical treatments of that time. The newlyweds’ love is growing deeper daily and they rejoice in expressing it. Lizzy is coming into her own as the Mistress of Pemberley and the house in London, showing that grit and determination that I love in her character. Darcy is fascinated by their unborn child and enthusiastically prepares for his arrival. Several delightful new characters are introduced and a few existing ones, such as Anne and Mary, get fleshed out in interesting ways. To sum up, the “happily ever after” is what draws me to these books. I can read about bad things in the news. This series provides me with a blessed escape into a world where love, family, and trust reign supreme. (Diane Gibson)

Loving Mr. Darcy is a wonderful sequel… 5-Stars!   This book takes our characters away from Pemberley as they travel to their London home after their first 6 months of marriage. While in London Lizzy will celebrate her birthday for the first time during their marriage. In true Darcy fashion, Mr. Darcy captivates our hearts as he showers her with very special birthday surprises. They also attend society balls, and the opera which adds for many exciting moments. Also we get introduced to some very interesting new characters as well as being re-introduced to many characters we already know and love. During all the exciting events and of the story, we watch Lizzy grow in her pregnancy and we experience many special and tender moments as husband and wife discover the preciousness of anticipating the new life they have created. This book is packed full of many many special and heart warming moments. You will not want to put the book down. (Deanna T)

Times and places remembered. 5-Stars!  If you are looking for Jane you may not be happy. Sharon adds her romanticism to to story. I find it more modernized in that fashion. In the Regency Era they would not have written that much of the sexual content into the book. Sharon however, blends that to show the intensity of the love and affection Darcy and Elizabeth have for one another. I did find that if I closed my eyes (and I do that frequently when reading) take a moment I have the chance to immerse myself into the scene. I can see feel and touch. I am a history buff. I have traveled to England and gone to some of these places. While reading this novel I could vividly remember walking the streets of Chesterfield and visiting the church with the twisted spire. I remembered visiting Bolsover Castle and could actually hear the loud creaking of the hinges and the massive main doors were opened. Sharon caught all of that. I remember Nottingham, and the references to Robin Hood, even the pictures taken with some of the statues. All of this from reading a novel. Thanks Sharon. I so enjoyed this and will be on to another of your lovely books.

Loving Mr. Darcy – I certainly did!! 5-Stars!  Continuing on the beautiful journey of the lives of Elizabeth and William from their marriage, sharing the intimate relationship, experiences within society and their prejudices being broken. This is a beautiful series by the author, and I well recommend continuing this journey further by reading In The Arms of Mr Darcy and its predecessor Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy. (Audrey)

An outstanding love story!!! 5-Stars!    I would like to start off by saying that if you are the kind of reader who is intrigued by historical/romance literature, you will really enjoy this story. Furthermore, if you are a fan of Pride and Prejudice and especially the 2005 movie version based on Jane Austen’s book, you will love this tale. Ms. Lathan’s newest novel brings you along on Elizabeth and Darcy’s eventful “Journeys Beyond Pemberley.” At the conclusion of the first novel, the Darcy’s are overjoyed with the news that they will be expecting their first child. In this continuing saga, Ms. Lathan brings us on their journey as they leave Pemberley to visit family and friends in Longbourn and London where they share their joy. Along the way, we meet many new interesting and endearing characters who help round out the Darcy’s circle of dear friends and family. As the story continues, we travel with them to many different areas of Derby and Derbyshire as Darcy proudly shows Lizzy the district where he grew up and the many old structures, churches, and other historical sites they encounter in each town. It is evident and impressive the amount of research that Ms. Lathan compiled for this story, as depicted in the descriptions of the different old structures and the history behind them. While reading about this facet of the story, it is as though you are there, admiring and discovering these fascinating sites at the same time that Lizzy does.

I would also like to say that I strongly disagree with the above editorial review from Publisher’s Weekly on several counts. This is a love story about two people who are deeply in love for the first time in their lives and who are also newlyweds, who were both chaste before they married. Yes, they are affectionate, loving, have an active sexual life (as is normal for newlyweds) and there is some angst written when they are separated from each other. However, isn’t this truly the way of life for a young couple, newly married, who are discovering each other in every way in the first year of marriage? Is it impossible to believe that they want to spend as much time together as possible and is it not only natural, nay, necessary for a newly wedded couple to have this period to bond? I believe it is, and I think I can speak from experience being married to my wonderful husband for many years, I firmly believe that this is true. But this story does not always revolve around their intimate life, as I earlier described their many excursions outside Pemberley. We also get several glimpses of the lives of other family members and their backstories, and the day to day responsibilities of Darcy as well as Lizzy as she continues to grow in her role of Mistress of Pemberley.

I also want to comment on the above review that Lathan’s writing is “un-austenesque,” etc. There have been several different Pride and Prejudice sequels written that many will either agree or disagree as to whether any one of these books are in the style of Jane Austen. In my way of thinking, who really has the say of what is right or wrong or “Austen like?” Everyone’s interpretation of this beloved story and how it may have played out is different. Not everyone will agree on how Darcy or Lizzy would act or what they would say. I believe that Jane Austen would want the Darcy’s to live happily ever after, period. As for saying that there is not a plot to this story, I must disagree again, as the author is giving her take of the continuation of the Darcy’s life after marriage and beyond, with some very interesting twists and unexpected turns. I believe that Ms. Lathan’s writing and especially the dialogue between the two main characters and other key subjects is witty, intelligent and delightful. I cannot recommend this story enough. I was looking for a continuation of this enchanting tale. I have read other sequels, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them until I found this story, and I cannot wait for more of Sharon Lathan’s continuation of it in future works! (Jules in Cleveland)

If you love romance, passion, history and happily-ever-after, you will love and enjoy this book enormously! 5-Stars!  In the novel she continues her loving portrayal of the blissful marriage of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, my favorite fiction couple ever. I loved the book as much as I loved the author’s first novel Mr and Mrs Darcy: Two Shall Become One.

