Week #3 Guest Blogs and Reviews

Week #3 Guest Blogs and Reviews

The third weeks of virtual touring to promote In The Arms of Mr. Darcy did not begin until Wednesday but then it was jam packed! The reviews trickled in and I was fortunate to have five different web-places host me so I could talk about my newest novel. So fun!

Wednesday I am lucky to hang out again with the fine folks at Romance Reader at Heart Novel Thoughts. This time I asked the question: In the arms of Mr. Darcy sound good to you? Indeed it does! I explored the various ways that the title of my fourth novel fit perfectly. Stop by and join me. I have excerpts to read! Plus there are 2 copies of In The Arms of Mr. Darcy to be given away. You don’t want to miss it.

On Thursday Janet Mullany invited me to Risky Regencies. I chose to delve a bit into some history for this historical blogsite and talked about the day-to-day entertainments our Regency ancestors would have enjoyed to pastime during the cold of winter. No giveaway here, but I do hope you will stop by and have fun learning about the origins of ice skates and tennis!

“Let the Games Begin” at Risky Regencies

Also on Thursday I am visiting with Maria at My Jane Austen Book Club. Maria asked me some questions that were great fun to answer, a few that were mind twisters! As part of the fun I will be giving away 1 signed copy of In The Arms of Mr. Darcy. The deadline is 10/27 so get over there and comment or ask me a question.

Interview at My Jane Austen Book Club

Friday the 22nd I will be in 2 places! First I am at Fresh Fiction again. For the My Dearest Mr. Darcy tour I talked about birthing babies at Fresh Fiction, so this time I took the logical next step and wrote about babies and parenthood. I have included some excerpts as well! I know how you all like that. Plus there is a giveaway! Please join me!

“Rock-a-Bye Baby” at Fresh Fiction

I am also excited to be visiting with my new friend Julia Rachel Barrett on her website! Julia is an author of romance fiction in the erotic paranormal and contemporary categories who spoke at my local romance writers group a while back. Her speech was fantastic and we hit it off immediately. I was very happy to continue our friendship after she returned home and thrilled to be interviewed by Julia for her blog!

Then, to make my week even more special and memorable, I received three more fabulous reviews for In The Arms of Mr. Darcy! Alaine at Queen of Happy Endings has been a fan of my series since the beginning and it is deeply satisfying to know the latest installment of the Saga has delighted her as well. Her rating is 9 and the full review can be read on my review page or at the link below, but here is my favorite quote from Alaine’s review–

This is a book of heartfelt love, romance and passion and every time I read one of Sharon’s books I get swept away in all the moments that make you just sigh. But at the same time it also makes me appreciate the love and romance I have in my own life and for that I am grateful.


The next review was from October 19 but Google alert just now reported it. Weird. I is a 4 1/2-Star review by Grace at Books Like Breathing. I appreciated Grace’s honesty in that she wasn’t over-the-moon about the first novel, skipping the next two, and then coming back to the Saga with In the Arms of Mr. Darcy. Now she plans to go back and read what she missed! Very nice. Follow the link to read it all, but here is a snippet–

In The Arms of Mr. Darcy was a great read. There was plenty of affection between Lizzy and Darcy but there was also plenty of plot. Lathan gave her versions of Lizzy and Darcy a chance to shine and develop. I loved seeing them as parents and Alexander was just adorable. Darcy as a parent was especially amazing. He was so affectionate and attentive to Alexander. I had to pause my reading and bask in the adorableness of father/son bonding quite often.

The other review for this week was 4-Stars and quite favorable, but also a huge shock. It is posted on Austenprose where the opinion of my saga has universally been unfavorable in the most vehement fashion, when they take notice of my writings at all. Needless to say, I am happy this novel ended up with Kimberley who enjoyed it and was glowing in her praise. I appreciate Kimberley’s review very much and am thankful that Austenprose posted it. Sadly the comments follow a typical pattern that does not surprise me.

All reviews can be read on the In The Arms of Mr. Darcy page HERE.


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