An intimate journey of love, life, and the passionate pursuit of happiness.


Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but societal restrictions would have chafed for Georgiana Darcy, an accomplished musician.

Her tour of Europe draws the reader into the musical life of the day, and a riveting love story of a young woman learning to direct her destiny and understand her own heart.


While touring Europe and post-Napoleonic France, Miss Georgiana Darcy discovers her deepest passion: composing and playing music.

In Paris she meets two men who augment her passion in differing but profound ways. Mr. Sebastian Butler, the Viscount Nell and future Earl of Essenton, is a brilliant composer finishing his Grand Tour before studying at the prestigious Conservatoire of Music in Paris. Baron Caxton is an accomplished violinist teaching at the Conservatoire.

Both men fire her soul, spark her sensuality, and fan the flames of her musical inspiration. Yet only one holds the key to her happiness and is her true soul mate.

Amid the backdrop of Paris in this tumultuous time in history, Georgiana must learn to direct her destiny and fully understand her heart.

Published November 2011
ISBN 1402259042
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