The Real fun begins!

The Real fun begins!

Last week saw the official release of Miss Darcy Falls in Love – whoot! – but as I revealed in the post below, I was extremely occupied with the wedding of my daughter Emily. Well, the wedding has happily occurred without a single error and the new Mr. and Mrs. Steiner are honeymooning in Monterey and the Napa Valley of California. It was a glorious week! Now my part is done so I can bask in their radiant glow and turn my attention to my release. I think I shall be basking quite a bit myself!

My virtual book tour will truly begin this week and I do hope all of you will follow me around. Not only have I much to say about my new novel with interviews, historical essays, and lots of excerpts to share, but there are GIVEAWAYS at every place I am appearing! WOW! So cool!

First, do not forget that right here on my blog I will be giving away 3 COPIES, signed, of Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Be sure to leave a comment!

Secondly, check the Miss Darcy Falls in Love Virtual Book Tour page for precise dates and the entire monthly calendar of all the places I shall be visiting. This week I will be at the following places:

Austen Authors – Launch Party with my pals!! 2 novels giving away
Royal Reviews – “Introduce Us to Your Miss Darcy” blog
Desert Island Keepers – “Miss Darcy’s Triangle” blog
The Romance Studio Blog – “Torn Between Two Lovers” blog
Casablanca Authors – Launch Celebration with Casa Sisters!
Melanie’s Musings – Interview
Peeking Between the Pages – “Paris Conservatoire of Music” blog
SOS Aloha – Interview


Whew! That is just this week! And remember that copies will be given away at all of those places.

On the review front Miss Darcy Falls in Love has now received 8 editorial reviews and all of them have been 4 stars and above! I am on the top of the world! All can be read in full on the Miss Darcy Falls in Love Review page or via the links on the the post below. The latest was received just yesterday and is from Linda Banche and Her Historical Hilarity. Here is a snippet–

Miss Darcy Falls in Love, the latest in Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga, is her best novel yet…. The Regency genre is mainly populated by stories of rich and titled people whose only concern is for money, property and status. How refreshing to read about two people of this class who share a passion for something else (and I’m not just talking sex). Both Georgiana and Sebastian’s love, musical talent, and the hard work they must perform to develop that talent is a welcome change amid the welter of too-rich-for-their-own-good nobles….  I especially like that Sebastian encourages Georgiana in her music, rather than turning all male and demanding she give up her passion in order to settle down to her woman’s lot of marriage and family. You have to love a man confident enough in his own masculinity not to feel threatened by a woman’s talent. And he’s blond (I love blond heroes!) and gorgeous, too. What’s not to like?

So much for me to celebrate these days. I hardly know where to begin! But a great place to begin is by inviting all of my visitors to join me in the fun and prizes. Come along!



On Thursday November 10 I received another review to share. This one comes from One More Page and is a 4 Star review! So nice!! A small sampling follows, the entire review on the Miss Darcy Falls in Love page.

Music features heavily in the novel with each chapter and part taking its name from a musical term or movement. With lively descriptions of place and dress, Sharon Lathan has certainly done her research and, populated with a wonderful cast of characters, her Regency world is one I really enjoyed escaping to. My favourite characters were Mr Butlers grandmother, Lady Warrow with her cheeky sense of humour and naughty asides and Georgiana’s travelling companions the de Valday sisters who are always on the look out for the chance to flirt, shop or party.  I also developed quite a soft spot for the lovely Mr Butler!

On Friday November 11 my 10th review was revealed to me (thanks to Google Alerts) and I am SO pleased to say that it is an excellent one as well. Posted on Peeking Between the Pages (where I blogged at yesterday and still have a free copy of Miss Darcy Falls in Love up for grabs), Darlene had only nice things to say. Read the full review on the review page with the others. This is a snippet–

Miss Darcy Falls in Love by Sharon Lathan is a sweet love story that I thoroughly enjoyed. Many of us know the story of Darcy and Elizabeth and love it but this story takes us into the life of Darcy’s sister Georgiana and her experience with really and truly falling in love for the first time and it was a pure delight to read.

Yeah! Dare I sound greedy and ask for, “More please!” – LOL!



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  1. Congratulations Sharon! What a beautiful book to look forward to!!! I cannot wait to read it! HUGE congrats on the wonderful reviews!
    TSBO devotee

  2. Dear Sharon!

    This November is YOUR month!
    The wedding of your daughter and your new book just days apart!
    And it seems that everybody is loving your book. I am very impressed, that Linda says it is your best book so far. You know how much I love and admire your books and I can hardly imagine that your new book will be even better! Quite impressive!
    All my best wishes to you,

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