I was drawn into the book immediately and completely, due to the writer’s captivating, beautiful and stylish writing style. The novel is romantic, passionate, heart-warming, sensitive, moving and humorous. Full of vividly painted human emotions. Moreover the book gives a wonderful insight into daily Regency life, based on extensive and accurate research.

Sharon Lathan lovingly paints a happy marriage based on deep, true love and respect. The wonderful way she portrays the Darcy marriage, is exactly as I always imagined it. She writes exactly what I have always wanted to read about the Darcy marriage. In this novel the writer also introduces wonderful new characters and follows familiar ones. One of the new delightful characters is Dr Darcy, who stands out and stole my heart.

Loving Mr Darcy and Mr and Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy are the most beautiful, positive books about a happy marriage I have ever read. The (timeless) essence of a happy marriage and of a wonderful relationship between two people who share a deep love are captured brilliantly. (Simone in The Netherlands)

Loving Mr. Darcy is a wonderful book. 5-Stars!   It gives a happy, intimate continuation of Pride and Prejudice. It was exactly what I imagined Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s life would be like. It is truly written from the heart of a romantic. It tells the story of the life any woman who found her Mr. Darcy would want. I highly recommend this book as well as anything by Sharon Lathan to a true Jane Austen fan. (J Zacher)

A WONDERFUL ROMANCE FROM AN AMAZING WRITER! 5-Stars!   Believe me, this is a book you do not want to miss reading and adding to your collection. You will enjoy it from beginning to end. In Loving Mr. Darcy the story continues after the Darcy’s have enjoyed their honeymoon time at Pemberley and are ready to venture to their home in London. Elizabeth meets the challenges of a London household, new friends and society as Mrs. Darcy. Her husband is a welcome support and lovingly guides her. You also get to enjoy Lizzy’s character more this time around and you cant help but smile at how she handles Darcy and the people around her. Elizabeth celebrates her birthday, a wonderful birthday with her husband.

They are also expecting their first child and we share those special moments. Sharon introduces us to wonderful, fascinating new characters and we also spend time with the Bingleys. Elizabeth and her sister enjoy special talks and much needed sisterly advise. Sharon also gives us wonderful writing in the descriptions of the beautiful countryside. You really feel you are in this journey with them. It is incredible how a writer can do that and Sharon does it in every page.

The book is full of love, excitement, laughter, some concerns, and lots of romance!. The pages come to live and the moments are very special and not one page is wasted on silliness. Don’t let this book pass you by. (Selena Lopez)

The life and romance of Darcy & Elizabeth continue thanks to Sharon Lathan! 5-Stars!  I am a true fan of Jane Austen, and Pride and Prejudice will always be my favorite for all time! Having said that, I have on occasion picked up a continuation novel written by other authors who have attempted to finish the story of Darcy & Lizzy. Each of those novels I have either not finished or returned. However, when I picked up Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy just by chance… I couldn’t put it down! I read the entire book in a day in a half! Who was this author, and how was she able to capture the essence of Darcy & Lizzy along with their boundless, timeless love? It was Sharon Lathan, and I had to find out everything about her and her novels! Needless to say I was overjoyed when I learned that there were future novels to come!

Loving Mr. Darcy has been equally exciting and loving as her first novel! Sharon’s respect for these characters is evident on every page! Her storytelling makes me feel as if I am watching the movie in my head. Her words and details are addicting! I would and have recommend this series to all my Jane Austen friends and family!! (Kerry LeBlanc)

Even better than the first! 5-Stars!  And that is saying a lot as I LOVED Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. But this one takes the reader to so many wonderful places. All over London and Derbyshire, meeting tons of people, taking part in tons of activities. It is non-stop fun and action. And the romance between so many characters is wonderful. Anne falls in love. Mary falls in love. Lizzy and Darcy stay blissful and grow closer together. How can anyone not want that for these characters? This is a terrific read.

The fantastic second book by Sharon Lathan! Follow the Darcys to London, meet their families and friends and spend a wonderful time with these people. Elizabeth turns into a wonderful mistress of Pemberley, lovingly guided by her husband. If you want a book to truly enjoy and read about true love then you have found it here! New characters join the family and believe me they don’t disappoint. And look out for the third part of the book, that will be available in January! (Susanne)

I LOVE TO LOVE DARCY!!!  This is the ultimate romantic escape! Reading this book is like soaking in a bubble bath and eating chocolate at the same time – decadence! If you like gooey romance, this is for you. It was truly fascinating to me to read a continuation of Austen’s beautiful characters from Pride and Prejudice. I recommend watching the movie or reading the original book, and then beginning this series (in order of course). The three books (this is the 2nd book) by Lathan cover the first year of the marriage between Lizzy and Darcy and end with the birth of their first child. I have already read all three books twice and can’t get enough. I truly hope Lathan continues to write these books.

