Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Thankyou Sharon Seli and Susanne for letting me share our special moment with all of you. It was an emotional day, but mainly full of happy memories and overall a very special day for our family.
TSBO devotee


thank you Sharon, Vee and Seli for telling us about these special moments in your lives.
I love it to look in the sky and to see the stars. I never know which one is this or that star, they are just beautiful.
For Lizzy and Darcy it is a special way to celebrate their love; it is very romantic and sweet. It is perfect for them.

Thank you Sharon,
God bless you,


Vee I dont know what to say…. it seems magical to me to be able to gaze and feel him in the heavens, stargazing. Sharon thank you also. I remember when my son was about 6 and was fascinated with the moon and so I bought him a telescope and we sat and looked at the moon with such wonder and we still sometimes go out there and search for stars and planets. It is very cool. It seems that for just those moments you forget everything else and just enjoy!

Sharon Lathan

Vee, Naming a star after your son is an incredible gift. I am so touched that you would share this with us. I can’t imagine how emotional and special the day at the observatory must have been. And how perfect that you have a telescope handy so you can gaze at his star whenever you want. Wow! That is fantastic.


This is wonderful Sharon!
I have thanked you many times. but I will thank you again for sharing these treasured moments in your life with us. Its no wonder your story has such depth and truth. Your own wonderful experiences have added so many beautiful moments to your enchanting saga.
These moments you spent with your grandpa are so special.
My family have recently had a wonderful star gazing experience that I would love to share. We went to the Sydney Observatory and named a star after our beloved departed son/brother recently. The observatory even showed us the star in the night sky through their amazing telescope. It was a magical experience we all shared together.
My oldest son loves astronomy and science generally, so I bought him a telescope for Christmas, we all can’t wait to try it out, perhaps somewhere out in the country away from city lights.
TSBO devotee

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