The Trouble With Mr. Darcy is officially released!

The Trouble With Mr. Darcy is officially released!

The Trouble With Mr. Darcy – Darcy Saga Volume 5 – is HERE! Today is the day noted in the databanks for “release date” and since we love to mark our lives by dates I’ll go with April 1, 2011. Whoot!!

I am thrilled to start the PARTY! I am dancing with joy! My heart is going pit-a-pat! Break out the champagne and light the fireworks! Let the streamers fly! Once again I am blessed by God to welcome another novel I am deeply proud of and honored to share the experience here with all of you. Thanks are not enough, so hopefully a fun month with giveaways will convey my appreciation.

It is funny how these matters differ each time. After five novel pub dates I have learned that there isn’t a pattern. Last October folks were lamenting the delay well after the first of the month for In The Arms of Mr. Darcy. This time around I have been taken quite by surprise to hear reports of The Trouble With Mr. Darcy being delivered in mid-March! Those who pre-ordered totally scored! Others will need to wait until new orders are processed and book stores get around to stocking their shelves. Keep your eyes peeled and be sure to let me know!


Feedback from early readers–
I just cried my way through pg. 52-81 more towards the end part, but wow I will honestly say I have cried when reading a book before, but never so much that I actually felt it in my heart and gut. Ms. Lathan, I have never read anything like your writing.

It is great! Can’t wait to finish. Got my copy last Friday, pre-ordered at Borders. Keep writing. I liked the steaming married love, great. I’ve been married almost 35 years, a little steam is great.

I got “The Trouble with Mr. Darcy” on Saturday. I jut finished it! Excellent! Please keep up the great writing and being true to all the characters. Please don’t stop writing!

LOVED Trouble with Mr. Darcy- It is your best yet!!! I read it in 36 hours… I’m resting up and then I’m going to read it again and enjoy the amazing detail and descriptions without rushing through in suspense!

I got it Thursday night and had it finished by Sunday morning. I had to force myself to put it down. Best book ever.

I have never felt so much emotion reading a book as I did reading the trials Darcy and Elizabeth faced after the birth of Michael. What an amazing writer you are Sharon. You can make us feel everything the characters feel. Amazing!

Official, editorial reviews will trickle in over the month ahead. So far I can share these–

My Reading Spot
review by Debbi

This is the first book I’ve read by Sharon Lathan, and it is the fifth book in her Darcy Saga series and I’m puzzled as to why I haven’t picked or read any other previous four books in this series. Sharon Lathan is talented at creating whole new lives for characters that we loved in Pride and Prejudice. I enjoyed it and look forward to now going “back in time” and reading the first four books in this series.

Linda Banche Romance Author

Written in her flowing sensual style and with a wealth of detailed descriptions, Ms. Lathan again transports us to the Regency as she immerses us into the joys and fears of her characters. We suffer along with Darcy and Elizabeth during Elizabeth’s illness, rejoice in the heady joy of Kitty and Randall’s new love, and snarl at Wickham and his dastardly plot as we cheer on Mr. Darcy in his new role as swashbuckler fighting to protect his family.

One Literature Nut

As is true to Lathan’s writing style, the language flows off the page, adding another layer to the romance between the Darcys.  I’ve come to realize that these are no average retellings of the famous Pride and Prejudice.  The love between the couple is ever present, set off by steamy romance that is underplayed by the language and style used in the stories.  Trust me though, that the romance is sigh-worthy and sweet all at the same time.  To be quite honest, I don’t feel “guilty” reading these books, but I do call them my guilty pleasure because of the high escape factor they deliver.

I am very anxious to hear more reports and reviews. Anxious and nervous, of course! I explored many new areas in this novel, and I am not referring to France or crossing the Alps from Switzerland. Loads of drama within these pages – more than in the previous four novels combined! Hopefully the emotions I have strived for will come through. Be sure to let me know!

My Virtual Book Tour begins today and I am digging right in to talk about Mr. Wickham and the delight in writing about bad boys. Mark the dates, be sure to follow me around, and comment to win copies of my novel.
April 1 – Historical Hussies  “A Bad Boy at the Wedding”
April 3 – Risky Regencies  interview
April 4 – Laugh Love Write   “Writing Sequels to Classics”
April 5 – Austen Authors
April 6 – Royal Reviews
April 11 – Jane Austen Sequel Examiner
April 13 – Calico Critic
April 19 – The Good, The Bad, and The Unread

I am also honored to share a fabulous mention in a Picktainment article by Adam Spunberg – co-founder of the Austen Twitter Project – in his write up on an interview with Deborah Moggach, the screenwriter of the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice. Adam’s coup in being able to speak with Ms. Moggach is awe-inspiring to me. Go Adam! But having him add a blurb about me and how this brilliant movie inspired me is beyond words.

