Miss Darcy Falls in Love

An intimate journey of love, life, and the passionate pursuit of happiness.

Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but societal restrictions would have chafed for Georgiana Darcy, an accomplished musician.

Her tour of Europe draws the reader into the musical life of the day, and a riveting love story of a young woman learning to direct her destiny and understand her own heart.


While touring Europe and post-Napoleonic France, Miss Georgiana Darcy discovers her deepest passion: composing and playing music.

In Paris she meets two men who augment her passion in differing but profound ways. Mr. Sebastian Butler, the Viscount Nell and future Earl of Essenton, is a brilliant composer finishing his Grand Tour before studying at the prestigious Conservatoire of Music in Paris. Baron Caxton is an accomplished violinist teaching at the Conservatoire.

Both men fire her soul, spark her sensuality, and fan the flames of her musical inspiration. Yet only one holds the key to her happiness and is her true soul mate.

Amid the backdrop of Paris in this tumultuous time in history, Georgiana must learn to direct her destiny and fully understand her heart.

He lifted his voice, adding French lyrics of love and eternity. Georgiana opened her eyes, smiling happily as he completed the ballad. She clapped her hands, Sebastian bowing his head with a grin.

“Do you think she will be pleased?”

“Oh, how could she not? It was beautiful. Lady Vivienne will be overjoyed and weeping hysterically!”

“That, I am afraid, is not a conclusive sign of praise, as my sentimental sister cries at the drop of a hat,” he said with a laugh. “She shall be a dewy mess all through the ceremony is my guess. Luckily, de Marcov is aware of her propensity for tears and loves her anyway, poor sod.”

“Well, I am certain a portion shall be due to your song, Mr. Butler. Tomorrow will be a day of remembrance on numerous levels.”

“I do wonder about this part,” he said, playing a set of chords. “It feels, not quite perfect. Like it needs a… dissonance.” Georgiana said the last word simultaneously, Sebastian meeting her eyes with an exuberant grin. “You hear it as well!”

“Yes. Something to add an emphasis as to what is coming, to draw attention. But not too harsh, Mr. Butler.”

“Indeed, no. And only for maybe two or three chords. How about this?” He played the section again, altering the notes ever so slightly, the subtle instability of the new arrangement underscored by the lifting tone and blending smoothly with the composition, while evoking a visceral charge in the listener. It was incredible and transformed the entire piece.

“Bravo!” Georgiana clapped. “Stupendous. Your sister will indeed be a puddle of tears! May I, please?”

“Of course!” He rose from the bench, waving his hand in front of the piano. “You know the piece as well as I, and it helps to hear it from another’s fingertips.” She assumed his place on the bench, fingers brushing over the keys as he leaned over her right shoulder to arrange the sheets of music properly. “There. Start from the top and play it through to the end, if you do not mind, Miss Darcy.”

She nodded her head. “My pleasure,” she murmured, fingers testing the initial notes as she concentrated on the papers before her.

Sebastian smiled, glancing downward as he straightened. Completely unconsciously, he had positioned himself so that he was afforded a direct view of her generous bosom, the soft swell and dark line of her cleavage readily visible. The sweet aroma of her flowery perfume rose from her ivory skin. A jolt surged through his body. Desire assaulted every muscle like a tidal wave that rushed and surged chaotically, settling in his gut and groin with a painful crash.

He stifled a gasp, stepped hastily backward several paces, and willed his racing heart to slow. His reaction was so utterly unexpected that his befuddled mind froze. Numbed yet excruciatingly aroused, he could only breathe deeply and wait for the tremors to pass.

She is beautiful, he reasoned, a fact he had recognized two years ago, at her debut ball in London at Darcy House. Sebastian Butler was assuredly a man who appreciated and desired those of the opposite sex, but for so long his focus has been on study. Matters of serious courtship were never considered, and sexuality was largely suppressed except for a handful of brief dalliances. His genial fraternization with persons of both genders was natural and rarely led to thoughts of sex. Never had he experienced a powerful reaction to a woman, as he had now twice with Miss Darcy, and it was disturbing.

He closed his eyes, allowing the waves of music and her sweet soprano to wash the troubles away, swiftly deciding that it was nothing more than a purely physical response heightened by his long abstinence.

Georgiana finished the cantata, turning to Mr. Butler for his opinion. He had regained his equilibrium, the flush of arousal passed, and he bowed appreciatively. “Beautiful! You should play it rather than I.”

She stood, shaking her head and laughing. “I shall be in Paris while you are dazzling the wedding guests, Mr. Butler. Perhaps someday you can amuse me with the tale of how weepy the assembly was.”

“I shall see you in Paris, will I not, Miss Darcy?” He ignored the faint tightness of dismay that banded about his chest and kept his friendly smile intact. “I promised to take you to the Conservatoire, remember?”

“Indeed, you did, but I would not hold you to such a promise, sir, if your schedule does not permit excessive free time for recreation. Your studies are far more important than entertaining me.”

“My studies will not commence in earnestness until autumn. Entertaining you is a prospect I hold in high regard, I promise. It will be my pleasure.”

“Did I not tell you he would love your work? With Professor Florange’s endorsement your admission is a given, not that you would not pass the exams with stellar marks, but his recommendation is—”

“You planned this?” she interrupted in an incensed whisper.

“No. That is, I hoped his opinion…” he trailed off at the fury marring her features, his confusion compounded by the unbidden vision of the vehemence suffusing her face occurring in a more intimate setting. Gods! When highly passionate, even in anger, she was surpassingly beautiful!

“Are you listening to me?”

The finger jabbed into his chest brought him back to the present. Georgiana was standing inches from him, obviously having said something quite scathing while his thoughts veered into baser realms.

“Of course I am listening,” he lied, mentally giving himself a shake and willing his blood to calm.

“Then how could you disrespect my feelings so thoughtlessly? How could you forget your promise?”

“I promised not to talk about it and I did not.”

“You are going to parse over semantics?” She was incredulous. “You knew what I meant! I did not want this and you know it!”

He stepped closer and placed his hand upon her shoulder. “Miss Darcy, you would be marvelous here. Can you not see yourself learning more? Music is your future, I know it is.”

“This is your future, Mr. Butler, not mine. Do not mistake the two.”

“I only wanted you to see the possibility. It could be yours if—”

“No, it cannot.”

“Are you worried what Mr. Darcy will say? You have said that he approves of your interest in music and applauds your talent. Surely he would want you to fulfill this dream?”

“If it were my dream then perhaps he would agree, but that is not the point. This dream is more of a fantasy, Mr. Butler. Yes, I love music and I love composing. I am flattered by Professor Florange’s praise. If I were someone else, then maybe this would be a viable option. Nevertheless, this is not the life for me and it is wrong of you to presume that your beliefs are the same as the ones in my heart.”

She twirled away, graceful and fluid even when agitated, and headed down the passageway.

“Miss Darcy, wait! Please accept my apology. I meant no disrespect, truly.”

She whirled back around, Sebastian pulling up short to avoid colliding with her. He took hasty steps backward and his inhale caught painfully in his throat when he saw her face. Her mien remained one of ire but also a shimmer of wounding, the latter hitting the middle of his gut like a knife. Her next words caused the knife to twist.

“Have you so misunderstood me, Mr. Butler? Have my disclosures of homesickness, of missing my family and wanting to be in England fallen upon deaf ears? In the course of our friendship, have you forgotten that I am a woman? My desires are of hearth and home above all else.”

She paused and looked away. Sebastian struggled with how properly to respond to her accusations when the only one he seemed able to focus on was the ludicrous idea that he had ever forgotten, even for one tiny second, that she was a woman! Before anything coherent and gentlemanly formulated, she lifted her eyes, Sebastian noting the fury but also hints of something else mingled into the blue depths. Was it fear?

The carriage belonging to the Marchioness of Warrow rattled along the busy streets of nighttime Paris. The marchioness sat on her seat, the layers of fabric elegantly swathing her lush figure draped perfectly to prevent wrinkles. Her posture was one of serene dignity, her lined face composed, but her eyes displayed a pronounced concern as she stared out of the shadows toward the fidgeting young man across from her.

“Thank you, my boy, for agreeing to escort me tonight.”

Sebastian Butler nodded, not removing his gaze from the passing scenery. “Of course, Grandmother. It is my pleasure, you know that.”

Under other circumstances she may have smiled and teased at his use of the word pleasure when his tone so manifestly lacked anything remotely joyous, but she saw no irony in the situation.

“It will be a delightful party, I am sure, since the de Valdays are masters of entertaining. Nevertheless, we would have been remiss not to attend, as it is our kin who are the guests of honor.”

Sebastian remained silent, only a slight increase in his tension and a shifting in his seat giving voice to his frame of mind.

Lady Warrow continued, “I ran into Lady Matlock and Miss Darcy at the modiste’s two days ago. It was an appointment for final fittings for tonight’s affair and Miss Darcy’s gown was stunning. Oh, to be so young and beautiful again! To have one’s figure soft and toned and perky in all the appropriate places,” she said and sighed dramatically. Pretending not to notice the longing inundating Sebastian’s face, she went on in a thoughtful tone, “She was quite the vision of loveliness, as you shall see tonight, I daresay. Yet something was amiss.”

Sebastian jerked his eyes toward his grandmother, concern and possibly hope now added to the visible desire and love. “How do you mean?”

She shrugged, picking invisible lint from her gown. “Oh, I do not know. Just not as cheery as she generally is. Naturally, she was the epitome of politeness and kindness, dear girl, but an air of sadness surrounded her. Nothing that I am sure a dance or two with my handsome grandson will not cure.”

He grunted. “I imagine her dances will be taken by Lord Caxton.”

“Good heavens, Sebastian! You know as well as I that a young lady unspoken for cannot limit herself to one dance partner! The scandal of it! Why, people would assume they were betrothed or formally courting!”

“But… I thought… that is—is not their arrangement a known fact?”

“What arrangement? Have you heard something I have not, Sebastian? That would be highly unlikely, considering the horrid gossip that I am. Please tell me!” She leaned forward, her face so precisely set in avid curiosity that Sarah Siddons would be jealous.

Sebastian stammered, “Lord Caxton himself told me they had an arrangement. That Miss Darcy had agreed to his courtship. And Miss Darcy confirmed it.”

