In The Arms of Mr. Darcy is released!!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Laura B

Sharon Lathan's books have bewitched me body and soul. The book " In the Arms of Mr. Darcy" is a great example of what any Jane Austen's fanatics wish to read at any given time. I cannot imagine my life without Sharon's books! It will be painful to wait so many months until I am finally able to put my hands around " The Trouble with Mr. Darcy"


The book cover art is beautiful and the colors. They really look nice on my bookshelf. I, like a lot of other people, are constantly reading whatever Jane Austen "sequel" or follow- up story is out there. Like I said before, I consider yours to be the best. I view yours as the true story and all the others as simply fun reading with some little tid- bits to retain if noteworthy. Congrats on your success and thank you for sharing your imagination with the Darcys with the rest of us.


Dear Sharon,

I've read all of the books so far and have to say they have been a delightful experience and I can't wait for book 5! I actually want to read about the birth of Audrey…hint…hint. What a birthing experience that had to be for Mr. Darcy. I could feel the pain the in the little bit from A Darcy Christmas.Please continue with the Darcy story through all of the kids running through the halls of Pemberley.

Well, I just wanted you to know that I’m a big fan!!


Dear Sharon,

Congratulations on your latest novel. Enjoy your time in Disneyland, home of so many of my favourite childhood characters. Here in KL, Malaysia it takes a few months for the book store to stock up books published by Sourcebooks so your book may only be available end of the year or early next year. Anyway, I posted about your book launch and blog tour at my blog .

Thanks a lot for giving us so much stories to read long after the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice.

Sharon Lathan

Seli, Can you believe we are doing Disney again?! When I told my sister she was like, "Don't you go there just about every week?" LOL!

Thanks Heather! I appreciate your kind words. 🙂

Anie, Thank you SO much! I love that you are enjoying my saga so thoroughly. You have no idea how happy that makes me.

Hi Jeane!! Email me so we can set a blog date!! Thanks for stopping by when I know how busy you are.

Waving to May and Ninja!! Thanks for visiting my friends!



Happy release weekend!! Hope you had a lot of fun at Disneyland and Congrats on your fourth published novel, "In The Arms of Darcy." So happy for you and your continued successes with your published novels. Can't wait to get my copy! 🙂


Finally got your book, what to say… I'm without words to express how much I love your Darcy saga, since I found them I see things more brigthly and with more optimism, I love them and I can't get tired of them, NEVER, so I hope your saga go and go, because I can't picture it finishing.

Also after reading the excerpt of the 5 book, I can't wait to get it XD.

Have fun, and get beautiful memories at Disneyland, and continue like this, you make a lot of people happy thanks to your books ^^.


I am soooo excited and happy for you! I am in love with your books and read them nightly, over and over again. I cannot wait to get my hands on my new copy. Congratulations and enjoy the succes!

Ninja Elizabeth

I checked at 2 B&N's and a Borders to today. 🙁 I'll be sure to take a picture when I do find it….
Hopefully I'll be able to find you again at Disneyland! LOL don't forget to check out the book store in Downtown Disney!


What a great way to celebrate!! I knew in my heart you would continue to write such wonderful books. I have the book in my hands – it is stunning!

I, as Vee, wish you continued success and happiness – My friend – you deserve it all!!


Oh yes and have an awesome time celebrating at Disneyland!!!


So much excitement for you dear friend!!! It is all so well deserved!!!

I am over the moon with happiness fpr your fourth published novel. I am eagerly awaiiting my delivery from Borders which should be only days away. I also just got notification that my beautiful copy of "A Darcy Christmas" will also be posted soon.

There are so many wonderful things to say about your latest launch and your whole "Saga"in general. Your success is amazing amd totally deserved. Your constant and never failing contact with all of us is appreciated. Riding the journey with you to this point is extraordinary!
The one thing I can pinpoint though is your joy in all of this!!! I love hearing how happy you are with all that is happening in your life. I wish you nothing more than continued happiness and success with this launch and all the launches to come!!!

Congratulations on the wonderful reviews and I am sure they will keep rolling in! I look forward to participating in all the revelry you have planned!
TSBO devotee
Vee xoxo


Have a lovely break from routine Sharon! Congratulations on the new book – exciting times for you!

May xx

Sharon Lathan

Thank you for the lovely comments everyone! I SO appreciate them all and want to do full justice with proper responses. So bear with me a while longer. We literally just got into Anaheim and checked into our hotel. We are regrouping for a few minutes then it is off to Disneyland for the cool of the evening! Very excited!! I will be back later tonight with perhaps even a few photos!

