Interview at The Lovestruck Novice

Today marks the end of my Loving Mr. Darcy virtual book tour. Rather sad. It has been great fun traveling across the blog-o-sphere. I went as far as Australia and was later stranded on a deserted tropical island with a bevy of hot guys. Not bad! The tour was wildly diverse both in interview questions and the blog essays I wrote, and in the types of websites. From fun to more serious, I was treated with great respect, honored to be allowed to share my thoughts, and delighted to establish new acquaintances in the online reading community. The lull between now and my tour for The Darcys at Year’s End is anticipated with enthusiasm for all the writing I hope to get done, but I am also really excited to see what my great publicist Danielle lines up for my third go-around!


For today, however, I am VERY excited to end my current tour with a bang! My newest friend and fellow local Valley girl is Sarah Simas, and she runs a fabulous blog devoted to shining the spotlight on authors: The Lovestruck Novice Sarah is an aspiring writer of historical romance and member of the Yosemite Writers Group chapter of RWA. I have been fortunate enough to read what she has written so far and let’s just say I am chomping at the bit for her to finish it so I can quench my thirst for more! And if all that wasn’t enough, Sarah is a truly lovely lady and loads of fun.

Interview with Sharon Lathan @ The Lovestruck Novice

She interviewed me with a selection of unique questions. I will be there all week ready to chat further or answer visitors questions. Once again there will be a giveaway of ONE set of BOTH books! So be sure to stop by and celebrate the end of a very successful blog tour!

Speaking of giveaways – I want to again draw attention to both the lucky ladies who have already won copies of my two published novels, but also to the contests that are ongoing.

Congratulations to Cindy H., Jaclynn, Quilt Lady, Ibeeeg, Michelle, Robyn L., Sheila Rogers, Rachie G., Lori, Booklover1335, Mary Anne L., Cheryl C., and Melanie. My most sincere and humble prayer is that you will love the life I have given to the Darcys. Be sure to let me know!

Through to the end of September there are several of my blog dates that remain open for comments in the chance to win. Scrolling down the page will reveal all the various places I guested at with an idea of what I talked about. All can be read and enjoyed. But these following are active for drawings:

A Journey of Books – ends 9/30

Starting Fresh – ends 9/20

This Book For Free – ends 9/21

A Bibliophile’s Bookshelf – ends 9/25

The Lovestruck Novice – ends 9/25

Book Nerd Extraordinaire – ends 9/30



Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Another excellent blog!

I love it, how the Darcys become a family, I really enjoy it to dream of their family life at Pemberley. It is so much fun to read about their first child, especially the heartfelt joy of Darcy.

It is so good to read about a happy family!
Thank you Sharon for your work!


Diane Gibson

I’m glad you talked about the toys and gadgets of the time. I found that all very fascinating! This scene with the hobby horse was very sweet to me. I love that Darcy is involved with the whole process and of course, that a horse was included! And the fact that not only did he carry the horse from the store, but he bragged to Lizzy was so like my hubby… I can almost see Darcy flexing his biceps like "look at me, look at me", in a boyish way. 🙂

Toward the end of the story, Lizzy talks about the two Darcys – the relaxed vs the imperious – and that struck a chord with me for some reason. I think most of us are different at home in the presence of our loved ones. The way I see it, William is who he really is and Mr Darcy is the job, what he does. Does that make sense?

Anyway, there’s my two cents for the day. I have really enjoyed following you around the blogosphere and can’t wait til the next book.


What a great ride indeed!

I cannot be sad that the launch is over because you will have much more time to write about the gorgeous Darcy & Lizzy.

Well done dear friend, you deserve all the praise and respect you have received. Not only because you are a great writer but because you are a wonderful human being, selfless and giving. I can only imagine how proud you and your family are and rightly so.

Looking forward to many more wonderful chapters from my favourite author. God Bless
TSBO devotee

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