Here on The Darcy Saga I will be hosting the usual collage of entertaining posts with multiple chances to win signed copies of The Trouble With Mr. Darcy – 5 copies! The usual rules apply: Just talk to me!

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22 Comments for The Trouble With Mr. Darcy is officially released!

  1. Sharon, I just ordered Two Shall Become One from Amazon! I'm so excited to finally start the Saga, I can't wait!! 🙂

  2. Hi Sharon, sorry for coming late for the party. Congrats on your success, truly dreams come true.

    I haven't got the chance to dive into your saga yet though I read a few chapters of Book 1 and I love what I read. I will keep your books in mind when I have nothing better to read. Hope you don't mind me posting your blog tour on my blog here .

    I'm curious about when will you end the Darcy saga. Will it be in Book 10 (like Rebecca Collin's The Pemberley Chronicles) or more than 10?

    From Sharon–
    Never too late to party, Luthien. Thanks so much for stopping by! To answer your question: I have no plans at the moment for where it will end. I intend to focus on telling Dr. Darcy's story for the present. After that I have a feeling the Darcys will be tired of staying in the background and will need to tell more of their life and love. But I honestly do not know for sure. Thank you SO much for sharing my happenings on your blog! I think that is fantastic and truly do appreciate it.

  3. Hi, Sharon! Congrats on your new release!
    I was wondering– When you are writing about Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, and after having been writing about them for awhile, do you see certain actors in your mind? (like from any of the movies?) or have you invented your own thinking of how they look?
    I can't wait to read your series and I most definitely joined your mailing list!

    From Sharon–
    Chelsea, The main characters are definitely Matthew and Keira, but with subtle twists in my imagination as they mature. The others, such as Col Fitzwilliam and Georgiana have always been a melding of the actors from the 2005 movie with tweaks I see within my head. In general I now know them so well that I hardly have to think about what they look like!

  4. wow. congratulations!! i was out shopping and saw your book at Barnes and Noble and i had to buy it right then and there!! i made my friends stop and wait for me hahaha i love your series and am in the process of reading this latest addition… and i am loving it so much even though i just started! if i were to have a whole day free, i would definitely read TTWMD the entire day and make sure i finished it! i just got to the part where Mr and Mrs Wickham come in. Great stuff!

    i have a question….. did you always know you would write so many books for this series?? did you even know you wanted it to be a whole series? 🙂

  5. Sharon, I have to say that I have not YET read the Saga. I would have read them by now if my library carried them. But, since there is only so much money and too many books to buy, I have not bought them, yet. However, after reading your posts and other reader's comments, I can tell you that your books are next on my purchase list. Although, if your Saga is anything like Pamela Aidan's, I will have to buy all 5 books at once as I will want to pick up the next book as soon as I finish the previous one. Anyway, I am so super excited to read your novels!! Thanks so much for writing them and giving your readers HEA!!

  6. I just read your post over on Austen Authors and had to run over here to say congratulations again. What a lovely pic of all your books on your shelf. What a wonderful accomplishment Sharon. Big smiles from me.

  7. Dear Sharon!

    I don´t find the right words to express how much I love your new book! It is amazing, wonderful, full of drama and love.
    I really love that there are so many sweet and sensuous parts for Lizzy and Darcy.
    I have to admit that I flipped through all the chapters and that I read it now chapter for chapter.
    Lizzy and Darcy, what can I say, I felt every moment with them, I so adore them.
    The chapter with the bad boy is really, really good. And Darcy is there to protect his family and fight for them.
    You can really write everything!
    You are the best!!! Thank you so very much for this book, it is one of the best books I ever read. I presented it already on the facebook page of our bookstore and as soon as I have finished it I´will write reviews everywhere!

    Thank you and lots of love,

  8. Seli in tears – Nice! I admit I was going for that reaction to those chapters. Glad to know I accomplished my established goals. 🙂

    Ah, thanks Jessica. November is a ways away, true, but the other novels are there to comfort.

  9. BAM = Books-a-Million. Duh! I knew it was going to be obvious like that. We don't have that chain here on the west coast. Thanks for clarifying, Christy.

    Funny about Mrs. Smyth: I always had her as disagreeable but without any intent to use her as I did. Yet when figuring out the whole plot line with Wickham if just made sense! She was convenient. LOL!

    Thanks for the review, Ninja. You know how important that is. I really do appreciate it. 🙂

    Love the photo, Kathy! I don't think I will ever tire of seeing all my novels lined up like that.

