The First Three

Here is a fun quiz to entertain and give you a chance to be entered into the giveaway at the end of the week! These questions are compiled randomly from the first 3 novels in the Darcy Saga series. All are very easy and should be known right off the top of your head, IF you read the books, that is! All in good fun so simply enjoy and answer as best you can.



1) What is the name of the manor that Charles and Jane Bingley move to in Derbyshire?
2) Who is Dr. George Darcy’s lost love? What happened to her?
3) Where were Lizzy and Darcy when they watched the balloon launch? Was the balloonist male or female?
4) What are the names of Mr. and Mrs. Collins’ twin girls?
5) Darcy gifted Lizzy how many presents for her 22nd birthday? What was the gift specifically for their six-month anniversary?
6) How did Darcy hurt his shoulder?
7) What was the name of the evil man that Darcy battled in a duel? Did he die?
8) What is the name of the estate of Lord and Lady Matlock?
9) Lizzy has a childhood solitary place that was also the place of several encounters with Darcy. What did she call that place and where was it?
10) Darcy wrote a story of a conquering hero when he was a boy. What was the hero’s name and what did he conquer?
11) What are the names of Dr. Darcy’s two sisters? What was the name of his twin?
12) Darcy owns a cotton mill in which Derbyshire town?
13) What breed of dog protects Pemberley? What breed catches poachers?
14) What animal frightened Lizzy, causing her to tumble into a ravine?
15) The grounds of Pemberley estate include several unique features and places. Name 3.
16) This Derbyshire resident holds a yearly Twelfth Night Masque.
17) Darcy enters into a horse-breeding venture with this titled man.
18) What were 2 of the main entertainments at the Pemberley Sumer Festival planned by Lizzy?
19) What was Lizzy’s gift to Darcy on their one-week anniversary?
20) Dr. Darcy and Dr. Penaflor diagnosed Anne de Bourgh’s chronic illness as what?



Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Sharon Lathan

You two did great! Most impressive!


OK here goes….
1.Hasberry Hall
2.Jharna . Died?
3.Great Yarmouth. Female
4.Twins Rachel and Leah
5.23 Lizzy's own curricle
6.Horse stomped on it
7.Marquis Orman. No he was injured severly
9.Willow bench on the boundary of Longbourn near Netherfield estate
10.Admiral Achilles. Mars?
11.Estella and Mary. Alexander was the twin
12.Derby on the River Derwent
15.Grotto, Caverns, Greek Temple, Cascade Falls
17.Duke of Grafton
18.Equestrian trick horseman, Fireworks
19.Picninc in the conservatory and a lock of her hair braided and tied
20.Chronic Anemia

That was fun!
TSBO devotee

Celeste Martinez

For the second part of question # 5……I believe the painting of where Lizzy and William met when he proposed to her (at her home in Longbourn) was the gift for their 6 month anniversay?

Celeste Martinez

Here are my answers Sharon, as best that I recollect….lol:

1. Hasberry Hall
2. Jharna
3. Yarmouth
4. Rachel and Leah
5. Twentythree. /
6. Trying to hold a spirited philly that jerked upward while he was holding her & he tried to yank her back down.
7. Marquis of Ormand
8. Rivallain
9. The Willows
10. I remember him talking about his conquering hero but for the life of me cannot remember his name!!?
11. Estella and Mary. Alex
12. Derby
13. Mastiff
14. Turkey
15. Darcy's Grotto, The Greek Temple, The Maze
16. Sir Cole
17. Duke Grafton
18. Trick Horseback Riding Equestrians, An Italian family of Acrobats
19. a lock of her hair
20. Acute Anemia

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