Happy Birthday Matthew Macfadyen

Happy Birthday Matthew Macfadyen

No secret that my favorite Mr. Darcy is the fabulous British actor Matthew Macfadyen. Today this acclaimed actor turns 36! In honor of this terrific actor here is a nicely put together video montage of every role he has been in with some I wasn’t aware of from his early years. My thanks to Jeane at the Pride and Prejudice 2005 Blog for uncovering this.


Nice, huh? I loved it! If you want even more then you can check out the over 400 images of Matthew in my Image Gallery and then visit the 2005 P&P Blog where Jeane has additional videos to enjoy.

Happy Birthday Matthew!

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  1. WOW!!!! What an incredible talent MATTHEW MACFADYEN is! I truly adore him & all his beautiful work. Thank you Sharon & Jeane!!

  2. Well I should really say five because "A Darcy Christmas" is right there as well!!!! Yay so many beautiful books to read!!

    And May LOL to your little limerick. SO clever!!

    TSBO devotee

  3. Yay just received my beautiful copy of "In The Arms Of Mr Darcy" !!!!!! Love it !!!. The four books sit so wonderfully together on my new bookshelf right next to JA of course!!!
    TSBO devotee

  4. Sharon, I'm thinking "Happy Birthday Mr. Darcy" would make an excellent future title. (Most excellent indeed!!) LOL!!

  5. Sharon that was lovely of you to share and thanks MonnyK for the clip! Happy Birthday Matthew and I composed a little limerick for him:

    There was a young actor from Blighty
    Who won some awards and quite rightly
    He's got a nice face,
    His Darcy was ace
    I could watch once a day and twice Knightley!

  6. Sorry forgot to add amazingly dreamy voice, luscious lips, gorgeously expressive eybrows and that he is totally SEXY!!! Haha

  7. Beautiful montage of pics of the ever gorgeous Matthew! His eyes have a wonderfully soulful depth and he has a very expressive sweet face. Thank you for sharing this fantastic video Sharon and Jeane!
    TSBO devotee

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