See you then!

Celeste Martinez

Hi Sharon. I am so excited about your Darcy Saga, as I have told you before, many times! I have so become a part of the Darcy's lives thru your books. Sharing the joys of their love, lives & hopes for the future! You must be so excited & overjoyed at your accomplishments & how much your writing has touched so many!

I talk about you all the time to anyone who will listen to how much I love these books! Let's just say you will have some new readers & fans to add to the list very soon! Please keep the books coming, for I so cherish them. You are an incredible talent & I, a truly devoted fan! I'm still waiting with bated-breathe for my copy of "In the Arms of Mr. Darcy". Also thrilled to know #5, "The Trouble with Mr. Darcy", is due out in April 2011!! Yippeeee!

One last note, you mentioned you're not sure if or how many future releases will come…..well…, I know in my heart there has to be more, for with your talent & we devoted fans so much in love & need of your Darcy Saga, we will inspire you to continue your art of romance, for a long time to come!! We are here with you Sharon, always!

Your friend & fan,



You´ve done it once again!
Another of your great books is published!

And once again I hardly know where to begin: thank you for your new book, thank you for the additional portrait gallery, I love the picture of Alexander Darcy and the picture of the blue/white ballgown shows exactly the dress Lizzy wore, and thank you for another very good blog.

As soon as I have read your amazing new book I´ll write reviews for you, it´s so little we can do for you!

Enjoy your time in Disneyland!

And please keep another Darcy book in mind, I am sure you know so much more to tell.

And thank you for the excerpts of "The trouble with Mr. Darcy", there is already so much more I´d like to know….
I really can´t imagine a world without you and without your books!

God bless you!

PS: I haven´t got my book this week.



I can only imagine how proud you're making your mom right now. Look at how far you've come. You're doing so amazing. And your blessing us in the process with your great writing.

Come to Dallas so you can sign all your books 🙂 We love you in Texas!

Much Love in Christ,


Cindy Jones

You have more energy than anyone I know! It rolls off your blogs like a hit of red bull coming at me through my computer screen. Thanks! I hope you have a crazy fun time in D-land celebrating your release. Your novels ARE gorgeous!

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

Have a wonderful time in Disneyland!! Yes, you deserve to celebrate, so ENJOY!!!!

My "In the Arms of Mr. Darcy" arrived today. I had just gotten home from a procedure I had done at the hospital this morning and there it was. What a welcome home surprise!!LOL Can't wait to get started on it.

Yes, dear lady, we can believe you have 4 books published. We have been there with you all the way. Your stamina and perseverence ensured you'd get those books written and published. God Bless you Sharon in all your work and creativity!! How fortunate we reap the benefits of all your hard work, and they are very enjoyable books to read, I might add!

Enjoy your weekend with your family!!! We will talk again.

Take care and God Bless.

Esther 🙂

Sharon Lathan

Hi Christy!! Thanks for being the first to comment on my big launch day!!!

The answer is both yes and I am not sure.

Yes, I can say – to a degree – because my novella that is one third of the anthology A Darcy Christmas (also due out this month) does exactly what you ask for. It takes Darcy and Lizzy through roughly 25 years. You do see their children and how they grow. But, of course, this is a novella so these are snippets of their lives. For me it was a God sent way to provide for my fans a glimpse of what I envision for these characters.

That was important because the "I am not sure" part of the question is that beyond The Trouble with Mr. Darcy I am simply not sure what I will do. I am writing Georgiana's story, but that is all about her. Lizzy and Darcy are barely in it. Will I write a 6th Darcy Saga? I honestly am not sure. I can see it happening because I do love these characters. But much of it depends on my heart and creative ideas, but also, to be frank, on sales and that sort of thing. My publisher needs to know the interest is as strong. So fan support is vital!!!

Thanks again for the question and for stopping by!


Good Luck with your book launch. I'm so happy for you. I do have an actual quesiton about the Darcy Saga….will you be taking Lizzy and Darcy through the decades of their marriage, such as the actual weddings of future children/ the aging (and unfortunately…) the deaths of the Bennet Parents, the return of Wickham and Lydia (wanting bailouts of course!! LOL!!)

Etc……You get the idea, I'm sure!!
Hope you have a fabulous launch day:-)
Warm Regards,
Christy Farmer

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