AMAZING READ   This is the 2nd much awaited book of Sharon Lathan’s Saga and it will not disappoint. You will enjoy it from beginning to end. In Loving Mr. Darcy the story continues after the Darcy’s have enjoyed their honeymoon time at Pemberley and are ready to venture to their home in London. Elizabeth meets the challenges of a London household, new friends and society as Mrs. Darcy. Her husband is a welcome support and lovingly guides her. Elizabeth celebrates her birthday, a wonderful birthday with her husband. They are also expecting their first child and we share those special moments. Sharon introduces us to wonderful, fascinating new characters and we also have time to spend with the Bingleys. Elizabeth and her sister enjoy special talks and much needed sisterly advise. Sharon also gives us wonderful writing in the descriptions of the beautiful countryside. The book is full of love, excitement, laughter, some concerns, and lots of romance!. The pages come to live and the moments are very special and not one page is wasted on silliness. You will enjoy it very much. (Seli in Florida)

Great Second Book in Series   After reading the first in Lathan’s Darcy saga, I was eager to pick up the second. I wasn’t disappointed. The story continues with Darcy and Elizabeth on their way to Hertfordshire and Elizabeth expecting their first child. A visit to Darcy House in London follows along with a brief separation of the lovers and another confrontation with Lady Catherine. This novel is as engaging as the first and includes the addition of a few new characters. Dr. George Darcy, William’s uncle, arrives from India with his friend Dr. Raul Penaflor, a Spanish nobleman. George is a charming character full of humor and warmth while his friend is charming and quiet. His addition adds another familial dimension to the story and brings out William’s craving for a father figure which in turn gives William’s character more depth.

As always, Lathan weaves a good story with interesting plot-lines and characters. This novel is an entertaining romp of romance, fun, and love that spans the life of two characters that live in the imagination of thousands of readers. This is series of possibilities and this is one possible continuation of Jane Austen’s beloved work. It is one of the most engaging well written of the Austen continuations. If you’re looking for Jane Austen’s style and for the characters to do exactly what Jane’s would do, don’t read this book. If you’re looking for an entertaining possibility or an imaginative spin off of Austen’s work, this is your series. You won’t be disappointed.

Lost in Romance. 5-Stars!   Lathan weaves a beautiful tale of this romantic couple. I absolutely love Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth and how they are totally wrapped in each other. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to see their adventures in the third book in series. I know I’ll read all five books.

It really gave insight as to Mr. Darcy’s true character.   I never knew he could play the violin, or that he couldn’t sing. He has a sense of humor and he truly cares for the people around him. I can see him getting all excited for the baby and I can see him giving Lizzy all those presents for her birthday. If this book was made into a movie, it’s one I would watch over and over again.

A well crafted portrayal of the love between two beloved characters. 4-Stars!   I was really looking forward to this book when I bought it, as I have greatly enjoyed almost all other books from Sharon Lathan. And it is true that the story of the love between these two wonderful characters goes a long way in relieving the pain they have been subjected to in the earlier books. Sharon Lathan’s scintillating prose, goes a long way towards the enjoyment of this book, bringing forward the multidimensional characters and making the scenes come alive with her descriptions. The one thing I had a problem with (hence the 4 stars) was the lengthy description of places, monuments and other details such as flora and fauna, which were unexpected and not particularly welcome to me – but that is a personal problem. Even those were, obviously, minutely researched and beautifully crafted. It’s just they they were of no particular interest to me. (Lina P)

Thanks so much Sharon Lathan!  I was given this book by a friend, and actually read this book first, then went to the library to get book #1. Sooooo grateful to Sharon Lathan for writing the continuance of Mr. Darcy’s life, am really enjoying reading through this series!

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!   It’s just one the most beautiful stories I’ve ever read! Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book, so any chance to read a sequel or re make I take it! The author has done a very good job of capturing Jane Austen’s essence of the time period coupled with a contemporary twist. I enjoyed this book immensely. Yes, there is sex in the book, but it is not over done. I think it is a perfect complement to the Jane Austen book.

This book takes us on Darcy and Elizabeth’s honeymoon (of several months) and the first “little Darcy”. Enter Dr. George Darcy! 4-Stars!   This could have been titled “The Honeymoon Journey” and, of course Dr. Darcy helps Fitzwilliam, and Dr. Raja meets Miss Anne de Bourgh. This is not an action packed part of this series, it is their honeymoon and Elizabeth’s entrance into the Ton of London, which she does beautifully. Kitty and Mary bloom, which is a really nice treat. I don’t think Sharon wrote this book to be one of her adventure series, but one to introduce the mature Mrs. Darcy to us and English society. With that in mind, well done Sharon. I enjoyed this entire series very much and have re-read all of them. So many times we want all of our “story” bundled up in one book so we can quickly read it and move on to the next book. This series is to be savored as we read, some action and some just watching Darcy and Elizabeth live out their lives with less angst… a restful time of loving each other and winning over the “difficult” family members who disapproved this marriage most heartily. Maybe this will help you see this book from a different perspective since several found it wanting…though they were probably looking for something other than Sharon intended. (ArkansasAustenFan)

Top Pick Rose

Sharon Lathan’s LOVING MR. DARCY picks up where her debut novel MR.& MRS. FITZWILLIAM DARCY: TWO SHALL BECOME ONE left off. It continues the tale of Lizzy and Darcy, showing their lives after the honeymoon when they grow closer and take their plunge into society as one of England’s hottest married couples. In true Jane Austen style, this story is filled with period details and witty dialogue.Lizzy and Darcy are expecting their first child.

