Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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I like reading about true love stories, Sharon. They give me hope that there is a romantic guy out there waiting to be discovered by me.


You two! You definitely have a romantic Mr Darcy at your side Sharon! You are blessed with a beautiful family. As a teenager I loved Pride and Prejudice, so you can imagine the type if guy I was looking for! 😉
I definitely preferred dark haired men, fancy that!! When I first met my hubby he was fair… Mmmm I thought, he’s nice, good looking, we have a lot in common but he’s fair! Luckily I soon forgot about what I was looking for and loved what I had found 🙂
There are moments where I wish my hubby was more romantic but then he’ll do something that makes my heart melt and I know that like you the solid foundation is there and all is well 🙂
Love and happy endings are wonderful. Love your passage xox


Haha you too !!
Funny thing is I still prefer dark haired men 😉
I’m not perfect by any means so I always count my blessings that hubby sees past the imperfections too 😉 31 years and still going hehe

Joy Isley

I like these kinds of books since I get introduced to a lot of author I have yet to read.

CJ Fosdick

So well said, Sharon! Love your comments and commitment! I met my Darcy on a blind date, New Year’s Eve. Set up by a mutual buddy, both of us wondered why the other couldn’t find a date for New Year’s Eve! Inconceivable! Well, we actually did a double take when we laid eyes on each other. Ten months later, we were married. Decades later, still are! Reading…and writing romance keeps the tingles going for me. (My Darcy gets the benefits.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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