Did she? Or did you assume it? He frowned, shaking his head against the abrupt onslaught of conflicting viewpoints and emotions.

Lady Warrow waved her hand dismissively. “Well, I have heard nothing other than that the baron continues to pursue while Miss Darcy evades. Interpret that how you wish. Oh, we have arrived! Hand me my fan, will you, dear boy?” Sebastian automatically did as requested, the marchioness using the device to hide her satisfied smirk.

“Amanda, may I ask a question?”

Mrs. Annesley halted her reading and lowered the novel to her lap. “Of course, Miss Georgiana. You know you can ask me anything.”

Georgiana nodded distractedly, her eyes unfocused and hand clasping the brush loosely in her lap. When she spoke it was a bare whisper but intense, revealing the serious nature of the question.  “You have told me, many times, of the love you bore for your late husband. How… that is…” She sighed and closed her eyes. “What did it feel like? How did you know?”

“May I answer by telling you a story? When I was twenty, I met a man who quite simply stole the breath from my lungs. It sounds rather melodramatic and girlishly fanciful, like something from a badly written romance novel, but that is precisely how it was. He was beautiful. Handsomeness personified. I was overwhelmed and fluttery. All the ridiculous phrases of erotic, nonsensical poetry applied to how I felt around this man. Of course, it is no longer so absurd or laughable when it happens to you!”

She chuckled in memory.

Georgiana smiled and again nodded her head. “Visceral, would you say? Beyond logical reason?”

“I daresay that is apt, but there is little in the way of logic when it comes to love, my dear. That is not to say love is utterly foolish, but I am getting ahead of myself. With this man, it was like fire, an uncontainable passion that was both terrifying and thrilling. Of course, I was very young and I had no sense of restraint. I was enraptured by life in mostly the irresponsible ways and allowed my sensibilities to rule.” She shrugged, a humorous smile flashing. “It was not wise at all, but extremely fun, I confess.”

Georgiana had turned on her stool and was looking at her companion in surprise. Amanda Annesley had gradually become a dear friend over the years, a woman of uncommon strength, morality, and steadfastness who also possessed a dry wit and rustic practicality. Yet here she was talking of being impetuous once upon a time. It was mind-boggling but also enormously intriguing.

“Uncontainable passion,” Georgiana quoted, her eyes wistful. “A marriage of wildness.”

Mrs. Annesley laughed aloud, shaking her head and her finger at the dotty young woman. “You are creating your own fantasy tale, Miss Georgiana, and not allowing me to tell mine.”

“Are you not speaking of Mr. Annesley?”

“I was in love. Besotted. Infatuated. Giddy. After two blissful months of flirting and dancing, he was forced to leave for a business trip. Oh, the tears! I was anguished. Until another man came along who captured my heart and wrest my breath away worse than the first.”

She was smiling softly, gazing at Georgiana’s perplexed expression with only reminiscent humor and no self-chastisement. “I was the worst form of silly girl, Miss Georgiana. So easily in and out of love that within three years I fell in love at least five times! They were decent gentlemen who returned my affections to varying degrees, but always something went awry. Usually me falling for another! Then one day, I was sitting on a large boulder in a clearing near the pathway toward my home, nursing another broken heart, when a man happened by. It was the son of the local barrister, a gentleman all of us in town knew very well and thought well of. He was a bookkeeper of respectable financial means and excellent reputation, thirty-five years of age, nondescript in appearance, and staid in personality. One could not help but have the highest opinion of him, as he was decent, kind, friendly, a fine dancer, and responsible. I cannot tell you how many times I had overheard, or even partaken briefly, in a wondering conversation as to why he remained unmarried. Yet for all his stellar qualities, he was unattached and indifferent to the machinations of many an eager mother or marriageable young lady.”

Her face shone with remembered love and traces of grief. “He comforted me as a gentleman ought, asking no questions. He merely handed me his handkerchief and then began to ramble about the weather, the flowers, the clouds, the laughing children that he had encountered further up the road. I do not even recall what he said. It was the sound of his voice, his genuine concern for my misfortune while not probing or faultfinding, and his willingness to postpone whatever business he was about to tarry with a foolish girl like me that I remember most.

“Out of compassion and friendship bloomed a love that was passionate, eternal, and utterly fulfilling.” She reddened faintly, fidgeting with the edges of the book’s pages as she momentarily reverted to the blushing bride of long ago.

“How did you know it was he and not one of those other men? Or one yet to come?”

“In some respects, it is indefinable and most assuredly varies for everyone. I already knew Mr. Annesley’s character, so there were no questions there. The surprise was in how he made me feel. With the others, it was as if lightning had struck, wild and astonishing but also rapid and without substance. A flame must have fuel, Miss Georgiana, or it quickly dies. To continue with the analogy, a sustaining fire must first begin with the tinder banked and stacked, with kindling material appropriate for the job. The blaze must have adequate purchase and replenishing resources to survive. Passionate love is like the flame. When all is laid correctly, it will exist, thrive, and be unquenchable. I knew I had that with Mr. Annesley, and he for me. We just… knew.”

She looked at Georgiana then, her eyes grave. “Occasionally, as the years passed and our love flourished, I would muse on those other men who came before my Mr. Annesley. Love is not a simple emotion, Miss Georgiana. I am not a scholar, as you know, but I understand that in some languages there are many words that we translate as love. I have been often fascinated by this fact, but of course it makes sense. I did not love those other men the same way as my husband or with near the depth, but I did love them. Or at least held an affection and spark that may have flowered into something more. Fate worked for the best in my case, I am sure of it. However, they were generally good men who may have made me happy. Who knows? Would that instantaneous flame of passion fanned into a long-lasting blaze to stand the test of time? Or was it always destined to die a swift death, and I am lucky to have discovered the truth  before the folly of an ill marriage? I cannot know, of course, but I do know that what burned in my heart for Mr. Annesley was stronger and more beautiful than what any poets have been able to put to words.”

“Do you not believe there is only one man for each woman? That one person completes your soul and will bring true happiness?”

Mrs. Annesley pursed her lips. “I am not sure it is always so simple. You and I are rather spoiled, yes?” She smiled at Georgiana’s puzzled stare. “I think it may depend on one’s ignorance. If I had married one of those men before I met my Mr. Annesley, I would never have known the possibility of consuming love. In that ignorance, I may well have contentedly lived out my life, none the wiser or worse off for the lack. Two years after my husband died, I received a marriage proposal from a dear friend of our family. He too was a good man and I knew he would take care of me in most of the ways that count. I was sorely tempted, Miss Georgiana. I was lonely, still young enough to wish for the companionship and special joy that only takes place within the bonds of matrimony, and the practicality of financial security was certainly no small instigation. Yet, I could not do it. I knew, beyond doubt, that we would never share even a tenth of what Mr. Annesley and I possessed. I decided it was better to be alone in my memories, and wait for another man of like passion to come along, if God willed it, than to marry for lesser reasons. You, my dear friend, are spoiled by the uncommonly rapturous marriages that surround you. I could be wrong, but I fear you will never be happy until finding that person who, as you said, completes your soul.”

“Dearest Georgiana!” Yvette gushed, enfolding her into another warm embrace. “We have been utterly desolate without you!”

“Dreary Lyon was positively lifeless when you departed,” Zoë added with feeling.

“It is true,” Yvette agreed, curls bobbing with each emphatic nod. “Even our charming chateau was gloomy without your presence to light the atmosphere. And not a single ball or soiree to entertain since the de Marcov wedding reception!”

“Shocking,” Georgiana gasped.

“Indeed! I do believe I have forgotten how to dance!”

“Fret not, my dear Zoë. I am confident the skill will reassert itself once the music starts.”

“Ooh! Are you announcing a ball?”

“Yes, please say yes!”

Both girls dropped onto the settee beside Georgiana, pleading faces on either side of her. “I am”—she paused for the squeals of glee—“but not for two days”—another pause for the groans of dismay—“and first you must suffer through a sedate dinner party tomorrow night. It is, however, thrown to honor the de Valday relocation to Paris and the guest list numbers nearly sixty souls.”

This news was greeted with identical happy smiles and bobs of ebony ringlets.

“Quite perfect,” Frédéric noted from his casual repose on the chaise, “as that allots us tomorrow and Wednesday to shop. I am in dire need of new cravats and a fob for my pocket watch.” He pulled the glittering timepiece out of his waistcoat pocket, frowning as he polished the diamond-adorned fob on his sleeve. “And you, my lovely Yvette, have worn each of the hairpieces you own at least twice.”

Yvette’s hand flashed to the emerald comb embedded in her lush hair

.Zoë nodded in agreement, her face as mournful as her twin’s. “Alas, it will not allot us the time necessary to acquire new gowns. We shall be the laughingstocks of Paris wearing these woefully outdated dresses.”

“Ridiculous, all of you,” Georgiana laughed. “Zoë, your gown was brought to you while I was in Lyon—”

“Yes, but Parisian fashion changes daily!”

“Hardly! And the style is very similar to what I am wearing. I have no doubt you possess something adequate for the next few engagements until your modiste sews a new wardrobe.”

“The divine Mademoiselle Darcy is correct,” Frédéric declared, stuffing the shining watch back into his pocket. “The important part is that we are finally in Paris and parties await! Tell us, sweet Georgiana, who has been invited to our dîner de gala? Luminaries galore? A host of beautiful women?”

“The delicious Monsieur Butler, oui? To delight us with his stunning handsomeness and skilled hands upon the pianoforte, oui?”

“Sorry to disappoint, Yvette, but Mr. Butler is away from Paris at the moment.”

The twins gasped, Yvette pressing her hand against her heart and Zoë covering her mouth with the back of her hand, four wide eyes staring at Georgiana as if she had just announced the end of the world.

“The tragedy! To be separated from your heart and soul when your love is blossoming and at its most passionate!”

“Oh, you brave, brave girl, to be so cheery for us when your heart is breaking!”

Georgiana rolled her eyes. “Heavens, you two are the most dramatic females I have ever encountered! Mr. Butler is a friend, Yvette, not my ‘heart and soul’ so there is nothing tragic about our separation. You are very silly indeed.”

“Well, I am devastated beyond repair,” Zoë moaned.

“I as well,” Yvette concurred, although her eyes were not as doleful. “He will return soon, oui?”

