The Trouble With Mr Darcy

Keep Friends Close…   Enemies Closer…

What could threaten the perfect romance?

Just as Darcy and Elizabeth are facing the most intense challenges of their marriage, George Wickham returns to Hertfordshire bent on creating trouble. But Wickham is only a pawn for someone who is even more unscrupulous than he is, and everything Darcy cherishes most is thrown into deadly danger.

Knowing that Wickham has nothing left to lose, Darcy must confront his villainous enemy and his own demons at the same time.


Even charmed lives will encounter troubles along the way. After a time of happiness and strife, Darcy and Elizabeth gather with family and friends in Hertfordshire to celebrate the wedding of Kitty Bennet. Georgiana Darcy returns from a lengthy tour of the Continent with happy secrets to share, accompanied by the newlywed Colonel Fitzwilliam and Lady Simone, who may have secrets of their own. The stage is set for joy until the party is upset by the arrival of the long absent Mr. and Mrs. Wickham.

Wickham’s jealousy and resentment of Darcy has grown steadily throughout the years and Darcy rightly suspects that Wickham is up to no good. Darcy enlists the aid of Colonel Fitzwilliam to keep an eye on Wickham’s activity, but neither anticipate the extreme measures taken to exact his revenge. Nor do they fathom the layers of deception and persons involved in the scheme.

Elizabeth and her son are thrown into danger. Knowing that Wickham has nothing left to lose, Darcy and Fitzwilliam rush to the rescue in a race against time. Faithful friends and family rally in the time of crisis, but what kind of battle will be faced? Will peace be restored and the charmed life continue?

This lushly romantic story takes a turn for the swashbuckling when Mr. Darcy has to confront the villainous Wickham and his own demons at the same time… devoted as he is, what battles within will Mr. Darcy have to face?

Alexander’s second birthday was celebrated with an elaborate party. Dozens of Derbyshire friends partook of the fun, their children the honored guests as playmates to Alexander. Lizzy was a buzzing bee in her desire to provide for her guests and her son. At times, her behavior crossed into frenetic with shrill laughter and addled sentences. Every last person noted her altered appearance and fragility with concern.

Yet somehow she managed to hold herself together until it was over. Visibly shaking, she bid her last good-bye to Harriet Vernor, sagging against the door as soon as it was closed. Darcy reached for her, but she snapped at him and pushed him away. He watched helplessly as she climbed the stairs.

“Dearest, you need to come to bed.” Darcy pleaded that night, entering the nursery where Lizzy sat beside the cradle.“I want to make sure he is asleep,” she countered, eyes centered on the slumbering Michael.

“He is asleep. As is Alexander. I read with him until he fell asleep. I barely managed to read one sentence without him interrupting to talk about his party. His enthusiasm is as intense as yesterday and he will likely be up at the crack of dawn to play with all his new toys. Poor Miss Lisa.” He chuckled, vainly attempting to lighten the mood. “Maybe it is just as well I have no business plans tomorrow so I can devote some time to manning the castle with the new set of tin Spartans and Mongols. He would not rest until he testing the catapults for himself.” He laughed again, sincerely this time as the thrill of this birthday with his son displaced the melancholy. “I confess I am as anxious as Alexander. Sharing the joys of presents with a child is superior to anything I can imagine. Goodness knows he has enough gifts to keep us occupied for hours!”

He paused, realizing that Lizzy was not listening. She stared at Michael, no expression on her face, eyes dulled and drooping. Darcy’s insides clenched painful, as they always did when he encountered her obvious affliction and decline, but lately he had noticed other emotions rising: anger, frustration, impatience, and, most frightening of all, a horrid sense of detachment and grief, as if something precious had died.

He sighed, closing his eyes briefly and offering a silent prayer. “Come, Elizabeth, take my hand.”

She did, listlessly rising and walking to his side. She stood by the bed complacently as he removed her robe, strong hands stroking over the silky skin of her arms. He cupped her face, lifting it to meet his eyes. “Please, beloved, tell me what is troubling you? I am so worried for you.” His soft voice, brimming with concerned agony, brought tears to her eyes.

“I do not know,” she whispered. “I am so tired… all the time tired.”

“I keep encouraging you to rest, do I not? You must not push yourself so, my heart. Relinquish the chores to Mrs. Hanford and others. Let us help you! Please, Elizabeth, heed my advice.”

In an instant her eyes were angry. “Oh yes! Mr. Darcy who knows what is best for everyone! Must you control the entire world, William? Tell everyone what to do?”

Darcy paled, stepping back a pace in utter shock. But Lizzy followed, her face enraged, finger stabbing him in the breastbone. “I do not need you to tell me how to be a mother! I am a good mother, an excellent mother! My babies need me, not a servant! Stop… just stop… ordering me…”

Her voice was shrill and body shaking as her eyes welled with angry tears. It was her wildest outburst yet and Darcy had never felt so cold.

“Elizabeth Darcy, listen to me.” He spoke in his authoritative voice, normally more than adequate to quell any adversary. “You are irrational and raving. Calm yourself and let me help you. Try to be reasonable!”

But his words were cut short by a stunning slap to his left cheek. He gasped, recoiling as his hand rose to cover the sting. It was not so much the pain, although his wife did have a strong arm, but the mind-numbing astonishment of what she had done.

Lizzy instantaneously crumbled in remorse. Hands covered her mouth as an anguished moan escaped. “Oh God! William, please forgive…”

“I shall be in my study if the children have need of me,” he icily intoned, eyes dead as he pivoted and left the room, slamming the door behind.

Lizzy stood paralyzed for a long time, eventually releasing a wail of sheer animal intensity, her heart breaking asunder as the world spun and swirled. She whirled about, frantic for anything to relieve the twisted emotions ripping through her mind. Lunging toward the balcony, she only thought of escape and punishment for the sufferings caused by her words and deeds.

She halted abruptly at the railing, wheezing and crying. She grabbed onto the freezing stone in a white knuckled grip, staring at the cobbled stones of the walkway far below. Oblivion from the pain called, but some small kernel of sanity beckoned. Perhaps it was the frigid cold restoring a hint of clarity. Perhaps it was a guardian angel stopping her steps. Whatever the case, she fell to her knees, sobbing until there were no tears remaining, only then finding the strength to stumble to the lonely, cold bed.

Toward morning but while the sun yet hid below the surface of their area of the world, Darcy was roused by movement on Lizzy’s side of the bed and a brief but cold blast of air across his shoulders. He was on his back and rolled toward the space she typically occupied, only then sleepily assimilating that what roused him was her returning to bed.

“Why were you up?” He grated.

“Nature’s duties. I apologize for waking you.” He garbled something that sounded like never mind and reached for her body, Lizzy keeping a distance and whispering, “My gown is chilled and toes like ice. I will make you cold.”

He grabbed her anyway, strong arms slipping her over the sheets as if a feather, the heat radiating off his skin pouring through her. “Do not be ridiculous,” he rumbled, sending fresh shivers through her flesh, although not from the cold as Darcy thought. “I will have you warm in seconds.”

It was true. She cuddled against his hard chest and leeched the heat generated in droves by his internal furnace. She cinched her icy feet between his naked shins and while they thawed, the remainder of her body flared quickly to hot, especially with his hands drowsily rubbing over her back.

“It may warm up during the day, but at night it is as freezing as December,” she murmured, pressing an icicle nose onto his breastbone.

