Sharon Lathan proudly presents The Passions of Dr. Darcy!

Sharon Lathan proudly presents The Passions of Dr. Darcy!

There they are!


My author copies arrived early last week, and talk about excited! There was some happy-dancing going on in the Lathan household, let me tell ya. Shiny, thick, perfectly printed – it is a masterpiece. I may be a wee bit prejudiced, I’ll admit, but so far the consensus from everyone who has seen the finish product is the same as mine. See how fabulous it looks on my office shelf?

For the most part, my work is done. Now I can breathe a deep sigh of relief as I sit back and simply enjoy the satisfaction of a job excellently concluded. I have no control over who will purchase the novel, who will enjoy it or hate it, or who will write a positive review. Individual choice is not up to me. I can only flip through the pages, relive the journey I took with George Darcy, and know without a shred of doubt that I wrote a remarkable story about a remarkable man.

This time around I decided not to kill myself with a plethora of blog stops. I’ll be sharing news flashes on my Facebook page – Sharon Lathan, Novelist – and here on my blog. This is where the best information is anyway! If you haven’t already, scroll down the blog page to read the recent posts about George Darcy, or click the following links–

Meet the Cast of The Passions of Dr. Darcy
The Places Dr. Darcy Travels
Get to know George Darcy

I have additional information at theses links–

Complete Cast of Characters
The Passions of Dr. Darcy Portrait Gallery album
Georgian and Indian Fashion album
Chapter Five on The Writers Block

I may not be dashing hither and yon across the glittering blog-o-sphere, but I am gonna do some partying!

In other interesting giveaway news, Fresh Fiction is hosting a contest for a copy of my awesome novel. This one is sponsored by my publisher, so the book won’t be signed by me, but a free novel is always worth a shot, right? Click the image or link, and fill in the simple online form. Deadline April 30.

In the days and weeks ahead I will be frequently posting updates, fabulous reviews (I hope), and a number of cool surprises I have up my sleeve. *Hint: Rumor has it that the intrepid reporter for the Derby Chronicle, Miss Austen, has interviewed Dr. Darcy! More than anything, I want to hear from YOU! Tell me what you thought of the novel! Share images of my lovely book sitting on a book store shelf! Alert me to internet chatter! Ask me a question! Anything!!



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YAY!! It is a glorious book in all ways dear friend! It looks superb. The story is divine and I’m sure it will be adored by anyone who reads it.
A hearty congratulations. You can be well proud of this latest triumph. It is spectacular. Dare I say it the best novel yet! Dr George Darcy is a lovable rogue and I am so glad you have introduced him to us Sharon.

Wishing you a huge amount of success with the truly sublime “The Passions Of Dr Darcy”
Love always
TSBO devotee
Vee xxx

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