“In two weeks. And he wanted me to tell you both that he shall atone for missing your dinner by flirting outrageously and fawning extensively once he returns.”

They brightened at that news and immediately launched into an animated discussion of attractive Parisian men. Strategies for coquettish behavior, charming repartee, and properly alluring clothing dominated the next half hour, Georgiana laughing and blushing at the same time.

Frédéric—who had remained silent—suddenly leaned forward, gazed intently at Georgiana’s face, and whispered, “Mr. Butler is merely a friend you say? Hmm… I sense a different emotion lurking under your skin.”

“You are as ridiculous as your sisters, Frédéric,” she whispered back, the twins busily adjusting décolletages for improved bosom display and not aware of the quiet exchange.

“Am I?”

“Yes, you are.”

“You deny your heart is captured? Ah”—he sighed—“you blush and divert your eyes. Telltale signs. Who is the fortunate man, my sweet? Is it the worthy Monsieur Butler or another dashing gentleman who has wrest away your heart?”

“No one has wrest my heart, Frédéric—”

“Your voice wavers,” he interrupted. His tone was compassionate and eyes tender, drawing Georgiana in. “You struggle with your emotions. Unsure, you are. Why does love confuse you so? Is your heart torn between several lovers?”

Sharing here a sampling of positive feedback received for Miss Darcy Falls in Love over the years since it was published in 2011.

These words of praise are from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:
4 & 5 Star reviews posted to online marketplaces (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Powells, BAM, etc.),
letters and emails sent directly to me, and comments left on my blog or other blogs where I was a guest.

Wonderful job, Sharon, I loved it! 5-Stars!   Yes! Sharon gives us the Georgiana story and does a magnificent job. It is really interesting to get a look into the lives of very talented young women in the Regency era and how difficult it was for them to get the training they needed to become the great artist that was lurking inside them. Georgiana finds her perfect husband, but it was not all roses. This book is still an integral part of the Darcy series and contains even more of the lives of the Darcy family. Remember that Georgiana is still a very important part of the Darcy household. I highly recommend this journey with Georgiana. (Arkansas Austen Fan)

Wow, What a Wonderful Romantic Book! 5-Stars!  This is what I call romance!! It is a sequel to the Austen classic, and it tells the story of Darcy’s sister Georgiana and her first experience as a woman who has the first taste of independence and experiences her first love. The characters are realistic and well developed, and the writing is very appropriate for the time period. As the main characters develop their feelings for each other, we are transported into the intense sensations that come from the dialogues and the chaste looks and touches that fill this book’s pages. I found myself completely enthralled into the story and the romance is oh, so sweet. I was captivated from beginning to end. One to read over and over!! (Ciotiziana)

Loved this book! 5-Stars!   How wonderful to read a truly unique story of Georgiana Darcy! So well written, fluid and moving, this book is a welcome addition to my library! (Angie R)

I absolutely loved it from start to finish… 5-Stars!   This book perfectly catches the character Georgiana! I absolutely loved it from start to finish and will read it again soon! Wonderful book by a wonderful author! (Lori)

I was given this book as a gift and I absolutely loved it. 5-Stars!   The writing was fast moving without feeling like it was being rushed. The characters were true to Austen’s originals. I have read a couple of JAFF where they take the character and turn them into something completely different which I am not fond of. These are the characters we fell in love with in a different situation. I highly recommend Sharon Lathan. (Danielle)

Love finally finds Georgiana!  It is a wonderful continuation of one of my all time favorite series. You’ll be falling in love with Mr. Butler and forgetting all about dreamy Mr. Darcy. {if only for the moment!!} Their love of music and the city of Paris create a wonderful backdrop.

This story was so sweet. 5-Stars!  Georgiana Darcy truly makes a marvelous heroine. Out of her brother’s watchful shadow, she is just beginning to stretch her wings, and where better to accomplish that than in the City of Lights? She makes many delightful new friends, including the musical, handsome Sebastian Butler. And that is all it is at first: a warm, treasured friendship. Watching it develop into more was a pleasure.  As in all of the best romances, there are things standing in their way. In the case of Miss Darcy Falls in Love, their main obstacles are themselves. They both make mistakes and there are foolish misunderstandings that make me shake my head at their mutual silliness. It was lovely. Poor Lord Caxton really didn’t stand a chance.  I really liked the depth of Sebastian Butler as a character. You can really get to know him, to understand and respect him. He’s a little older, a little more experienced than Georgiana, reminding me of Mr. Knightley. Georgiana is sweetly naive, but that hardly slows her down. She’s the sort of character who might get momentarily confused on her path, but when she makes up her mind she is a force to be reckoned with.  This is a must for anyone who has read Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga, but even if you haven’t read any of her other books you should give this one a try.

I fell in Love with Miss Darcy!!! 5-Stars!  This is definitely my favorite book by Sharon Lathan!! The story starts out while Georgiana is in Europe. She meets up again with a Mr Butler who she previously met in London during her coming out. Mr Butler shares a love of music with Georgiana and they become fast friends. Georgiana is thrown into the social culture in France and is having a great time. Meeting new friends and possible suitors. This is where the story gets intriguing and has lots of angst. Georgina does not know her own heart yet. Who should she choose? There’s a tall dark and handsome Baron who would be perfect. All the other ladies swoon for his attentions. The story is wonderfully written and I felt like I was immersed in France listening to wonderful music. Definitely worth reading!! (Charlene)

Magnifique!!! 5-Stars!   WOW I absolutely loved this exquisite book!! I could not put it down until I was finished! I have loved Sharon’s novels since her very first (Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy). I can easily say that each one she delivers is even better than the last! In Miss Darcy Falls in Love right from the very beginning the lush and sensuous descriptiveness of Lyon, Paris and its inhabitants had me spellbound. I love Europe and I love music so the combination of these elements along with Sharon’s wonderful romantic touch made for a perfect story! The attention to detail is immaculate and thus transports me to the very scene which I am reading. This is so true that at one point I was speaking to Georgiana because her response to Lord Caxton had me so fired up! I love the way Sharon has developed Georgiana’s character (throughout all her novels) culminating in this exquisite story! There is no character or scene that Sharon leaves lacking. Each character has such a great backstory that it is hard to imagine they are not real. I am always in awe of Sharon’s genius. I love Sebastian Butler, Sharon has chosen/created the perfect husband for the beautiful Georgiana. The inclusion of Lord Caxton was such a great idea, sending my emotions into a turbulent spin! The mad rush to find Sebastian had me on the edge of my seat! But thankfully as always Sharon produced a wonderful ending to a perfect historical romance. Even though I could never have imagined Georgiana having her own story, I now wish to read more about her time with Sebastian and their lives at the Conservatoire de Musique in Paris! Bravo Sharon on a magnificent novel. (Vee)

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Must Have Book! Must read for Pride and Prejudice lovers!  The expansion of Georgiana’s character is done so well, I felt as though I know her. The story was wonderful adding new characters to the mix and continuing the lives of all the Darcy families. Wonderfully written descriptions as well. I feel as though I was there! Highly recommend this book!

Great writer. 5-Stars!  I do so enjoy Sharon Lathan’s writing. Good story line, believable romantic interludes, very tastefully written with not profanity or vulgar phrases. I highly recommend Ms. Lathan’s writing style. (Murph)

Georgiana finds happiness, and well deserved! 5-Stars!   Georgiana Darcy finds herself in a tough spot while she and her relatives travel through Europe and Paris. Sharon Lathan writes a compelling story where Georgiana’s character is true to the spirit of Jane Austen’s depiction of Georgiana in Pride and Prejudice. The man that Georgiana falls in love with is a kindred spirit and soulmate. The story is written from the point of view of both Georgiana and her beau. It is so intense and sweet to read, and very satisfying at the end when the couple is married in front of their family, including Darcy, Elizabeth and many others! (California Reader)

Georgiana’s story finally revealed. 5-Stars!  I loved this book as much as I have loved all of the other Darcy books written by Sharon Lathan. I feel as if I am there with the characters and interacting with them. Seeing Miss Darcy emerge from a timid and shy girl and grow into a talented and beautiful woman was very entertaining. Sebastian Butler as her friend and eventual mate was exciting and enchanting. I cannot wait until her book about Dr. Darcy is released! Write faster Sharon! (Mummer)

Love the newest book from Sharon! 5-Stars! Love this book! Read from front to back in a couple of days it was such a fun read. Sharon always puts much research into her books but this one definitely goes way above and beyond. There is so much to take in and the reader is literally transported from the black and white pages of the book to Paris and Lyons, into ballrooms, into intimate conversations between blossoming lovers, into Georgiana’s torn heart of hearts as she debates a dilemma of a lifetime that has you guessing until the end! But Sharon executes a wonderful ending that had me cheering Georgiana on as she stands up for herself in the name of love. I loved the details of a bygone era, one of which Georgiana is so brave to enter into by taking her love of music into a public arena. I too wondered if I would like reading a story on Georgiana alone without our beloved Lizzy and Darcy intertwined but it turns out I SO loved it. The characters are richly developed and I learned to love Georgiana even more and in her own right as a young, intelligent, beautiful woman. Such a wonderful book and now that I read it I love how we now know the rest of Georgiana’s story! (Hava Meronk)

A must read!! 5-Stars!  Sharon Lathan does it again! Here is another must read that should be on everyone’s list!  Mr. Darcy has a younger sister, and why shouldn’t she fall in love as well? She does, but which gentleman does she pick? I couldn’t read it fast enough to find out! Again, a must read!!

Great book. 5-Stars!   Very interesting take on Georgiana Darcy, much like her brother and Lizzy her romance with Sebastian is filled with misunderstandings and stubbornness. I would have liked to see her interact a little more with her family since she is such a shy and family oriented person, but it was a good story nonetheless. I hope to get more of the Darcy family as well and the new Butler family from Sharon Lathan.

