Fashion for the Regency Gentleman ~ Loving the Cravat!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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I learned something new about the cravat… Croats!!! Really, that is where it started? Loved the video!!!


Terrific video! But Hugh O’Brian as Wyatt Earp is my idea of a sharp-dressed man. And I suspect Jo Dee Messina’s idea too!


Loved the video Sharon thanks. I just wish I could have slowed it up in places! I enjoy these fashion posts as sometimes a description is hard to imagine and you need to actually see it. Thank you ?


Thank you Sharon, I just loved the video, smile on my face the whole time.


Thanks for sharing this informative and interesting post, Sharon. I learn some new things which I’m not aware of.

Cherri T.

The ruffs were very clownish but the cravat oh la la! Love the vid 🙂

Kris Lynn

So much fun Sharon. I love the video and the delicious um, cravats and the lack thereof!
Miss you.

MaryAnn Nagy

Thanks for all the interesting information. I knew what they were but didn’t know the history of cravat and I think today’s man would prefer the regular tie or even a bowtie to a cravat.


Loved the video So fascinating and interesting the whole history . I love them so elegant and sexy at the same time. Women just wanted to see what was under that intriguing contraption LOL


Haha the wonderful and super sexy cravat! Thanks for a highly enlightening passage about my favourite piece of men’s clothing Sharon 🙂 I DID love that video! I’ll be watching it again shortly 😉
My favourite of all the cravats is the white silky cravat. And yes I do believe the removal of said cravat is the sexy part. I love the elegance and reserve of the cravat, makes the regency men look very handsome and proper. So when it is removed the man looks dishevelled and totally sexy in a whole new way 🙂
I also love the pics of all the handsome men above from the recent adaptations 🙂
Looking forward to more next week 🙂


Yes you certainly have us all swooning when Lizzy removes Darcy’s cravat!! I might have to revisit those scenes very soon 😉

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