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My blog post telling all about it: Armchair BEA Begins!

My 5 Question Introduction

Discussion of “classic” literature

Discussion of “genre fiction” with my list of favs

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Continuing on with the Armchair BEA fun…..  Today the focus is on the GIVEAWAYS!! I just love typing that word in all capitols. LOL! We all love to get something for free, and in this instance your chances are overwhelming that you will get lucky.

I signed up as a sponsor of the event, which means that comments on the Armchair BEA blog enter you into the drawing for my prizes, as well as those offered by the other sponsors.  I am offering 3 copies of The Passions of Dr. Darcy, eBook or signed paperback per winner’s choice.

As an additional boon, I am hosting a giveaway here above and beyond the prizes on the Armchair BEA blog. Yeah! Simply use the Rafflecopter form below for additional points above any comments left on the Armchair BEA-related posts between May 27 to June 2. Full rules can be read on the form. Winners will be announced here on my blog shortly after the deadline of June 3, as well as being individually contacted by email.

I am giving away an additional 3 copies of my novels, this time both the format (eBook or print) AND the particular novel chosen by the winner. If unfamiliar with my novels, learn more via “The Novels” dropdown menu above. I have a page for each novel with a synopsis, reviews, and several excerpts. Purchasing links are on those pages, and to the left on the sidebar.

The Grand Prize is a signed paperback copy of my newest release, The Passions of Dr. Darcy, and a mystery selection of 4-6 books that are my personal favorites. Don’t you just LOVE surprises too?!

My eighth publication was released on April 2, 2013, and if unfamiliar you can read all about the novel, including reviews and several excerpts, on THIS PAGE or by clicking “The Novels” menu above. While on the subject of reviews, I am thrilled to share my latest, this a 4-Star from Kimberly Denny-Ryder at Austenprose. The link to the full review is below, and a short portion that I really loved.

Review of The Passions of Dr. Darcy at Austenprose

Lathan is an expert in character development, as I’ve alluded to in my reviews of her prior works, so I expected no different when I read the extraordinary highs and lows that George experiences in his time there. Particularly poignant were the joys and sorrows he feels when finding and losing love, and we laugh and grieve along with him. The best part about George’s journeys are that they take him from being a slightly arrogant and sure-footed doctor to a man who discovers that there is so much more to life than the small sliver that he has previously experienced in England. He lets these new journeys mold him into a wise and caring man who enriches the lives of those whom he meets through his gift of medicine. His travels soften his rough edges and make him into the kind of man that Fitzwilliam can hope to be in his own future.



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Tanya @ Moms Small Victories

I won a prize at ABEA and tried to request your book earlier today and was bummed they’d all been claimed already. Glad I have another chance to win…thanks!

Michelle Fidler

Left a comment under the name Michelle Fidler re: Genre Fiction.


I would like to read your book. It seems very interesting.

Mary Jo Burke

All your book covers are lovely!

Marie Burton (@BurtonReview)
Marie Burton (@BurtonReview)

😛 Thanks for the giveaway Sharon! I’ve got one going too =)

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