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A new year brings some new changes! Let us hope many more are on the horizon!

On the Publishing Front…….

Sourcebooks has finally worked through the various ‘technical difficulties’ that were making it so hard to assume the POD printing of my first novel, Two Shall Become One ~ Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Now, I am happy to announce that it is available through the Sourcebooks website as both a mail order print-on-demand bound book and as an instantly downloadable e-book! The link to the ordering page can be found to the right in The Purchasing section and under the image of the book cover. To enhance the excellent news: the book is cheaper than I was able to price it! Only $14.95 via Sourcebooks!!

Additionally, the novel is again available through, Barnes and, Booksamillion, and most other online retainers. HOWEVER….I must point out that the online retailers, at this point in time, are obtaining the novel via Lulu at the higher price. This is due to Sourcebooks still working on the insidious ‘red-tape’ that pops up whenever a change is made! I am thrilled to be again listed as available on Amazon as that reaches a reading audience who may never stumble upon my website and therefore read these words. But I do feel bad that anyone should pay a higher price than necessary, so pray that Sourcebooks can work through those issues in a timely manner. But that is out of my hands.

If you are perusing these words then you are one of the lucky ones – in more ways than just getting a better monetary deal as my website is AWESOME!

Further elating news: Yours truly and most humbly is now listed as an ‘author’ on the Austen Fans website! Austen Fans is just one site of dozens devoted to Jane Austen, and small in the grand scheme of things, but I am nonetheless delighted to be a part of it.

It is an evolving work in progress with a few bugs to fix, such as adding my picture and a link to this website, but I am patient! Note my own guestbook if you wish to sign and a place to add comments about the novel. Also you will see that the book cover is slightly different than what I designed due to Sourcebooks needing to rewrite the files. Looks nice though?!

This is where we are at the moment. The future for the Darcy Saga series remains murky. My Editor and I are in discussions regarding the next two completed novels. It is possible, and I stress the possible at this juncture, that I may proceed with self-publishing them as I did the first since Sourcebooks is currently backlogged. The frank reality is that I could accomplish this in a more timely manner than they could, thus bringing the books to you in a POD format in the nearer future, while they work on other projects and the editing and standard printing of my first book. However, all this is tentative, so please be patient. My hope and desire is to bring the Darcy’s story to you as soon as feasible, but legalities and realities must be considered.

As always, keep your eyes peeled and you will know as soon as I do!

On the Website front…….

Solely for fun and enlightenment, and because I have nothing better to do with my time I have added a Glossary of Regency related terms, people, places, things, and so on. Check it out! Very proud of this. From time to time I am sure I will add bits and pieces to it. Any ideas or curiosities are welcome.

Just a reminder to scan the Mini Notes section for rapid info on new Novel Passages and so on. Also another reminder that The Purchasing section is new and will give quick access to storefronts where the book can be obtained. Please, those of you who are new to The Darcy Saga website, sign My Guestbook! I adore hearing from you, even if it is merely to say Hi.

Lastly, but not least, on 12/10 I added Darcy Chat! – as many are already aware. BUT, I have now changed it! I will confess at this point to an embarrassing idiocy on my part – Those of you who have been around a while know this is a fairly new website and that my prior one had an extensive forum. In general it was for feedback and discussions based on the chapters, but also for interaction. One of my personal dilemmas and sorrows was losing not only the chatting itself but all the wonderful words so many of my friends and readers had expressed. My stupidity is that until literally a couple days ago it did not occur to me that I could keep the forum functioning without the old website to link it to! As I took steps to finally delete the old Darcy Saga, I realized my erroneous assumption.

I like the look so much better than how Squarespace was set up. Cleaner, easier to navigate, user friendly, colorful, and so on. I hope you all agree and will take the time to check it out and add comments as you wish! Same rules apply: Be courteous, friendly, non-judgmental, positive, sensitive, and so on.

I think that is it for now! Comments are always welcomed and I do try to answer back as soon as I am able. Tootles!!



Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Sharon, I love the newly revamped Darcy Chat page. I’ll be sure to stop by there more often and post. Thanks for it. 🙂


If you had read all my updates you would not be surprised! I am not talking about the process for conventional printing, but the POD process. The powers that be were hoping it would only take 4 to 6 weeks, but IT snags were encountered. That is to what I refer.

As for books 2 and 3….Seems a bit contradictory to advise offering them for free, after presumptuously enlightening to the grand plan of spacing out publishing times for book increased sales! Not sure I or my publisher necessarily agree that making folks wait will increase sales. I mean, if someone loved novel 1 they will want to buy 2 and 3 just as much now as they will 6 months later. Now, it may add to the profit longevity, spreading sales out over a year or more rather than a few months, but the fans will rise to the task irregardless of timing.

I would hope that no one faults me for wishing to reap some financial benefit from my endeavors while also being naturally anxious to see what I believe a sweet story of hope and love reach a wider audience than those who stumble across a modest website. I never have claimed to be the most patient person on the planet and have only strived to be forthright in my desire to share this tale. So, of course I am concerned and distressed for my wonderful readers, but I am also not stupid! Ha!! I and my publisher will do what is ultimately best for everyone involved.

DJ Clawson

It takes about a year from contract signing for the book to go to press (meaning, hit bookshelves). I don’t know why this is so surprising. Also they would want to space out the books by 6 months to a year. They sell better that way.

If you’re concerned about fans having to wait for books 2 and 3, why don’t you post them here so we can read them before Sourcebooks buys them?


Hi Sharon!

I am trying to remember my Auten Fans user info. Can’t find it at the moment! LOL! Will get to your page as soon as I can!

Love the idea of the revamped forums! Am headed there directly!! XOOXOXOX


Sharon firstly congratualtions on being listed on the Austen Fans website, finally my fav author gets well deserved recognition!

Its wonderful to hear that Sourcebooks have the book up for buyers. I am quite excited at the prospect of the second and third books coming out. Yippeeee, I shall sit patiently and wait for more developments in that area. The covers fine, the words are devine hehehe

Love your new idea about keeping the old forum. Just like the good old days. Your website just keeps getting better and better.

And I have already mentioned this but I LOVE the glossary what an excellent idea.A great addition to the website.

Keep up the excellent work Sharon.
TSBO devotee

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