  10. Got my TTWMD book delivered to my Kindle on Friday! Just finished reading it tonight (Sunday). I thoroughgly enjoyed this book. I had trouble putting it down. I was so engrossed in the characters and the story I HAD to keep reading! excellent book Sharon, now I just need your next book in the Darcy saga to come out. I cant get enough of your books. Thanks for writing such wonderful books!


  12. Good Morning Sharon. I have posted the promised picture to your Facebook page, mostly because I could not figure out how to do it on this site. Hope you enjoy seeing it on the shelf 🙂

  13. sorry for double post… but I just finished the book! I couldn't put it down! Great job, Sharon!
    wrote a review on B&N

    it was a tad sad for me… being the huge Keira fan that I am to picture the 'movie faces' associated with The Bennets, Bingleys, and Darcy and Georgie…Wickham was played by Rupert Friend whom Keira dated for 5 yrs after meeting him on the set…

  14. Hi Sharon,
    BAM is internet lingo for Books-A-Million. Off the top of my head I easily saw the departure for the Georgiana story, and a story coming for Dr. Darcy since next to Lizzy, he is Darcy's most valued confidante…a right hand man so to speak. Esp. how Darcy has come to depend on him. Darcy is one by nature who will not share his vulnerabilities lightly anyhow, so it is good to see him learning how to separate from his public persona/ Darcy the landowner/businessman.

    My most favorite plot from TTWMD was the reemergence of Mrs. Smyth. Talk about someone who felt ENTITLED!! I am cheering over the 'resolution'. When Darcy was speaking to her…not only was I enthusiastically cheering him on, but I wanted to be right there HELPING him!! LOL!! I do not wish to spoil anything for your readers…but I think a history with her should be STRONGLY encouraged;)

    Then, given your love for the Regency…I see you possibly exploring a military history or something with Colonel Fitzwilliam.

    Hope you enjoy those~Christy

  15. No, YOU ROCK Celeste! Without my faithful readers who join me launch after launch I would not be here. I am the fortunate one. 🙂

    Hey Vee! Love ya baby! I am beyond thrilled that you received TTWMD so soon. I hate that my pals in OZ or the UK, etc, have to wait so long after everyone else. This go around has been speedier for everyone. Happy reading! Again! LOL!

  16. Thank you Christy. Question: What is BAM? A book store I am assuming but I am not sure. I am very happy you enjoyed TTWMD. Yeah! That is great news, of course. Second Question: Share which minor plot lines you think would be most interesting. I am always curious what the readers are struck by.

    Hi Kathy! Already on the second reading? WOW! I would love to see the image of my novel on the shelf. Yes! Do share!!

    Lets all HAPPY DANCE together, how about it Seli? Sounds like fabulous fun!

  17. We are all doing the HAPPY DANCE with you Sharon! Truly amazing having your dream come true and thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us all. My life would not have been the same without your friendship and beautifully romantic books!
    I love the praise and comments you have listed above. I am so glad that many readers are going back to the beginning to see where this incredible story started! They are in for a real treat! Finally they will see what they've been missing!
    I just received my book yesterday which was the 1st April here, so right on time!!! I am about to start reading it tonight! So I can imagine there will not be much sleep! 🙂
    Adam has written a wonderful passage and congrats on the mention. Woohoo!
    I look forward to joining in all the fun on this momentus occassion. Wishing you loads of success with your latest launch dear friend!
    TSBO devotee

  18. Hi Sharon… I am, HAPPILY, at another launch party!! I am half-way thru "The Trouble With Mr. Darcy" an I am so engrossed in it! So exciting!!! Love the cover color too! I'll be back on soon to fill you in on my full opinion of this wonderful book…… ROCK Sharon!!!!!!!


  20. Sharon, I am getting ready to read your wonderful book…for the second time! I was one of those pre orders that got the book early. I was so sad to hear that another Darcy and Elizabeth book is not in the works, but I look forward to Gorgiana's story, as well as George's. I took a photo of your book on the shelf of Barnes and Noble in Evansville, IN today and will send it to you as soon as I can get it off of the phone : ).
    Thank you for your wonderful stories.

  21. Hi Sharon,
    Happy Launch day!! Not only am I celebrating your new release but the end of March Madness too. LOL!! Yes, I saw TTWMD in BAM last weekend;)
    I have loved all of your books from the beginning, and yet I must tell you that this is your BEST book yet. WELL DONE!! Without wishing to spoil anything for your devoted readers….personal favorites for me has been the emergence of minor characters from previous novels playing significant plot roles in this one. The climatic ending makes this a MUST READ for your fans and I am sure will gain new readers too;) I will also tell you that I see the potential for you creating several new stories from minor plot lines in this book. My one disappointment with a really great book is when it ENDS!! LOL!! Heartfelt congratulations on your new release~Christy

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