Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am starting early with the wishes for a LOVE filled holiday early. Shocking as it is, I LOVE this season of LOVE! Hopefully everyone out there in the world will feel happy and special during this time of LOVE. Since we know that LOVE comes in all styles and from many people, even those without a particular someone can experience LOVE emotions and positivity from anyone. LOVE can even be in the air! I know I sure LOVE each and every one of you who make my dreams possible and support my endeavors by expressing your LOVE for my novels!

Over at Austen Authors we are showing the LOVE as well with a 3-day marathon of LOVE poems and songs, romantic excerpts from our novels, and more. Be sure to stop in each day and comment! There is a prize up for grabs to one lucky person who comments on any of the blogs between Feb. 12-14 and that is a copy of Fall in Love Like a Romance Writer. I have a segment in this compilation novel along with 60+ other romance novelist, all of us telling a tale of LOVE.

I know I have shared this P&P video on my blog about a dozen times, but it is still my favorite so here it is again–


Wasn’t that fabulous? *sigh….

As much as I love, adore, and am passionate about Pride & Prejudice, there are many, many other romantic movies that I swoon over. I am a crazed romantic, just in case you haven’t figured that out yet! Below is a video montage I put together of my favorite romantic couples in movies. This is not an exhaustive list or the video would be movie length itself! But I tried to narrow it down to the couples I have appreciated over the years and can watch over and over again. Turn up the volume and enjoy! And see how many of the movies you can guess….


I had a blast putting that together! Now, per tradition on my blog at Valentine’s Day, I am sharing a few vintage Valentines I uncovered. I love these SO much so it is hard to limit myself, but these leapt off the Google page at me.



4 Comments for Wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Happy Valentines Day Sharon and Steve. Thank you for sharing such wonderful pics and what a wonderful blog – one of my favorites!
    Selena and Robert

  2. Dearest Sharon I wish you and Steve a very Happy Valentine's Day! You and Steve are a truly romantic couple and inspire us all!
    Thank you for sharing your Romantic genius in your beautiful novels for all of us to enjoy!
    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone xoxo
    TSBO devotee

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