Sharon’s Zazzle Store is open for business

Sharon’s Zazzle Store is open for business

For the past few days, while I wait for the print version of Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship to be delivered so I can review it for final publishing, I decided to have a bit of fun. Creativity in various ways appeals to me, so I set up a store on Zazzle. Man, can a girl go crazy over there or what? I have had a blast!

Sharon’s Zazzle Store ~ DarcySagaTSBO



I have Jane Austen items…



roll paper…a ton of products with my linked-hearts logo and other hearts…



…Darcy Saga related gifts too…

Regency themed notebooks, mugs, cards, and more…
paper productsnotecard necklace







These images are a very small sampling of the 150+ gifts available for purchase. Surely you can find something you like, yes? LOL! If you want something in particular, I’ll try to provide it. Let me know!

Zazzle Store




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  1. Haha fabulous! Don’t tempt me I am a hopeless addict to internet shopping! They look great Sharon 🙂

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