He chuckled, the hoarse sound reverberating under her face. “Trust me, it is much colder here in December. I will stir up the fire.” He started to draw away, but Lizzy clutched onto his thigh and held fast.

“No need. I am quite warm now. I have my own personal fire and he rapidly incites my internal flames.” And just in case he missed the innuendo she kissed his chest and caressed pointedly up his thigh and around to his rear.

Darcy, of course, was not an imbecile even if half asleep. The lazy caressing continued for several minutes while Lizzy planted kisses across his chest and Darcy smiled into her lavender scented hair. He snaked a hand under the thick nightgown she wore during the winter, pushing the cloth upward as his hand skimmed over her leg. He sighed contentedly, allowing the excitement to build in languid increments, savoring the tactile delight of her skin under his palm without a conscious agenda.

“He is quite active at this moment.” Her whispered words broke into the silence, momentarily halting the fingers trailing over her hipbone. Eagerly they altered their random path, purposefully brushing along her inner thigh until reaching the swell above. As she said, the baby was moving with gentle nudges against his palm.

“Hmm… Wonderful. You continually say ‘he’ as if sure of the sex. Another vivid dream as with Alexander?”

“No. Not this time. More of a feeling.”

“Ah, a feeling. So scientific.” He accented his tease with a tiny pinch.

“As scientific as my dream, but that proved true.”

“Very well then. I suppose that means we do not have to assign a female name, and since Alexander was instantly agreed upon, we have a task on our hands. Any choices? Do you wish to name him after your father?”

“Thomas? Perhaps, although we could reserve it as a secondary name after your father’s. James should be chosen before Thomas.”

“I do want to pay homage to my father if possible, yes. However, I do want to add Charles as a secondary name as well, if you do not mind? He is a dear friend and instrumental in my meeting you.” He gently drew her away from his chest, attempting to see her eyes in the dark, but to no avail so he kissed her instead, his fingertips flittering over her most sensitive zones while maintaining contact with their unborn child.

“How sweet,” she said once her mouth was released. “Charles is mutually agreed upon. So, we have numerous secondary name choices but nothing for the Christian name. Do you have a favorite?”

“I have always liked Nathaniel. And Adam. Not common, I know, but nice names.”

“Possible. What do you think of Gabriel? Lisle’s son is Gabriel and it struck me as pleasant.”

Suddenly Darcy chuckled. “Gabriel, Thomas, Nathaniel, Adam. I think we are cornering Biblical names!”

“Indeed,” she joined his laughter. “Of course, if we have this many babies you alluded to last night, we may work our way through the entire Bible. Just do not ask for Methuselah. I draw the line there.”

“Does that mean Shadrach and Meshach are eliminated? And no on Potiphar or Boaz?”

She shook with laughter and a fair dose of arousal now that his fingers had crept to the apex between her legs and were confounding her senses with their antics. “Absolutely not! I have no urge to torture our son with a hideous name. What say we remain in the realm of non-ridiculing names like Matthew or Daniel or Michael…”

“Michael,” Darcy interrupted, although Lizzy’s voice had paused on the name. Even his fingers had ceased moving, a fact Lizzy did not initially register as she too was dwelling on the name. “That has a nice ring. Michael. Michael Darcy. Michael Charles Darcy. What do you think?” He tried vainly to see her eyes, but the room was still too dark. He felt her gaze upon his face, the gap of inches separating allowing him to feel her exhaled breaths. Somehow he knew she was smiling.

“I love it. Yes, very much. It does not have to be definitively settled as yet, but… It fits for some inexplicable reason. Michael Darcy.”

“Michael Darcy. Yes. At least the choice for the present and much better than Methuselah. Shall we seal it with a kiss, Mrs. Darcy?”

Richard and Dr. Darcy sidled over as Darcy turned to face George Wickham. Randall remained behind, curiously observing the changing expressions while his own internal alarms yet rang.

“Wickham,” Darcy stated flatly, eyes flinty and piercing his old playmate. “You are welcome to Netherfield as well. Miss Bennet’s happiness is of the utmost concern. For her sake you are accepted, but you will be watched, have no fear of that.”

Wickham inclined his head, cocky smile fixed in place. “No need for threats, Darcy. I come in peace, and only at my wife’s urging, I assure you. Hertfordshire holds no happy memories for me, nor do you frankly. Colonel Fitzwilliam, I understand congratulations are in order?”

Richard nodded curtly, not replying.Wickham nodded as well, feigned sadness touching his eyes. “I see. And you must be Major General Artois? I will assume you know of my unfortunate history with His Majesty’s Army, so I will not pretend that being surrounded by officers is all that appealing to me.”

“I suppose in that regard we are on equal footing, Mr. Wickham, as I do not find being in the company of insubordinates all that appealing either. But for the sake of my fiancée I will manage to overcome my repulsion.”

Wickham inclined his head politely, smile in place. “Understood. Congratulations to you as well, Major General. Miss Bennet has matured nicely, I daresay, from the girl I last saw. But it is oddly comforting to know not all has changed, such as her preference for military men. I am certain Mrs. Bennet is delighted at her daughter’s… resourcefulness and has welcomed you into the fold with lavish praise.”

His eyes turned from the stiffened Randall to Darcy. “More congratulations are in order, I see. Mrs. Darcy appears every inch a Mistress of Pemberley, to the point of speedily presenting you with not one, but two male children! Amazing development and how proud you must be. Your heir is a handsome lad, without any doubt your son. This must be a comfort to you.”

“Is this your idea of coming in peace, Wickham?” Darcy growled.Wickham shrugged, spreading his hands. “Just getting the insults out of the way, Darcy. Then we can have it done with and move on to the happy event. Should I complete your expectations by remarking on how lovely a woman Georgiana has become?”

Richard took a step closer, his face ruddy with anger. “Be careful, Wickham. You are not among friends here.”

“Oh, how well I know, Colonel. But I do not think either of you want to start a brawl here in the parlor. Mustn’t upset the delicate females. That would be highly improper. Frankly, I am outnumbered, so am counting on the famous Darcy restraint to persevere. If Darcy truly wanted to harm me he has had plenty of opportunities to do so before this one.”

“Fitzwilliam.” Lizzy fortuitously interrupted the escalating scene, touching his sleeve. “Dinner has been announced.”

She sternly held his gaze, finally hearing a deep inhale as his face resumed its typical controlled seriousness. “Of course. Thank you, Elizabeth.” He offered his arm, Lizzy taking it with relief, both turning their backs on Wickham as Darcy’s elegant voice rang out in formal announcement. Richard and Randall left to claim their partners, none noting the smug expression that crossed Wickham’s face before it settled into its usual arrogant lift as he escorted a babbling Lydia into the dining room.

The recognizable blue canvases belonging to the Vernors stretched between tall poles, shading the rugs spread over the damp ground on a level field preselected at the base of a knoll near the lake. Some of their friends had already arrived, the adults busily setting out food and eating utensils while the children played and formed instant friendships with every other child in the near vicinity.

Richard greeted them midway down the grass-covered slope, taking the basket of food and eggs from Georgiana’s hands as he teased, “We thought you had forgotten the way! Or been attacked by a horde of hungry egg bandits. It is a mania, I declare. Why, Oliver has eaten a dozen already!”

“I have eaten two, Father, whereas you have eaten three and would have done another if Mother had not slapped your hand.” The son of Lady Simone’s first husband, now Lord Fotherby although not appearing particularly lordly with his sallow complexion and stumped posture, smiled fondly at his stepfather before turning to greet the new arrivals and take Lizzy’s basket.

