Some coolness!

Some coolness!

My publicist sent me an image from the December 7 edition of the Post-Star newspaper out of Glen Falls, NY. Their “Question of the Week” answer from Sherry Recinella was a fabulous thrill for me – and the entire staff at Sourcebooks who forwarded it with their excitement conveyed. Thanks Sherry! I am delighted you loved my novel and REALLY happy that you boldly proclaimed it! big hug

In other news that falls into the interesting-but-not-sure-what-it-means category, I received a Google alert that for the month of November Loving Mr. Darcy ranked #240 on the Bookazine Top 500 Fiction sales. What is Bookazine, you ask? Excellent question! I asked the same thing, having never heard of them, and did a bit of research.

Founded in 1929, the company is the top independent wholesale distributor of magazines and books to bookstores worldwide. From what I could ascertain, they supply generally to smaller bookstores, airports, and the like.

So what does it mean to make the list? No clue! Maybe nothing. But I haven’t made any “lists” that I am aware of and being ranked in sales just 18 slots below Pride & Prejudice is kinda cool. LOL!

If curious, the website is here: Bookazine.




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Sharon Lathan

Thanks all! I still have no idea what the Bookazine thingy really means, but I’ll take it! LOL!

Sherry, thanks again, wherever you are. 🙂


This is so exciting! Sherry is a sweetie and having your book on the Bookazine list is awesome. Well done and much deserved praise. Keep that exciting news coming Sharon!
TSBO devotee

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

Congratulations on getting Bookazined! How wonderful to be listed 240 out of 500! What an accomplishment!! I am so happy for you. All your hard work was worth the effort. So happy to see you being mentioned in so many different venues. Keep up the good work!

Take care and God Bless.



Good morning Sharon!

That´s great! You are really known all over the country, all over the world!
Nothing can stop your books right now!

Congratulations to both, the article and the bookazine list, whatever that is, it sounds very good.

Best wishes to you,

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