Novel Gallery

By the time my debut novel was released in February 2009, I had amassed hundreds of digital images kept in dozens of computer files for swift reference. Although it seemed the logical conclusion, I no longer recall exactly when I decided to publicly share those images in albums to enhance the experience for readers. What I remember for certain is my delight in compiling and arranging the by-then thousands of images, and in using my ever-increasing skills in graphic design to create images to fit a scene or character.

The Novel Galleries originated for this purpose and proved to be a popular addition to my website. From time to time I add new images or revamp old ones as my graphic skills improve. What remains constant in regards to each Novel Gallery is that the images directly correspond to the story and are offered in a scene-by-scene chronological order.

*WARNING: Gallery images may contain minor spoilers!

**NOTE: Period drawings, etchings, and paintings will include the date and name of the artist, if that information is available.

Below are the book covers, each one linked to its Novel Gallery. In addition, there is a separate Portrait Gallery for the numerous major characters appearing throughout The Darcy Saga series. These pages can also be accessed via the drop-down menu under NOVEL GALLEY located on the main menu bar above.

If interested in more pictures, on Pinterest I now have over 13,000 pins tucked into 80 boards, the majority pertaining to the Regency Era. Some Pinterest boards are personal to my life — music, movies, books, travels, etc.

There is also a board dedicated to the 2005 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice, and another board wholly dedicated to the phenomenal actor Matthew Macfadyen, who played Mr. Darcy and continues to dazzle audiences with his talent in numerous roles.

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