New review of Miss Darcy Falls in Love

New review of Miss Darcy Falls in Love

While up to my eyeballs in prep for the RWA Conference, I received word of a new review for Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Yeah! It is always a thrill to read a wonderful review! I managed to swiftly thank the reviewer – Veronica at Dark Jane Austen – and to post a link onto Facebook. Now it is time to share on my blog.


The full review can be read at this link:
Something Sweet at Dark Jane Austen Book Club


The thing that struck me the most in this wonderful tale was the sweetness. Not a sickening sweetness that makes one gag, but the perfect sweetness with hints of bitter as the course of true love, as it is said, never does run smoothly… This is the story of Georgiana Darcy discovering love and a deeper appreciation for her talent in music while on holiday in France. For anyone with a love of music or who has ever taken a music appreciation class, there are many musical references and descriptions that will make more sense than if you are completely unfamiliar with musical terminology. I kind of wish this book came with a musical score due to the mentions of the various songs and compositions created by the characters that add richness to the story as it unfolds.

As with any novel set in the Austen world, there are issues of etiquette and decorum that must be navigated by the characters with some prejudices among class distinction. This is made more intriguing when there is a rivalry between two gentlemen for Georgiana’s affections. It is fascinating to see how they manage self-control and civility when emotions are intense.

I found myself becoming anxious for the characters and becoming engrossed in the book the more I read. Even though I knew there must be a happy ending to the novel there were moments when the tension worried me as to how things would be resolved. That, of course, is a very good thing to experience when reading because it speaks to the skill of the writer in creating an engaging story. There are no monsters, but the tension is palpable with love and desire, making it worth the read.




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