Quizzing your romance awareness

Quizzing your romance awareness

A fun quiz all about romance. Test your knowledge of lovers. Post answers in the comment section. No one is being graded, although answering does count toward the Valentine Giveaway. Answers will be revealed when the winners to my giveaway are announced after the 3/7 deadline. Have fun!

A.  Which romantic hero was in love with Catherine Earnshaw, loathed Edgar Linton and was the guardian of Hareton Earnshaw?

  1. Mr Rochester
  2. Heathcliff
  3. Lord Byron
  4. Jay Gatsby

B.  In which book would you find the famous couple from question A?

  1. Jane Eyre
  2. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
  3. Northanger Abbey
  4. Wuthering Heights

C.  Which Colleen McCullough novel was made into a successful 1980s mini-series starring Richard Chamberlain?

  1. The Bourne Identity
  2. The Thorn Birds
  3. Shogun
  4. The Slipper and the Rose

D.  During the making of which film did Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fall in love?

  1. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  2. The Night of the Iguana
  3. Cleopatra
  4. Where Eagles Dare

E.  In December of which year did King Edward VIII abdicate, in order to marry the divorcee Mrs Wallis Simpson?

  1. 1936
  2. 1940
  3. 1932

F.  Who was regarded as the greatest lover of all time and his name has passed into the language as such?

  1. Don Juan
  2. Casanova
  3. Rudolph Valentino

G.  Everyone knows the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. What was Juliet’s last name?

  1. Montague
  2. Benvolio
  3. Tybalt
  4. Capulet

H.  What is the name of the Oscar winning 1970 weepy starring Ryan O’Neal as Oliver and Ali MacGraw as Jennifer?

  1. Love Story
  2. The Family Way
  3. Till Death Do Us Part
  4. Never Ending Story

I.  Although their television on-screen marriage outlasted their legal one, they continued to be life long friends and their production company went on to produce hits such as The Untouchables and Star Trek.

  1. George Burns and Gracie Allen
  2. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
  3. Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

J.  Rumors of a split of this famous couple in 1996 nearly crashed the company. The “other guy” Blaine has since disappeared.

  1. Barbie and Ken
  2. Donald and Ivana Trump
  3. Calvin Klein and Kelly Rector

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17 Comments for Quizzing your romance awareness

  1. Well, I don’t know some of the answers so it’ll will be a wild guess

    A. 2
    B. 4
    C. 2
    D. 3?
    E. 1
    F. 2
    G. 1/4

    For H-J, I really have no idea what the answers are. Sorry

  2. A. Heathcliff
    B. Wuthering heights
    c. The Thorn Birds
    D. Cleopatra
    E. 1936
    F. Casanova (We also say “he was a real Don Jaun”)
    G. Capulet
    H Love Story
    I. Lucy and Desi
    J. Barbie and Ken

  3. A. Heathcliff
    B. Wuthering Heights
    C. The Thorn Birds
    D. Cleopatra
    E. 1936
    F. Casanova (I was torn between him and Don Juan)
    G. Capulet
    H. Love Story
    I. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
    J. Barbie and Ken (LOL I remember the controversy)

  4. A2, B4, C2, D3, E?, F2, G4, H1 (which is why half the girls my classes in school had my name), I2, J1 🙂

    • That is an interesting tidbit, Jennifer. I knew the movie was very popular, but never realized Aly McGraw’s name sparked a rage at the time. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing that.

  5. A. Heathcliff
    B. Wuthering Heights
    C. The Thorn birds
    D. Cleopatra
    E. 1940 (a total guess)
    F. Casanova (I bet he was tame compared to our society now)
    G. Montague (another guess)
    H. Love Story (cried so hard)
    I. I’ll say Wagner and Wood?
    J. Donald and Ivana

    I have made quite a few guesses so not sure how I went. Thanks for the fun quiz Sharon!

  6. A. Heathcliff
    B. Wuthering Heights
    C. The Thornbirds ( love this book)
    D. Cleopatra
    E. 1936
    F. Casanova
    G. Capulet
    H. Love Story
    I. Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
    J. Barbie & Ken (crazy)

    Love the questions fun trying to remember and looking some of it up.

  7. A. Heathcliff
    B. Wuthering Heights
    C. The Thorn Birds
    D. Cleopatra
    E. 1936
    F. Casanova and Don Juan were both known for this, although Casanova was a real person, and Don Juan was, perhaps, imaginary. Because he was a known person, I choose Casanova.
    G. Capulet
    H. Love Story ( sniff, sniff )
    I. DesiLu Productions
    J. Ken and Barbie
    Good morning, Sharon!

    This little exercise down the lane of ‘Romance’ was quite a treat! I remember so many of these movies/people, and their stories, while growing up in the 50’s-70’s; however, the saddest real-life story was, of course, the unfulfilled, and extremely anguished lives of Elizabeth and Richard. The heart wrenching movie, Love Story, is next in the line of deliciously sad movies, made for the screen, produced when I was yet a youngster. I still watch ‘ I love Lucy’ on YOutube, and, while I had several Barbies, originating when I was in grade school, I never owned a ‘Ken Doll’, in the flesh, or otherwise.

    Thanks for the great diversion on this rainy, jungle morning, in Belize C A .


    • Hey Debie! I have to say it is always such a joy and blessing to see your name! Brings back so many fond, fond memories. I love knowing you are well and happy in your jungle home. And here I think it a big deal to move from CA to KY! LOL!

      Thanks for following me, and supporting my writing. You are a dear friend and a wonderful sister in Christ. Many hugs to you. Give my love to Jim!

  8. I can’t wait to read A Season of Courtship. .. I’m addicted to everything P&P related and I am quickly becoming a fan of your writing. So glad I found the Austen Authors website and, through the site, your blog. I’m thoroughly enjoying everything I’ve read so far.

    • Oooooop, I forgot to leave my answers:

      A. Heathcliff
      B. Wuthering Heights
      C. The Thornbirds (I remember falling in love Bryon Brown)
      D. Cleopatra (she cheated on Eddie Fisher)
      E. 1936

      • Continued: I don’t know how that happened. … I’m going to take this tablet and chuck it out of the window (for the record, I hate touch screens).

        F. I always remember my mom saying Rudolph Valentino was considered the greatest lover of all time, but I am going to have to go with Casanova (although in my personal opinion, the character Valmont gets my vote 🙂 )
        G. Capulet
        H. Love Story
        I. Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
        J. Barbie & Ken

        • I didn’t think of Valmont as an option for lover. Good one! Of course, the difference between these lovers and Casanova is that he was a real person. Kind of tough to compare a literary lover with one who actually, ahem, did the deeds. LOL!

  9. A. Heathcliff
    B. Wuthering Heights
    C. The Thornbirds
    D. Cleopatra
    E. 1936
    F. Don Juan
    G. Capulet
    H. Love Story
    I. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
    J. Barbie and Ken

    Thanks for the fun contest! 🙂

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