While Lizzy continues to be the stiff-spined, no-nonsense woman we’ve all come to know, this “indisposition” brings a whole new side to the sometimes stuffy Darcy. He is solicitous from the first, his concern and love for his pregnant wife apparent with every word and gesture. He showers her with endearments, grabs her when she stumbles, and generally makes himself as hands-on as the period allows. And while there is the new life to consider, this couple doesn’t slack off one bit in their sensual journey toward learning all they can about each other. The Darcys are a passionate couple and find creative ways to keep themselves thusly occupied!The Regency comes alive again in

LOVING MR. DARCY. Lizzy’s birthday celebration, picnic festivities and endless vivid images of the time, bring enough elements of the setting to mind that when these characters speak, the reader can see and hear them. Georgiana, the Bingleys, and Elizabeth’s sisters, as well as countless other familiar faces, appear again on these pages. They are true to character and act as an Austen fan would hope they would—or expect them to.

All in all, LOVING MR. DARCY is a very pleasant read! Well done!  

I Just couldn’t stop reading…. I had to get that out there, I would read a few paragraphs every day if I couldn’t devote more time but it was so hard to put my Kindle down. There were days I didn’t feel like reading since I’m still recovering from a major surgery but this book kept calling to me, I had to know what was happening between Darcy and Lizzy, what was happening with their unborn child, and what Lady Catherine was going to do. I don’t like to give to many details away, I want you to read the book but I will go into more details.

As the title suggests Darcy and Lizzy start on their Journey to London after she recovers from her injuries, upon arriving in London Lizzy wins everyone over in the Ton and quickly overcomes her sickness that she has been experiencing from pregnancy and her injuries.

While in London, Darcy begins a new business venture and must leave Lizzy for a week, prior to his departure he learns that his aunt, Lady Catherine is aware that Lizzy is expecting. While he is away Lady Catherine arrives and makes her opinion known much like she did at Longbourn. This time she’s looking for Darcy, not Elizabeth, but with Darcy being absent Lizzy stands up to Lady Catherine as the Mistress of Pemberley. It’s here that I think that Lizzy show’s Lady Catherine she is Darcy’s equal and is the right partner for Darcy. Of course it’s not going to be that easy, Lady Catherine’s not going to roll over and admit defeat.

After Lady Catherine’s visit Lizzy is left distraught when she learns that Darcy was aware that Lady Catherine knew of her pregnancy and felt like he abandoned her for his business venture.

The angst and heartache that both Darcy and Lizzy suffers during their separation is vividly written, as is their passion, along with the festival scenes when they returned to Pemberley. The cast of characters are outstanding, Dr. George Darcy, home from India, playing with the children from the orphanage, dressed in his Indian attire, his companion “Raja”, and possible blossoming relationship with Anne de Bourgh and the awareness of Darcy holding the little one who recently lost his mother shows how vulnerable Darcy really is to those he really loves and cares for.

I continue to love the story that Ms. Lathan has created and look forward to the next book in the series, the birth of the heir to Pemberley, more passion for Darcy & Lizzy, possibly riling of Lady Catherine, and could there be any good coming from the writing to Lydia, whom never writes back?

If you are like me and love Pride and Prejudice sequels then this series should be on the top of your list – trust me!

In this book we see the couple experience many of the milestones of early marriage, including the joy of expecting their first child and Lizzy’s birthday. But although Lizzy has adjusted well to her new role as Mistress of Pemberley, there are still plenty of complications. When the Darcys move to London, Lizzy must start again and in earning the respect of the staff in London, she finds an inner strength that she hasn’t had before. Here are two of my favourite quotes:

Lizzy: Inwardly, she recognized a happiness and contentment that anchored her soul. Lizzy: “What a gift you are in my life! I hope you understand that as much as I yearn for you physically, and I do every moment of every day, it is your heart and soul that have captured me. If we could no longer make love for some reason I would ache for you, but I would still love you as profoundly because you live inside my very essence.” She cupped his face fiercely. “Do you know this, my husband?”

Such is the depth of Lizzy’s happiness – I couldn’t help but sigh when I read those words! This story also includes more of the Bingley’s which I loved, especially some of the realisations Carolyn Bingley comes to, that was wickedly enjoyable. But the Darcy’s also encourage the Bingley’s in a way that enhances their own marriage. You’ll enjoy appearances from many of the characters you loved (and loved to hate) from the original novel.

Since I was a little girl I wanted a love like the Darcy’s! When you find it, you know that you have been blessed by the angels and you hang onto it with everything you have. I’ve always thought about the great love stories like Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, King Edward and Mrs Simpson (he gave up his crown for her love) and Darcy and Elizabeth. I am a romantic, it’s no secret, I love romance stories and romance movies are my favourites, I am also lucky enough to have a great love in my life. This story touches a part of me, deep down in my soul, it captures the essence of romantic and eternal love and I think anyone who reads it will feel richly blessed by the story.

At the end of this review, I know, I haven’t told you much about the story, that’s because it’s the second book and I don’t want to give away spoilers. But I hope what I have done is convince you to read this series. People need to feel good, if you need a little romance or need some hope that true love it out there, then read this series.

On September 1, 2009, the second installment of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga series will be released. Once again, we get to have a peek into the marriage of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and his bride, Elizabeth.

One of the strengths of these books is the very deep and emotional bond that Darcy and Elizabeth share. That never changes in these books. There is never any doubt and there *still* aren’t any weird plot twists, time travel, illicit affairs etc. that we sometimes get in other Pride and Prejudice ‘spin offs’. A refreshing and romantic continuation of a beloved novel!

