Novel Gallery ~ Character Portraits

Original period portraits (for the most part) chosen to depict the various characters within the entire 10-volume Darcy Saga Sequel Series by Sharon Lathan. These portraits fit my mental vision of each character as closely as possible. Some tweaking in Photoshop was done to perfect the image.

Dates and descriptions in the captions are based on the Darcy Saga timeline, and do not adhere strictly to Jane Austen’s novels.

The characters depicted in this Gallery are major players in the story and family ancestry — even if deceased, only alluded to, or appearing in a flashback. Not included on this page are characters with minor roles, those appearing only in a specific novel, and the multitude of children (who naturally age over time). However, most of the characters in this latter category are added to the appropriate Novel Gallery for the novel in which they appeared.

An extensive Family Tree and detailed Character information for each novel can be found at this link: Darcy Saga Characters

*WARNING: Images may provide hints to the story.


James Darcy, Senior

~Master of Pemberley~
father of Mary, James, Estella,
twins George and Alex, and Philip

Emily Darcy

wife of James Sr. ~
mother of Mary, James, Estella,
twins George and Alex, and Philip

Mary Darcy (Baroness Oeggl)

married Baron Oeggl of Austria

James Darcy II

~Master of Pemberley~
married Lady Anne Fitzwilliam~
father of Alexandria, Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana

Estella Darcy (Montrose)

b. 1762
married Xavier Montrose~
mother of one son and one daughter

George Darcy, Physician

b. 1767
father of Alexis with Lady Ruby Thomason~
father of Bhrithi with Jharna Ullas~
father of twins James Ullas and Emily Priyala with wife Amanda Annesley

Alex Darcy

twin of George

Phillip Darcy

b. 1775
banker, lives with wife and children
in Manchester


Alexandria Anne Darcy


Fitzwilliam Darcy

b. 1787
~Master of Pemberley~
married Elizabeth Bennet~
father of Alexander, Michael, Noella,
Audrey, Nathaniel, and Thomas

Georgiana Darcy (Butler)

b. 1799
married Sebastian Butler


Earl & Countess of Matlock

(both deceased)
Alistair & Catherine Fitzwilliam~
parents of Malcolm, Catherine,
Anne, and Muriel Fitzwilliam

Lady Catherine (de Bourgh)

b. 1756
married Sir Lewis de Bourgh~
mother of Anne de Bourgh

Malcolm, Earl of Matlock

b. 1759
married Lady Madeline Hamilton~
father of Jonathan, Richard,
and Annabella Fitzwilliam

Lady Anne (Darcy)

married James Darcy II~
mother of Alexandria, Fitzwilliam,
and Georgiana

Lady Muriel (Griffin)

married Mr. Aaron Griffin of Derby


Madeline, Countess of Matlock

b. 1762
married Malcolm Fitzwilliam, Earl of Matlock~
mother of Jonathan, Richard, and Annabella

Jonathan Fitzwilliam

b. 1782
future Earl of Matlock~
married Lady Priscilla

Richard Fitzwilliam, Colonel

b. 1785
married Lady Simone Fotherby~
father of Avery~
step-father to Oliver, Harry,
and Hugh Pomeroy

Lady Annabella,
Viscountess Montgomery

b. 1790
married Viscount Montgomery

Sir Lewis de Bourgh

d. 1812
married Lady Catherine Fitzwilliam~
father of Anne de Bourgh

Anne de Bourgh (Penaflor)

b. 1788
married Dr. Raul Penaflor~
mother of Margaret


Thomas Bennet

b. 1754
~Master of Longbourn~
married Rose Gardiner~
father of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary,
Kitty, and Lydia

Rose Gardiner (Bennet)

b. 1773
sister of Edward Gardiner~
wife of Thomas Bennet~
mother of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary,
Kitty, and Lydia

Jane Bennet (Bingley)

b. 1794
married Charles Bingley~
mother of Ethan and Charlie

Elizabeth Bennet (Darcy)

b. 1795
married Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley~
mother of Alexander, Michael, Noella,
Audrey, Nathaniel, and Thomas

Mary Bennet (Daniels)

b. 1797
married Joshua Daniels~
mother of Deborah and Claudia

Katherine “Kitty” Bennet (Artois)

b. 1798
married Major General Randall Artois

Lydia Bennet (Wickham)

b. 1800
married George Wickham

Edward Gardiner

b. 1755
brother of Rose Bennet~
married to Violet Gardiner~
father of four children