“Oliver can eat all the eggs he desires, or anything else for that matter.” Simone’s voice was light as she gazed at her stepson, only the barest hint of anxiety noticeable. Oliver despised references to his illness or public expressions of pity, bravely and stubbornly refusing to succumb to weakness. “You, however, must wait until the food is properly served,” she finished, poking her husband in the upper arm.

“Brutality, I say,” Richard said, rubbing his arm as if wounded. “The definition of a picnic is to pick at the food when one feels the urge. Back me up on this, Darcy.”

“I am not about to argue with the mandates of your wife, Cousin. You are on your own.”


“I doubt you shall starve, Richard. Harry”—Lizzy turned to Simone’s nine-year-old when they reached the picnic area—“would you please take Alexander and Ethan to join the Sitwell and Fitzherbert boys? Thank you, dear.”

“And please take Fiona as well,” Amelia Lathrop added, plopping her two-year-old into Harry’s arms. Fiona screamed and kicked her legs, poor Harry recoiling from flailing limbs while trying to hold on. “Oh bother! Let the wee tiger down, Harry boy. She can run with the laddies for a spell until Mrs. Daniels arrives with her lasses, not that my Fiona will sit and play with dolls for more than five minutes, heaven bless her.”

“Perhaps she will mellow with maturity, Amelia, especially if your baby is a girl.”

“I am guessing she will corrupt the new bairn ere she learns to crawl. Or more likely it will be a male child as filled with the devil as she is!” Amelia caressed over her belly, shaking her head as she smiled.

“We need to add a few more girls to this generation. Deborah, Claudia, Fiona, and my Abigail are vastly outnumbered.” Marilyn Hughes glanced at the pram where her baby slept. “They are doomed to be ruffians just to survive with all these boys. You two do your best to save our sweet girls from that tragedy!”

She nodded toward the expectant mothers Amelia Lathrop and Harriet Vernor, the latter touching her distended abdomen. “Third time lucky, let us pray. A baby girl would be most welcome to soften up my own ruffians. Stuart and Spencer would benefit from a female touch.”

“I daresay the future will include plenty of opportunities for female babies.”

“Are you slyly imparting momentous news, Julia?”

Julia Sitwell laughed, shaking her head vigorously. “Merciful heavens, no! Austin is not yet weaned, please God grant me a reprieve! Besides, after four boys I have accepted the fact that we can only produce male offspring, so would look for no assistance from me. I was merely pointed out that collectively we appear far from finished in creating English citizens.”

“I can promise to do all in my power to ensure the future of our great land,” Richard offered, smiling at his wife, who blushed and ducked her head. “Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are diligently attending to the task and those who are not yet married will eventually do their duty to God and country.” He nodded toward Georgiana, who through the entire exchange had been scanning the shifting sea of bodies beyond their group. “Searching for anyone in particular, Georgie?”

Georgiana started at Richard’s question, reddening at his knowing smirk, but answered calmly, “I was looking to see if the Daniels were amongst the people approaching. Not yet, but I do see Lord and Lady Blaisdale. He does stand out in the crowd to be sure.”

“Caroline is fairly easy to spot as well,” Charles said with a laugh. “The curse of being red-haired, not that you can see her hair with that ridiculous hat. Heavens! She has an entire garden on her head!”

Sharing here a sampling of positive feedback received for The Trouble With Mr. Darcy over the years since it was published in 2011.

These words of praise are from a variety of sources, including but not limited to:
4 & 5 Star reviews posted to online marketplaces (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Powells, BAM, etc.),
letters and emails sent directly to me, and comments left on my blog or other blogs where I was a guest.

Book five in the series that never disappoints… 5-Stars!   The Darcy’s live and love to the fullest while encountering enemies and trials. I can’t believe that I did not review this book the first time I read it. This series is one of my all time favorites and I have just finished it again. I highly recommend that the reader starts at Book One and follows our dear couple through all the books. The characters are beautifully developed to seem like old friends. Life is never a bed of roses and the Darcy family has their troubles, some very violent. Thank goodness for dear Dr. Darcy’s expert diagnosis and treatment of Elizabeth after the birth of Michael, son number two. Let’s just say, Dr. Darcy was indeed a physician without peers. Old enemies arise, damsels are rescued, children are born and we watch Alexander become more like his father every day. But through all the issues, good and bad, this is a family that feels real and the love experienced by all the family members is heart warming. I highly recommend this series to all readers who don’t mind a story that follows a couple who love deeply and have some really serious enemies. Rest assured, it is has a HEA. (Arkansas Austen Fan)

This author has done a fantastic job. 5-Stars!  My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice and this was a nice fan fiction for the story to continue. I read these books in a matter of days. I love how each book connected to each other and back to the original story line. Now if only we can get Colin Firth to play Darcy in the movie versions of these! I wish!! (Mzpastrychef)

Was very enjoyable to read.  The description of the places, and clothing, and the people is will done. I will buy many more of the books she writes.

As always Above and Beyond!  Like many of the reviews that have been written, I also am an avid fan of Ms. Lathan’s work. I have purchased and enjoyed every book that she has created. With The Trouble with Mr. Darcy, there is something that is very different but also very enjoyable to read. What we learn is that this is more than just a fairytale, but two perfect souls who walk a path with some bumps in the road. It is amazing to watch a couple go from besotted young newlyweds to a couple who’s love matures into a deeper bond of love. Darcy and Lizzy are by far the epitome of perfection, whether it’s their marriage or dealing with family issues. But what makes Ms. Lathan’s books so amazing is that it shows a realistic human side. It demonstrates that we all have ups and downs. As sad as it was for me to read about Lizzy’s mental illness and the premature birth of Michael, it reminds us all that these things do happen and shows a couple who struggle to find each other.

Having had the opportunity to go to France as an exchange student in high school, it was a great reminder of the many great places that I had visited in France. Having a major appreciation of Art, and both British and French history it shows that Ms. Lathan does her homework and goes into great detail of people, places and culture.

As always having Dr. Darcy in the book always brings a smile to my face. Only a close 2nd to Darcy and Lizzy, he is definitely a special character. He definitely is a well-rounded man who is an uncle/father, doctor/healer and a true friend to everyone close to the Darcys. I’m curious to see what happens with him, Col. Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana.

In closing, I cannot get enough of the Darcys, not only do I want a Mr. Darcy (with Matthew Macfayden’s looks) but also the books open your eyes and make you want what they have. I look forward to more and more that Ms. Lathan creates and keeps up the top notch work. It is a book of love, life and happiness.

Sharon Lathan’s take on Happily Ever After at Pemberley has spoiled me for other sequels! 5-Stars!  Sharon gives Darcy humanity, and Elizabeth humility. I’ve fallen in love with each and ever character! If you’re a fan of the novel by Ms. Austen you MUST read these. Otherwise, you’re just another fan confused in the universe of sequel-dom! Sharon, Long may your pen write and your laptop type! For those who write that Ms. Lathan’s books are vapid and smut… you haven’t ever been in a lifelong love. The feelings she poor into the characters is SO relatable that I’m shocked. I’ve found myself nodding my head, agreeing with something a character (or characters—Love the character Amelia); I’ve felt those feelings… still FEEL those feelings. Thank you Ms. Sharon for giving life to the Darcy family! (Cyn Hatmaker)

Loved it! I have the entire series and they are all great romantic reads, this book in particular had a lot more suspense!!