Another strength of this particular author’s continuation is the careful and tireless historical detail contained in this series. Mrs. Lathan not only tells us a story, she also educates us on a myriad of Regency era rituals, gadgets, and habits. It gives the reader a sort of snapshot of Regency life and lends a very rich and color filled backdrop for the continuing story of Darcy and Elizabeth.

The very best part of Loving Mr. Darcy, for me, was the introduction of several very colorful and highly entertaining secondary characters – none of which are a love interest for Darcy (imagine that!). My very favorite is Dr. George Darcy who is an eccentric and highly irregular member of the Darcy family. I instantly fell for Dr. Darcy and his humor, wit and verve.

Another fun, frolicking and romantic romp through Regency England with the delicious Mr. Darcy and his lovely and lively wife Elizabeth. A lovely peek inside a sweet, sensual (and hot!) marriage between two people who burn for one another and inspire one another.

For many Jane Austen fans Pride and Prejudice is the ultimate love story. Two people from very different backgrounds, overcoming all odds and finding each other, destined to spend a lifetime together. Then the story ends. What became of Darcy and Elizabeth? What was their married life like? How does Elizabeth take to life outside of Hertfordshire, and life in Pemberley? Luckily for the devoted Jane Austen readers, many writers have taken pen to paper and continued on the story of our favorite regency couple. One author who is doing a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life is Sharon Lathan, with her latest book, Loving Mr Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley.

Loving Mr Darcy gives readers a look inside the marriage of Darcy and Lizzy. The hot, steamy love affair between two very passionate people. One could almost blush at how passionate their love for each other is…

Lizzy laughed at his stammering opposition and met passion-darkening eyes. “I want to love you, Fitzwilliam, any way you desire. I crave your touch on my skin and your body on mine. I hunger to bring you pleasure and show you how ardent my love for you is.” She kissed his eager mouth passionately, overwhelming his senses with her breath and insistence. Pulling away finally, she whispered, “Take me to bed, my lover.”

Oh my, oh my. More than just steamy, passionate scenes between Darcy and Lizzy, Loving Mr Darcy is a look into regency life. If there is one thing that Sharon Lathan has written perfectly it the detailed descriptions of regency life. Loving Mr Darcy almost reads like a history book, as Sharon takes us behind the scenes and into everyday life of a regency household, the balls, the picnics in the park, the subtle politics of the heart in the parlor. It is all described so beautifully, and adds a real depth to this love story.

While it is clear that Lizzy and Darcy are set to steal the show with their steamy romance, there is a whole cast of secondary characters that take this story beyond just another romance novel. Perhaps my favorite must be Dr George Darcy, Darcy’s uncle, who comes to stay. He has spent the majority of his life in India, and as he tries to settle back in the ways of the english customs the results are very funny.

In conclusion, I must say there is a lot to love in this regency romance. The attention to details will leave readers with a firm memory of Sharon Lathan’s talented writing, the characters -new and old- will leave you wanting more, and the everlasting love between Darcy and Lizzy will leave more than one reader swooning.  For the fans of Jane Austen and the regency romances, Loving Mr Darcy is well recommended.

This is one of the most romantic take off on Pride and Prejudice that I have read. There are many takes on Lizzie and Darcy: some authors put them at odds with each other, or they’re made into amateur sleuths, or even power hungry and doormat couple, etc.  While each one is enjoyable to read for it’s variations, Sharon Lathan’s take on the couple is my all-time favorite. It’s how I imagine Fitzwilliam Darcy to be with his shyness coming off as arrogant. He’s sweet and loving, sexy and insatiable, strong and kind. He’s everything that a dream man should be. Lizzy is wonderful in this story also. She hasn’t lost her witticisms. I was afraid that the book would be overly sweet, but Ms. Lathan did a superlative job of making this couple very much in-love without making the book ridiculous. Sometimes, I can’t help but squeal in delight at the antics of this Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. I love it. I bet you’re going to love it, too. It’s a Pride and Prejudice version that cannot be missed.

As with Lathan’s first novel, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, I felt like I slipped away into the pages of another time. The Regency Period isn’t a time that any of us can quite relate to, for all its social rules and mores, but one (that like many other readers) I sometimes wish I could slip away to for just a moment or two!

As a single woman, I will admit to having been skeptical to the kind of love that Lathan proposed for the Darcys in book one, but as I mentioned in my previous review, I pushed aside my own prejudices about love (not to mention what I thought was okay to mention about our loving couple) to consider the possibilities. It was then that I really fell in love with Lathan’s continuation of Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam’s story. The novel contains scenes of sensuality between the couple, and plenty of them, but didn’t ever feel cheap or tawdry to me. I realize that the relationship, and arc of the story, were trying to show the full range of their life together. While the book centered on their continued, loving relationship, there was a shift in book two that seemed to try to focus on how the couple seemed to fall into individual routines and pursuits. This didn’t mean they forgot about the other, but that they naturally settled into their lives together in a charming way.

Book two feels like a novel that is preparing us for further plotlines and twists. It’s difficult to explain exactly how the novel is doing this without giving away some major portions of the storyline, but I will say that book two left me even more eager for book three!

Reading Loving Mr. Darcy was like taking a nice long bubble bath that I did not want to end.  And read it in a bubble bath, I did.  My toes were quite prunie for the duration of the book, but my mind was most pleased.  Delightful, pleasant and easy to read.  My favorite line of the whole book; “The door flew open with a bang into the wall and with a flurry of swirling skirts, in breezed Lady Catherine de Bourgh.”  (So Darth Vader-esc that I could hear the Imperial March in my head.)

