Facebook FanPage Contest Winner

Facebook FanPage Contest Winner

At the beginning of this month I tackled a small project I had been putting off. That was to change my Facebook Fan Page from “The Darcy Saga Novels” to “Sharon Lathan, Novelist”. This is all about marketing and proper name recognition, major points of publicity importance that were a common theme at the RWA National Conference. So, I took the plunge. Unfortunately Facebook does not allow a fan page to simple change it’s name. An entirely new one must be created. Bummer.

In order to make it fun and worthwhile for my 357 fans to do, I made it into a contest! First I drew from those who were already a part of my fanpage and mailing list with JENNIFER PEARSON the lucky winner. Yeah to Jennifer! All month I have kept tabs of the names and today entered them into a random winner site with the top name being —


Both Jennifer and Kim must be patient since the prize is a signed copy of In The Arms of Mr. Darcy, which is not yet released. The good news (hopefully) is that my copies could arrive any day! Maybe, just maybe, Kim and Jennifer will receive their novels before anyone else. How awesome is that?

For those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, if you are on Facebook – And who isn’t? LOL! – my fanpage is perfect to be kept updated on what is going on with me and my novels. Quick updates are regularly posted there whereas it may take me longer to enter a full post here on the blog. It is all about time! Something I have very little to spare. The link is on the right sidebar, so it is easy to join in.

There you have it. And don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities coming up to win a copy of my newest novel. My blog tour will kick off in a month!

In the mean time, speaking of winning prizes, Austen Authors will go-live on Monday, September 6 – 5 DAYS FROM NOW!!! We are working overtime to make the event an unbelievable extravaganza. Come by and see what we have planned and be sure to visit daily if possible. All month long it will be one endless party!

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  1. Congrats to the winners. I was looking forward for that. Can't wait for the novel to release. I m a huge fan of Darcy saga, and the new updated website looks fabulous.

  2. Thanks Sharon for all your hard work!
    Fanpages, contests, winners, signed copies and new books!

    What else can we want more?


  3. Congrats to the winners!!! We all look forward to the release date which is getting very close now!!
    I can't wait to join in all the fan on the new fan page and the Austen Authors blog!!
    Go Sharon and friends!!!!
    TSBO devotee

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