Launch Week #4 Roundup!

Launch Week #4 Roundup!

This is it – my final week of official promotional activities for My Dearest Mr. Darcy. I am rather sad to see all the fun-filled blogs and interviews coming to an end. But, on the other hand, I am already working on edits for my upcoming novels so it will be good to focus strictly upon that. And, yes, I have lots of news to share on my future works in the Darcy Saga! But, I am waiting to share that once Launch Month is over – so you will all have to come back next week to see what exciting developments I have for you! A teaser, yes indeed!

This week has been as marvelous as the previous ones. All of my guest spots have been tremendously fun. I encourage everyone to read them – just scroll down the blog page for all the links. Several are still open for comments and a chance to win a set of 3 novels in the Darcy Saga series. How awesome is that? These are the places that are still open for the contest with deadlines noted. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Alaine, Queen of Happy Endings – open until 1/31

Psychotic State – open until 1/31

Anna’s Book Blog – open until 1/31

Love Romance Passion – open until 2/1

Seductive Musings – open until 2/6

Congratulations to everyone who has won my books so far. I do hope all are satisfied with my vision of happily-ever-after for Lizzy and Darcy. If you are, I sure would love to hear from you! If not, well, keep it to yourself. LOL!

On Thursday I gave a speech to the Visalia Networking for Women, an organization of community businesswomen. My third speech – EVER! I was invited several months ago by Barbara Mayeda, who works at the hospital, when she read the newsflash about me that circulated via our internal email. Of course I was nervous, as I am sure I always will be when public speaking, but everyone said I did well. I guess I will believe them! Here I am with Barbara:

The luncheon was held at the Vintage Press, which is a fabulous 5-star restaurant in Visalia. That alone was an incentive – LOL! – but sadly I ended up too nervous to eat! No problem, it was yummy heated up later. My daughter Emily came with me as support, and that was a fortuitous arrangement as she played financial manager and lovely assistant to the crowd of ladies wanting my books. I brought 28 copies and sold every last one! I could have sold more. That was a marvelous surprise. Everyone was gracious, enthusiastic, riveted to my talk, and abundantly welcoming. I spoke of my journey in writing this story, how I was inspired, the process of publishing, and about the Saga in depth. I also highlighted Sourcebooks and the fabulous, awe-inspiring Dominique Raccah who has brilliantly created a powerhouse company that is today the largest woman-owned publisher in the US. What a great topic for a group of businesswomen! I was also thrilled to spotlight the RWA and my local chapter, the Yosemite Romance Writers. A special thanks to our vice-president, and my friend, Sandy Marlow who came to support me AND brought her aunt and mom. And it was her mom’s birthday! What a present!

In between all that fun, and doing some other publishing-type work (another hint), I also headed up the task to update and revamp the Casablanca Authors Blogspot. Now, if none of you have checked out the blog collectively hosted by the crazily talented group of romance novelists who are published by Sourcebooks, you are seriously missing out! Contemporary, historical, paranormal, sci-fi, erotic, humorous, chick-lit, young adult, Highlanders, shapeshifters, Irish, Italian, English… you name it, we have it! We now have 18 incredible writers in our group. All of our gorgeous faces are now on the blog with links to our diverse websites.  Then come on over to the Casablanca Authors blog. Daily we trade off blogging about whatever tickles our fancy. February is the month of love, so we will be focusing on le amour – after our launch parties! Terry Spear and Judi Fennell have new books out this month, plus we are overjoyed to support the return of historical romance queen Laura Kinsale! Her new novel, Lessons in French, is available now.

That is enough for one week! More updates next week. Be sure to check back! And thanks once again, from the depths of my heart, for making my launch month so enjoyable and My Dearest Mr. Darcy a huge success. big hug

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  1. Thanks for the lovely compliments! You all are too kind. That dress is a favorite. It is pretty and very comfortable. I sure didn’t want to add to the nervousness by being in uncomfortable clothes. LOL!

    I knew you clever girls would find the new covers! Aren’t they gorgeous? I will unveil officially next week. But I couldn’t resist sneaking them into the website somewhere. 🙂

  2. What a cover!!! Beautiful, just beautiful – I want to there dancing in the cover!!! Cant wait to read a teaser from that cover!!! Hint Hint…..

  3. Both covers are great!!!

    I love the picture that shows Pemberley decorated for Christmas. I can imagine Lizzy coming down the stairs in a beautiful dress and William looking at her, their children escorting her.

    I am looking forward to both books, can you tell us about how many Christmasses you write in the novella?

    Which links, Vee? Is there even more to discover?

    It is all so exciting!!


  4. And many more congratulations as I seek out all these links dear friend! Romancing Mr Darcy cover looks totally awesome. October can’t come quick enough. And how cool to have the Novella in a selection of Christmas stories in tribute to JA.
    You are amongst very fine company, but will always be my fav!
    Kisses and hugs from Oz xoxoxoxoxoxo
    TSBO devotee

  5. Wooooohooooo I just caught a glimpse of a very beautiful cover, that I had to look at twice before realising I wasn’t seeing things!!!!!!!!!!

    Such excellent news and it looks awesome too!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS dear friend!
    TSBO devotee

  6. I will second Susanne’s comment about how lovely you look in your dress, so pretty!

    A great week packed with loads of fun and entertainment. I had tremendous fun reading it all! Thank you.
    I look forward, with great anitcipation, to the news you will bring to all of us soon.

    Wishing you loads more fun times and success in your journey as a writer Sharon.
    TSBO devotee

  7. Good morning Sharon!

    I must tell you how absolutely lovely you look in your dress.

    And what will you tell us next week? As you can imagine my mind is racing. Maybe you´ll give us a little new excerpt, publication dates, hints, more books,………..?

    You are full of surprises, although the publication month is over there is already something new!

    Thank you for all of it,


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