Spotlight Author – ME!

Spotlight Author – ME!

I am really excited to share a special Valentine treat for me… especially because it is a nice treat for all of you too! To my great pleasure I was invited to spend Valentine’s Day – so to speak – at Booktalk With Eileen. Yippee!

For starters, Eileen read my romance novel, Miss Darcy Falls in Love, and wrote a lovely review.

The story develops a beautiful friendship and an ever-deepening love. It was a sweet journey. If you are a JAFF reader and haven’t read Sharon Lathan you most certainly should. All her books are happily ever after endings and entertaining with their language giving us a peek at Europe in the early 1800’s.

The full review can be read on Booktalk With Eileen at the link below OR on the Miss Darcy Falls in Love novel page:
Calling all JAFF Followers. Have you read Miss Darcy Falls in Love?

Today the “Spotlight” time commences officially with a series of interview questions about my inspiration and writing pathway, among other topics. After I answer Eileen’s questions, I have a couple for readers to answer–

1. Can a woman or man romantically love two people at the same time?  

2. How can you tell that the one you love is THE one?

Don’t comment here – come to Booktalk where I will be “hanging out” for four days to interact with YOU! To add to the awesomeness, there is a GIVEAWAY just for those who follow me to Booktalk and comment.

One copy of Miss Darcy Falls in Love (eBook or print) and 2 e-books of my soon-to-be-released novel Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship.

Here is the link where the fun is happening —
February Spotlight Author Sharon Lathan


Join me with Eileen at Booktalk, but don’t forget the giveaway and “Month of Love” extravaganza happening here on MY blog!



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I’m heading there now, Sharon. Thanks for the heads up.


I agree with Vee!! Great interview . Can’t wait


Great interview Sharon, I enjoyed reading it all!
I am extremely excited about your newest novel ‘Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship’ however I also cannot wait until you release the other stories you are writing. Totally exciting!!!
I shall forever love Darcy and Lizzy especially the way you write them, but you also create such wonderful new characters, enter Dr Darcy, or Sebastian! So knowing that you have more wonderful characters to put on page is a very exciting prospect because there are no other writers that draw me into a scene as quickly as your exquisite writing does! Happy Days!


Sounds like fun!

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