P&P 2005 Videos

P&P 2005 Videos

I have to post a few of these every so often, especially around a book launch! The following is my absolute favorite, as those of you who visit frequently know. LOL! Enjoy!

SIGH…… Another–

Just a few of the million examples on YouTube. Share others that you love, putting the link onto the comment section, and if I can I will post it here!

3 Comments for P&P 2005 Videos

  1. SIGHHHHHHHH……….thanks for sharing these, Sharon. I can watch them over & over…….ps……..God bless the American version of the Pride and Prejudice ending!! Oh, to be Lizzy at that moment……….biggest SIGHHHHHHHH

  2. They are all wonderful clips Sharon thanks for sharing them here! I LOVE the ending of P&P. I dont why I havent bought a copy from the US yet with this ending!!! I always have to go to the bonus features on my DVD. SIlly me!
    If they had P&P back in the cinema again I would be there like a shot! and probably watch it another 8 or so times hehe.
    Happy launch day! xxx
    TSBO devotee

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