Romance Review 4-Star for Miss Darcy Falls in Love

Romance Review 4-Star for Miss Darcy Falls in Love

I am here at the JASNA AGM in Fort Worth have a blast – updates later, I promise – and today had my spirits lifted even higher by a fabulous 4-Star review of my upcoming novel. Whoot! This makes the 3rd review so far and each of them have been over 4 stars. I do hope it is a trend, but even if not – and inevitably someone will dislike it, as I know – starting off on a positive swing is encouraging.

The Romance Review 4-Star for Miss Darcy Falls in Love


This is just a snippet—

With Jane Austen spin-offs, re-tellings and adaptations so plentiful that they might as well constitute a new genre, this book manages to capture all the fun, spirit and heart of Austen’s works, while still remaining true to itself and its history and weaving a story with great insight and romance…..

This book is a superb companion to chase away the chill of an autumn evening. I’ve not read any of Sharon Lathan’s Darcy Saga series, so I can say for a fact that newcomers will be able to jump right in and enjoy, though I will admit the hints to other character’s stories might just have me looking for more in order to catch up!

For the rest of this very thoughtful, comprehensive review by Bridget, click over. And feel free to comment and/or share it! Help me get the word out. Thanks! And thank you, Carole at Romance Review and Bridget who wrote the review.


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  1. Hello Vee, it´s nice to have you back! I really missed you.

    And Sharon what a wonderful review for your book! I am afraid I´ll get your book later than November 1st. It should be published around November 25th here in Europe. I am so sorry but I have to wait one more month. But nevertheless you and the Darcys are with me every day!


  2. How exciting Sharon!! All the wonderful reviews for your beautiful book “Miss Darcy Falls in Love”. I’m so happy for you!!Congratulations dear friend!!
    I’m sorry I haven’t been at the computer as often as I used too. I blame my iphone and my recent trip away, which has totally distracted me! (3000 photos to sort out and countless video clips that need editing!) not to mention my brother visiting from London and grandbaby joining us any day now!
    I miss all the excitment of your site and AuAu. So i will have to get my act together and come round more often 😉
    Love and best wishes always
    TSBO devotee

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