I really just enjoyed sinking down into this story and visiting with these characters. Loving Mr. Darcy brings forth some wonderful characters already known and a few new ones as well.  I so enjoyed the moments with Lady Catherine and Caroline Bingley.  Lathan explored not only their actions but their motivation as well.  I found myself rooting for them, as well as cringing on their behalf. I was surprised when I looked back at my notes and realized Dr. George Darcy was introduced mid way through the book.  This character fit so well into the story and with the existing characters that he felt like he had always been a part of the cast.  Mrs. Lathan also explains the whereabouts of additional Darcy relatives.  I have an early copy of this book and it includes a family tree.  My visual brain appreciated that greatly.

The plot moves quickly and dialogue drives a lot of it.  That is really a quality of Jane Austen’s writing that I enjoy.  Lathan’s dramatic ending to several chapters kept me from putting down the book “to read just a little bit more” some evenings.  Even though the description went on a bit in places, I had to marvel at what a fan of these characters and this time period the author truly is.

Wonderful little moments are really Sharon Lathan’s strength.  All four of her books are full of them. For this second book in a series of four, I think her originality shines in the characters. Both the introduction of new ones and the actions of those already existing.

This second book in Ms. Lathan’s series takes us through the second half of Darcy and Lizzy’s honeymoon, and it’s a joy reading how in love they are, how romantic Darcy is, and their carnality for one another is only strengthening with every whisper, touch, and kiss. It’s actually quite nice to read this type of romance, hero and heroine together, having fun, taking care of hearth and home and anything else required of them – together. Yes, there’s little tiffs but they last no longer than a page or two at the most, then love prevails once again. There’s also humor and a frightening, scary moment or two, but, overall, this series is a man and a woman who live, work, and love together.

The ante is upped a few chips in this part of the story when Elizabeth realizes she’s pregnant and Darcy, of course, is beside himself with happiness at the prospect. And Darcy, being the unusually unusual English gentleman he is, determines to be involved as much as possible in his child’s life, even while in the womb. He even goes so far as to plan to be in the room with Lizzy when the time comes. First he sleeps every night with his wife, kisses her and holds her hand in public, makes love to his pregnant wife often, and now he wants to be in the delivery room, so to speak? Unheard of! No well-bred Englishman would do such things! That’s what makes reading Darcy so much fun.

Some of my favorite scenes are when he’s talking to their child, sometimes to the point of such emotion he can’t hold the tears back. You get to see those moments from both his and Lizzy’s points of view, which make them all the sweeter. I also love watching Darcy, just as Lizzy does, going from the ecstatic boy no one but Elizabeth knows to the upright, controlled Master of Pemberley, brooking no argument when he issues orders or demands or is protecting his wife and child when called for.

Darcy is the one who has changed the most in this series, starting out as a man reticent to socialize, letting only those close to him see inside, known for never joking and smiling, let alone laughing, to a man his friends and family knew he could be all along, if only he’d try. It takes the love of his life for him to expend the effort to love, smile, and laugh wholeheartedly, which, he finds, is really no effort at all. It’s wonderful seeing the change happen page by page.

Elizabeth is his rock. As young as she is, she’s the one who keeps him grounded, who calls him back when his control slips, who arouses him to the point of no return (though he does that for her also). Lizzy has come into her own in this book. She has to face several challenges when Darcy isn’t around to throw the Master of Pemberley persona at whoever deigns to confront his wife, and she handles everything beautifully, just as the Mistress of the house should. She’s always been an elegant young woman who knows her own mind, but she takes that a step further as she grows into Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy when dealing with family, servants, and society alike.

A lot of this book is spent with Darcy and Lizzy taking care of family and duty in London, constantly surrounded by people and problems, but when they return home they take a slow, leisurely journey through Derbyshire where Darcy shows Elizabeth the rich history of his home, their love of bygone times and people bringing them closer together. Ms. Lathan does a very nice job of getting their mutual interest across while not bogging down the storyline nor boring the reader with historical facts. This part of the book is as lush as the English countryside the traipse through.

Secondary characters are still aplenty, all interesting and full of depth. I enjoyed the blooming romance between Mary, Lizzy’s sister, and a local barrister, all the while thinking it would be even more interesting if Georgiana, Darcy’s sister, is enmeshed in romance later in the series; his reactions alone would be filled with emotion across and off the charts, giving readers a devil of a fun time.

This is a wonderful continuation of the Darcys’ story, and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in January.

Fans of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will fall in love with LOVING MR. DARCY: JOURNEYS BEYOND PEMBERLEY by Sharon Lathan. Lizzy and Darcy’s story continues in this book and give us a nice glimpse of what happens when you mix spunky Lizzy with the more serious Darcy. I found Lathan’s interpretation to be romantic, captivating and largely entertaining. This is a book that I would definitely recommend to any lovers of Romance, Historical or otherwise.Ever wondered what happ

ened after Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were married? I always figured that the story just ended there but Lathan has allowed us to delve back in to that world of romance and intrigue to explore the relationships a little further.

LOVING MR. DARCY takes us through the lives of Elizabeth and Darcy as they move to their London home and experiences the joys and less than stellar aspects of the city. A major change going on with Elizabeth creates drama in the story as does meeting new people and catching up with old friends. I will warn readers, this is the second book in a series after Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy and while the book is okay to read on its own, I don’t know that I would call it a stand-alone. Events took place in the first book that largely shape the characters in LOVING MR. DARCY and having not read the first book, I found myself often confused.