Another excellent addition to one of my favorite series!  Love this book!!!! I honestly think this is the best of the series thus far! Lizzy and Darcy travel abroad, welcome their 2nd child, and celebrate Kitty’s wedding. But not all is roses for our favorite couple. Old enemies re-emerge, bent on revenge. Can the Darcys’ love survive?

A good read!  I have enjoyed all five of Sharon Lathan’s books. I love the additional characters she has created and have enjoyed her story lines! The creation of these new cast of characters, and her sideline expansions of them, have been so enjoyable – not to mention a wonderful break from bedroom scenes. I do hope that Lizzy will quit almost dying, though. I hope if there are more books that we continue to learn more about the lives of the new characters and their continued interaction with the Darcys. I’d like to learn more of the Bingleys and about the relationship between the Darcy and Bingley children. I found myself needing to read on to see what happens and was glad five books were out so that I could keep reading. The books are an enjoyable read and I applaud Ms. Lathan’s imagination in creating these stories.

Awesome book This was an amazing book. Sharon did another wonderful job on this book. I could not put this book down. You may want to read the other books that she wrote before this one but this is an amazing book.

I couldn’t put it down!  I have loved everyone one of Sharon Lathan’s books, but not since her first novel, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy, have I been unable to put the book down! It had everything you need for a good romance AND suspense novel! There was love, torment, suspense, happiness and the list goes on. I love how she has developed characters we have loved since Jane Austen’s beloved story to new characters Sharon has created herself. I just loved the whole story line and can’t wait for her next to be published!

Excellent book! 5-Stars!   I have read all of Sharon Lathan’s books in the Darcy saga and have thoroughly enjoyed them all, reading each one in less than a week. Her books are a wonderful continuation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This book has romance and adventure and suspense, and it delves deeper into characters we have come to love through her earlier novels in The Darcy Saga. I find myself wanting her to keep going and elaborate on these characters even further, perhaps devoting a book to Kitty Bennett, Georgiana Darcy, George Darcy, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam, or The Darcy House housekeeper Mrs. Smyth. I am so looking forward to the next installment in the Darcy Saga. In the meantime I may go back and re-read the first five books for a second time. If you love Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, you will love this book. It will not disappoint. (Jessica Hosszu)

What are the troubles with Mr. Darcy? Many!!  I have read Sharon Lathan’s entire Darcy Saga series, and while I have immensely enjoyed them all, this is her most brilliant work yet. It is good to see characters we have all grown to love become humanized by tension, whether driven by internal forces (such as the case with Lizzy) or by external forces in which Darcy must face and confront once and for all.

My personal favorite character/plot/resolution in this book was Mrs. Smyth. A minor character from Sharon Lathan’s previous work, Mrs. Smyth resurfaces again to be among those who share in the central plot to this story. This book is a very plot driven book with a climatic resolution that will leave you on the edge of your seats. For those not familiar with Sharon Lathan’s work, I am labeling this a MUST read. I strongly suspect new readers reading this will soon become fans.

Best of All the Books!!!  Sharon books are some of my favorite!!! I alway get excited when a new one is about to come out!!!! This one by far is the BEST!!!! I could not put it down when I started it!!!!!cant wait for more!

Great story!  I love this author. She has created the characters just like you have imagined them all these years – only better! The entire series is well worth the read! The only complaint I had was I couldn’t put them down, and when I did, the story was always my top thought.

This book is a must read!!!! This book is amazing; I was so excited that I was able to purchase it early! I was trying to wait until I had more time to devote to reading it, but I never had a chance. I was up until 3am reading it, and it was well worth it. Sharon Lathan is an amazing author, and her talent seems to come so easy! Thanks Sharon!

Excellence Shines! Sharon Lathan out-did herself yet again! Excellent continuation of her Darcy Saga. I am an avid fan of her and of the entire Darcy family! Sharon is true to all of her characters. I enjoy the friendship between Darcy and Col. Fitzwilliam, you can feel a if you are in the same room with them while they exchange wits. Dr. Darcy is my favorite character Sharon created; I was so happy that she continued him in her novels. He is a great father-figure who gives Darcy great advise and guidance. I can’t wait for Sharon’s next book. With these 5 books, you can tell she still has great ideas that need to be shared. She can’t write fast enough for me!

Darcy and Elizabeth Continues   This is another beautifully crafted book by Sharon Lathan. Her facts about pregnancy and childbirth are so very real you feel as if you’re there. When I read her books I can see through her words the scenes. This book is well worth a read. I loved it.  I look forward to reading her books when they are published. I smile, laugh, and shiver with terror when I read her books. The stories are wonderful. I don’t believe all the lovemaking but that’s one of my smile times. Take a look at this book and enjoy.

Brilliant story!  Sharon Lathan is a much loved author and my personal favourite! From the very first novel Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy Sharon has brought Lizzy & Darcy to life! There is plenty of romance to keep those of us who love a happy ending extremely content! However the story has much more. There is history, drama, and humour brilliantly interspersed throughout! I have loved all of the volumes and this one is no exception. Sharon brings back the dastardly Wickham! Darcy shows his heroic side and saves the day!

Sharon has wonderfully developed many of the well known characters, my favourites are Col Fitzwilliam and Georgiana. Their lives are given a new depth. The whole storyline comes together brilliantly and I enjoy reading about their lives as much as I do reading about Lizzy & Darcy! Dr Darcy is a new character that shines all the way through, he is a gem in this story, that adds even more charm to the Darcy’s family.

A wonderful read! I hope the story continues on forever!

Lathan is one of the Best in this genre! 5-stars!  Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga is one of the best Pride and Prejudice continuations out there. I enjoyed this 5th contribution to the Saga very much! I love the beauty of it not being what I expected as well. Although it’s all tied up with a bow at the end, I, for one, am still hoping for one more. (RunningShoeGirl)

What a rush!! 5-Stars!  I’m a slow reader… but I read this book in one day! I just could not put it down. I have been reading Sharon Lathan’s work since it’s days as ‘mere fan fiction’ posted in chapters on her web page, and shared her joy as a fan when she announced she would no longer be posting chapters on her web page because she was going to be published.

It’s a wonderful end to her “Mr & Mrs Darcy saga” Her usual style of love and romance with suspense. I really loved her whole saga and am a bit sad to see it go. She stays very consistent in her version. I highly recommend this book and the others in the series. (Cecilia Cat)

BREATHLESS WITH ANTICIPATION!!! 5-Stars!   MS. LATHAN’S BOOKS ARE MARVELOUS! The best and most realistic extension of the Austen Sagas. I devour each one and lick my lips for the next. A REAL ROMANCE WRITER! Worth the time and money. (kmc)

Could not put it down!  I read The Trouble with Mr. Darcy in two days, could not put it down. Yes that good! Sharon Lathan has written a series of books on the subject of Darcy and Lizzy that Jane Austen herself would be proud of! Love, marriage, sex, intrigue, respect and family are fabulous words to use when describing the saga of Darcy and Lizzy. Sharon knows exactly how to incorporate all those things into one book. If you have not started her series, its a must! You will be very glad you did!

Did not wanted to put it down!! 5-Stars!   Sharon Lathan books about the Darcys are very touching. You will fall in love with the characters and dislike the ones that just want to hurt them. It is wonderful to see that little Alexander is growing to be smart like his daddy. I did not wanted the book to end. I will re-read all of Sharon Lathan’s novels over again… yesss… she is that good!!! (LB)

This book was delightful!   Because my favorite author of all time is Jane Austen (I even gave my daughter the middle name Austen in her honor!) I love reading sequels, prequels, and remakes of her works.  It is written beautifully. I loved to see how the Darcy family grew and evolved over time. It is always interesting to see how an author will take the original text and allow it to grow! This was the first book I have read by Ms. Lathan, but I will be sure to read the novels that precede this one. I fun and entertaining read!

