Miss Darcy Falls in Love is released!

Miss Darcy Falls in Love
is officially released!

I have been anxiously awaiting this day forever, it seems. Way back when I was writing In the Arms of Mr. Darcy I was suddenly inspired by a certain gentleman and in a flash the future I had long desired for Georgiana became crystal clear. As soon as possible I began writing the scenes dancing in my head, but after a month I was forced to put “Miss Georgiana Darcy” (my working title) aside for nearly a year before I was free to refocus on her tale. Yet in all that time she was never far from my thoughts. With a fresh perspective I did change some of my previous ideas, fleshed out the characters and added a bit more drama, but the end result was precisely what had flashed through my mind originally. Mr. Darcy’s little sister was now a grown woman, no longer the shy and immature creature taken advantage of by Mr. Wickham, and she demanded a story all her own. Luckily my editor and publisher agreed and now I can present to the world my vision of life for Georgiana! Here is the synopsis–

Noble young ladies were expected to play an instrument, but Georgiana Darcy is an accomplished musician who hungers to pursue her talents. She embarks upon a tour of Europe, ending in Paris where two very different men will ignite her heart in entirely different ways and begin a bitter rivalry to win her. But only one holds the key to her happiness.

Set in post-Napoleonic Empire France, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is a riveting love story that enters a world of passion where gentlemen know exactly how to please and a young woman learns to direct her destiny and understand her heart.

Amour! Yes, this is a love story with a complete arc, so thus quite a departure for me. I loved writing this novel and hope everyone who reads it will love it too! So far the reviews have been favorable. The full reviews can be read on the Miss Darcy Falls in Love page but here are a few snippets–

Seeing Miss Darcy realize that it doesn’t matter what others think, or what they might expect of you, that it’s okay to follow YOUR heart, and to fall in love with whom your heart calls you to love. It was a fun loving journey! ~ Romancing the Book

Lathan has another home run hit on her hands here.  Her name is certainly solidified with what good Jane Austen fan fiction should be.  If you haven’t given her novels a try, I suggest you do.  Fast-paced and always full of the romance we all dream about, Miss Darcy Falls in Love is not one you’ll want to miss. Austenprose

Ms. Lathan gives the reader a clear idea of what life is like for the upper class in Europe during this time while weaving a tender love story. ~ Single Titles

This is a story that fully immerses its readers in the world of the characters, from the rainy streets of Lyon and Paris and the quiet hush of the churches and museums Georgiana visits, to the dazzle and splendor of the society balls that light up the evenings. It was also nice to follow a romance that didn’t spring from physical desire so much as from a really strong emotional connection that was forged between the two characters. ~ The Romance Reviews

I enjoyed the story of Georgiana and Sebastian as well as seeing the other characters that surround these two people and the glimpses into their personal lives as well. This story is multi-dimensional which makes the characters more compelling. ~ Eye On Romance

The writing is excellent. The author has a gift for words. The style is clever, and musical symbolism is used at its finest. Musical motifs are blended into the brilliant threads of the story, enhancing the plot. A Regency world is well constructed. ~ Long and Short Reviews

There are a few Miss Darcy sequels out, but this is by far the best I have read.  It is just an added bonus that it is part of her greater sequel series.  Lathan’s writing is encapsulating, and you are truly transported into the Georgian English world that Pride and Prejudice fans crave so hard heartily. ~ My Little Corner of the World

This is a busy month for me with interviews and blogs all over the place!


Crazy fun! Each of those places will be hosting me AND offering copies of Miss Darcy Falls in Love to those who comment. Don’t miss out on the action! As you can also see if you look closely, my daughter is getting married in 4 days! In fact, today as my novel is hitting the shelves and being read by satisfied fans all over the globe (I hope!) I shall be with my daughter hosting her Bridal Shower. Needless to say, this will be a hectic week for me. SO, I may be absent from the party until next week. But that does not mean everyone can’t celebrate and share your thoughts.