With Lathan’s books, there is a lot of talk about whether or not Jane Austen purists will fall in love with Lathan’s characters as much as they did Austen’s. Well, Lathan is not Austen. They are two separate individual writers and as such their characters differ slightly. Elizabeth and Darcy are not the exact same characters as the Elizabeth and Darcy in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, but the story was entertaining nonetheless.

Lathan does a wonderful job of imbuing the story with emotion. As we journey with Mr. and Mrs. Darcy on the road to discovering the depth of their love, Lathan makes every moment count. Whether it’s happiness, sadness or even at times a bit of anger, the emotions are vivid and pop off the page to affect the reader. This really helped to draw me in and hook me. The intensity of the actions sequences didn’t hurt either.

I found LOVING MR. DARCY to be an enjoyable read. If you go into the story with the understanding that you are not going to get a book written by Austen and that the characters may differ slightly, I think the you’ll get a decent amount of enjoyment yourself. The story is great in its own right and would be a fantastic read for any out there who love Romance.

Mr. Darcy and the former Elizabeth Bennett have been married several months, when they discover that she is expecting.  Mr. Darcy is very protective of those he loves, and Elizabeth is the number one recipient of his adoration.  The next few months finds the couple growing even closer, but their lives are not without struggles.

Loving Mr. Darcy is a true romance, because it focuses on the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth.  The way Ms. Lathan allows the relationship between Darcy and Elizabeth to evolve is wonderful and will surely induce a contented sigh from all romantics.  There are, also, some interesting romances between secondary characters, and Mary Bennett, whom I always wanted to see come into her own, gets to shine a little.  While this is an entertaining sequel to Pride and Prejudice, I fear it may be too racy for some readers.  Therefore, be warned, the intimacies between Darcy and Elizabeth do not stop at the bedroom door.  While the sex scenes are not anymore explicit than the ones seen in the average historical romance, I know that some readers prefer their sequels to be similar in nature to Pride and Prejudice.

All in all, Loving Mr. Darcy is an enjoyable sequel to Pride and Prejudice, which will satisfy most romance lovers.

I am a Pride & Prejudice fan-girl. It is a sick, sad fascination I have with all things Lizzy & Darcy. Reading Sharon’s continuing saga of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth is enough to make my fan-girl heart beat just a little bit faster.

In Loving Mr. Darcy, we start out where Book 1 left off. After 5 months of marital bliss at Pemberley, the Darcy’s are off to visit London. Georgiana is thrilled at the idea of going to town, Lizzy just wants sleep and Darcy is concerned, not only with his wife’s health, but also introducing her into society.

Whereas Book 1 was focused on their honeymoon, Book 2 is focused more on the introduction of Lizzy into Darcy’s world. Lizzy has always known that Darcy is a man of circumstance, but to see it in reality boggles her mind. Lavish parties, fantastical birthdays… the list goes on and on. The introduction of new characters, old characters showing up to visit… it’s like visiting old friends.

The thing I love most about Ms. Lathan’s style is her ability to inject humor, even in tense situations. Where a lot of authors would take the seriousness of a situation and make it worse, she throws in little turns of phrase or a moment that gives an uplifted feeling to it all.

All in all though, I really did enjoy this book and am greatly looking forward to the next one. If you loved the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice as much as I did and want to know what happens next, I cannot recommend these books enough. Trust me… it’s worth it.

Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley continues Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice six months into the marriage of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett. Confident in Darcy’s affections, Lizzie adapts to her role as Mistress of Pemberley with grace and skill. Sharon Lathan describes how the Darcys would have spent their days in considerable detail. The careful descriptions of Pemberley, the surrounding estates of Derbyshire, and the London season are livened up with accounts of Darcy’s handling of Mrs. Bennett, the truce with Lady Catherine de Bourgh, and interaction with jealous Caroline Bingley. Many passages are devoted to how Lizzie and Darcy revel in their adventures in and out of the bedroom.

Loving Mr. Darcy is full of banter and loving moments between Darcy and Lizzie, but Sharon Lathan also weaves in much historical and cultural detail when describing the Darcys’s every day life. Reading how the Darcys researched and prepared for pregnancy and childbirth, I was struck by the way that Lathan was able to include a number of medical discoveries and childcare items into the 1800s. Through the dialogue and musings of Lizzie and Darcy, Lathan also incorporates scenes from Pride and Prejudice and extrapolates how both characters had thought and felt.

Loving Mr. Darcy was my first exposure to Sharon Lathan and the Darcy Saga. It would be fair to say that it delves into what happily ever. The novel extends the story and describes the many joys and adventures that the Darcys might have encountered in their first year of marriage. I particularly enjoyed the passages where Darcy and Lizzie relived incidents from their romance in Pride and Prejudice. Loving Mr. Darcy gives a deeper picture of Fitzwilliam Darcy in love – which Pride and Prejudice fans are sure to enjoy.

Loving Mr. Darcy is an intimately romantic sequel to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Ms. Sharon Lathan has done a wonderful job of giving Darcy and Elizabeth a very loving and intimate relationship (Intimacy is PG, maybe PG-13), and has really shown how well these two work together to share all things in life. The story starts with Darcy, Elizabeth and Georgiana at Pemberley, where they are getting ready to travel to Hertfordshire to visit the Bingleys, among other friends and acquaintances. Once there, Darcy and Elizabeth share the wonderful news of their expanding family with their close relatives. After some local fun (I especially enjoyed learning about the billiards competition), the family continues on to London for the season, where they socialize, attend the Season’s festivities and celebrate birthdays. From there, it is back to Pemberley, and then on to a tour of Derbyshire. I found the local history/color/descriptions as the Darcy’s traveled and took part in entertainments and daily routines to be wonderfully colorful and fun, not to mention enlightening!