I cant get enough!!!! I love it!!! I am sad that I am out of books in The Saga!!!! I Love Fitzwilliam Darcy!!!! Passionate and intriguing, along with a mysterious chase with Wickham!!!

It was detailed, intense, and I loved the humour. 5-Stars!   I’ll say it again — I love this series. Ms. Lathan never disappoints. Lots and lots of action in this offering. Consistently a good read. Thoroughly enjoyed this tale. (Shelly Pardy)

I enjoyed the book.  I was delighted to receive a free copy of The Trouble With Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan via Good Reads. I have not read her previous books but I was so taken with her writing style that I know I will read more of her books in the future. Her storyline proceeded at a steady pace so that I wanted to keep reading. The highly intimate scenes between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam were done in good taste, however, there could have been fewer of their seductive activities. I was surprised to learn about postpartum depression in earlier times. I appreciated the notes at the end of the book. I was mesmerized by little Alexander. Lathan gave his character life. Such a dear child. The underlying suspicions of evil waiting to destroy Darcy was brought to fruition in a believable manner.

I can’t get enough!!! 5-Stars!  I love it!!! I am sad that I am out of books in The Saga!!!! I Love Fitzwilliam Darcy!!!! (Margarita)

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! 5-Stars!   I thought it was a FANTASTIC Pride and Prejudice Sequel! I would recommend this book to any Pride and Prejudice fan from anywhere, it was THAT good!!! (Kristina)

This was my favorite. 5-Stars!  Again I have to say that with each book that Ms Lathan wrote she definitely got better. This was my favorite. The story line was wonderful and the characters were great. Darcy and Elizabeth were more than just romance. They actually had a life with trials and tribulations. Was nice to see that. (Charlene)

Sharon Lathan does it again. 5-Stars!  This is my all time favorite series of what happens after Pride and Prejudice. I enjoy this series so much I read it at minimum once every other year. No matter where you are in life it effects you differently and you always discover something you may not have noticed through your first time reading through.

***SPOILER*** I really appreciate that the author tackled the subject of postpartum and how it may have went undetected during these times and how still it goes undetected now. If not for the wise Dr. Darcy’s broad and extensive travels, knowledge and experiences, Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship could have been extremely damaged. I would love, love, love for Mrs. Lathan to give us stories on each sisters happily or not so happily ever after. (Shanae)

Superb plot line, lovely phrasing and great descriptions. 4-Stars!   This is #5 of the “Darcy Saga” novels, but I don’t believe that it is necessary to have read the previous books to follow the plot and enjoy the story. But I highly recommend it! Married life is agreeing with Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth (Bennet) Darcy. Now parents of two children, their love is still strong and life is full of adventure. Surrounded by family and friends, they are back at Netherfield to celebrate Kitty Bennet’s wedding. The Bennet sisters and their families are together again: Jane & Bingley, Elizabeth & Darcy, Mary & Daniels, and Lydia & Wickham. I had so many favorite passages in this book!! But, I can’t quote without revealing spoilers. I really, REALLY enjoy Ms. Lathan’s work and highly recommend her! (June A)

A Page Turner! 4-Stars!  The final book in the Darcy Saga is filled with more adventure and intrigue than the previous few books. Evil intentions haunt the happiness of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy after Elizabeth suffers a difficult illness after the birth of their second child–an illness that nearly tears our happy couple apart.

This is a more suspenseful and dramatic book in this saga than the rest, and it truly was a page-turner. People from the past align forces to harm the Darcy family while other members of the family finally find happiness after previous difficult experiences. And one member of the Darcy staff who has always hated Elizabeth and the changes she has brought to the quiet and peaceful Darcy establishment betrays the family in a potentially deadly manner….

But in true Darcy style, the family rises above all attempts to endanger their happiness and well-being. The Darcy Saga ends at the perfect place, with happiness all-around and more joy in store for the Darcy family and their immediate family and friends. (Susanne Barrett)

Loved the whole series!!! 5-Stars!   Please write more books for us!!! I can barely stand the thought of not being at Pemberley with my favorite characters!!! The love between the Darcys is an indescribable beauty!!! (Claudine)

Yesterday and Today one and the same. 5-Stars!   Another great book from Sharon. It melds the lives of the characters with modern day It deals with a multitude of things. From post-partum depression to dysfunction with extended family. The way they dealt with these issues is pretty much the way things are still done. They sure did not run to a therapist for every little thing. I WILL be reading every book that Sharon writes.

It’s as if you are Elizabeth’s intimate friend. 5-Stars!  I’ve read this series so many times I know it by heart and can quote it. These books draw you in so thoroughly its as if you are Elizabeth’s intimate friend. (Wendy)

5-Stars!  5-Stars!  5-Stars!

Another great book by Sharon Lathan. Beautiful written. Continues the legacy of the marriage and everything associated with Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elisabeth Darcy. A must read book. (Trisha M.)

Loved this book! (Suzana) 

Love it! Sharon Lathan has Darcy and Elizabeth figured out! Loved this book and can’t wait for the next one! (Lisa)

It was a great reading diversion of mystery and all encompassing love. (Deb Cole) 

Sharon Lathan is wonderful. I can’t get enough of the Pride and Prejudice and thanks to her she has given that to me. It’s a must read. (Cammie Royce) 

Loved it! I have the entire series and they are all great romantic reads, this book in particular had a lot more suspense!! (Marina) 

Love this book!! (Amy Cairns) 

Good read!! Glad to see that Wickham got what was coming to him!! The book did not disappoint!! (Holly) 

This was one of the more exciting books of the series. Nice murder mystery included. (Chrystine Arvanitis) 

Thoroughly enjoyed this variation inspired by author Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice by Sharon Lathan. Book five was wonderful. (Dragonflyer) 

Really liked this version, sexy and dramatic. (Stacey Leahey)

I know I commented in one of my early reviews of Sharon Lathan’s books in this series that something has to come along to make life real for Darcy and Lizzy, even while still newlyweds – they’re so in love, nothing can break through that bubble of happiness. But just as life is wont to do, it does eventually burst that bubble, and Ms. Lathan does a good job of handling this couples’ heartache and pain when necessary. But, my heavens, in this book, they get a heavy dose of when it rains trouble, it pours.

Actually, the issues the Darcys go through at this point have the potential to tear them apart. They have matured into loving parents, responsible business owners, and attentive and sensual lovers. Life is about to bring all of that to a halt with circumstances from which they may never recover or be very changed at the very least.

Lizzy is about to give birth to their second child, and Darcy is as thrilled with this pregnancy as he was with Alexander, their firstborn. Once Michael arrives, however, Lizzy slowly descends into a hell neither anticipated nor expected. Darcy is beside himself when his usual helpfulness, even his wit and charm, cannot bring the Lizzy he loves back to him. What we know today as post-partum depression throws them into a turmoil all their own, and Ms. Lathan, with her nursing background, is quite successful at getting Lizzy’s downward spiral and all related emotions across to the reader, as well as Darcy’s anguish and fear of the unknown plaguing his wife.

