“Month of Love” Valentine Giveaway

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Jennifer Reichert

Love the Month of Love concept and the giveaway of course! When is the release date for the next book?

Susan Heim

I commented on this post as Susan Heim on February 18: https://sharonlathanauthor.com/match-the-lovers


Have read each of your books and am waiting on pins and needles for your newest release about D & He’s courtship. Funny that many of my bookmarks are of those scenes. It is funny that a couple of years ago I started researching my & hubby”s family trees and have traced Hubby’s to the D’Arcy’s who came over with William the Conquerer to England so I guess I really have my own Mr. Darcy.

Paula Harmon

I can’t wait. My birthday is March 6. Hope it’s out by then. I’d love to win a copy.

Linda Hughes

Sharon, I would very much like to win your new book. It would be the icing on my Valentine’s Day cake, since I have all your other books and they have brought me many hours of pleasure. I have always wonder what that time would have been like for Elizabeth and Darcy.


I tried to preorder the new book on BN for my Nook. They don’t have it listed yet. 🙁


SO excited for this !!!


So excited for your newest book!

Sheila Clark

I can’t wait to read about Darcy and Elizabeth’s courtship!!

Joy Isley

This is my favorite period in history to read. I love these stories.
Thanks for the giveaway

Emily Myers

Miss Sharon,
I LOVE your books and I have to tell you that I prayed everyday for my own “Mr. Darcy” like the one described in your beautiful books. Such love and devotion, who would not want him?! I can happily say that I have been with my own for three years now (a divine blessing from God) who appreciates your work as well as me, for he has read your books with me. (I hope that is not weird, but he is a romantic like me.) Thank you for your inspiring words and I am truly looking forward to your new book! God bless!

amber r

I cant wait to read it! I’m so excited and love all of your books!

Cherri T.

Love to win an e-book, but like most Sharon fans will purchase it come what may, cant wait!

Esther Ann

Would love to win your book, but if not, I will buy it. I have all of your books and have enjoyed reading them. I look forward to your new book coming out.
Take care and God Bless.


I have loved all of your books, I anticipate another with pure joy :).


Love your series and it will be fun to explore the : ‘beginning’ a bit more. Thanks for the giveaway.


Thanks Sharon for your generous donation. I would like to win this new e-book as I own all the books in the series.


I cannot wait for the newest book!! I even hope that you might have a signing close enough for me to come now that you are in Kentucky!


So excited Love the excerpts!!!!


Looking forward to this fabulous new novel Sharon! I have a feeling that when it arrives everything else will take second place and I will devour it in a day 😉

Lauren King

Looking forward to adding this to my ebook library 🙂


Love it as all your novels i know. I’m ready 🙂


Lynn Bischoff

So looking forward to “A Season of Courtship”, Love your novels.

Warmisunqu's Austen

I am looking forward to reading this book. I have followed the entire collection, and I would like finished it.

Best wishes, Sharon. 😀


Dearest Sharon,
I love all your books and I am busily spreading the word: World, read these books!



Love your books. Can’t wait for this one. Look forward to your future posts.

Stephanie L

I’m so very ready. It is the month of love, and full of lots of events for me so I look forward to the new book at the end of it all!! A little Darcy Saga always makes everything better.


Can’t wait!

Wendy Roberts

Sounds like a great read. I love reading what-if stories, especially between Lizzy and Darcy.

Sandie Goldman

I love your books! The entire collection sits next to my Jane Austen leather-bound collection. 🙂


So excited! Can hardly wait til March!!


Love your books and would love to win this to add to my P&P variations collection.

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