Stores will be gradually displaying their stock, so remember that the novel may not pop up exactly today. Online pre-orders will arrive sporadically too, some having already been shipped so I have been told. By next week when I am free to really party, Miss Darcy Falls in Love will be everywhere. Then the fun will really begin!

In the mean time, even while I am partially absent, you can help me to spread the word about my fabulous new novel through Twitter, Facebook, online reviews, and posts on your blog. Everything you do adds your name to the mix for my giveaway of 3 signed copies of Miss Darcy Falls in Love. Neato! Use the awesome Rafflecopter form below to enter the drawing. Easy Breezy!

Lastly (for now) here are my author copies which arrived just yesterday–




Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Mary Kay

Hi…My mother got me hooked on Pride & Prejudiced…we have all the movie versions of Pride & Predjuiced and are both currently reading A Darcy Christmas! Can’t wait to read this new release…

Chris Bails

Congrats on the new release. This book sounds great and would love to win and read. I loved Pride & Prejudiced. Loved the story and the characters. I love the new take on the old classics. This one sounds like it is going to be fantastic. Thanks for the chance to win.


Can’t wait to read your newest book! I love Georiana & am glad she gets her own story. When is a new book coming out in your series “Pride & Prejudice Continues” I can’t wait for that one!!


Congratulations on the wedding and the new book! I’ve read all of your other books, and I can’t wait for this one.

Cynthia Wong

WOOHOOO!!!! congratulations, Sharon!!!!

can’t wait to read Miss Darcy Falls in Love!!!

Emily Staggs

What an exciting week for you!! My cousin just got married this past weekend; weddings are so fun!! I’m so excited to read the new book. I just can’t wait!!

Regency Grace

Yayy!! Can’t wait to get this one! I have all of your other Elizabeth and Darcy books and must have this one too!!


This is a win! win! I love your saga and I adore Georgiana! What could be better? Looking forward to it!

Congratulations on the wedding!

Congratulations on your new baby!

Ninja Elizabeth

I can’t wait to pick it up!!


Dear Sharon,

A hearty congratulations on your new release and your daughter’s wedding. I must say that the cover of your books are lovely including this one. I just recently started to buy your first two books and it’s on my TBR list. I hope you to eventually read and collect all your books as they are published. :Heart:


The cover is beautiful!


I have always wanted to see Georgiana get her happy ending after what she went through. I can’t wait to read this book!!!

Erica McFarland

So excited for you! As I said, gorgeous cover. Just lovely.


Happy Happy Day -week – whole month!!! Congratulations on what a beautiful book, great reviews coming in! Very exciting! I have it in my hands and it is gorgeous! I picked up the last one and Barnes and Noble was getting ready to place more. Doing the Happy Dance!!!

Caitlin E

I absolutely cannot wait! Georgiana is my favorite character!

Kimberley Dufresne

Congratulations!!! I just love your books, in fact, this is the first book I have ever pre-ordered! Can’t wait! to get it! Please continue to entertain us with the Darcy’s and of a time period that I wished I was born into.

Monica P

Congratulations Sharon! I love Georgiana, and your Darcy Saga, and I am super excited to read this!

[email protected]


Hey, Sharon! Just stopping by to say Congrats on the release of your new novel, Miss Darcy Falls In Love!!! All the best to you! Can’t wait to get my copy and read it! 🙂


I have enjoyed your writing and I cannot wait to read this one.


Been waiting!!! Congratulations. I love your books!!!

Kimberly Sooy

What a busy time for you!!!! Also, a very exciting time for us the readers!! I’ve read the saga several times (love to take some with me on vacation). Can’t wait to read Georgiana’s story!!!


Dear Sharon!

Congratulations! What a fabolous week for you! I´ve just entered your cpmpetition, just for fun, as I am not living in the USA or Canada. Nevertheless I really enjoy being a part of it!
I´ll spread the word about your fabolous books!

Lots of love,

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