In between the heartache there is still happiness for the Darcy family. Lizzy’s sister, Kitty, is getting married and both sides of the clan come together to celebrate. But there is a snake in their midst with the return of George Wickham. Fitzwilliam vows to keep his temper and anger in check when face to face with the snake while also keeping on high alert. Trouble follows in Wickham’s wake and Darcy is bound and determined to keep those he loves safe. And he does try. Goodness does triumph over evil, but evil sure has a way of making itself known and throwing life into havoc at the wrong times. Darcy learns this lessons in spades. And, needless to say, Wickham gets what’s coming to him, as well as another enemy in cahoots with him, and their ends are evilly fun to read.

Georgiana is all grown up and has a beau of her own now. I’ve always enjoyed the relationship between Georgie and Darcy; they’re not afraid of showing their love for each other, and Darcy does the big brother thing quite well when her new love asks for her hand. The only little nitpick I have is I want more of the gent. We don’t meet him until approximately three-quarters of the book, and, once introduced, I like him a lot. But what we do get assures us Georgiana will be in good hands.

All of the secondary characters we’ve met in previous books show up again here, catching up with each other and reveling in the chaos of family and children. Ms. Bennet is her usual gushing self, and Lydia Wickham takes the cake when it comes to self-absorption. My favorite secondary character is Dr. Darcy, he’s front and center when family needs him and is as funny and loving as ever.

Another successful addition to her series for Ms. Lathan. She stays true to her characters no matter the dilemma, in happiness as well as sadness and tragedy. I don’t know if more books are planned, but I look forward to any that are. I’m always very pleasantly surprised and entertained and especially appreciate the emotion with which Ms. Lathan writes. It’s been an honor to read these stories that come from her heart.

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are still besotted, that much is evident in this fifth in the series by Sharon Lathan.  The couple has undergone other troubles in previous installments, but nothing they haven’t been able to work through for the benefit of their relationship and growing family.  In this installment, Elizabeth gives birth to a second child and all is not well.  Oddly, this was one of my favorite twists to the Darcy saga, as there was something very real about the struggles Elizabeth goes through after her second pregnancy.  There is a wedge driven between Darcy and Elizabeth as she tries to heal from her pregnancy, something that Darcy can’t simply resolve through sweet endearments or gold coins.  This struggle between man and wife, and even children, rang true to reality and gave this romance a bit of needed tension.

One thing I was not sure I wanted to revisit in this novel was a conflict with Mr. Wickham.  I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling relief when he was tucked away to the north with Lydia in the original novel, feeling that he’s safely out of the picture. This time, however, he reappears and has a major grudge against Darcy and his wife, and is more than willing to put many of our favorite characters in danger to get what he wants.  Although I dreaded seeing him pop back up again, and he did feel a bit more like a scoundrel this time around, it was a fun twist that sent all our characters scurrying to find a resolution.  In the end, it was an exciting bit of action that reminded me why we pick up books–not just to learn, but to escape into a romping good time!

As is true to Lathan’s writing style, the language flows off the page, adding another layer to the romance between the Darcys.  I’ve come to realize that these are no average retellings of the famous Pride and Prejudice.  The love between the couple is ever-present, set off by steamy romance that is underplayed by the language and style used in the stories.  Trust me though, that the romance is sigh-worthy and sweet all at the same time.  To be quite honest, I don’t feel “guilty” reading these books, but I do call them my guilty pleasure because of the high escape factor they deliver.

Ever since I agreed to begin reviewing for publishers, I’ve been hoping for that “dream” book. The one you read that makes you sigh a little inside as you put it down because you don’t want it to end. I was lucky enough to find that book with Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy by Sharon Lathan. In my head all throughout the book, I was picturing Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Keira Knightley as Lizzy. I’m not usually one for having actors in my head, but because I loved the movie, I don’t mind. I was hoping that this story would follow more along the lines of the story I saw in my head as to how the Darcy’s life would be together after P&P was over.

And I was not disappointed. From the moment the story starts, it’s like a continuation of the movie. I love the fact that it starts from Darcy’s POV and you can just see the love shining from him as he looks at his beloved wife.

Maybe it’s naughty of me, but I admit to wishing someone would delve a bit more into the passion so evident between the two. Ms. Lathan does that well. It’s obvious the two of them have sex, but it’s not fully modernized to the point where you have every single mention of body parts and tab-a-into-slot-b like 99% of the romances out there. This book isn’t chaste by any means, but it’s also much closer to what I would expect. I know, that doesn’t make sense, but I’m doing my best here.

Ms. Lathan gives a richness to the story and details that you could almost expect Ms. Austen to have had them waiting just for this story. As I was reading, I could see what was happening in my head. The sights, sounds and emotions were so clearly detailed that I didn’t want this story to end.

And that’s what’s so great! She’s doing a full series on the life of Lizzy and Darcy. This is just book 1! *happy dance*

I can’t remember the last time I fell in love with a book like this. I can’t wait to share this with you and I’m hoping I’ll be lucky enough to speak to the author and maybe even give away a copy or two of this book. If you love Pride and Prejudice (especially the 2005 version of the movie), then I cannot stress to you enough how much you should go find a copy of this book. It’s awesome!

The happiness of a birth and a wedding, the sorrow of illness, and the return of villains all mark The Trouble with Mr. Darcy, the emotional latest chapter in Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga.

The Trouble with Mr. Darcy belongs to Elizabeth as some good and a lot of bad overtake her. The Darcys have a new son, Michael, but all is not well. Although physically cured, Elizabeth remains mentally sick from the birth, and the illness takes a toll on her and Darcy’s marriage. On a happier note, Kitty weds her beloved General Randall Artois, although the attendance at the wedding by George and Lydia Wickham casts a pall over the proceedings. George is as evil and revengeful as ever, and along with another malefactor from the past casts Elizabeth as the pawn in his latest plot against Darcy.

Written in her flowing sensual style and with a wealth of detailed descriptions, Ms. Lathan again transports us to the Regency as she immerses us into the joys and fears of her characters. We suffer along with Darcy and Elizabeth during Elizabeth’s illness, rejoice in the heady joy of Kitty and Randall’s new love, and snarl at Wickham and his dastardly plot as we cheer on Mr. Darcy in his new role as swashbuckler fighting to protect his family.

All in all, a story that grips you from beginning to end. Enjoy.

This is the first book I’ve read by Sharon Lathan, and it is the fifth book in her Darcy Saga series and I’m puzzled as to why I haven’t picked or read any other previous four books in this series.  I was happy with the fact that I found this book a very good “stand alone book” even though it is part of a series.  There were only a few moments in the story that I thought that the previous books would have been helpful, but not enough that I would say you have to read the first book in the series to understand it at all.

There are a couple different stories that develop in this book.  One, Darcy and Elizabeth experience some struggles with depression and their relationship after the birth of their second son, Michael.  I think that this might sound strange, but I actually enjoyed this part of the book.  I was relieved that someone wrote about these struggles, I know that women had to have struggled with postpartum and depression during this time period, but it seems like no one wants to discuss it in their books.  Sharon Lathan did a wonderful job at addressing the issue, but found a way for the romance to continue and have Darcy’s and Elizabeth’s relationship remain intact.

In the second part of the book Darcy and Elizabeth are faced with even worse trials as Wickham and returns for a family wedding.  Not only does he bring his bad attitude but even worse villains arrive with him.  Without giving too many spoilers away, Darcy is then faced with some horrific circumstances where he chances to lose what is more important to him!  After a fast pasted ending I was pleasantly surprised with the book.