This was a beautiful and eloquently written piece of work, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 5-Stars!   The agony between the two main characters is almost palpable and I felt for them both. The second to last scene is a bit risque but was classy and appropriately sweet and sexual. It was like reading chocolate. I admire the control the author has in balancing detail while maintaining a sense of propriety. Lovers of Jane Austen will adore this novel! (Liz)

Pride and Prejudice continues, thank goodness! 5-Stars!  Sharon Lathan’s continuation of Pride and Prejudice is a joy to read. I have enjoyed each and every book in her series. Georgiana’s story is fitting and delightful. Hopefully, there are more books to come. (Judy Blumenthal)

A Happy Ending for Georgiana! 5-Stars!  I am a real fan of Ms. Lathan’s work and this one does not disappoint. Don’t expect a lot of Darcy and Lizzie in this one, it is truly focused on Georgiana and it’s nice for her to have her voice heard. It deserves a five for being a lush representation of the era. I was also thrilled to see a little bit of a spoiler in the end of the book for an upcoming one. Thanks Ms. Lathan for another fabulous book! (Running Shoe Girl)

Loved it!!! 5-Stars!  I so much enjoyed this book. I was eagerly waiting for it release and I was not disappointed. Sharon Lathan’s writing puts you right into the story. I’ve become a huge fan of her books and I can’t wait for more. (Erica B)

Great fun! 5-Stars!  I loved this book. It’s nice to see the background on some of the characters you’ve grown to know & love from Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. It’s wonderful! (Maureen Ninteman)

Wonderful! 5-Stars!  As usual, Sharon Lathan wins me over with her writing. Great, entertaining book. A great rendition and honor to Jane Austen. (D. Hughes)

Another amazing Lathan book! 5-Stars!   This is another amazing continuation of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice!! I could not have enjoyed more. Looking forward to what Sharon Lathan can come up with from here. (Shannan T)

Enjoyed a Love Story that had many challenges. 5-Stars!   A great love story that appeared to be two people who were meant for each other but took a very long time to realize it. I enjoyed this story very much. (Idy G)

Lathan’s versions are by far my favorite. 5-Stars!  I stumbled upon Lathan’s first book Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy Two Shall Become One many many years ago in Target and I fell in love. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book and I guess I was living under a rock I never knew that there were all these authors who took the characters and ran with it. Since I have read every one of Lathan’s books as soon as they’ve come out and I’ve never been disappointed. I love how she has branched out to include the lives of others who are very much loved by William and Lizzy. I have read many other continuation novels but Lathan’s versions are by far my favorite. (aacmama)

A very sweet story. 4-Stars!  I am a real fan of Sharon Lathan but I must admit I hesitated quite a while before I bought this book. I was not sure whether or not the story of Georgiana alone would hold my attention for a whole book. I really did enjoy her story – seeing her mature and gain confidence in herself and her talent. It was lovely to see her meet a man who not only shared her passion for music but also was willing to combine his talent with hers. (Heddie)

5-Stars!  5-Stars!  5-Stars!

I’ve read this series so many times I know it by heart and can quote it. These books draw you in so thoroughly its as if you are Elizabeth’s intimate friend. (Wendy)

I have read all of the Sharon Lathan series books about the Darcys and loved each and every one. I hope she writes more of them so that I can see what happens to them in later life. (di)

OMG! I love Sharon Lathan. As a fellow Austen junkie, I found her books by accident. She does the research, grows the relationship and just makes it seem like Jane Austen is in the 21st century. (Megan)

I love Pride and Prejudice and have read all the book after and just can’t get enough. This is a must read. (Cammie Royce)

I really enjoy reading Jane Austen Inspired novels, and have loved the series Sharon Lathan has created and expanded upon based on Pride and Prejudice. I eagerly await the coming of the next one in her series. (Maine Marmee) 

I enjoyed this book greatly. Sharon Lathan is a wonderful writer. Picks up where Jane Austen’s book left off. I would recommend all of the Sharon Lathan books to any and all Jane Austen fans. Beautiful writing style. (Trisha M) 

I enjoyed reading this book. Mrs. Lathan did it again. (Phyllis Swain-Taylor)

Wonderful! What a delightful story! I loved it! Even Georgiana got her happy ever after too! (Cindie Snyder)

Great book. Sharon Lathan captures your attention so well you feel like it is about real people and want to know what happens next. (sweety ank)

I love Ms. Lathan’s work! She really made a story pop and come to life with this unique twist on Jane Austen’s work. For some reason, I never really like Miss Darcy’s character in other works. She just seemed a bit off and too quiet for my likings. But, Sharon Lathan really created a story for Miss Darcy that really caught my heart.

I loved how Ms. Lathan took a time in history and brought it to life with her characters and plot line. Miss Darcy’s story is uniquely written. Watching Miss Darcy and her love of music was amazing. I felt myself instantly transported and walking along side of Miss Darcy.

Seeing Miss Darcy realize that it doesn’t matter what others think, or what they might expect of you, that it’s okay to follow YOUR heart, and to fall in love with whom your heart calls you to love. It was a fun loving journey!

If you are a Jane Austen fan, if you love historical novels, then Ms. Lathan’s wonderfully written, vividly detailed, and sweet romance novel will be one that you don’t want to miss out on! I’m looking forward to another sweet novel from Ms. Lathan!

With this sixth book in Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga series, she takes a turn from the loving couple who started her writing career for her and gives us a look at Fitzwilliam’s sister, Georgiana. We’ve watched her grow from a quiet and shy girl into a confident and intelligent young lady, as well as a brilliant musician. It’s a nice change of pace, and Ms. Lathan does Georgiana proud.

On the trip of a lifetime meeting new friends, seeing exciting places, and gaining more experience and knowledge in her music, Georgiana’s whirlwind journey gets another jolt when she comes face to face again with Sebastian, an interested beau we met in a previous book. They share a love of everything music and immediately begin to meet to discuss that passion, play each other’s compositions, and leisurely explore museums and conservatories to their hearts’ content. For Georgiana it is a blessing to have someone who understands her desire to immerse herself in nothing else but melodies and lyrics. She does, however, become a bit homesick now and again in the midst of these very exciting times. Knowing she will eventually return home to marry and start a family as all young women her age do keeps her will strong to continue her journey.

Sebastian has had a more difficult time of it, having to deflect his father’s attempts to bring him home to be further groomed to take over the family estates when the time comes – and to start his own family as soon as possible. A prospective bride has already been chosen, though Sebastian wants nothing to do with the woman. Coming to an agreement with his father gives Sebastian three years to gain what he can at the Conservatoire de Musique in Paris, a dream he thought never to live. And the time he’s spending with Miss Darcy beforehand has also been a dream, one unexpected and enlightening. The woman is beyond ingenious.

Both Georgiana and Sebastian view their relationship as friends. It definitely starts out that way, but slowly, without them realizing it, their feelings become deeper and more meaningful. However, they each keep silent, not wanting to interrupt the other’s life path. Georgiana knows Sebastian’s heart is set on attending the conservatory and he knows her desire to return to England is growing with each passing day. Should they go their own way and leave behind a love that may last a lifetime or should one of them sacrifice their wants for the sake of the other? Neither is willing to test their options for fear of the hurt and heartache that may result.

But when Georgiana meets Baron Caxton, she’s taken by his masculinity and charm. She’s also torn now between two men who she’s grown to care for. While she paints the town with the baron, it’s Sebastian who seemingly bows out of her life, which causes both of them to reflect much deeper into their feelings and to make decisions that may come too late to halt lives changing directions they might never recover from.

There are a variety of secondary characters who throw fun and laughter into the story, most notably the de Valday twins, Yvette and Zoe, along with their brother, Frederic. All three are the typical flamboyant French and always out for a raucous good time. Sebastian’s grandmother, Lady Warrow, is also an interesting character. I love the scenes where she vexes her son over his continual fuss about Sebastian’s life choices and refusing to see the man he’s become. I have only one slight nitpick, which is near the end when Sebastian asks for Georgiana’s hand. I would rather have been shown that scene rather than being told about it. We’ve seen over the course of the series how protective Darcy has been of Georgiana all her life, so some emotions from him about this momentous life change for her would have added so much, especially since she’d been gone so long from home during her journey.

One scene I really enjoyed is when Georgiana is on her way to Sebastian and is constantly having her progress impeded. She finally takes matter into her own hands – time is of the essence! – and her flight toward him is well done, fraught with tension, longing, happiness, devastation and so much more, as is the immediate following scenes when life now looks bleak and without color for Georgiana. Also, the prologue brings surprises. I love the way Ms. Lathan gives this couple an afterlife, so to speak. Very inspired! And Dr. George Darcy gives those of us who follow this series a huge surprise. Is there more to come with him and his new-found happiness? Only time will tell…..

Oh, how I love Sharon Lathan’s books.  Seriously, Sharon’s books are a much needed break from my own reality and have helped mellow the romantic cynic in me.  Forget what I think “reality” is in romance, I want Sharon’s version!  Recently after finishing our first term at school, I felt like I was at my breaking point.  I picked up Sharon’s book, for what I thought would be a couple of chapters for a quick work break, that turned into a complete devouring of her book.  In one sitting, I started and finished Miss Darcy Falls in Love and can say that it was just what I needed.

In the characteristically romantic style of author Sharon Lathan, Georgiana Darcy’s story feels nothing like a departure from our most famous Darcy couple, but feels more like a beautiful continuation within the family.  For fans of Pride and Prejudice, I think that most readers will agree that we want to see Georgiana happy in love someday, especially after all that she endured with George Wickham.  Now as an adult, and seeing the wonderful relationship of her older brother with Elizabeth Bennet, nothing could be better than to see Georgiana equally as happy in love.

Picking up where The Trouble With Mr. Darcy left off, we follow Georgiana home through Europe.  Focusing less on the travel aspect, and more on character development, we meet friends of the Darcys such as with Sebastian Butler.  Sebastian is not an ordinary character for his time, in that he is not necessarily aloof or terribly complicated.  That does not mean that he was not interesting.  His sweet character was kind and generous around others, but it was his passion for music that lent him that certain cluelessness that we love in Austen’s men.  Sebastian, in all his gentleness, has made fast friends with Georgiana and shared a real passion for music that bonds the two.  Their friendship was sweet and delectable.  As for Lord Caxton, who comes along to complicate it all, he seemed more like the villain than the possible love interest, which made it all the easier to love Sebastian and root for his awakening to what he had with Georgiana.

