I got my books!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austenโ€™s Pride & Prejudice.

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Diane Gibson

I finally got my book today! I’m debating whether it will do any good to complain to Books A Million or just be happy that it arrived. At any rate, it’s BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to get started. I think tonight is going to be frozen pizza for supper!


Yep Sharon had all these name in a bag and I picked them put….steve

Sheila Rogers

I am so excited! I just saw my name included on the contest winners list (PopSyndicate) and can’t wait to get my very own copy! Thanks Sharon!

Sharon Lathan

Spooks too! Oh wow, you will so love it. Matthew was so fine in Spooks. And his character, Tom Quinn, is amazing. I freely admit that I fashion My Darcy a great deal on how Matthew played Tom. Strong and vulnerable – the perfect melding.

Sorry they are both getting in late, but it will be worth the wait.

Diane Gibson

Thanks Sharon, for trying to talk me down from my ledge! ๐Ÿ™‚ I checked the website and it’s been shipped. I’m going to be positive and believe that it will arrive tomorrow since today was a holiday. And I’m positive it will be worth the wait!

I’m just overly frustrated because I had a long, husband-free weekend (he’s off hunting) and all I had planned was to read LMD and watch Spooks… and neither came.

Sharon Lathan

Martina, I do hope it reaches you as early as possible. I know I am not great at waiting either. Actually I am very pleased to hear it is reaching the European countries so quickly! I was not sure.

Diane, Oh my! That is awful! And very strange. Others who pre-ordered have reported getting theirs days ago. Did you double check your order? I am so sorry and wish I could help. I will pray you get it tomorrow and that the wait was worth it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Be sure to let me know.

Diane Gibson

I am soooo irritated right now! I will never, ever pre-order anything again. What is the point when I could just drive to BAM and pluck it off the shelf a solid week after it’s released??? Arrrggghhhhh. Okay, I’m better now, but I still don’t have my book. ๐Ÿ™



it’s great to see that you got your copy. I think you and your books really look great on the pictures!

I still have to wait for my copy. But amazon Germany wrote to tell me that it will probably be sent to me between the 11th and the 18th of this month. I hope that it’s rather the 11th than the 18th. Can’t wait to hold it in my hands and start reading!!

Sharon Lathan

You very sweet, Vee, but I did not look amazing in that picture! No makeup and hair awry! I tried to get Emily to pose with the books, but she had messy hair (her opinion) and refused! LOL! So instead you all got the late night, crazy-haired me.

The lavender foil threw me at first, just because I had the image of yellowish-gold so firmly planted in my head. But the more I look at it the more I love it! So pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi NinjaE! Nice to see you. Thanks for scouting out my books!

I did see that B&N online changed the image. So far all the other places have the "old" image. I am going to have to try and get an updated image from Sourcebooks.

Julie, Great that you found me so easily! Woot!! I should be in the literature section – although right now I should be in front under new releases! The Saga is not listed as a romance but as historical fiction.

Welcome Mystica! Sri Lanka – Wow! Thanks for stopping by. I can’t promise my books will be on a store shelf near you, but you CAN order from Amazon, etc. and it will ship. Let me know how it goes! Oh, they will also be on e-book format by the end of the year. I’ll keep everyone posted as to that development.


The book will never ever reach Sri Lanka I am sure!!! But the reviews and the interviews have made me
determined to get this book.


Julie C

Sharon, wanted to let you know that I got your book this morning at B&N!!!! It’s stunning, LOVE, LOVE LOVE the purple backdrop for the title, it’s perfect! (Especially as it’s my favorite color!;)

Also wanted to share that your book was located in the Fiction section of the store and not the Romance section, which I was a little surprised about but not disappointed. It was also positioned with the cover facing out and the shelf was eye-level, so it really stands out and looks fabulous, especially with your first book next to it!! I had goosebumps, was so thrilled for you!

Congrats again Sharon, I am so proud and delighted for you!

Love and friendship, Julie C

Kathy SF

Hi Sharon!

I saw the purple on the cover about three weeks ago on the B & N site for pre orders! I had figured this was something you already knew but so didn’t bother to enquire, but surprise! Come on over and change you siggie pic.

You look great, btw! Congratulations again, dear!


Julie C

Yay!!!! Congratulations Sharon! They look beautiful and YOU look fabulous girl! You are positively glowing!!! What a sweetheart your hubby is to go and get you the books, you are truely blessed! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi Sharon!

What an amazing picture!
You and your books look fabulous! Finally you are united!
I am desperately waiting for the postman.

Lots of love,

Ninja Elizabeth

I saw the book at my local B&N in Torrance, CA. I will buy it tomorrow (Friday) as I literally had only a penny to my name! *laughs*

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

Great picture of you showing off your books (rightfully so). I do like the purple foil! It stays in the same area (color wise) of your first book and your website. I associate the pinks and purples with you moreso than the yellow. Sourcebooks did a great job even if they did change the color without letting you know.

I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and God Bless.



You look amazing and your book looks amazing Sharon!!!!!

I’m so glad you finally received your copy and the colour looks beautiful too.

Still waiting for mine……

TSBO LMD devotee ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sharon Lathan

Oh yah Seli! Glad they arrived in your neck of the woods. But be careful – Florida storms are not to be trifled with, not even for my book! Stay safe and dry. ๐Ÿ™‚


Good news – Barnes and Noble in Florida has the books, they called me to tell me – How cool is that!!! The book is here In Miami and Broward counties in Florida. I cant go today because there is a storm outside that wont go away….. but tomorrow you will have your pictures Sharon.


Who better to show them off!! They look wonderful. No luck yet on my end, but they told me Friday. Lets see Barnes and Noble Friday I will keep you updated from Miami, Florida!!!

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