Sharon Lathan is talented at creating whole new lives for characters that we loved in Pride and Prejudice.  There is a lot of romance and I have to warn you if you are not a fan of romance, kissing or love scenes you might want to skip a few paragraphs throughout the book.  Darcy and Elizabeth are in love in a loving marriage and Lathan doesn’t shy away from that fact at all.  There are definitely parts in the book that are pretty hot, without going over the top or becoming too inappropriate.

I enjoyed it and look forward to now going “back in time” and reading the first four books in this series.

Sharon Lathan is the Queen of Austen Sequels!

In this installment of the Darcy Saga, Sharon Lathan really went above and beyond with her plot line. Immediately, the first few chapters are gripping and tender from the get go. Something that utterly relates to the world around us in this day and age, Lizzy Darcy finds herself struggling with postpartum depression. Naturally, back then they did not quite know of such a thing, what it was or how to treat it, and the relationship between husband and wife dramatically suffered. Sharon Lathan handles that situation exceedingly well, making the disease a believable occurrence and treating it as it would have been in that era. This modern author also manages to incorporate a great sense of action to the story. While Darcy and Elizabeth face the most trying times of their marriage, old enemies step into play and cause enough trouble to make my heart beat over time. Needless to say, the story is emotionally investing enough to make readers cry one minute and smile from ear to ear the next.

Sharon Lathan has created a saga of the most talented kind and The Trouble with Mr. Darcy is a perfect continuation of the story, fitting in well and adding to the story’s impact. Each one of Sharon Lathan’s books is better than the last and impedes Jane Austen’s work in no way. Thinking about the errors of this novel is an extremely difficult task because there are so few to mention. The book was expertly written and one I consider an addition to the classic. I highly recommend it to Austen fans, regency romance connoisseurs and all around readers who believe in the happily ever after of well written escapist literature.

I have shelves full of Jane Austen spin-offs, mash-ups, add-on, and the like, although I find that it is the writings of Sharon Lathan that are my go to books. I find that I am constantly telling everyone I know and even a few unsuspecting bookstore browsers about the wonderful qualities attributed to Sharon Lathan’s books, and The Trouble With Mr. Darcy has that same amazing feel to it.

It seems that she has a very vivid picture of her Mr. Darcy and her Elizabeth and she does a brilliant job portraying her characters without compromising the original characters that Jane Austen created. Her characters are so well defined that you cannot help but to fall in love with them all over again. The plot for this was brilliant as well and flowed off the page with the lyrical quality she writes with. This book should come with a warning stating that once you start reading you will not want to put it down until you have read the last page.

Trust me BUY THIS BOOK you will thank me later!

Where do I begin? There was so much taking place in the fifth installment of the Darcy Saga that I haven’t got a clue! Firstly, I love the prologue! It sets the scene beautifully but gives no indication of what is to come or what has already occurred — nicely done if I do say so myself.

This book has some wonderfully written dialogue, and not just between Lizzy and Darcy. I really love the dialogue that occurs between Alexander and his parents throughout the book as the young Master Alex matures and begins to learn more about the world he lives in. I especially love the dialogue between Darcy and his heir – it’s so sweet.

I also really like that Sharon Lathan has made a family for some of the lesser characters in Pride and Prejudice. To be honest, I’m desperate to know if she will one day write the story of Colonel Fitzwilliam and his wife Lady Simone, as I love their story. I also like that Caroline Bingley is now a wife and mother, even if I’m still not in her fan club.

Overall, Sharon Lathan has once again done a marvelous job on her latest novel. And once again, I find myself thanking her and her imagination.

The happily-ever-after at Pemberley takes a sharp left in The Trouble with Mr. Darcy, the fifth book in Sharon Lathan’s lush, romantic Darcy Saga.  Darker and more complex than the preceding novels in the series, Lathan tackles deeper elements in  Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy’s marriage.  Gone are the days of the happy honeymoon period, as Elizabeth struggles to recover from her second pregnancy, creating tension in the Darcy household.

Lathan’s latest work definitively shows her growth as an author, chronicling a marriage that has its roots in real-life marital problems that we all face.  Because of this, I was drawn into the story and interested where it would lead.  I really connected with Lizzy, being a married woman myself, and I happily dove into the pages not knowing what to expect, but excited all the same.

After returning from their six month trip to the continent, Lizzy gives birth to their second child, Michael.  Days of happiness should be ahead, but unfortunately aren’t, due to Michael being born more than a month early.  Lizzy becomes desperate in her care for him and begins neglecting Darcy and their first child Alexander.  Darcy becomes angry and depressed due to what he sees as his failing in properly taking care of his family.  Lizzy and Darcy soon stop speaking to one another and sleep in separate rooms, causing major issues in their relationship.  Luckily Dr. Darcy, Fitzwilliam Darcy’s uncle, begins noticing what’s going on and sees that Lizzy is suffering from what we would call today as post-partum depression.  He begins Elizabeth on an herbal treatment to help calm her hormone imbalance and get her back to normal.

Lizzy and Darcy begin to mend their relationship and about a month later all is back to normal.  By the time Lizzy is feeling herself again they rush off to Meryton for her youngest sister Kitty’s wedding.  In the days leading up the impending nuptials, they discover that Lydia and Wickham will be attending the event, making it the first time that the Darcys have been in his company since “discovering them” living together in London before they were married.  When the Wickhams arrive, Lizzy is surprised to see that Lydia is dressed in the latest fashions and that neither she nor Wickham look like they are at a loss for money.  This begins the cogs working in Elizabeth and Darcy’s minds as to where their money is coming from, and what the Wickham’s are really doing in Meryton….

This is, without a doubt, Lathan’s best book in the saga so far, as Darcy and Lizzy evolve into a more mature couple.  Gone are the overtly gushy scenes where they obsessively call each other pet names and tell each other how much they are in love with each other.  The Lizzy and Darcy of The Trouble with Mr. Darcy are more secure in their love and affection for each other, and it’s obvious in the change of their manner of speech.  The love scenes were the one thing that bothered me about the former books in the series.  It became tedious to read them book after book; with The Trouble with Mr. Darcy the love scenes are more sensual and seductive (definitely for mature audiences).  The notion of a perfect marriage is also gone, replaced by a marriage that is marred with the occasional conflict and misunderstanding.  Watching them struggle with Lizzy’s post-partum, which is a real conflict in many marriages today, turned the book into a truer look into their marriage.  Their relationship is therefore much more believable because of these points, making the book more enjoyable for me.

The best part about Lathan’s writing is that she’s unafraid to delve into the minds of Austen’s supporting characters.  In the first four books we see Jane, Bingley, Caroline Bingley, Colonel Fitzwilliam, Kitty, and Mary all get their own story lines.  I was beginning to wonder when we would see more Georgiana Darcy!  The Trouble with Mr. Darcy FINALLY takes us deeper into her story and gives her a “happy ending”.  Lathan has a great way of introducing characters in small way in her prior books and then expands on their story lines in her later works.  It’s a great tactic that ties all the novels in the series closer together, making the story more seamless and streamlined.

While The Trouble with Mr. Darcy takes us down a darker road in the marriage of Elizabeth and Darcy, it is in turn very enjoyable to see them work through struggles and evolve.  Because she makes us truly care about the outcome of these beloved characters, it’s easy to see why Lathan’s Darcy Saga is so successful.  Just as romantic and engaging as ever, this is one sequel you won’t want to miss.