Sharon’s novels do contain sensual scenes, that are grippingly romantic.  If that is not your scene, let me warn you now.  I wouldn’t say that this novel is nearly as sensual as previous books though.  I get that some people do not enjoy having a romantic interlude spelled out for them, but I can’t say that is a reason to completely denigrate an author’s story.  Sharon’s writing has never felt overplayed, in my opinion, and her writing style has this period feel to it that is stunning.  As readers, we not only get swept away in the beauty of her writing, but we also develop a greater interest in her characters.  In every way, these characters feel real and applicable to us, with their dreams and emotions spelled out on the page.  Mixing the period with the timelessness and complications of romantic love, I simply can’t get enough of the romance Sharon writes.  Beyond being a fan of all things Austen and loving this period to begin with, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a delectable and delightful romantic romp back to a time when men and women held back on saying what they felt, yet showed it in a number of reserved, romantic ways.  Although the sixth in the Darcy saga,Miss Darcy Falls in Love can be read as a stand alone.  And for cynics of romance, which I would usually count myself a part, these books make me want to believe!

Ever since I agreed to begin reviewing for publishers, I’ve been hoping for that “dream” book. The one you read that makes you sigh a little inside as you put it down because you don’t want it to end. I was lucky enough to find that book with Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan. In my head all throughout the book, I was picturing Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Keira Knightley as Lizzy. I’m not usually one for having actors in my head, but because I loved the movie, I don’t mind. I was hoping that this story would follow more along the lines of the story I saw in my head as to how the Darcy’s life would be together after P&P was over.

And I was not disappointed. From the moment the story starts, it’s like a continuation of the movie. I love the fact that it starts from Darcy’s POV and you can just see the love shining from him as he looks at his beloved wife.

Maybe it’s naughty of me, but I admit to wishing someone would delve a bit more into the passion so evident between the two. Ms. Lathan does that well. It’s obvious the two of them have sex, but it’s not fully modernized to the point where you have every single mention of body parts and tab-a-into-slot-b like 99% of the romances out there. This book isn’t chaste by any means, but it’s also much closer to what I would expect. I know, that doesn’t make sense, but I’m doing my best here.

Ms. Lathan gives a richness to the story and details that you could almost expect Ms. Austen to have had them waiting just for this story. As I was reading, I could see what was happening in my head. The sights, sounds and emotions were so clearly detailed that I didn’t want this story to end.

And that’s what’s so great! She’s doing a full series on the life of Lizzy and Darcy. This is just book 1! *happy dance*

I can’t remember the last time I fell in love with a book like this. I can’t wait to share this with you and I’m hoping I’ll be lucky enough to speak to the author and maybe even give away a copy or two of this book. If you love Pride and Prejudice (especially the 2005 version of the movie), then I cannot stress to you enough how much you should go find a copy of this book. It’s awesome!

Was Pride and Prejudice your favorite Jane Austen book? It was mine, and the story Miss Darcy Falls in Love brings readers back to that world; this time, focusing on Mr. Darcy’s sister, Georgiana. I admit, I was also drawn to this book because Georgiana is a musician, and so is the hero of the story, Sebastian, and music happens to be one of my things. It’s also set in Paris, another intriguing quality.

The writing is excellent. The author, Sharon Lathan has a gift for words. The style is clever, and musical symbolism is used at its finest. Musical motifs are blended into the brilliant threads of the story, enhancing the plot. A Regency world is well constructed.

The characters are three-dimensional and quite interesting. Georgiana and Sebastian are great, charming and all-too-human. Their relationship builds so naturally, and the chemistry between them comes alive. Readers can feel their passion. The secondary characters add dashes of wit and sparkle to the book and aid in bringing Georgiana and Sebastian closer.

Suspense is created effectively with the introduction of the impossibly seductive Baron who falls madly in love with Georgiana. He holds great appeal to her. He could very well draw her away from Sebastian. After all, he also shares a great thing in common with her: music, and he’s very attractive. She’s thunderstruck when she meets him.

Other aspects of the plot add interest. Sebastian’s father vehemently insists that Sebastian marries a woman with a title, which Georgiana does not have. Also, Sebastian is expected to come home to England and learn how to be a future earl. However, his heart dictates that he follow his passion for music. How can these things possibly be reconciled?

At any rate, Georgiana experiences a steamy, passionate night with the man who turns out to be her true love. The love, passion, and excellence of style, as well as the writer’s superior talent with words is sure to win her new fans or satisfy old fans with this one.

Georgiana Darcy has always had one of my favorite characters from Pride And Prejudice.  That’s probably a bit unusual because she’s not exactly one of the most vocal characters.  I guess the best that you can say about her is that she has potential and Sharon Lathan explores that potential in Miss Darcy Falls in Love.

I love books about Georgiana.  She plays such a pivotal role in Pride and Prejudice but we know so little about her.  We basically only know that she’s really really shy, she loves her brother, and she was hoodwinked by the nefarious Mr. Wickham.  I search out books about her.  I may be the only person who does this but I just love her so much.  I mostly ship her with Colonel Fitzwilliam but Georgiana was great in this one.  She was so well-developed.  She had some of this same characteristics that I loved in Pride and Prejudice — her sweetness and shyness — but she was also much spunkier and much more independent.  I love how Lathan transformed Georgiana in simple ways but still was able to capture the character that I loved from Pride and Prejudice.

Now, we can’t simply talk about Georgiana.  We also have to talk about Sebastian.  I have come to the conclusion that if a character is named Sebastian, he is automatically awesome.  That is very much true here.  Even though I am loath to admit it, Sebastian is the perfect hero for Georgiana.  He is musically inclined and charming.  I know I said that I love her with Colonel Fitzwilliam but Sebastian kind of change my mind.  Not completely but still, it worked in this book.

First of all, I loved how this book is organized.  It was so perfect for Georgiana  and the perfect reflection of her talents and character (as well as Sebastian’s).  The writing was great and the story progressed nicely — even though the language does get a bit flowery here and there.  But the book was so good that it didn’t catch my notice very often.  I also did miss the presence of other Pride and Prejudice characters.  I always like for there to be cameos but there weren’t that many here.  Again, I didn’t mind it so much because the book was generally awesome.

I haven’t read Jane Austen Fan Fiction for years. I enjoyed it and was amused at how many words they used to actually say something. I feel the people in that time skirted around an issue. I told Ms. Lathan that they were so wordy. This is part of her reply. “I try to capture the essence of Austen’s style, not going too modern nor too far into the past. Some say I capture Austen style right on – which always makes me laugh because I don’t think anyone can do that, nor would I want to since it is too much. But I do go for a higher style, if you will. People did indeed talk in a much grander way with bigger words, a greater command of language and vocabulary, purple prose, minimal slang, etc. All part of that world we admire…. They had to be very clever with their phrasing, in large part to avoid overt flirting or impropriety.”

The story develops a beautiful friendship and an ever-deepening love. It was a sweet journey. If you are a JAFF reader and haven’t read Sharon Lathan you most certainly should. All her books are happily ever after endings and entertaining with their language giving us a peek at Europe in the early 1800’s.

Wow, what a wonderful romantic book!  It is a sequel to the Austen classic, and it tells the story of Darcy’s sister Georgiana and her first experience as a woman who has the first taste of independence and experiences her first love.

The characters are realistic and well developed, and the writing is very appropriate for the time period. As the main characters develop their feelings for each other, we are transported into the intense sensations that come from the dialogues and the chaste looks and touches that fill this book’s pages. I found myself completely enthralled into the story and the romance is oh, so sweet. I was captivated from beginning to end.

Miss Georgiana Darcy has always been a favourite character of mine since I read Pride and Prejudice. As the younger sister of Fitzwilliam Darcy, she was a constant in his life, yet her story was never fleshed out.

Well, thanks to Sharon, it now has and is most beautifully done. Miss Darcy Falls in Love follows the love story of Georgiana, who is traveling in Europe with her Aunt and Uncle, Lord and Lady Matlock. Whilst there, she falls in love with a gentleman who shares her passion for music.

This love story is told with passion. Lathan’s writing is lyrical and very much written in a style that a piece of music would be played – which is perfect for the story, as the pathway to true romance has its own ups and downs, does it not?

The subtle interactions that the lovers have in realizing their love had me turning pages so quickly – however, this also had the opposite effect as I slowed down my pace towards the end to that I could make the story last longer!!

Sharon Lathan, I once again thank you for allowing me to enter a world filled with the Darcy Family. I eagerly anticipate your next novel on Dr. George Darcy with breath held.

Miss Darcy Falls in Love, the latest in Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga, is her best novel yet.

Georgiana Darcy has toured Europe, ending in France. In Lyon, she meets Sebastian, heir of the Earl of Essenton and a dedicated musician like herself. At last, Georgiana has found someone with whom she can share her deep love of music, and also her musical compositions. Sebastian feels the same way. Theirs is a meeting not just of minds and bodies, but souls as well. But Baron Caxton, a devastatingly handsome man for whom every woman feels an attraction, has decided Georgiana will be his wife. Georgiana feels the tug to the flamboyant Caxton, but will the tug to the quieter Sebastian be stronger?

The Regency genre is mainly populated by stories of rich and titled people whose only concern is for money, property and status. How refreshing to read about two people of this class who share a passion for something else (and I’m not just talking sex). Both Georgiana and Sebastian’s love, musical talent, and the hard work they must perform to develop that talent is a welcome change amid the welter of too-rich-for-their-own-good nobles.

Again, the story is rich with sexual tension, sumptuous historic detail, the glittering Paris of 1820, and plenty of music. I like the almost novel-length buildup in sexual tension as Sebastian’s and Georgiana’s denied passion increases bit by bit, and I suffered along with them as they dealt with the misunderstandings that threatened their happiness.

I especially like that Sebastian encourages Georgiana in her music, rather than turning all male and demanding she give up her passion in order to settle down to her woman’s lot of marriage and family. You have to love a man confident enough in his own masculinity not to feel threatened by a woman’s talent. And he’s blond (I love blond heroes!) and gorgeous, too. What’s not to like?

I am sure Sebastian and Georgiana will have a long and happy marriage. And you’ll have a good time reading Miss Darcy Falls in Love.

Finally, the wronged younger sister of the famous Mr. Darcy falls in love in Sharon Lathan’s newest Austen Sequel. Sharon Lathan is renowned for bringing Jane Austen’s characters to life and continuing their story as she’s done in the Regency romance novel Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Following on the heels of its predecessors, Miss Darcy Falls in Love adds more insight into the characters we came to know and love in Jane Austen’s famed Pride and Prejudice.

