Your Favorite Darcy and Lizzy

We all know what I think and why. And, everyone should know that I consider the rapid debate of Colin vs. Matthew and Jennifer vs. Keira to be pointless. It boils down to personal opinion as far as I am concerned and therefore not a matter of who ‘wins or loses.’

So, the point of this post is not to compare. Rather, just share why you love your preferred Mr. Darcy and/or Elizabeth Bennet. Heck, it may even be Sir Lawrence Olivier or Elliot Cowan for all I care! This is the place to express your devotion freely without the fear of being ripped to shreds, either way you swing.And as I am always quick to say, if you see his Firthiness in your head while reading my book, fine by me! Just have fun!!



Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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I might have seen the 2005 version first, but that doesn’t change my ultimate love for the 1995 Firth/Ehle showstopper. I think that the loyalty to the exact plot with the same lines more or less really added to it, and I love Jennifer Ehle to an insane amount. She’s just so Elizabeth- with her little smirk whenever she’s pissed at Darcy and her poise when I think Knightly slips away from the novel’s elizabeth to do her own thing. I think that the stuffiness and immense unlovable ness of Firth is that much more like Darcy, because he’s that muck more adorkable when he’s failing at socializing and misreading Elizabeth. He just plays into the very Essenes of Darcy and yet manages to somehow portray such a love her Lizzy while staying just as mute as book!Darcy does. Although- I do indeed give creds to MM for the wonderful hand moment when he lets Elizabeth into the carriage (ether at nether field or rosings or pemberly) because that was beautiful. However, Firth will always be Darcy for me- when reading the book I always picture the people from 1995 saying the lines.

Esther Ann

I have to agree with you Sharon, Elliot Cowan did a good job portraying Mr. Darcy in "Lost in Austen". I saw that on cable last week. What a mix-up in that story. That was an entirely different slant of P&P. I did enjoy watching it though.

Just had to put my ‘2 cents’ in. Of course, MM is still my favorite Mr. Darcy.

Take care.



My only favorites are Matthew and Keira! When I saw the movie for the first time Mr.Darcy(Matthew) touched my heart like no other actor has ever done it before. He and Keira did a magnificant job portraying those characters. I had never seen Matthew Macfadyen before and he’s has something that makes me want to admire him more and more. That’s why I landed on a forum. He is now a part of me, a part that I willl never forget!!!!

Julie C

My favorites hands down are Matthew Macfadyen and Keira Knightley. The reason for this is that it was the first time I had ever seen the movie after reading the book and I felt that they both nailed both characters perfectly. Although, after I had seen the BBC TV movie I did enjoy Colin’s portrayal, even if he did seem too stiff, but I really liked Jennifer’s Lizzy more than Colin’s Darcy. But, I still have to pick Matthew and Keira as my favorites!


Jennifer Ehle …

Colin Firth
are my picks and that’s all I have to say. Thanks.

Ninja Elizabeth

Keira is my favorite Lizzie and well, Matthew because you can’t like one without the other, … or can you? *laughs*


Definitely, Matthew & Keira! I’ve seen the ’95 mini-series and parts of the 1980 mini-series and a bit of the Laurence Olivier b/w movie…but personal favorite (and of all-time now, lol) are MM & KK. Their 2005 movie made me a huge P&P fan. Before it, I could never finished watching the ’95 mini-series nor read the book, but the 2005 made me go back and finished reading the book and made me love P&P even more. KK & MM and the ’05 movie were simply the best (in my opinion, of course)…and were the main reason I started my P&P forum and Blog. I just love Matthew & Keira as Darcy & Elizabeth. They were superb in their performances in this film (they were the right ages too and were realistic and believable with their portrayal of these two iconic literary characters Jane Austen famously created)…and made me a big fan of them as actors too. Not too mention, they are the ones I pictured when I re-read the original P&P book and your TSBO/Darcy Saga novels, Sharon. So, KK & MM for me…hands down!


I am glad to see the mix of opinions. Obviously my heart is firm with Keira and Matthew, but I truly do think all the various actors have brought something wonderful to the characters. In fact, if I did not love Matthew so much, I might lean toward Elliot Cowan. He was very good in Lost in Austen and is quite handsome. So it is all fabulous in my eyes!

Thanks for adding your thoughts! Keep them coming everyone!!

Esther Ann

My favorite Darcy and Lizzy are MM and KK. I thought Jennifer Ehle did a good job as Lizzy but not as well as KK. Colin Firth was okay (a little bit too stuffy for me) but MM really got me hooked on Darcy. They all did great jobs but MM and KK were the BEST!!! ,in my opinion, for me.

Great fun! answering these. Take care and God Bless.



My favorites are definitely MM & KK. Hands down. When I’m reading your novels, they are the ones that I picture. I’ve seen them all and for me MM really brought Darcy to life. Not to say that the others were not wonderful too, but he really made me believe in Darcy.


Well this is a tough one! I know you are partial to Matthew, but I quite like Colin/Jennifer & Matthew & Keira! It is hard to choose just one, when these people are perfect in each production! With "The Darcy Saga" I can imagine someone different in each role!

Melanie F.

I love all of the people who’ve inhabited the roles of Darcy and Elizabeth. Elliot Cowan played Darcy in Lost in Austen, right? I haven’t seen that one, yet, other than a few clips on youtube. Is it very good? I recently re-read P&P, and I was constantly battling who to imagine.


I like both pairs of Keira/Matthew and Jennifer/Colin because they are like the Darcys in their 20s and the Darcys in their 30s to me. In your books, I definitely see KK and MM and they are my favorites.


This one is too cruel Sharon! I could be here all day!

My all time favourite onscreen Lizzy would have to be Elizabeth Garvie in 1980 adaptation. No one has measured up to her for me. The others are all wonderful of course but she is my favourite, she is bright spunky and very cheeky.

I fell in love with David Rintoul in 1980 !
Fell in love with Colin Firth in 1995!
Fell in love with Matthew 2005!
I find Lawrence Olivier very funny and camp, but still enjoy watching him.
Elliot Cowan is great in his role.

BUT the one Darcy that wins overall is your Darcy Sharon hands down! The more I read of him the more I love him! He’s perfect in every way flaws and all! (Now if only we could get him on screen!)
TSBO devotee

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