Sharon’s RWA 2013 update

Sharon’s RWA 2013 update

Keeping SO busy with endless fun and laughs! The conference began in earnest yesterday with The Beau Monde Mini-Conference. I was a presenter this year, giving a workshop/speech on medical history. I titled it “A Quack, or Dr. House? Medical Practitioners and Care in the Regency.” It was super fun, with no technical difficulties, and everyone who attended praised me after. That is always nice! Sadly I was doing the talking and couldn’t snag a snapshot of myself in action! LOL!

What I do have is a pic of me being introduced with the other speakers–


Here I am in full Regency attire for the Beau Monde soiree.



So far, I admit to doing far more in the way of hanging out with my pals and visiting over food and drinks than attending educational workshops! LOL!

@LiterarySigning 2013
At the “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing
Sharon, Lynne, Cheryl Brooks, Amelia Grey, and Terry Spear

Lastly for tonight (since it is after midnight and I am beat!)… I am SO SO proud of my friend Sara Humphreys for winning not one but TWO Prism awards for her paranormal romance novel Untamed. Way to go Sara!!

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  1. Yes, it is good to hear you are having fun. It could be a kind of break from all the moving, selling/buying houses, packing,….
    It is great to see you so happy!
    Enjoy the RWA!


  2. Fabulous Sharon so glad you’re having so much fun!! Thanks for sharing the pics! It’s a great way to be there when you’re not there 😉
    Congrats on an amazing presentation, if its anything like the research and content you put in your exquisite novels then its no wonder you were praised for your brilliant effort!
    Enjoy!! Xxx

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