Miss Georgiana Darcy was left wronged by the infamous Mr. Wickham, but healing splendidly in Pride and Prejudice. Now, the rest of her story is finally told through the more modern words of Sharon Lathan. In The Trouble with Mr. Darcy we last see Georgiana traveling through Europe and returning with a secret of her own, being affianced to Lord Sebastian Butler, Viscount Nell. Here in Miss Darcy Falls in Love the tale is told, with a few cameos from familiar characters, the story mainly focuses on Georgiana’s new acquaintances.

At this point in the story, Lizzy Darcy nee Bennet has just welcomed her second son into the world and Georgiana is left to her own devices in foreign countries, under the guardianship of her aunt and uncle. Meeting such lifelong friends as the rambunctious de Valday siblings, the highlight of Georgiana’s travels is her introduction, or reintroduction rather, to Butler and Baron Caxton.

I loved that Sharon Lathan brought the English gentry to France and how appropriately she portrayed the French country, culture, and the intricately freeing music scene. The author really does have a way with words and aptly conveys the language and protocol of the era to her readers. The morals of the period come across through the characters, who practically breathe through the pages, they are so full of life. Writing a love story in which the characters do not make love until the wedding night is becoming a rarer commodity in today’s romance fiction, but one that made this story all the more invaluable.

The storyline reminded me a bit of Austen’s Mansfield Park -both characters madly in love with one another, but ignoring their feelings in order to preserve their friendship. I had mixed emotions about Georgiana falling so ridiculously for Baron Caxton’s good looks and charm, which reminded me of the naïveté of her young romance with Wickham. I had thought the character would have moved on from such mistakes, yet at the same time, it led a credibility to the character first created by Jane Austen and made Georgiana appear more human.

Lastly, I loved how the author put into words the stereotypical stuffiness of the English and the free spirits of the French, specifically through the brilliant sub-characters. The de Valdays and Butler’s friend Gaston, were such a joy to be introduced to, their personalities resonating with me long after I closed the last page, their image a memorable one.

All in all, I would count Miss Darcy Falls in Love as a credit to the Pride and Prejudice world created first by Jane Austen. Sharon Lathan really does the regency author credit by continuing her masterpiece and creating a saga that I would highly recommend to Austen fans and all historical romance fans in general.

Sharon Lathan has done it again! In Miss Darcy Falls in Love, she revisits the plot line from the end of The Trouble with Mr. Darcy where Georgiana comes back from Paris with a new beau, Mr. Sebastian Butler.

The new novel begins in Europe with Georgiana meeting two talented musicians who vie for her love.  Mr. Butler and Georgiana quickly become great friends as their enthusiasm for music is equivalent.  In attempts to understand their true feelings for each other, they often find themselves misinterpreting and misunderstanding the other’s comments and intentions.  Despite Georgiana’s adamant refusal, Mr. Butler pushes Georgiana to pursue her love of music at the conservatory, but societal customs cause her to balk at the chance.  Lord Caxton however, pursues Georgiana with great force and speed, attempting to secure a courtship without her guardian’s or even her very own approval.  Over the course of the novel the two men’s true characters are revealed, and Georgiana finds one to be a bit crass and manipulative, while the other ends up being the loving and supportive gentleman she has always dreamed of.

If you have read the previous book in the Darcy Saga series you know the ending before the first pages begin; however, if you are new to the series it is a beautiful novel with a fantastically romantic ending.  Something great about Miss Darcy Falls in Love, is that new readers can jump into the middle of the series without feeling lost. It is a separate story within the series, so both Darcy Saga fans, as well as readers looking for a Miss Darcy sequel in particular can enjoy.  Although new readers will be so sucked in and enthralled by it, I am sure it will cause them to go back and start from the beginning.  There are a few Miss Darcy sequels out, but this is by far the best I have read.  It is just an added bonus that it is part of her greater sequel series.  Lathan’s writing is encapsulating, and you are truly transported into the Georgian English world that Pride and Prejudice fans crave so hard heartily.  Her command of the Regency language and style not only entertains but educates.  As soon as I finish her newest book, I am immediately and anxiously awaiting the publication of her next. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Georgiana Darcy is touring Europe with her aunt and uncle.  Her love of music sets her apart from her peers.  In France, Georgiana and her friends receive an invitation to attend a party in honor of the betrothal of Lord de Marcov and an English woman.  At the party, Georgiana meets an old acquaintance.  He is a distant cousin and the brother of the bride-to-be.  Georgiana soon learns that they share a love for music.  Will friendship be enough for Georgiana?

Sebastian Butler is a gifted composer and musician.  The Conservatoire de Musique in Paris accepts him as a student.  Sebastian is a handsome man, but his love of music tends to bore most ladies.  Georgiana is different.  Her knowledge of music and composition matches his own.  They soon find themselves working together creating new music and improving other pieces written by Sebastian.  Their friendship slowly grows into love, but another man comes between them.  Can Sebastian win the hand of Georgiana?

Baron Caxton is in Paris to teach violin at the Conservatoire de Musique.  He once taught Sebastian at Oxford.  Baron Caxton meets Georgiana and decides to court her.  Under the impression that Georgiana and Sebastian are just friends, Baron Caxton becomes a constant fixture in Georgiana’s life.  Caxton dazzles Georgiana and she enjoys his company.  Caxton takes that as encouragement and assumes that they have an understanding.  What will happen when he learns the truth?

Sharon Lathan continues the Darcy Saga with the story of young love in France shortly after the Napoleonic era.  Most young women are taught to play an instrument so they can entertain perspective husbands.  Georgiana can play many different instruments and composes her own music.  She wants to make music her life, but there is no future for a woman in that field.  Georgiana never expected to find anyone with the same interests.  Sebastian is under pressure from his father to give up music and return home.  The responsibilities of the nobility are heavy and Sebastian does not want to live the rest of his life without his music.  Ms. Lathan gives the reader a clear idea of what life is like for the upper class in Europe during this time while weaving a tender love story.  Can Georgiana and Sebastian keep their love and their music alive?

In Sharon Lathan’s newest venture into the world of Pride and Prejudice, readers are given a chance to fall in love with one of Austen’s minor characters, Georgiana Darcy.

Georgiana Darcy, now coming of age, embarks upon a tour of Europe without her brother Fitzwilliam and sister-in-law Elizabeth.  During her time in Europe, she meets many new acquaintances, most significantly Sebastian Butler, a fellow music lover, and Lord Caxton, a teacher at The Conservatoire, a renowned musical school in Paris.  Both pay her a great amount of attention, albeit in different ways.  Sebastian becomes her musical collaborator, both playing and writing original compositions with her, while Lord Caxton seems to be intent on escorting her to balls, parties, and operas, taking her away from the musical world.  Both men engage in a bidding war over her heart, yet only one will win.  Who will Georgiana give her heart to?  How will she choose amongst these two charming yet exceedingly different men?

Having followed all of Lathan’s previous works I will say I was slightly confused when I started reading Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Knowing the end of her last work I immediately went to check online to see if I missed a book in the series.  Just to save you the confusion, this book takes place prior to the ending of The Trouble with Mr. Darcy, and ends after its conclusion.  I’m actually really glad that Lathan decided to go back and tell Georgiana’s story.  She was one of my favorite minor characters from the original, and I was always left wanting with her story. After everything that happened between her and Mr. Wickham in Austen’s original novel, she certainly deserves someone writing her a happy ending!

One of the most amazing things about this book is how it’s infused with “music.”  What I mean by this is Lathan takes musical terminology and intertwines the story with it.  The story itself is also written in a lyrical manner, flowing like a beautifully tuned instrument.  Georgiana’s rapidly changing feelings are similar to arpeggios, fast-paced in their movement, yet rising and falling in a steadfast manner.  She is conflicted in her feelings towards these two new male characters in her life, and is constantly questioning these new feelings.

Lathan does a fabulous job at expanding the framework that Austen laid out of Georgiana’s characteristics.  She is still a doting sister, constantly wondering how her brother and family are at home, as well as phenomenal musician.  It’s wonderful to see her grow in confidence under the tutelage of her companion and Sebastian Butler.  Their confidence in her and her talents lets the accomplished Georgiana within shine through.

Lathan has another home run hit on her hands here.  Her name is certainly solidified with what good Jane Austen fan fiction should be.  If you haven’t given her novels a try, I suggest you do.  Fast-paced and always full of the romance we all dream about, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is not one you’ll want to miss.

Sharon Lathan transports her readers to the world of Jane Austen in her latest book about the Darcy family. In this book, she focuses on Georgiana Darcy, a young woman traveling Europe with her family. Georgiana would like to find love, but hasn’t had much luck with that elusive element so far. She has finally overcome her shyness enough to enjoy the balls and dances she must attend which helps her to fit in a little better. Georgiana isn’t sure how to flirt and finds it a worthless talent until she meets the one man that she flirts with unconsciously.

Sebastian Butler loves music. Even though his father would like nothing more than for him to come home and take up the title, Sebastian sets out to Europe with his grandmother so that he can pursue his music. He wants to study with the greats, including Beethoven. When he meets Georgiana again, he is captivated not only by her grace and beauty but also by her interest and understanding of music.

Like all good historical romances, this one sets some obstacles in the path of true love. Sebastian’s father already has his bride chosen and although Sebastian disagrees; his father continues to push his choice. Georgiana although delightful, has no dowry or title to lure a groom. She has to rely on true love for the man of her dreams. The story of how these two overcome the obstacles and misunderstandings make for an intriguing read.

Ms. Lathan does an excellent job of writing the style of the period. Her prose evokes the authors of Austen’s era and does so without being dry or inaccessible for the modern reader. I could see the historical detail that she put into the text and appreciate the effort that she made to make it accurate. I enjoyed reading about Europe during this time frame and thought that she makes it feel quite real for her readers.

I enjoyed the story of Georgiana and Sebastian as well as seeing the other characters that surround these two people and the glimpses into their personal lives as well. This story is multi-dimensional which makes the characters more compelling.

Earlier this year I enjoyed Sharon Lathan’s The Trouble with Mr. Darcy, Book 5 in the Darcy Saga.  Within that installment is a brief reference to Georgiana Darcy’s romantic escapades while away in Europe, setting up the premise for the next book in the series, Miss Darcy Falls in Love.  I was excited about the concept and looked forward to the title’s fall 2011 release.

