Fruitcake ~ A Beloved Christmas Dessert

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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A fun and informative piece, Sharon. I have been fortunate to enjoy homemade fruitcake, which is nothing like the stuff you find in a tin in catalogues. After a lifetime of knowing only the tinned stuff, I found “real” fruitcake was a pleasant and delicious surprise.

My DH loves panettone and I usually gift him with one at Xmas. This year instead of getting it in a box imported from Italy, I ordered it fresh from an Italian bakery in NYC. Can’t wait to see if he notices a difference.

Sorry you can’t tolerate nuts, Sharon. I tend to avoid nuts on those rare occasions when I bake, as many people I know are allergic, and altho’ I love nuts by themselves I don’t like them in baked goods either.

JW Garrett, your nephew and his dog were very lucky. Raisins and grapes are extremely toxic to cats and dogs — shuts their kidneys right down and can cause nearly instant death. Grapes and raisins are always listed as Number One in any list of foods toxic to pets.


I do love fruitcake but am not actually a fan of raisins or sultanas so my daughter always used to make our Christmas cake using other dried fruits including apricots and cranberries, as I’m also not an icing fan! she would top it with marzipan and glazed fruits. It was absolutely delicious. Alas she can’t send it from Australia!
My wedding cake was a three tier fruit cake and it was traditional to save the top tier for the first baby’s Christening!
My Mum is from Yorkshire and it’s traditional to eat fruit cake or apple pie with cheese! Preferably Wensleydale (a lovely Yorkshire cheese) also absolutely delicious!

J. W. Garrett

My husband ordered fruitcakes mailed to our niece and two nephews. They looked beautiful in the catalog. Our nephew reported that he came home to find that his dog had torn open the delivery box, removed and opened the tin [without leaving a scratch], removed the plastic, and devoured the entire fruitcake. We could only hope it didn’t kill him. It didn’t. I have laughed at that silly dog. I had to relate it when I read this post.

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