Day #2 of The Passions of Dr. Darcy in the world!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Agreed Seli! A fabulous story and brilliant character!


Sharon I have finished this book. I must say that I believe I am going to start reading it again!!! He is definetly a Darcy! I loved the intimate moments, the sexy Dr. George Darcy. However I truly loved the relationships in this book. I specially loved the moments that he had with his brother James. We get to know Darcy’s father and the talks he has with his son are amazing. Love those moments! The friendships in India. Loved the way the book began and ended. I wanted to jump up and give you a big HUG for such a wonderful book. Thank you. Vee you are amazing. I swiped many tears reading this book, but I also laughed out loud with the things Dr. Darcy said – OMG they were amazing!!!


A wonderful book by our favourite author! I hope the party goes on for ages Sharon!
Seli you’re right at first I was a little shocked at how sexy dear Dr Darcy was, but he was a lot younger in those travels and of course as Sharon states he is a Darcy! hehe
There are so many touching moments throughtout this exquisite novel that had me in tears, but the ending is truly beautiful, as only you can deliver Sharon!
Of course I count myself very lucky as having read it the early copy and I bought the kindle version, but I am anxiously awaiting my hard copy from Amazon and alas because I chose to live on the ther side of the world. It will be at least another full week before I have this glorious novel in my hot little hand!
Many congrats dear friend on this latest triumph. You will surely get so much more praise as this wonderful story filters out to the masses.
TSBO devotee
Vee xxx


😀 Oh Sharon this book is so good. I am still reading my friend. I think I am reading slowly on purpose so it does not end that quickly LOL. Seriouly it is wonderful, I have laughed, cried – lots of tissues!, and wow Dr. Darcy is very sexy…and Wow! I will leave it at that my friend – my blood pressure will surely burst!!! LOL I am at page 281. Survived that last chapter – barely……

Sharon Lathan

I had to check to see where page 281 ended, but I had a feeling. 😉

I was rather surprised myself at how sexy George ended up. LOL! He is a Darcy, however, so sexy comes with the territory.

Enjoy Seli!

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!
Well you did it again! I got my book in the mail today. Tears in my eyes after reading up and through the prologue. I’ve had tears before after reading one of your wonderful stories. The Darcy family has become a part of my family, thanks to your Darcy Saga. I can’t wait to start reading about the adventures of Dr. Darcy.
I am so glad 😀 you decided to continue your Darcy Saga all those years ago. Thank you so much for the entertainment they bring. Take care and God Bless, dear friend.

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