Fashion for the Regency Gentleman ~ Inexpressibles!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Jennifer Redlarczyk

I think that men would have been delighted to move on to trousers. That is unless they had trouble tucking them into their boots. LOL. Great post.


Thanks for the interesting and informative post, Sharon. You truly are an expert in Regency fashion. I can’t wait to learn some new things about cravat tomorrow.

Cherri T

You have some really interesting things on your blogs Sharon, loved the photos especially. I learned some things I didnt know.

kathy e

False calves! You have to love vanity 🙂 Thank you for sharing the inexpressibles with us.

Wendy Roberts

Thank you for this. I am so glad that our modern clothes are so much more comfortable and utilitarian. Getting dressed in regency clothing was almost a ritual in it’s own back then. No wonder the upper classes hired people to assist them in getting dressed.

Suzi Love

Love men’s Regency fashions. Thanks.

Cindy C.

Love the articles (clothing and otherwise)! Thanks for sharing and I’m looking forward to the cravats.

MaryAnn Nagy

Thanks for the description. As we read these Jane Austen variations, these do help a lot and clear up ideas in our minds as to how people dressed in those days. It is very interesting and my mind was on the right track all along. Thanks once again.


Oooooo did you say cravat!!!!! Must be patient 😉

Today’s passage was very informative and I feel quite sorry for the poor men wearing all these weird and wonderful garments. I love the word inexpressibles!! Why oh why can’t we use these words in our current vocabulary? Sounds better than undies hehe
When placed on their own, the garments seem quite uncomfortable and are not particularly attractive. However all together with waistcoat tailcoat shirt inexpressibles and breeches the whole package looks quite nice especially on Mr Darcy 🙂
I don’t mind the trousers they looks very elegant and quite comfortable too. The slippers are too feminine for my liking. The hessians and half boots are definite winners in my eyes 🙂
I will not complain about any piece of my clothing from now on 😉
Looking forward to learning more about the sexy cravat next week. Thanks for all the fun Sharon xx


Haha yes let’s move on to the cravat although I find it pretty sexy on our regency men 😉
I have read random interviews and when asked about the breeches most of the men say they are very uncomfortable and not so kind to their ‘package’. You are absolutely right in that other eras have much more elaborate costuming than the regency clothes. No wonder they did not generally have any other occupation. It would take them half the day to dress the other half to undress!

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