Celebration Day #3 – Reviews! More Fun! GIVEAWAY!

Celebration Day #3 – Reviews! More Fun! GIVEAWAY!

The celebration marches on, at least for me it does! As I thrill in the publication of my latest novel, the biggest chore is getting the word out to potential readers. In this fickle business, a three-plus-year hiatus is nearly enough to become a forgotten dinosaur. To be honest, I need all the help I can get. Therefore, I cannot express how much I appreciate all the shares on social media. It really, really helps! The fun graphic to the right is, I hope, a sweet reminder of how important the support from our readers is to all authors. Amazon, of course, is only one seller and place to leave reviews.

For today, I was going to post another fun quiz but decided to save that for a later date. The “Who is the Character Speaker” quiz from yesterday is still up and waiting for brave souls to challenge! Come on, y’all. It isn’t that difficult! CHECK IT OUT HERE.



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Big news for me today was finally receiving the print copies from FedEx. I ordered a whole box of them, so it took longer to print and ship than those who ordered a single copy. I’m glad I didn’t wait to see them in the flesh before releasing for purchase! They look amazing! If I say so myself. I could not wait to get them up onto my bookshelf. Here are a few photos:


Thank you to all those who have left reviews! They are the lifeblood for an author. Here are those I’ve received so far–

Darcy and Lizzy’s mutual love and devotion bode well for a wonderful future. It was absolutely heart-warming to experience Darcy and Lizzy’s deep, abiding, constant love for each other!! Darcy’s admission that he was also an “innocent” when it comes to physical expressions of love helped Lizzy overcome her mother’s horrific tales of what Lizzy might experience as Darcy’s wife. Extremely well-written, well-paced story! The author has so richly developed the characters through her lovely prose that I could literally picture them in my mind….she painted such vivid descriptions of the sights, and sounds in each scene along with creating a masterful depiction of their feelings and thoughts. This is a Darcy and Lizzy, as well as Jane, Bingley and Georgiana, that you can’t help but love and care for. Brilliant FIVE STAR read!!!! I own and have read all of the sequels….and it was an absolute pleasure to read the two-part prequels!!!! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book for all JAFF devotees….it will warm your heart and leave you feeling happy as the book closes right after the double wedding. (Lisa Hatfield)

Darcy and Elizabeth’s Untold Story at its Best! 5-Stars! As always, Sharon did not disappoint with this latest book in her Darcy Saga series. Filled with the love, admiration, and passion we all know Darcy and Elizabeth to have for one another, plus a fantastic bundle of English history, this book was one I couldn’t put down. Telling Darcy and Elizabeth’s story like only Sharon can, I wholeheartedly recommend this duo of books, plus her amazing continuation from the wedding night to years afterwards. I’m looking forward to re-reading those next! Excellent writing, Sharon. Thank you for perfectly depicting my favorite couple! (ShannonRose)

Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future . . . A Great and Loving Romance . . . 5-Stars!  There were so many wonderful things that were great in this novel. It was very well written and enjoyable to the very end. The love between Darcy and Elizabeth really shined in this novel. They both learned to communicate to each other openly and naturally Darcy had Elizabeth blushing many times. It was great to see Darcy let go of the prudish and haughty social personality become more of a jovial nature. Naturally, Elizabeth was a teasing self. It was great that Mrs. Gardiner explained to Elizabeth and Jane what would happen on their wedding night because for sure, Mrs. Bennet would scare them out of their wits. I love the fact that Kitty would tease them about being up all night without sleep and that brought some humor into the plot. Elizabeth feared that she wouldn’t be able to please darcy but he explained that he was not active in sexual experiences and was in the same boat as her and that made her feel much better.

I always love Colonel Fitzwilliam’s part in any novel as he always is a strong supporter for Darcy. Plus he brings some humor to the plot and this was well written. Lady Catherine had a hand in creating some havoc as usual but we have to have that with either her, Caroline Bingley or Wickham. However, the author did a great job with it getting hushed up by her writing of the Matlocks involvement. I did so enjoy Darcy’s trip shopping for gifts for Elizabeth and the items purchased. It brought some humor back into the novel. The romance grew for both couples as the plot continued and it was very well written to prove that this was happening.I highly recommend this series to anyone that would love to read a great romance between two of Jane Austen’s beloved couples.

I highly recommend this series to anyone that would love to read a great romance between two of Jane Austen’s beloved couples. (MaryAnn)

Unputdownable! 5-Stars! The queen of romantic tender moments, passionate exchanges, humorous banter and thrilling plots has done it again.
I absolutely love this book! It will be reread countless of times. I adore this Darcy and Elizabeth. Not portraited as flawless but their strong bond of love, their connected souls and the magnetism between them can be felt throughout the book.

In the last month of their betrothal period the Darcy’s, Bingley and Bennet’s are in London to shop for the girls’ trousseau. Darcy ventures on a rather hilarious shopping trip to the mall to buy Elizabeth her wedding present which had me laughing out loud. Intermingled with lovely tender moments and exciting outings there are Lady Catherine’s crusade against the Darcy wedding. Rallying her friends in high society to battle. Elizabeth introduction to the Matlock’s goes rather smoothly but some of the other ladies of the ton are less welcoming. There are lovely moments of bonding between the new sisters and highly educational conversations with the aunt Gardiner. The joy of reading this book is amplified by the vast historical knowledge of the author and the tour of Regency London was a delight. Back in Hertfordshire they celebrate Darcy’s birthday and they share some lovely tender moments before business calls Darcy back to town. Mrs. Bennet uses this opportunity to give some very disturbing advice, especially to Elizabeth… (I loved Jane in this scene.) Elizabeth has a frank but tender and moving conversation in the library at Netherfield when Darcy is back from town. Their relationship develops both in depth and passion until the wedding ceremony.

I only have one complaint about this book and that is that it ended. . . (Elin Eriksen)

Wonderful conclusion to the prequels. 5-Stars! Loved it from start to finish. Well done! Characters and storyline hold your attention. As an avid jaff reader, this series is one of my favorites. (TKCHoward)

Perfection 5-Stars! Book 2 was everything I wanted it to be. As expected, Sharon captured the tender moments leading to their marriage perfectly. Wonderfully written! (Ashley)

Great read!! 5-Stars! I enjoy reading anything that Sharon writes. This one fills in a slice of Lizzie and Darcy’s life before they get married!! Enjoyed every word! (Earleen Carroll)

I absolutely loved it! 5-Stars!  The queen of romance and passion has written a lovely second volume of their betrothal period and wedding. Lady Catherine is readying her society friends for battle. Lord and Lady Matlock wants to be introduced.  Their fighting jealousy and increasing passion. Business separates them. Mrs. Bennet voices her opinions. In between, there are lovely, tender, romantic and passionate interludes.  Heartily recommend! (Vaarin)




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Danielle C

I love how you have your books displayed! Congratulations on your new book! I know it will do well, you are a fantastic writer!!!!


Congratulations! Your book sounds captivating and wonderful.


Congratulations! It must be so exciting to have copies of the book in your hand.
Those are awesome reviews – I’m really looking forward to the book!

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