I was not aware that this was the second book, following Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One. Only one aspect of the book read as a sequel to me and that was the fact that author Sharon Lathan referred to a duel and wounds that I was previously unaware of. . . now it ALL makes sense! Otherwise, this book can read as a stand-alone story.

Characters: One thing I really loved about this book, is that Sharon Lathan brought back favorite characters, as well as introducing a few new ones. To make everything even BETTER, she included a Cast of Characters section in the beginning of the book, which helps the reader understand who everyone is as well as providing some basic information about each one.

Story-Line: Among the travels between Pemberley, Hertfordshire, London and Derbyshire, it is apparent that Ms. Lathan has spent a good deal of time researching the Regency period. Her expertise shows in the way she is able to describe happenings and places in a way that allows the reader to feel like they are actually there!

Readability: I really enjoyed the details of daily life that Ms. Lathan included in this book. Scenes are described so well that I was able to imagine them in quite vivid detail, which helped to better understand the Regency era.

Overall: Another great Austen sequel. It may be beneficial to read the first book in the series by Sharon Lathan, but I enjoyed this one without reading Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. And to make things even better, it looks like we can enjoy knowing that a third installment in this new series is due to come out early in 2010!

Loving Mr. Darcy picks up with Mrs. Darcy’s confirmation in being pregnant. Mr. Darcy continues to dote upon his wife and becomes very involved with her health and the preparations needed for a new baby. He continues to stay attentive to his wife; their romance and sexual appetite does not falter, rather increasing with the new love an heir to Pemberley brings. Elizabeth takes on more responsibilities of being the Mistress of Pemberley and plans a lovely Christmas and summer celebration. Elizabeth continues to impress and win the favor of everyone she meets. Even Lady Catherine comes around and eventually apologizes to the Darcy’s for her previous words and actions. The couple travels to town and then throughout Derbyshire as Lizzy is presented as Mr. Darcy’s new wife and she learns more about what it is to be a Darcy.  At times Lathan throws in a new interesting twist when Lizzy is confronted with a jealous woman who Mr. Darcy had previously called upon, or when robbers attack the Darcy carriage, but these quick plot interests only last a couple pages and then are resolved quickly and it goes back to the love making. These twists were interesting and exciting parts, but the author fails to develop them into something deep and entertaining, and the conflicts resolve themselves just as quickly as they start.

So cute, fun and heartwarming to see the Darcy’s love for each other grow exponentially! In Lathan’s second book the Darcy’s journey away from Pemberley to Darcy House their London Home where love, conflict, and chaos ensues. I love getting to know the Darcy’s through the authors writings. It seems with each book they become a more cherished old friend.

I was happy to see the original and some of the old characters resurface. (As we all know and love Lady Caroline De Bourgh haha). But the real gems were getting to know Lady Anne (Catherine’s ill daughter), Mary, Georgiana and Lydia’s ex-right hand Kitty a little better. And of course meeting Raja and Fitzwilliam’s Uncle George was a delightful humorous episode in itself. You can’t help but to fall in love with these characters all over again.

And once again I was flabbergasted as Sharon continually mixes the classic Pride and Prejudice, the 2005 movie, and historical significance into a novel that the reader can relate to today. It seems to me I’m addicted to this series and the only prescription is …… more Darcys.

Six months into their marriage, things are going grandly for the Darcys. Elizabeth and William are just as enamored with each other as ever. In Loving Mr. Darcy, readers are introduced to some new characters in the Darcy’s lives. These characters definitely add some liveliness into the mix, especially Dr. George Darcy. He has just returned from India in the beginning of the book, and he’s quite an eccentric!

My favorite aspect of this book is the historical detail. Much was included about England’s state at the time, and as a history buff, I enjoyed it. Those sections were delightful. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Mary Bennet catches Joshua Daniel’s eye. I’ve always liked her, and that chapter was thrilling, in a shy, sweet sort of way.

This book is atypical in the fact that there’s really not an overall conflict that spans the book. I knew this, as well as the fact that this saga is a happily-ever-after type tale. Still, it was a little hard, at times, to stay into the novel, but those times were far between. Readers should be aware that this book, like its predecessor Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, has several sex scenes in it. I personally felt that nothing would have been lost if a couple of those scenes had been cut from the novel, since at times it seems to overwhelm the book.

Loving Mr. Darcy, and this saga overall, is a great read for Pride and Prejudice lovers, especially those who loved the 2005 movie adaptation.

Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond Pemberley is the second novel in Sharon Lathan’s ongoing Pride & Prejudice saga. It begins where book 1 Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One left off. The couple have married, set up house in Pemberley Manor and spent quite a bit of time becoming acquainted. Now they are on their way to London to meet up with family and friends. Oh and most importantly to share the news that there will soon be a brand new member of the Darcy family. I enjoyed this second book of the series quite a lot. Like in the first book, the author adds so much to her writing by the addition of so much historical detail. Along with an excellent story, the reader gets to learn so much about this particular time period. However, the one deviation from the normal male behavior of the period was awesome – Darcy becomes so lovable as he dotes on Elizabeth and his unborn child, wanting to be as much a part of this experience as possible. Loving Mr. Darcy was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it and the others in Lathan’s series. Also be sure to take a look at Sharon Lathan’s home on the web – there is so much information to be found here including info on the books, character bios, links of interest to Austen fans and resources to help one learn more about the Regency era.