Courtship, Betrothal, Weddings, & Rings in the Regency

Courtship, Betrothal, Weddings, & Rings in the Regency

Marriage in the Regency Era

My upcoming novel, Darcy and Elizabeth: Hope of the Future, is the second volume of the “prequel duo” to my Darcy Saga sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Since the duo novels, including volume one Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship, are set entirely during the betrothal period of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy, being well informed of the laws, practices, and standards during the Regency was essential.

Over two years ago I wrote an extensive, comprehensive series on the subject. Covered in the topic are the legalities, the banns and licenses, the ceremony preparation and the participants, the garments worn, the vows and the celebrations, and the honeymoon.

That series can be read in its entirety in the Library at Pemberley following the link below:

Marriage in the Regency Era


In a separate, but topically related blog post, I wrote of the history of the wedding cake.
That blog can be read here: Time to Cut the Cake


As the third part of the series on wedding history, I created a pictorial “power point” presentation on wedding and engagement rings. At nine (9) pages, it isn’t too laborious, but long enough to cover the history well. Click the image below, or this link: Sealed With A Ring


Click to view Power Point presentation






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Can’t wait for Hope for the future! Thank you for keeping writing!

Sheila L. Majczan

I did use each link and read the information. Much of it I have read before but it was none the less interesting to again peruse the information. Thank you for your research and the chance to learn more.


I enjoy the history lessons almost as much as the stories. Thank you.

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