There’s a lot going on in this book. For example there’s a trip to the continent, a birth, a wedding, an engagement, betrayal, and more. Reading the story is like being on a roller-coaster ride; just when you think that Elizabeth and Darcy are safe, you turn a corner and once again are thrown into doubt as to what will happen. It’s a book that I found almost impossible to put down until I finished it and then immediately read it again. I laughed. I cried. And when I closed the covers after the first reading — I felt drained and satisfied that things were now as they should be.

Lathan has a masterful feel for Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet Darcy and Fitzwilliam Darcy. You can hear their voices as if you were reading Austen. Their characters remain the same but with a responsibility to each other that marriage and a child have given them. Their first child is a bit older and we see Darcy as a caring parent. Elizabeth is still a forceful personality but tempered with motherhood and a bit more understanding towards her sisters and mother. First and foremost, Elizabeth and Darcy are in love — romantically, passionately, and totally. The ups and downs of married life have tempered them but their love sees them through the trials of their lives.

However, books need conflict and Lathan manages to come up with some interesting twists and turns. Some of those conflicts involve problems that are as relevant today as they’d have been in Austen’s time — only then such problems would have been hidden away and not dealt with at all. Lathan has a nice touch making the plotlines relevant to today’s women but firmly grounded in the historical and social era that gave birth to Elizabeth and Darcy.

I can’t say much about plot other than, as the book description mentions, Wickham returns with malice and a plan. However, that is only the later half of the book. Once you finish reading, you’ll find yourself wondering how so much fit into such a normal size book. Based on how many events occur, you’d expect one of those huge doorstopper volumes. All our favorite characters from the previous books by Lathan and from the original novel of Jane Austen are here.

Take the time to immerse yourself in another time with characters that we’ve come to enjoy. The only nit I have with the book is that the title implies that Darcy is the problem when, in fact, he’s more the victim of these troubles. The Trouble with Mr. Darcy by Sharon Lathan is in bookstores now. If you’re a fan of her previous books, you’ll be sure to enjoy this one. If you haven’t yet read Lathan’s books that continue the story of Pride and Prejudice, you may get confused by the larger cast of characters which can readily be solved by getting her earlier works.

I have been a long time fan of Sharon Lathan’s. Her version of what happens after Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourites and it is safe to say that I use the beautiful imagery that she has built up in my mind whenever I read any Pride and Prejudice variation. The passion between Elizabeth and Darcy has kept me captivated over 5 books and I can’t imagine ever tiring of it. They are books I will read again and again.

In this book Wickham makes an entrance and it was good to see that Sharon stayed true to Austen’s original character. Wickham is a character that I’ve always loved to hate and this book is no exception. Together Darcy and Elizabeth come to a greater level of understanding and trust and their wonderful romance and passion for each other continues.

If you love Pride and Prejudice then I urge you to try Sharon Lathan. Her characters are true to the original Austen characters with a very satisfying and modern love story that includes a very passionate and steamy love story.

The fifth installment of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy SagaThe Trouble with Mr. Darcy continues the post-Pride and Prejudice narrative, picking up with Elizabeth Bennet Darcy pregnant with her second child, Michael.  The Darcys travel abroad and then back at home have the joy of welcoming their new addition to the family.  However, things are not perfectly smooth after the birth of this precious child.  Elizabeth is not herself, struggling with what we today call Postpartum Depression (PPD).  This causes a huge rift in the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, causing alienation and pain on both sides.  Their marriage is greatly tested, despite their years of strength and loving support.

Later in the novel, the Darcys face yet another crisis when George Wickham emerges on the scene again, in the area with wife Lydia to attend the wedding of her sister Kitty.  George is bent on exacting revenge on Darcy and his family, and he enlists the help of another Darcy foe to collaborate with him in his schemes.  Mr. Wickham is as charming and conniving as ever, but his resentments have degenerated into full-blown evil desires.

The Trouble with Mr. Darcy was almost like two stories for me—one detailing Elizabeth’s PPD, and another surrounding the Wickham drama.  The PPD storyline was very compelling.  Sharon Lathan’s experience and knowledge as a nurse were very evident, detailing the thoughts and emotions swirling about in Elizabeth’s head during that time.  I myself have not experienced PPD, but I have struggled with depression before, and I was very impressed with Mrs. Lathan’s ability to enunciate the thought processes of someone struggling with loving their husband, yet feeling miserable at the same time. Sharon’s knowledge served her well as she crafted this portion of the novel, as well as later on when Lizzy has a bout with mastitis, another painful ailment for mothers.

The Wickham drama was excellent.  I was positively riveted as this colorful and provocative character reared his head yet again in the life of the Darcys.  I will offer no spoilers, but I can say that this portion was very enjoyable, and I loved every bit of it.  Sharon can certainly write an exciting page-turner.

Also within the book is the setup for Georgiana’s own love story, which I assume will be told in the upcoming Miss Darcy Falls in Love.  Sharon cleverly left out almost all details of Georgiana’s tale, but gave her readers just enough information to anticipate this forthcoming title in November 2011 from Sourcebooks.

The Trouble with Mr. Darcy is a wonderful addition to the Darcy Saga.  I have not read the first three titles in this series, and can objectively say that newcomers to Lathan’s work could easily start with this title.  I would recommend a rudimentary knowledge of Pride and Prejudice, so that the characters and the effect of their histories would make sense to the reader.

The love of Darcy and Elizabeth lives on in the pages of The Trouble with Mr. Darcy, and you will also find realistic struggles of new parents and captivating drama as well.  Sharon Lathan continues to promote the philosophy of two becoming one, and I look forward to enjoying her vision of one of my favorite characters, Georgiana Darcy.

The Trouble With Mr. Darcy is an interesting historical romance set in 1819 England. Pride and Prejudice continues as  this delightful story of Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth, and the wicked George Wickham comes to wreak mayhem and danger upon Mr. Darcy and his family. This is the fifth in this author’s Darcy Saga. This is an intriguing story where Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham must come to terms with their past secrets, while Mr. Darcy is  trying to protect his family and his marriage. While this is a story of love between Mr. Darcy and his Elizabeth, it is also a story of challenges within a marriage, passion, secrets, vulnerabilities, trust, past demons, danger, and of course a perfect romance told by an excellent writer of the Regency Era. If you enjoy Jane Austen’s writing you will enjoy this one.

Sharon Lathan has done an excellent job of taking some of Jane’s beloved, as well as the despised characters, and giving them slightly different adventures.  While this book is the fifth installment in the series, it also makes a pleasant stand-alone read.  You are given plenty of background information in the beginning to allow you to jump right into the action.

After I read The Trouble with Mr. Darcy I read some of the reviews for the book. It was interesting to me that some readers were upset that this book wasn’t exactly as Jane Austen would write it.  They wanted the characters to be and do exactly the same things as the originals in Pride and Prejudice.  I am siding with the opposite camp who enjoys a different take on the old tried-and-true Darcy and Lizzie that we all know.  The “what-ifs?” are what make Ms. Lathan’s stories a lot of fun for me.  We still have the familiar, but they’re put into situations out of their normal comfort zone.  New dilemmas are thrown at them and it is fun to see how they either muck it up or get themselves out of it. The writing is very easy to follow and flows smoothly.  I liked the dialogue as it was filled with warmth and wit.  The solid foundation of Jane Austen’s beloved masterpiece are much in evidence, but Sharon Lathan has added her own touches that allow a completely new audience to fall in love with the timeless characters.