My expectations were more than realized in this delightful novel. For this Janeite and musician, there was much for me to admire and enjoy within the story and the structure itself.  Georgiana has always been a favorite character, and I loved how Sharon handled her journey. She mingled Miss Darcy’s love of music, her character traits as a Darcy and her desire for matrimony perfectly.

The chemistry between Georgiana and her love interest, Sebastian Butler is just wonderful.  I loved how they began their relationship as friends, sharing a common spiritual faith and passion for music as well.  My husband and I began in a similar way, meeting in the Baptist Student Union in college, enjoying friendship and sharing music together, long before romantic notions were held.  I’ve long held the belief that faith and friendship are essential foundations to any lasting marriage, and these elements are definitely a part of Georgiana and Sebastian’s budding relationship.

Of course, one of the main obstacles that the couple must face is that of a competing suitor, the charming Lord Caxton. While certainly not the best choice for Georgiana, I liked the fact that Caxton was not an out-and-out rogue or wicked individual. I suppose Georgiana learned her lesson with Wickham years before, although there is little to no mention of him at all here. She probably would not have entertained Caxton at all if he were such a man.  However, his looks, charm, propriety and desirability made him an attractive prospect for a time, and provided interesting tension in the story line.

Miss Darcy Falls in Love fits into that delectable category of books that make me stay up late reading, wanting to take in “just one more” chapter before heading to bed much too late in the evening (or wee hours of the morning).  If it were not for some family travel obligations in mid-November, I probably would have been reading it at all moments of the day as well.  I truly enjoyed Sharon’s characters and their musical and romantic journey together.

I’ve mentioned in past reviews that author Sharon Lathan will sometimes put too many details of intimacy in her stories.  While Miss Darcy Falls in Love does have a short dream sequence and a lengthy wedding night scene, the rest of the novel is relatively chaste in its details.  And even with the steamy passages, they are within the confines of marriage, both dreamed and realized. Once again I appreciate Lathan’s portrait of marital intimacy, making the marriage bed as attractive as other authors have made the beds of unmarried lovers.

For whatever reason, Georgiana Darcy has always been a favorite character of mine.  Sharon Lathan’s characterization of her is spot-on, and I love the infusing of music and faith within her story.  I have not read all of Sharon’s work, but thus far Miss Darcy Falls in Love is my favorite of her titles.  It’s incredibly romantic, enjoyable and a delightful addition to the Darcy Saga.  While I’m sure that Lathan will return her gaze to Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy once again, I hope she also reserves another book or two for the delightful Georgiana.

With Jane Austen spin-offs, re-tellings and adaptations so plentiful that they might as well constitute a new genre, this book manages to capture all the fun, spirit and heart of Austen’s works, while still remaining true to itself and its history and weaving a story with great insight and romance.

When Georgiana Darcy is sent on a European excursion with family friends, she is dazzled by the sights and the opportunities spread before her. Having lived a fairly sheltered life as the orphaned sister of the immortal Mr. Darcy, Georgiana is quiet and serious and is somewhat at a loss when it comes to the flirting and games that seem to be required in order to secure a husband. But when she meets Viscount Sebastian Butler at a ball in Lyon, she knows at once she has found a true friend. As the eldest brother of five rambunctious sisters, Sebastian is of a similarly reserved nature, though his infectious sense of humor cannot fail to bring a smile to Georgiana’s face. The two also share a deep love of music; though Georgiana’s education has not been extensive, Sebastian has studied with Beethoven and Liszt and is currently seeking admittance to the Conservatoire in Paris in order to continue his studies.

However, Sebastian’s obligations to his family and the title he will inherit are weighing heavily on him, and he knows it is only a matter of time before he will be forced to return to Hertfordshire, find a wife, and give up his musical aspirations in favor of the life of an English Viscount. Despite his grandmother and sisters, who are incredibly proud of all that he has accomplished, Sebastian’s father is growing increasingly impatient and intolerant of his son’s musical ambitions, and is determined to select a proper wife for him, despite Sebastian’s very vocal objections to his choices.

But none of the pressures of the real world seem to matter when Georgiana and Sebastian are together. In discussing their own compositions and their dreams for their future, a deep friendship soon forms, one that neither is willing to challenge, even as their feelings for each other begin to develop into something much deeper. Following their move to Paris, Sebastian is joined by his Oxford tutor, Lord Caxton. Caxton is everything a young lady could want in a suitor—tall, strong, devilishly handsome and thoroughly besotted with Georgiana. And though he goes to every length to prove to her that he is the man who can make her happy, Georgiana realizes that her heart has already been won—but has the truth come too late?

Like the works of Austen herself, one of the most memorable parts of this book is the number of wonderfully unique characters that inhabit it. Georgiana is a terrific heroine with a sweet, loving spirit. From a historical perspective, I enjoyed seeing a character who was very true to her time—Georgiana is very much a part of her family and an adopted sister to her host family, the De Valdays. In consequence, she hasn’t had to make very many decisions for herself, especially not when it comes to marriage proposals and true love, and watching her come into her own and make her own choices was a highlight of the story for me.

Sebastian is a wonderfully likeable hero. I’m so used to seeing brooding Alphas in my historic romances that it was a pleasant surprise to find a quiet, determined hero who was so charming and humorous that he won me over with no effort at all. Sebastian’s sense of fun is infectious, and his passion for music gives his character a depth that is really touching. You could sense his sheer joy in discussing his compositions with Georgiana and his need to prove himself on his own terms. In spite of all his father’s insults and threats, it is clear that sense of purpose he got from his acceptance to the Conservatoire meant infinitely more than a title and estate ever could, and I really respected that drive.

And while I’m normally not one for love triangles, this one was done really well. I loved that we had enough time to really get to know Sebastian inside and out before introducing his rival who, in any other book, would be the hands-down swoon-worthy hero. But is he right for Georgiana? The ending carried just the right amount of drama and angst, before resolving into a final worthy of some of the best 19th-century romances.

Though this wasn’t a quick read for me, I enjoyed the experience very much. This is a story that fully immerses its readers in the world of the characters, from the rainy streets of Lyon and Paris and the quiet hush of the churches and museums Georgiana visits, to the dazzle and splendor of the society balls that light up the evenings. It was also nice to follow a romance that didn’t spring from physical desire so much as from a really strong emotional connection that was forged between the two characters. Their discussion of music was fascinating, and often showed a great deal of insight into their unique personalities. Though perhaps not for everyone, as the basis of the plot is conversation and debate, this book reminded me of some of my favorite romances of the past centuries and I thought it was exceptionally true to its roots.

This book is a superb companion to chase away the chill of an autumn evening. I’ve not read any of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga series, so I can say for a fact that newcomers will be able to jump right in and enjoy, though I will admit the hints to other character’s stories might just have me looking for more in order to catch up!

Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga is a series of five novels and a Christmas Novella which follow on from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The latest installment in the saga; Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a companion novel to the main series and follows Mr Darcy’s sister Georgiana as she comes to the end of a Grand Tour of Europe. Set predominantly in France, the novel follows the style of Jane Austen’s original novel and is written in Regency tone and language adding a good dose of passion and romance and I can see why Sharon Lathan has built up such a following amongst fans of Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice.

Despite Pride and Prejudice being one of my favourite novels, I’ve never been tempted to read any of the many spin off novels that exist; I’ve read books based on characters’ love of Jane Austen and recently a modern adaptation of one of Jane Austen’s books but not a continuation of the original story. That changed when I saw the lovely cover for this novel and read that it focused on Georgiana who actually has quite a minor role in Pride and Prejudice, but is one of my favourite characters – I wanted to find out more.

The key story in Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a classic love triangle with the beautiful Miss Darcy attracting the attentions of two very handsome but distinctly different men; the young, fair, handsome, Sebastian Butler who has grown up with five sisters and immediately puts Georgiana at ease, striking up a strong friendship over their mutual love of music, and the dashing Lord Caxton, teacher at the renowned Paris Conservatoire music school who literally sweeps Georgiana off her feet with his dark good looks!

While the relationship between Georgiana and Sebastian evolves slowly, the one with Lord Caxton is more whirlwind and I really enjoyed reading her reaction to the two men and was gripped as she made her choice in a dramatic conclusion to her time in Paris! Lathan takes Georgiana as she is described in Pride and Prejudice and develops her as she grows up and experiences more of the world and I thought she did a really good job, keeping the essence of the character whilst allowing her to have her own adventures.

Music features heavily in the novel with each chapter and part taking its name from a musical term or movement. With lively descriptions of place and dress, Sharon Lathan has certainly done her research and, populated with a wonderful cast of characters, her Regency world is one I really enjoyed escaping to. My favourite characters were Mr Butler’s grandmother, Lady Warrow with her cheeky sense of humour and naughty asides, and Georgiana’s travelling companions the de Valday sisters who are always on the look out for the chance to flirt, shop, or party.  I also developed quite a soft spot for the lovely Mr Butler!

Despite five previous books and a novella in the series, I didn’t feel that I suffered as a reader for not having read the earlier volumes in the Darcy saga. Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a very enjoyable romance read and I hope to visit Sharon Lathan’s Regency world again very soon.

First thoughts after finishing this book:  To quote Georgiana,-“I am wildly and wantonly satisfied.”

I’m really glad that I took the chance to read a Lathan book again. Earlier this year I read one of her books and felt the sex was the story and there really wasn’t a plot. None of that really happens until the end of the book and it occurs exactly where and when it should. Sharon has fleshed out her characters and really brings them to life. I really enjoyed Georgiana’s story and am thankful that Lathan decided to spend some time with this intriguing person.  One of the most unique features in this story is the how music is used. I loved how passionate Georgiana was about writing and playing her own original music. I also enjoyed experiencing France through the eyes of a young lady who is touring Europe during the Regency time period.  The beginning did start out a bit slow for me but after about 30 pages the story really took off and came to a very satisfying conclusion.

For my fellow Pride and Prejudice variation readers, this is one that you MUST add to your reading list and/or stacks of books. You won’t be disappointed and may end up with the same opinion as me: I want more books that feature the minor characters from Pride and Prejudice.

Oh, that was a lovely read!

Want to know what became of Georgiana Darcy? With whom does she find love? Sharon Lathan wrote for her a hero that will grab all of our hearts. This was the sixth book in the Darcy Saga and moved away from Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy as the focal figure to tell Georgiana’s story.

