Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is MY day! Totally selfish I shall be! Spending the day doing what I most enjoy doing – WRITING!! Somewhere in there I will visit with my lovely daughter, who already took me to lunch and a movie yesterday, and tonight my husband will treat me to a nice dinner. I suppose the diet is dispensed with for one day. LOL!

On top of that fun, I planned my blog day at Austen Authors for today. How better to enjoy myself then hanging out with you all here AND my fabulous author buddies? I know I am excited. To stay with the theme of birthdays I am chatting about the many birthdays I have written about for Darcy and Lizzy. Who can forget the surprise party that took Mr. Darcy unawares? Who can forget the day of 23 presents for Lizzy? Who can forget the day of Alexander’s birth? Not me! Birthdays have frequently been a theme in my saga and I wanted to share that with everyone who wandered by Austen Authors on this 26th day of October.

What I did NOT anticipate or plan was the surprise that my fellow author friends had set up for me! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing the celebration they pulled off completely without me knowing or the depth of how this has touched me. Please come over to see what they did and to thank them for being so incredible. I have to say this is the best birthday I have had in ages!

As a special treat from me to you, and keeping with the birthday theme, here is an excerpt from my novella. In A Darcy Christmas another Darcy birth is celebrated, just in time for the holiday! Here is a tasty treat, IF you don’t mind spoilers!

Finally, as the mantel clock chimed one o’clock, they rose to return to their bedchamber. They knew they would be woken in a mere four or five hours, Alexander catapulting onto his father with all the exuberance of a youngster anxious to open his presents.

Darcy halted her at the top of the Grand Staircase, pulling her into a firm embrace where they stood just under the enormous kissing bough that was yearly redecorated with fresh greenery and polished until gleaming.

“One kiss under the Darcy bough,” he whispered, lowering his mouth to brush over hers. “It shall bring us luck.”

“You are a superstitious man, Mr. Darcy.”

“Or simply grasping onto another opportunity to kiss my stunning wife.”

Who knows how long the kiss may have continued if not for the strange popping sensation Lizzy felt from the recesses of her loins that was followed by a gush of warm fluid streaming down her thighs into a puddle on the marble floor. She gasped, jerking out of Darcy’s arms, and exclaimed a shrill, “Oh my!”

Darcy was perplexed for about two seconds before processing the information and meeting his wife’s embarrassed and startled eyes. He was jubilant! His eyes sparkled, the grin spreading over his face reaching from ear to ear. “A Christmas baby! Ha! Once again, my dearest, I am immeasurably thrilled that you never do anything as it is expected of you!” And with a booming laugh he swept her into his arms.

“The boys will be disappointed that I ruined their Christmas!”

“Nonsense. They will consider their sister the best gift of all.”

And he was correct on both counts. The boys were overjoyed to greet their newest sibling later that afternoon, loving her wholeheartedly and forever, even if Noella Holly Jane Darcy would prove in time to be puckish, high-spirited, and fiery as often as she was lovable, generous, and jocose.


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  1. Happy Birthday Anastasia, hope you have a lovely day!

    Sharon, Matthew didn't show at the premiere so I couldn't send you some nice new pictures! Aww shame! We will have to be contented with the 400 odd you have in your gallery LOL!

  2. Wow! Our birthdays are so close together! Tomorrow is mine! =) Happy Birthday, Sharon! I know you're having a fantastic day! I am wishing you at least as much happiness in your life as how much joy you bring everyone who fall in love with your novels! Happy Birthday! ~Anastasia

  3. I am still amazed at how the internet connects us all!!!! I am so glad you had an amazing birthday with your gorgeous family, your friends from near and far! Austen Authors is an amazingly talented and sweet group of ladies and man (cant forget Jack).
    Your friendship is always treasured Sharon and even though I cannot physically give you a hug. My spirit is with you on these very special occassions!
    And you never know we may still yet cross paths in this universe!
    Love you, Vee xoxo

  4. Thank you Susanne. I hope you receive A Darcy Christmas soon. Is it expected? I know some of my overseas readers from here and there have gotten it, but I think it varies widely. Not sure about pre-ordering too soon, Susanne. Not that it hurts, but Amazon has a way of sticking stuff on way too soon and then removing it again! Drives me crazy.

    Cool May! I will have even more Matthew treats to look forward to! Did you watch the video? I posted it here too. Unbelievable! I have watched it a dozen times already.

    Love it! Happy birthday in Spanish! Hugs and kisses to Seli, Robert, and Robert. Love you!

  5. Feliz Cumpleanos!! Sharon!!! (Happy, Happy Birthday!)

    Have a wonderful time with your hubby for dinner.

    Love always – Robert, Robert Jr. and me!

  6. Happy Birthday Sharon, and how wonderful that your friends over at Austen Authors sprang their surprises on you!

    Matthew is at the German premiere of "The Pillars of the Earth" tonight, so on your birthday we should get some nice new piccies for you to see! Keira is busy at the London Film Festival too and was photographed in the most superb dress, she looked lovely did your Lizzie.

    Many Happy Returns of the Day!

  7. Dear Sharon, happy birthday from me, too!
    I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy it and celebrate as much as possible.

    What a special birthday for Noella Holly Jane Darcy! Can´t wait to read more about her birthday and more about Darcy Christmases.

    You are the best!

    Lots of love,

  8. Thanks Vee. It feels as if my birthday has been going on for days now! Steve gave me my present over the weekend. A gorgeous jewelry armoire that is too big to wrap! Then yesterday Emily and I had our girls date. Then the Austen Authors sprang their surprise! Wow! Best birthday ever. I wish you could be here to personally join in the fun. 🙂 Thanks for your friendship, dear Vee.

  9. YAY finally it is the 26th over there!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend!
    You have given me and all of us so much joy every year and I in turn hope all your wishes and dreams come true xoxo
    You look more beautiful each year. Enjoy the celebrations with your devoted and gorgeous family!
    Thank you for the beautiful passage, your Darcy Christmas Novella is exquisite and I will thoroughly enjoy savouring every word again!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love always from your Oz friend Vee xoxoxoxo

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