My visit to the Island!

My visit to the Island!

I am SO excited about these next three days! My good friend Bridget is one of the gals who manages Desert Island Keepers. This website does review romance novels, but primarily they are known for their fun atmosphere with hot guys! Get it – Desert Island Keepers, as in those men and things you MUST have if stranded on a deserted island. It is so clever! And one of my favorite places to visit. This time I got to relax on the sand for 3 whole days!

Join me in the sun as I talk about my favorite literary heros, answer an interview, share my island necessities, and so much more!

Sharon’s Day 1 on the Island  —  Answering the famous DIK questionnaire

Sharon’s Day 2 on the Island  —  Talking about my favorite literary heroes

Sharon’s Day 3 on the Island  —  Guess who my FAVORITE literary hero is!

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  1. My time on the Island is technically over, but it was so fun. Thanks for stopping by ladies.

    Esther, how cool that you are a KMM fan! I LOVE her Highlander stuff. OMG! So stupendous. I am on the Fae series now and enjoying it very much, although I do miss those hunky Scotsmen.

    But of course Darcy is my ultimate hero and it was wonderful to shine the spotlight on him.

  2. Thank you for linking us to your 3 day vacation on the island. I enjoyed reading everything you wrote. Loved your interview and the descreption of Mr Darcy. That’s exactly why we all love him so much. The ultimate hero.

  3. Hi Sharon!

    Thanks for taking us along on your desert island escape! It was very enjoyable. I enjoyed your 3 day "vacation".

    Yes, Darcy is everything you described. What a fantastic hero!

    You wrote an excellent blog! I have read some of Karen Marie Moning’s books and thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Thank you for sharing with us! Take care and God Bless.


  4. Ha Ha, Sharon, I loved your comment about the kilt! The old joke goes a Scotsman was asked if anything is worn under the kilt and he replies "no everything is in perfect working order!"

    Your Darcy is heavenly!

    Love May xx

  5. A great blog Sharon! Thanks for pointing it out. I enjoyed reading your interview, loads of fun!
    TSBO devotee

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