I saw this movie two weeks ago today, with my hubby, and then several days later viewed it again with my daughter. Daily I have wrestled with the knowledge that I wanted to share the experience with you all, desiring to offer a review as I have done with other movies, but at a loss as to how to put my thoughts into words. Yes, a strange confession for a writer to make! Yet, this is no ordinary movie.

I finally realized that I cannot give a review. To attempt to do so would set me on a path where I might inadvertently ruin this masterpiece by slipping some bit of critical information in; spoiling the beautiful mystery and drama of Joe Wright’s brilliant interpretation of the novel by Ian McEwan. I could easily fill pages with every effusive adjective known in the English language, without even then fully expressing how awesome this epic is, but I think you get the notion without me wasting the time!

Let me just say that to not see this movie would be a serious error in judgment. This is an Event that should not be missed if at all possible and should definitely be experienced on the big screen in Technicolor and Dolby digital glory. I do not think there are too many naysayers out there – the critics and awards groups almost universally united in the praises sung – but do not listen to them! This is truly, in all ways, an Achievement in cinematic art of the highest order.


Run, do not walk, to see this movie. Lay your hard earned cash down without hesitation! You won’t be sorry. I will not be shocked if Joe Wright, James McAvoy, Keira Knightley, and everyone else involved do not sweep the Oscars and Golden Globes as those voting elitist can be bizarre in their choices. But it will be a travesty nonetheless as this movie deserves the maximum accolades imaginable.

Treat yourself. Trust me in this.





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Reposting my comment about this film here (sorry for posting this in the wrong entry, Sharon)…to try to atone for posting it in the wrong place, lol.


I saw this movie twice and I loved and enjoyed it. Of course, I still personally prefer P&P movie though if I have to pick between these 2 brilliant films as P&P was just classic and MM is on it plus KK was seen more in P&P (as she played the main lead character, unlike Atonement).


I saw this movie on Friday and I LOVED it!!! I loved the book when I read it and I love the movie even more! Everything I was hoping it would be and more. Go see it if you haven’t already!


Well my daughter and I finally plucked up the courage to watch Atonement at the cinema. I had my tissues in hand at the ready.

I usually go to the cinema to watch a movie that will uplift my spirits whether it be romance or comedy. I don’t usually go out of my way to cry at the cinema. But after all the glowing reports and clips I’d seen. Not to mention the Joe Wright and Keira combination and James McAvoy. Put all these things together and it spurred us on the watch it. We were not dissappointed. Joe Wright is a genius. IMO his creativity made the movie. The movie uplifted me in a different way. The genius behind the whole production is excellent.

James McAvoy did a superb job in his role. He made me cry a few times throughout. After your glowing review Sharon we hurried along to the cinema before it left the big screen. We are so glad we went. It is well worth watching. No doubts that I’d love to see it again. We were captivated all the way through.

I totally understand your daughter’s love of James McAvoy. Everything I’ve seen him in so far is excellent. He has a great screen presence, gorgeous eyes and is very cute to boot.

TSBO devotee


so sharon…like this movie much? haha still have not gotten to see it but I shall do so now for sure!

Ninja Elizabeth

I saw it opening day in the states… Dec 7… and I completely agree with you. It is a movie that is better not to know anything! or as little as possible going in.

I loved the film. I think it’s one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time…


Thanks for not posting spoilers Sharon. This is a movie that I am hoping to see – if it comes to a theatre near me and if not, I will have to wait for the DVD 🙁

I totally agree with you – James McAvoy is going to be a *really* big deal very soon and it is well deserved because he is outstanding.


Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. My daughter and I really want to see it, but keep putting it off for fear it may be too depressing. I hope we can pluck up the courage this weekend and watch it.

I did tell my daughter about your glowing report, so now we are more determined than ever to catch it before it leaves the big screen. Even if we have to shed a tear or two. Maybe we can watch Enchanted again to cheer up afterwards. Or even seven dresses which a friend informed me was very good.
TSBO devotee


Sharon, you have me drooling to see this movie! I will be there for the first showing on Tuesday so I can revel in Joe Wright’s mastery of moviemaking! It is a shame, we already knew what he could do before anyone else even realized it! 🙂 I would be there tomorrow, but I have my beloved Sean spending the night since he has no school on Mondays…darnit!

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