Violet Gardiner

b. 1780
wife of Edward Gardiner~
mother of four children


Charles Bingley

b. 1792
married to Jane Bennet~
father of Ethan and Charlie

Louisa Bingley (Hurst)

sister of Charles and Caroline~
married to Mr. Niles Hurst

Caroline Bingley,
Countess of Blaisdale

b. 1795
sister of Charles and Louisa~
married Lord Blaisdale~
mother of John


Xavier Montrose

married to Estella Darcy~
landowner in Exeter, Devon

Baron Guenther Oeggl

b. 1750
Austrian, married to Mary Darcy

Beryl Darcy,
Marchioness of Warrow

b. 1747
sister of James Darcy Sr~
mother of Albert and Jonas Essenton~
grandmother of Sebastian Butler

Raul Penaflor Aleman de Vigo,

b. 1786
Spanish royal~
married Anne de Bourgh~
father of Margaret

Sebastian Butler,
Viscount Nell

b. 1797
musician and composer~
future Earl of Essenton~
married Georgiana Darcy

Amanda Annesley (Darcy)

b. 1783
Companion of Georgiana Darcy~
married Dr. George Darcy~
mother of twins James Ullas and Emily Priyala

Lady Priscilla Fitzwilliam

b. 1788
future Countess of Matlock~
wife of Jonathan Fitzwilliam

Lady Simone,
Marchioness of Fotherby

b. 1787
married Richard Fitzwilliam~
step-mother of Oliver, Marquess of Fotherby~
mother of Harry and Hugh Pomeroy,
and Avery Fitzwilliam

Randall Artois,

b. 1785
married to Kitty Bennet

Joshua Daniels

b. 1792
solicitor in London~
married to Mary Bennet~
father of Deborah and Claudia

George Wickham

b. 1789
married to Lydia Bennet

Niles Hurst

married to Louisa Bingley

Oliver Pomeroy,
Marquess of Fotherby

b. 1802
step-son of Lady Simone

Harry Pomeroy

b. 1811
eldest son of Lady Simone by the Marquess of Fotherby

Hugh Pomeroy

b. 1814
second son of Lady Simone by the Marquess of Fotherby

John Clay-Powell,
Earl of Blaisdale

b. 1781
married Caroline Bingley~
father of John II

William Collins, Reverend

Bennet family cousin~
married Charlotte Lucas~
father of twins Rachel and Leah

Charlotte Lucas (Collins)

married Mr. Collins~
mother of twins Rachel and Leah

Kshitij Ullas, Physician

Associate of Dr. George Darcy~
married to Jharna Ullas~
father of Nimesh and Sasi

Jharna Dhamdhere Ullas

wife of Dr. Kshitij Ullas~
companion of Dr. George Darcy~
mother of Nimesh, Sasi, and Bhrithi

Searc McIntyre, Physician

Scottish friend and associate of Dr. George Darcy~
married to Lileas~
father of two daughters

Anoop Shukla

Indian friend and servant of
Dr. George Darcy

Gerald Vernor

residence Sanburl Hall in Derbyshire~
married to Harriet~
father of Stuart and Spencer

Harriet Vernor

wife of Gerald Vernor~
mother of Stuart and Spencer

Stephen Lathrop

residence Stonecrest Hall in Leicestershire~
married to Amelia~
father of Fiona

Amelia Lathrop

wife of Stephen Lathrop~
mother of Fiona

Clifton Drury

residence Locknell Hall in Derby~
married to Chloe~
father of Clive

Chloe Drury

wife of Clifton Drury~
mother of Clive

Rory Sitwell

residence Reniswahl Hall in Stavely~
married to Julia~
father of four sons

Julia Sitwell

wife of Rory Sitwell~
mother of four sons

Albert Hughes

residence Rymas Park near Baslow~
married to Marilyn~
father of Christopher and Abigail

Marilyn Hughes

wife of Albert Hughes~
mother of Christopher and Abigail

George Fitzherbert

residence Brashinharm near Baslow~
married to Alison~
father of Andrew and Neville

Alison Fitzherbert

wife of George Fitzherbert~
mother of Andrew and Neville


Mrs. Reynolds
Pemberley Housekeeper
Mr. Taylor
Pemberley Butler
Mrs. Langton
Pemberley Cook
Mr. Keith
Steward of Pemberley
Samuel Oliver
Marguerite Charbaneau
Lady’s Maid
Mr. & Mrs. Burr
Pemberley Gamekeepers
Mr. Travers
Darcy House Butler
Mrs. Smyth
Darcy House Housekeeper
Mrs. Hanford