Fashion for the Regency Gentleman ~ Cover that manly chest!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Lenée Anderson

This was excellent! Very well done and informative! I’m not a big regency fan or reader of regency era books, however, one does end up reading books of that era because there are so many. Captain Lacey and Sebastian St Cyr being my two favs at the moment. I’m not a Mr Darcy fan. Heresy, I know. Anyway, I have trouble envisioning men’s dress from this period. The ultimate in manliness for me is the waistcoat! The whole cravat thing is just too fussy and effeminate for me. Just a quick question though in one of the images… isn’t it chapeau bra? But by all means, if one wants to wear a house upon one’s head, go for it.
Again, awesome, awesome!!

Margaret Dean

“Chapeau-bras”, actually, from the French “bras” = “arm.” I don’t know whether that’s because you carried it under your arm indoors, or because it was as long as your arm! 🙂


Love the men’s clothes Sharon! The tail coats are favs. Looking forward to talk of pants 😉 the shirts I find a bit fussy, how on earth do you get through all that material!
I love all the pics too!
Speaking of men and clothing, family recently got into a discussion about scarves. My son is vehemently opposed to wearing a scarf, he thinks it demeans his manliness! So he insists he will not let his sons wear scarves either. The ladies of the house all declared we think scarves look wonderful on men! He looked at me and said ‘But I suppose you would prefer we wear that thing that looks like a scarf’. I said ‘oh you mean a cravat?’ Haha !!


Ps I ok forward to checking out ‘The Charming Man’


Of course you’re right about who a scarf would look good on 🙂 I guess I was picturing those male models that make it look sexy hehe

kathy e

Sharon, I wish men still dressed this way! So much more attractive than sweatpants and a tshirt, don’t you think?


Agreed on the jeans! LOL


Love the pictures. Waistcoat not a vest, got it.

Wendy Roberts

Very interesting. I never knew that there was a difference between Dandy and Fop! I stand corrected! Can’t wait to find out about the *gasp* pants!!


I love this informative post and pictures that you have put together, Sharon. I am eager to learn about the type of pants worn by Regency men. See you next Monday.

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