Blogging at Historical Hussies

Blogging at Historical Hussies

As part of the virtual book tour for My Dearest Mr. Darcy I appeared at Historical Hussies and blogged about the Regency and why I love to write during that Era. The response was terrific and Melanie won a set of my novels for commenting. Hopefully she has had a chance to start reading and will love my vision of life for the Darcys! That fun essay can still be read even though it is too late to win any books:

The Regency, A Time of Change at Historical Hussies

I have been honored with an invitation to again contribute to this fabulous website dedicated to historical writing. Thanks Linda! This time I wrote about the Court of St. James, the royal palace and administrative center of the monarchy during the Regency. No books are being given away this time, but I do encourage reading this fascinating slice of history. And maybe while there the numerous articles will intrigue!

The Court of St. James at Historical Hussies

Come on over and join me for a fun filled day in the spotlight! Read and enjoy.

One Comment for Blogging at Historical Hussies

  1. Dear Sharon!

    I really can imagine you teaching the children on sunday.
    You can tell and describe in a very vivid way. All about St. James is very interesting.
    I think that will be an amazing chapter in your new book. And how proud will Darcy be about his wife and sister.

    Thanks a lot for telling us so many interessting things!


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