Sourcebooks Spring 2011 Trade Catalog

Sourcebooks Spring 2011 Trade Catalog

It is always cool to view the lovely spread of my novels, and all the other Austen and Casablanca novels, in the Sourcebooks Catalogs. This year is no exception! Another fabulous job by the design folks who put these things together. Below I have the images from my portions. Click each thumbnail to see the image in large format.

WOW! So cool! Long live Sourcebooks!

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  1. WOW I love the Sourcebooks Pages to Sharon! Girls did you see the title "TOP SELLING AUTHOR"!!!!!! AWESOME!!
    Congrats Sharon! Your books look great together!

  2. Vee, I've enjoyed reading the story again… and the new things added in the novel… I too will be sad when I finish and have nothing to follow! I love things that make me cry and laugh at the same time!

  3. Ninja Elizabeth I'm glad you mentioned reading Sharons exquisite novels because it gives me a chance to say what I have been busting to say since I finished reading "A Darcy Christmas".
    First of all I should start by saying there is nothing I love more than reading your novels Sharon! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the series from the start again but was very sad to reach the end of "In The Arms of Mr Darcy" because there is no book to follow yet! So I look forward to receiving my copy of "The Trouble With Mr Darcy" in the next few months! My preorder is already in!
    I read "A Darcy Christmas" during and around Christmas to get into the right vibe. I loved reading the stories by Carolyn and Amanda, but I cannot help saying yours is the best by far! All of the chapters are so special. I shed a tear in one particular spot and got teary in another and also laughed a lot (but I had better not say anymore more for fear of spoiling for anyone else about to read it). So many beautiful moments, so many funny moments. Whenever I read any part of your story Sharon I am immediately transported to the Darcy's lives! It is always a complete joy to be immersed in the brilliant life you have given Lizzy and Darcy! So thank you and congrats and keep those exquisite novels coming!
    TSBO devotee

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