A Smattering of Conversation

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Aww, reading these awesome lines, makes me want to re-read your TSBO novel right now (if I’m not having too much fun posting/commenting here, lol), Sharon…then, watch the P&P ’05 movie, and re-read the original P&P movie, hehe! 😀


I know I am late making a comment here, but reading all these quotes made me start book one again!


I love all of these quotes. It’s like the characters are living inside your head. Oh wait, they are! Ha.

Heather Liebman

Oh, how I can not wait for the 1st of March so that I may get my hands on your lovely little book and loose myself completely in this world of romance…Target you had better be stocked up!!


That’s the idea Robyn! Get them enticed and begging for more!!

Thanks, ladies, for the wonderful comments. I appreciate it so much.


some of those quotes make me want to know more of what the circumstances were, lol.


It was so much fun reading your line passages and remembering those specific moments in your book. It was wonderful. Of course, there are so many other great lines and passages in the book that it is
difficult to pick these. How you did it, It is incredible to me. I love Georgina’s character and how you present her. I cant wait to see who she entangles in her web LOL and how Darcy deals with that!! I think Elizabeth is going to be quite busy LOL



I totally agree with Vee; these lines say so much about each and every person. And thanks for the Youtube videos. I think it´s time to see the complete movie once again! The perfect thing to do: watch this wonderful movie on a cold winterday with lots of snow. And dream of Pemberley in the snow…
THank you Sharon, God bless you!


Ahhh the ever gorgeous Darcy how I miss him, I must make time to read over your beautiful books again very very soon!!!!
Good old Lizzy with her spunk!! They’re so good together!
I love Richard such a brotherly companion for Darcy and funny to boot!
Wonderful new characters you create that fit into the story so perfectly.
Georgiana is sweet, serene and I love the way her character develops overall.
Mrs Reynolds a staid character which you keep true in my opinion, the fierce motherly intinct is brillaint.

These random passages are wonderful Sharon an excellent reminder of the richness of your storyline. LOVE IT ALL!
TSBO devotee

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