Briefly, Georgiana Darcy has grown into a beautiful, talented young lady. She is on the Continent touring with her Fitzwilliam family. She makes the acquaintance and builds a friendship with Lady Matlock’s French friends and also meets up with distant relations in Lyon.

One of these distant relations is Sebastian Butler, a talented young musician, who is intent to study at the Conservatoire and not from any romantic attachments until he gets his education and must return to England and assume his duty to family and their estate. Sebastian and Georgiana forge a friendship based on their shared love of music. Both recognize their friendship is special, but it is not until a charismatic handsome rival comes along who shows interest in Georgiana that they both realize they share so much more. The rival, their misunderstanding of the other’s feelings, their differing views of what they wish for their future, and the scheming of Sebastian’s father are barriers to this budding love.

The backdrop of post-Napoleonic Lyon and Paris are very exciting the way the author described them. The main characters were sympathetic and well-drawn. The new secondary characters, the de Valdays, Marquis de Marcov, and Marchioness of Warrow, were fun additions to the story. There was very little conflict in the plot with misconception and missed opportunity playing the biggest role in this story. The plot moved along gently as a result.

This book could stand alone if you do not mind occasional back history references and spoilers to previous books.  There are mild sexual references and one mild scene toward the end between a married pair.  A sweet romantic read! Recommend for those who love seeing the Pride and Prejudice secondary characters as happy as Darcy and Elizabeth.

Miss Darcy Falls in Love by Sharon Lathan is a sweet love story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Many of us know the story of Darcy and Elizabeth and love it but this story takes us into the life of Darcy’s sister Georgiana and her experience with really and truly falling in love for the first time and it was a pure delight to read.

Georgiana has been touring Europe when she meets Sebastian Butler and her world tilts. Sebastian captures Georgiana’s interest when, at a dance, he mentions studying music. Music is something that is of utmost importance to Georgiana and she feels an instant connection to him because of it. Sebastian too feels this connection. He’s never met a woman who wasn’t instantly bored by his talk of music and yet Georgiana wants to hear more. His interest is piqued further when he learns that she plays and composes and does it very well.

The novel follows the ups and downs of Georgiana and Sebastian as they spend time together talking and sharing their love of music together. They become fast friends all the while secretly falling more and more in love with each other. There are numerous looks and touches that leave each of them feeling that there must be more between them but since each believes they are only friends, neither of them says anything. Georgiana believes that Sebastian’s future is with his music and hers is to go home and get married and have a family. Yet, doesn’t love usually conquer all?

It was so refreshing to read a love story like this and Austen sequels are always fun. I loved the back and forth between Georgiana and Sebastian – are they in love or aren’t they? Neither wants to hurt the other one so they keep their true feelings hidden. For some reason I’ve always loved romance stories like that. I get so frustrated with each character as they avoid the ‘love’ word and yet I love them at the same time and I adored both Georgiana and Sebastian.

Throughout the novel music is a main theme. In fact, it is what brings Georgiana and Sebastian together. I enjoyed all the references to music and its development back in the 1800’s. As for Sharon Lathan’s writing, it is wonderful. She literally swept me away into another time and place and her writing is so smooth and lyrical that the pages just seem to fly by and before you know it you have to leave all these characters that you’ve grown to love.

I would recommend Miss Darcy Falls in Love to all those who love Austen sequels and if you’re a reader that hasn’t tried one you should. Miss Darcy Falls in Love would be a great choice as it really stands on its own. Of course it helps to have some knowledge of Pride and Prejudice but even so I don’t think you’d really need it to enjoy this book. I can’t wait to read more of Sharon Lathan’s work!

This story was so sweet. Georgiana Darcy truly makes a marvelous heroine. Out of her brother’s watchful shadow, she is just beginning to stretch her wings, and where better to accomplish that than in the City of Lights? She makes many delightful new friends, including the musical, handsome Sebastian Butler. And that is all it is at first: a warm, treasured friendship. Watching it develop into more was a pleasure.

As in all of the best romances, there are things standing in their way. In the case of Miss Darcy Falls in Love, their main obstacles are themselves. They both make mistakes and there are foolish misunderstandings that make me shake my head at their mutual silliness. It was lovely. Poor Lord Caxton really didn’t stand a chance.

I really liked the depth of Sebastian Butler as a character. You can really get to know him, to understand and respect him. He’s a little older, a little more experienced than Georgiana, reminding me of Mr. Knightley. Georgiana is sweetly naive, but that hardly slows her down. She’s the sort of character who might get momentarily confused on her path, but when she makes up her mind she is a force to be reckoned with.

This is a must for anyone who has read Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga, but even if you haven’t read any of her other books you should give this one a try.

Miss Darcy is on a tour of Europe and happens upon a distant relative, Sebastian Butler. Georgiana not only enjoys his company; but they share a love of music that cannot be surpassed. Along comes Lord Caxton, a much older man, who has his sights set on the lovely Georgiana. She enjoys his company also; but when he wants to make a formal commitment, Miss Darcy drags her feet.

Georgiana and Sebastian collaborate on some musical pieces. Both feel some attraction to the other but neither one wants to put a name to their relationship. How naive young people can be. Lord Caxton, on the other hand, has no problems with voicing his opinion, even if it means deceiving the other party. Will she and Mr. Butler ever decide to verbalize the way they truly feel about each other?

This is the seventh book in the Darcy Saga. I have not read any of the others; but this book can easily stand alone. I am not a big fan of Jane Austen; but this was probably one of the better ones that I have read. I know this is a different era from today; but I have such difficulty with the formality of the times. The storyline in general was quite good. It was a bit slow at times; but it was able to maintain my interest. It was such a pleasure to see how Sebastian and Georgiana interest in music brought them together on so many levels. Lord Caxton was another story. There was just something so off putting about this man. I don’t think he ever really listened to what Georgiana ever said. He heard what he wanted to hear. I am sure you Austen fans out there will truly love the story.

In this book Miss Darcy is very much in love with music and active in her playing. You could feel her struggle throughout the story between her love of music and what was expected of her… marriage, babies, and helping with the house. How could one be a mother and continue to write music? This is a minor theme but really hit home for me.

There is a contrast between two of her suitors on this point. One is pushing her to become more and study at the famed school. The other thinks women don’t have time beyond being able to entertain. From there she has to decide about her feelings. Friendship, lover, just a strike of lightning?

The story comes together and also gives us an after they agree to marriage look. We get to see snippets of the wedding and a peek into life a few years out. I really liked this part of the book. Most times we get the falls in love, marriage and that’s it. I liked seeing what happened after the marriage. Umm, which I should admit, was a little steamy. Nothing graphic but Lathan does get much more descriptive than the original!

This book is part of a series, but it works wonderfully as a stand alone novel, as the other books have been mostly about Lizzy and Darcy, and in this one it is Georgiana who takes the stage. So this is fully her book as we do not even get to meet Lizzy and Darcy. Sure you can read all the ones before, but you can also enjoy it as it is.

I do love my Pride and Prejudice stories, but I love the side characters just as much, and it was wonderful to see Georgiana fall in love, and with a man who fits her so well. She needs someone like her in certain aspects and I did like the man who at last wins her heart. And that is truly what this book is about. Georgiana is in Europe, meeting new friends, longing for home, and then meeting someone new, and not just one man. No, there is a choice to be made. But we all know which man she will pick. Or hope she will pick. They are both good in their own ways, but I do think Georgiana played a bit with the one man’s feeling (not knowingly), but afterwards I felt really sorry for him and hoped he would find love again.

Lathan is known for her sensual books, but this one is again different since it deals with Georgiana, and her being unwed, well we can’t have anything like that going on. There the book differs from the other books in this series. It is more romantic and longing. It was a wonderfully sweet book and as always it was fun to meet everyone again, or at least hear about them since Lathan truly has worked on this series, and wanting to give everyone happy endings. And I do like hearing about them all. A good book in this series, and an equally good book that can stand on its one. Lathan is a true romantic.

Being a fan of Pride and Prejudice, I couldn’t pass up the read. Although I had not read the previous books to Lathan’s series, I still found myself entranced with the characters. For those of you who love Austen novels then you have to read this. Lathan takes the minor characters of Austen’s and breathes life and magic back into them.

Georgiana Darcy is on a tour of Europe without her brother Fitzwilliam and sister-in-law Elizabeth. While on tour she meets two men, both who will change her life. One who embraces her with the love of music and the other who insists on taking her around to balls. Both men want her attention, but only one will succeed. I don’t want to give it away so you will have to pick a copy up to find out who Georgiana stays with.

Although it’s a series book, Lathan does go into the details of who the characters were and their back story so I didn’t feel left out of the loop. Historical romance readers will enjoy the details and time Lathan took in this book and will want to find themselves transported back into that time. I’m also glad she chose such a minor character in the Austen books and brought her back to life in front of readers again. If you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop in history along with the romance we all dream about, then you’ll fall in love with Miss Darcy Falls in Love.

While it can be read as a stand-alone, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is the sixth part of Lathan’s Pride and Prejudice series. However, this is the first book in the series that moves away from Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. You will not find the beloved couple in this book at all. This may be an unpopular opinion, but huzzah for that! Don’t get me wrong. While I do love and adore Austen sequels, I am also pretty tired of things mainly focusing on Mr. Darcy when Austen’s novels are populated by plenty of other amazing characters as well. So this was a very nice reprieve.

Here we see Georgiana fall in love with a man who is so wonderfully perfect for her, and while this book is focused around the much-overdone love triangle, Lathan proves she is indeed a master at writing both Regency romance and Austen continuations. While Lathan’s other books may focus a bit more on sensuality, Miss Darcy Falls in Love positively oozes with yearning and sweet romance which will appeal to a wider Austenesque audience.

This was a very cute story. I would have to say this book could be a standalone so if you haven’t read the others you can still read this one and it would be time well spent.

I just love the friendship that turns to love between Georgiana and Sebastian. Their relationship just seems so natural and easy but they refuse to admit to their deeper feelings and remain best friends for a good portion of the book. If you’re in the mood for an easy, cute and fun read this would be an awesome book to pick up. It’s not too hot and steamy but it didn’t need it if that is something you prefer. Overall I really enjoyed this book.