First reviews for Miss Darcy Falls in Love

First reviews for Miss Darcy Falls in Love

What a great day! I was greeted this morning with a lovely email from Candy at Single Titles, letting me know that she had posted her review of my upcoming novel, Miss Darcy Falls in Love. With some trepidation I clicked over to Single Titles and to my delight the review is awesome! She loved it and gave it 4.5 Stars!! WhooHoo! This is a wonderful way to start the ball rolling. I have posted the review on the Miss Darcy Falls in Love page here on the website, but better yet, pop over to Single Titles and if you want to comment I am sure Candy would love that.

Miss Darcy Falls in Love will not be officially released until November 1, so the bulk of any reviews I receive will post closer to that date and on in to November. This early review is a special treat that completely took me by surprise. But my day of surprises was not over! A few hours later a Google alert came through my email telling me that another review had posted on September 14! I had no idea! Once again with trepidation I clicked over to Romancing the Book, read the review by Molly, and let out a second whoop of happiness! 2 fabulous reviews in one day! No, I shall not let it go to my head or get cocky, but I have to say it kept me smiling all throughout the day.

Thank you to both Candy and Molly. You have made me very happy. I do adore hearing from satisfied readers, the greatest reward in knowing that my story has been enjoyed – which, of course, is what it is all about.




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  1. I don’t have a blog to do a write up on…but I did do my review at B&N and will do one at Amazon when the book is actually released because it won’t allow me to do one until then. Thank you for the opportunity to win the ARC, it was wonderful and I enjoyed it!

  2. Both reviews are great! Fantastic Sharon!

    I especially like the Rose Book Rating System of Molly. That is very nice.


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