Fashion for the Regency Gentlemen ~ Finishing Touches!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Andrew Bradstreet

Thank-you so much for all this wonderful information. Do you have any idea how the gentlemen carried their money as, for the majority of them, their breeches, waistcoats and tail coats do not seem to have any pockets! Very intrigued!


I hate to admit my ignorance, but in the section on hairstyles, who in the world is the gentleman on the right that everyone is supposed to recognize? I have been familiar with the Regency for about 20 years now and I have no idea who he is, and cannot find the portrait via any sort of search. I would greatly appreciate finding out who it is I should apparently recognize! My thanks, in advance, for relieving my curiosity!


These are fascinating stuff and I have a wonderful time looking at the pictures and reading the information on Regency men’s fashion. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us, Sharon.


Sharon, I have enjoyed this series on men’s fashion so much ….. please, may we have some more?


Thanks for another interesting and entertaining passage about men’s clothing Sharon. I will admit they probably appeal to me more than women’s clothing 😉
Oh my goodness I cannot get past the fact that the mans shirt is worn all day and for sleeping AND as underwear! Thank goodness in romantic novels we don’t discuss how smelly the gentlemen would be by the end of the day/night! Luckily we focus on how handsome they look in their finery 😉
Top hats are sensational! What a statement! I don’t mind any of the hats really, I think they would all work depending on the situation in which they are worn.
I admit to being very surprised at men coiffing their hair. I thought it was pure luck that you either had beautiful hair with waves that sat perfectly or you didn’t and you hid away in the shadows 😉 well I never thought of men taking so much time to prepare their hair anyway 🙂 my handsome hubby has naturally wavy hair which always sits perfectly, lucky for him.
Love the great coats once again a fabulous statement, they exude finery and elegance to me. And I thoroughly enjoyed all of the amazing portraits and pics you provided Sharon, esp Doc Darcy 😉

Wendy Roberts

More interesting tidbits! I never knew (well most, if not all of it!) that a man’s nightshirt (and underwear?) was usually the shirt that they wore that day.

Thank you for this series!

Emily Myers

Thank you for amother part! I thought all the accessories were interesting. When I saw the nightwear, I instantly thought of the jacket Mr. Darcy wore walking through the field in the early morning in the 2004 version of Pride and Prejudice-WOW! 🙂

kathy e

The quizzing glass seems so feminine. Were the styles for men encrusted in jewels or pearls like that? Enjoyed the article!


Thank you for the information. The greatcoat is as I pictured it & I now know what a banyon is. Also, thanks for the series. It was fun as well as enlightening.

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